Edison, NJ- Rhino+Facial fat transfer, worth it for sure!!

I was genetically blessed with a very...

I was genetically blessed with a very Jewish/Mediterranean nose, and flat cheekbones. My nose projected too much from my face, was slightly crooked, and had a dorsal hump. Ever since my nose developed, I was always very self-conscious about it, and I felt like it was all people saw when they looked at my face. This was not how I wanted to stand out, and I dreaded any photos that showed me in profile.

I had rhinoplasty+facial fat transfer for undereye hollows and cheeks done. I am getting the fat transfer in stages, and only had a little bit so far. It has been 6 days since my surgery, and today I got my cast off. I visited 4 doctors before I chose mine. It had been recommended to me that I get a chin implant, but the idea of an implant in my body really bothered me, plus I don't think it's worth the price, so I decided against it. And I'm glad I did!

As for the surgery/recovery,

-immediately after the surgery, I was in a very good mood, lol. I was in some pain, but in good spirits.
-I had no swelling/bruising until later in the 2nd day. The little swelling I had disappeared by the 6th day and was worst the 3rd.
-I was able and felt comfortable putting contacts in by the 4th day. Keep in mind I actually just purchased contacts a week before the surgery, so they are pretty new to me.
-My teeth were pretty sore, which has gradually gotten better. They are still slightly.
-My top lip/nose tip were pretty numb, and still are slightly. This made my top lip barely rise when smiling. It is able to a little now, so I presume it will go back to normal pretty soon.
-I had an open rhino, so I had stitches put in. The cast removal/stitch removal were not as bad as I expected. I'd say having the stitches taken out is comparable to what it feels like to pluck your eyebrows, and the cast removal is like a really heavy band-aid being taken off.
-the worst part was the nasal packing. I cringed a little bit when I took it out, and it made me feel a little claustrophobic. I had to keep it in the first 24 hours after surgery, and I couldn't sleep the first night because of it.
-The 2nd and 3rd nights I was able to sleep intermittently, but it was still difficult.
Mouth breathing sucks! I have to say that the pain med helped a LOT with any and all pain I had, so don't hesitate to take it if you need!
Basically, it was about as bad as having the flu, and comparable to getting your wisdom teeth out. Most of my bruising has already gone away and all of the swelling has. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

As for aftercare, there was no taping recommended as necessary, but my mom bought some skin tape and insists I use it as a warning to other people who get close to me, so I'm doing it anyway. I have to clean the inside of my nose out with hydrogen peroxide 2x/day, do pretty simple nose massages 3x/day, and spray saline spray in my nose 4x/day. Not too bad. The antibiotics will be done tomorrow, and I'm allowed to exercise in one more week. I can almost fully breathe through my nose now. I feel normal already. =)(=

I will try and update at least weekly as I heal!!

Your results look even better than the ones you made for yourself! That must have been exciting. :)

Thanks for sharing your story. Glad you didn't get the implant too -- you didn't need it. You look so pretty!
Thank you so much for your comment! :)(:

Update (5 days after cast removed): Although the...

Update (5 days after cast removed): Although the surgeon already said I'd notice little bumps around my nose, I've recently found a bigger one in the exact location of where I used to have a (much larger) bump. I am not particularly worried, and it is not noticeable unless you touch it, but I will bring that up at my next appointment, which is in two days. I am still very happy with the procedure, and almost all numbness went away other than some small areas in my tip. I see no swelling anymore.
thanks for the response
Your nose looks great, im so happy that it turned out so good.
TY! :)(:

It has now been (1 day short of) 3 weeks since my...

It has now been (1 day short of) 3 weeks since my surgery. When I saw the doctor last week and mentioned the bump on my nose, he said sometimes a tiny bit of silicone is put in later to smooth it out. However, Dr. Miller said it looks very good. I've realized what looks like a bump is not so much a bump but a very slight deficit of bone right UNDER the bump. This is not noticeable in profile view, and is only slightly noticeable in the front view. I can see it (and only on the left side) slightly in 3/4 view. This same side used to be my very worst and I refused to pose that way in pictures. The fact that it's even acceptable now to me in pictures is a miracle. I am otherwise VERY happy with my results, and even so I'd say 95%. I am pretty much recovered, have been able to smile normally for a week and a half now, and just have some minor numbness and hardness in the very tip of my nose. When I go back for my next round of fat transfer in August I will ask the doctor about having silicone put into that slight lacking spot, which I assume I'd have to wait a full year for (since that's how re-do rhinos tend to go). But even if I can't, nothing to fret over! I will put pictures up when I get a chance later showing this. Thanks for everyone's comments!

Your results are great! Thanks so much for the detailed story and your fantastic photos.

I think you look awesome!! You must be so happy!
wow this makes me want one.

I have a little dorsal bump that keeps coming up...

I have a little dorsal bump that keeps coming up but I can push it back down. It's very small and almost looks like a bubble. From what I've read, I think things like that are fairly normal. And I have thin skin which probably doesn't help. It's not a big deal and I'm not fretting about it. Still waiting for my tip to completely refine itself, but I am very happy with my new nose. My parents say I don't look Jewish anymore, which is kind of sad, but oh well. Next Friday I have an appointment to see my plastic surgeon for my next fat transfer procedure. I will mention it to him then. I'll update here on what he says and with pictures then. Thanks everybody!

hey your nose actually does look really nice. ive been askin a lot of people whether the size of their nose profile view changed after surgery lol. im 4 weeks post op now n the size of my nose looks the same as before surgery. its soo depressin. hope its just swellin n dats wot ma surgeon said.

I had my second round of fat grafting today (first...

I had my second round of fat grafting today (first after rhinoplasty). The numbing needle hurt! It was like a tenderizing pain.
Anyway, I do like how it looks, but I'd rather it be more in the apple of my cheeks than on the sides. My under eye hollows are filled in well, though.
I asked Dr. Miller about the bump that keeps appearing on my nose that I am able to push down and he said I should try not to bother it, because it can irritate my nose. But it really is visible to me when it comes up so I will give it time and see what happens. If anyone has any advice about this please let me know. I am putting up a picture or two showing how I look today after fat grafting. It's hard to see in a picture though.
The doctor did an amazing! job on you. It looks so natural and cute on your face.
Hey, thanks so much!
When you say the size of your nose, do you mean the amount it projects/sticks out from your face? Mine was definitely decreased, though I've heard that not a lot of surgeons are too good at doing that. Initial swelling can definitely distort the size of your nose. Has it subsided yet? If you have thicker skin I know the swelling tends to last longer.
hey, yea i meant the amount it projects. My surgeon said that it would take 3 months for most swelling to go down and i do have thick skin. Im 5 weeks post op now and really hoping th\t it shrinks. It is slowly shrinking from the front whcih is great :D

Hi everyone! Well now a bump is revealing itself,...

Hi everyone! Well now a bump is revealing itself, I'm guessing since the swelling has gone down. It's not absolutely horrible, but it's definitely disappointing since my nose was so perfect. I'm calling my plastic surgeon tomorrow. I hope this is something that will go away on its own. I'm going to post a picture of it to give you an idea, and if anyone has any advice or ideas about it, please let me know!
How long were u taping for before u stopped? My doctor told me he wanted me to tape everyday for at least a month then afterwards to tape it at night especially since I have thick oily skin since it'll help with my swelling and he said the most important part to tape everyday is the bridge since fluids can build up under the skin appearing as a bump so to apply gentle pressure. I
Worse comes to worse if its a prone-longed swelling ask him questions regarding a kenalog shot (its a low dosage steroid shot that they can put in someone's nose to help the swelling go down and help prevent scar tissue.
I see. Well on and off but a lot of the time until recently. It's been about 2 1/2 months now.

Hey again everyone! My nose is looking better. The...

Hey again everyone! My nose is looking better. The new bump hasn't completely gone down, but now it's miniscule enough for me to be happy. I've left it alone almost completely, though every once in awhile I'm still tempted to push it down :P So I think it was mostly swelling. I realized that for some reason most of my pictures were deleted, so I'm going to see if I can find the old ones again to put up. I'm also going to put up more recent photos of my bump "de" progression, so you can see for yourselves. Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem!
Did you ask for him to shorten your nose a little bit or did it just turn out that way? It looks shorter now! It looks even cuter :)
I didn't specifically think of it, but he had said beforehand that he was going to shorten it a little bit. When he explained how and why my nose needed to be slightly shortened, I completely agreed with it. I actually think he slightly lifted my upper lip as well, which is great!
Do you mean it looks even cuter than the before pic or compared to when I got my cast off? Thank you :)(:

The bump now is virtually gone. I am attaching...

The bump now is virtually gone. I am attaching photos of pictures from today, as well as when the bump was at its worst. Sort of like an evolution timeline. So my advice to anyone else who notices dorsal bumps springing up is they are very likely just swelling, and LEAVE IT ALONE. This past week I was so busy I virtually forgot about my nose and my leaving it alone made it pretty much vanish. Hope this helps. I am 100% thrilled with my nose now. I kept realistic expectations and wound up with a nose that exceeded even my highest hopes.
Wow u look awesome! Can't wait to see how it looks within the next 6 months :)

Well I have possibly bad news. Now that the...

Well I have possibly bad news. Now that the swelling is gone, I am able to see some asymmetry. It looks like there might be some slight nasal valve collapse on my left side. There's cartiledge missing on the front- left, and the left versus right side is crooked. I am still having some trouble breathing through my nose, especially that left side (breathe right strips help). I am also noticing that the scarring on my butt/hip where the donor site was for my fat transfer has all but gone away. It looks like very red stretch marks, and you can feel them stick out slightly from my skin. I have NEVER heard of lipo scars this bad even from major lipo, nevermind something as small as 1 oz. by thin cannula for facial fat. I have new pictures on here. Let me know what you guys think.
Hey, Im actually going in for a consultation with this doctor sometime soon. I love the shape of your new nose. I have a jewish nose as well and I hate it !! but the thing that worries me is that bump. I was just wondering if you ever got it fixed and if so did he charge you extra money for it ? Please get back to me and let me know because if anything I will cancel my consolation and find another doctor!! thanks !
Omg I have a similar situation with my rhinoplasty too! I feel like I have a piece of cartilage missing from my right side of my nose and I noticed it 3 weeks into recovery. Doctor said it was uneven swelling but it's been almost 5 months now and that depression hasnt changed. Worse comes to worse after all the swelling goes down and I've hit the one year mark I might get a minor revision if im still slightly uncomfortable with my nose. Makes u feel any better ur nose is not so bad, could be worse like Michael Jackson which u don't have.

Lookswise, at least from your photo, I still think you look great. There might be a tiny bit of asymmetry there, but I can't really tell. Did you have asymmetry before? I did and even after rhinoplasty and revision, still do. My nose just wants to grow a certain way.

I'm sorry about the difficulty breathing. That is why I ended up getting a revision, my first surgeon took out too much cartilage. I hope things are just swollen for you. It's very possible that you're still puffy 6 months out.

Have you talked to your surgeon about your current issues? That would be a good place to start.

Please let us know how things continue to heal!


Well I did talk to the doctor about a month ago....

Well I did talk to the doctor about a month ago. Sorry for forgetting to update. The next time I go in for fat transfer, he is going to put silicone into the area that is indented on the left side of my nose. He says it's really not very noticeable.
Hey how is it going?
Hey ur look lovely. Ur nose is too cute, very natural, perfect for your face.
Did the bump go down? Why did it appear?
I think it appeared because I was pressing on it too much, like irritation. Thank you, but I hope that when I have the indentation filled in , it will appear more symmetrical.

Got more fat transferred to under my eyes + cheeks...

Got more fat transferred to under my eyes + cheeks and silicone to fill the indentation (on the left side) of my nose on Friday. The silicone is going to be put in a bit at a time, and Dr. Miller said there were also still 1-2 sessions left of fat transfer to do (yayy!). The fat looks really good this time, and I hope most of it stays. There's still some swelling, but most is gone. You can see some of the holes in my face from the needle though :P I gotta tell you guys that it hurts REALLY bad. I couldn't open my eyes for a few minutes afterwards because of it. I got a numbing needle before the actual fat, so i don't know what's standard for doctors to use in fat transfer + silicone/filler injections, or if perhaps more potent anesthesia is used. Having such a stinging pain on my nose is not a pain I've really felt, before, either.

Doctor was very very nice to me both this time and before when I needed reassurance, so my review stays good. He is very professional and intelligent. I am posting a few pictures from today. Nose looks a bit more symmetrical, but hopefully will be more so in future sessions. Hope this helps anyone who had questions. Good luck to all new patients!!
Hey lexiee, did you ever go through with that consult and how did it go? Did you make a decision?
Hey bellport, I just realized i never saw this comment originally! Well I don't know how your nose looks, but my doctor is putting in silicone injections intermittently to the indentation/uneven part. Maybe you could ask yours to do the same? Works well, but I gotta warn you it hurts!
Its actually something I've been thinking about for a while because idk if I really want go back for surgery but my doctor doesn't believe in fillers although every time I see him he gives me kenalog shots to help shrink my skin. He just says to wait it out and see how my nose changes since I have very thick oily skin, it takes a while to see the final results. I'm gonna wait till the end of the year which would make it a year and a half post op since that's what a lot of doctors say is the deal time to wait for thicky fatty nose to officially heal up from there I'll decide what to do. I mean my nose looks better from before but for what I paid wasn't expecting a small dent :x. Love reading ur updates hope to see that the filler works out for u over time :)

This will probably be my last update. I just got...

This will probably be my last update. I just got my last fat transfer done. I definitely have high cheekbones now, which is awesome! Although I am overall happy with my results, I would like to have my mid-face (think the area that round out when smile) filled out to look more feminine (it's pretty flat, which still adds to the circles under my eyes), and for some reason Dr. Miller didn't seem to think that doing so was a good idea with the fat. I think I may go to Dr. Joseph (located in Orange, NJ I believe) who specializes in Silikon 1000 (a type of diluted silicone) to fill out that remaining facial area in a similar way that a fat transfer does. It seems much more permanent and predictable, as well as fast. He has great reviews, videos, and credibility, and his prices are very good. So if I do that you will likely see another review from me for Dr. J. Thanks everyone. I wish anyone who's considering or going through surgery the best of luck, and if you ever need any advice please send me a message on here!!
You said at the top of the review it cost $7,600. That's the total cost of both the rhinoplasty and the fat transfer with ALL fees? Were the extra fat transfer sessions more money? I'm interested in figuring out how much everything costs. Trying to get all the finances situated.
Hey, you look great! How many ccs did he take out for the fat transfer?
Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It helps all of us going through the same thing. I think I gave myself the same bump you did from pushing on it, so I guess I'll have to lay off haha :) Looking beautiful!
Edison Facial Plastic Surgeon

Answered all my questions. Called to check up on me a day after surgery. Has mandatory follow-up visits so that he can make sure everything is going well. Dr. M is very confident but not arrogant (especially for a doctor).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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