Is It Me or Does my Nose Look Unnatural? - New Jersey

So, I got a nose job when i was 14 which was...

So, I got a nose job when i was 14 which was almost 5 years ago. Everything went well, but lately I have be a little concerned about the tip of my nose. First off, it is still hard as a rock! It's been 5 years! Shouldn't have soften by now? Also the tip is about a centimeter and a half longer then the rest of my nose.

I need some opinions from other people and possible some surgeons. I was also wondering how much this revision surgery would cost? Thank you

To me it looks pretty good. :) 4 years than means it has set.
looks fine!
I agree with the other posters. Your nose looks really really good. Nothing needs to be done to it. It looks natural and fits your face perfectly.
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