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For All People Considering Invisalign - Somers Point, NJ

I've been reading reviews on Invisalign for...

I've been reading reviews on Invisalign for quite some time now. Positive ones motivated me to start my journey to straighter teeth. When I was a teenager, my parents didn't have money for braces. So now I'm going do it on my own. My teeth are not awful, but they've been bothering me for all my life. I didn't think about it every day, but when it was time to smile, to pose for a picture... or even laugh... Well, it was uncomfortable. I'm 24 years old now and finally I decided to do it.

I'm starting Invisalign next week. I hope my review will be helpful if you consider Invisalign, because it was a commitment from me. I've been thinking about it for a while, before I made an appointment with an orthodontist. The main concern for me was to be a candidate for it. I'm not sure if I'd do regular metal braces. So I made an appointment with Elite Invisalign provider to decide if I'm going do anything about my teeth.

And I was a candidate. Thanks, God! My orthodontist explained all costs and phases of treatment and gave me some time to think, even though I knew I'd do it for any money! My friends still think I'm crazy to do it. My teeth seem to be fine to them. I mean, fine enough... Or they are lying...

My case is severe. I was told it would be a challenge. But traditional braces won't do a better job. I'm optimistic. I'll be happy with any minor results. It took a while after molds were taken to get my Clincheck. In the beginning I was told that it'd take about a year and a half to straighten my teeth. But Clincheck arrived and it's two and a half years before refinements now. My treatment consists of 30 upper aligners (over jet) and 20 bottoms (crowding).I don't know why yet, but I'll have to wear each aligner for 3-4 weeks instead of 10-14 days for many cases. It will also require 12 attachments and 2 tooth extractions (upper premolar and lower incisor)!

For cosmetic reasons I have only a day an a half between the extractions and attachments to be put on my teeth (same day as the first tray). And I'm not excited about it. I can imagine my hardly healed gums bleeding all over the place! This is the only thing I don't feel right about.

A few words about cost. I live in New Jersey and it's $6300 for full Invisalign in my area. First payment is $2000 when molds are taken. Then I was offered a payment plan for 20 months. No interest or anything. It's out of pocket since I don't have an insurance. All molds, x-rays, office visits and future refinements are included. Except, I have to pay for extractions, teeth cleaning and panoramic x-ray done in my dentist office. It's different, but in addition to the price of Invisalign...

Overall, no matter how long it's going to take and how much money you're spending, a confident smile - it's all that matters. And when I'm looking at myself in the mirror and I see my teeth, a thought in my mind to have them for the rest of my life is overwhelming... And hopefully one fine day I'll smile without covering my teeth with a hand.

Keep us posted! I am on day 2 of my invisalign and I am sore but determined! The only pain I feel is when I take them out or put them in. So far I've got 24 uppers and 15 lowers so I'm looking at about 1-2 years.

Thanks Requena. I asked because I I also received financing at 0% for 24 months. Now, the company is being investigated by New York Attorney General General Cuomo, as well as a few other similar companies. The company you mentioned is also one of the companies being investigated. Please make sure that you make your payment on time. If you do not, if you are one day late in the finanacing company receiving your payment, your 0% financing will increase to anywhere from 25% to 29% and you will be charged "retroactive interest" of the 25% on all previous payments going back to your 1st payment, as well is in my case, the loan becomes due and payable in full. If you do not pay it it total, they charge you $5.00 a day everyday until the loan is paid in full. Go to the New York Attorney General website and search the name of the financing company, you will see the Press Release issued by Attorney General Cuomo with the investigation starting in late August 2010. Just wanted to give you a headsup. I learned the hard way, and had to use my credit card to pay off the $6,000 to the financing company.
Hi, MistyCT! I was offered a payment plan through my doctor's office. Otherwise, I'd apply for a loan on carecredit.com. It's a health care financing accepted by most doctors.
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