Ten weeks - when does the numb feeling go away?

Hello, i am a 33 year old Mother of 3, ages 7,5...

Hello, i am a 33 year old Mother of 3, ages 7,5 & 2. This just so happens to be the craziest things I have ever done. I mean I've always talked about wanting a mm, but to actually go and schedule the surgery is just nuts, right?

Well it just does to show you how unhappy I am about what is left of my body. Please don't misunderstand me. I am nothing without my children. They are everything to me. BUT what pregnancy has done to me is something that just won't go away. Before children I was 5'3 and about 115-120lbs. With each child I would pack on about 45lbs. Gaining 45lbs three times in five years does a lot of damage. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. That has improved my overall look and I'm healthy, however the stomach and the boobs and just something I need to have fixed.


Hi I see your from nj too! What part are you from? I don't see your dr listed but was curious who your
Going to! Anyway good luck!
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I'm super excited for you! What doctor will you be seeing for your surgery?

I'll be reading your updates with interest. You're in for a quite a journey! :)

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Congrats on your surgery. What are you having done? You will be so happy you have done this for yourself.
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Ok so Im about 2 weeks away and starting to freak...

Ok so Im about 2 weeks away and starting to freak out just a bit. I had my pre-op and decided on the size (278). My Dr. went over the surgery with me. The only thing I have to do it blood work and fill my meds. I have all the dinners made and child care taken care of. There is some worry about that of course, but I did my best and I just hope my plans dont back fire while I am recovering.

So I have a few questions...

1. When do you think I can stay alone with my kids, do you think by day 9 or 10?

I have 3- 7,5 and 2 1/2. my youngest is potty trained and my two older girls are very helpful.

2. I would like to see what everyone bought for the surgery or what they wish they had? (Im sure this was asked 100x's, sorry)

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Ok here are some pictures of me before. Still...

Ok here are some pictures of me before. Still freaking out!!!!


I live in central NJ. I am using Dr. Godek. Nov 3rd is my surgery...tt ba and lipo
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Ok so I have been really thinking a lot about this...

Ok so I have been really thinking a lot about this. I am very sure about the tt. However the BA is something that is starting to scare me. I guess its the studies on breast cancer and how it can be harder to detect in women that had BA. I dont know... is it worth it?? I would be so pissed if for some reason I had to replace my implant within a few years because of something wrong (I am going with the silicon gel). Then there are some women who have had them in for 20+ years. This is making me nuts. To top it off I told me kids about the surgery and one cried. I only told them that I need to fix a muscle in my tummy.

I hope this will pass. I really wanted this, but it is it worth the risk??


Good luck! I am doing the same surgeries you are doing on Nov. 2nd! We should keep in touch thruout recovery! I am nervous too but I think it will all be worth it!!
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Best of Luck! I saw your before pics can't wait to see your post pics I look somewhat similar. I haven't scheduled mine yet but am thinking of doing so for January. From what I've read it's very important to try an stay stress free during the first week. Stress can cause the healing to take much longer and even cause complications. I will look forward to your updates!
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Hi! We have alot in common and I understand your fears! I have 11 , 3 and 18 month old. You can be alone a them by 10 days post op but you can't lift them till about 6 weeks post op! I got a step
For my little one so I could kinda shove him
In crib for naps ! I also had implants when I was 21 and one ruptured in July ! Didn't hurt it was saline and nothing made it pop just did so that's what pushed me to get Tummy
Done ! It was totally worth it! It's going to be hard at first but I don't regret it a single bit just make sure you have help the first week bc I
Overdid it and regretted it big time ! If you read my posts you'll see my
Story! Make lots of food you can freeze and rest alot! First
Couple days you need
To stay in bed or recliner except for bathroom and stay away from
Stairs! Once or twice a day fine but no more! If you have any more questions please email me! Taraf1717@aol.com! Good luck
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What a wave of emotion..guilt,fear and then the...

What a wave of emotion..guilt,fear and then the excitement. The feeling of a new start! I'll be honest I have wanted this for so long but never did I think it would be really happening. I think the waiting is getting to me. I'm the type of person who makes a decision and wants to get it done right away!

My husband wrote out the bank check the other day...that was hard. It's so much money and the thought on using it all on myself is making me feel so guilty. BUT if I add up all the hours in the past 8 years that I work as a mom $18,000 would be a crappy salary. So I have to start to look at this as a treat for me ;)


how are you doing sweetie? Was reading your review and your comments/feelings are same as me (going for a consult in 4 weeks).. extreme guilt for the amount of money this will cost...and the fact that I am putting myself at risk, but also super excited too! Looking forward to hearing feedback and seeing your results!
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I will PM you my list of supplies later today!!
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Where can I fnd the list of things I need? My ps didn't give me one. I hope you wonderful ladies put one together ;)
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It's like the count down I had when I was pregnant...

It's like the count down I had when I was pregnant.. Too funny! So I have most things ready. All I have to do is get my meds & pack my bag (I'm staying at my moms for the first 3days) and then I'm ready to go. My fear is slowly going away. Now all I can think about is the positive side of how I will look & feel. Of course 4 + weeks from now lol.


Hi my3, I'm so excited for you. I rode the roller coaster of emotions and my youngest child didn't want me to have the surgery. After the surgery I also swayed back and forth. But I can say that as of today, 8 weeks out, I couldn't be happier or more sure if the decision. It is a very life changing event:)
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Well I added one more thing to my list of tune ups...

Well I added one more thing to my list of tune ups. I am embarrassed by it.. Labia reduction. I'm sure there are some pp out there that have the same problem. For me with every pregnancy it would just get bigger and uncomfortable. So I'm going in for a trim;) lol all kinds of things happen when you have kids. But they are such a true gift!

To be honest I only talk to you ladies about this surgery. I feel that many pp will judge me for what I am going to have done. So I have come clean:)


Haha. Glad you have somewhere to share your surgery add on:). If I'd have thought about it, I might have also. Best wishes.
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So I filled my scripts the other day and last...

So I filled my scripts the other day and last night I started to freak out about the surgery and how is everyone going to handle taking care of my kids with homework and driving all over for this activity blah blah, so my ps told me for days like that I could take a up to 3 valium(it's a very low dose). Well I stared out with 1 and then waiting 20 min & nothing so I took another and nothing. Another 20 mins later I took one more & still nothing. Whats wrong? I never to Valium before bit I have taken Xanax 25m and that would take the edge off ( I has post partum depression with my last child). I guess I'll call my ps on Monday but I really don't want to sound like a pill popper.. Is this normal?

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So sorry for all the typos I just work up and I'm...

so sorry for all the typos I just work up and I'm using my phone to update. Correction - I had ppd but that was a year ago.


I'm with Angie! I'm a xanax person. Valium does nothing for me! Just so you know my Primary care Dr gave me xanan for 1 month to help me stop smoking prior to surgery. Not sure of dose, think it was 5mg, but I took 1/2 a pill 3 times a day for the 1st 2 weeks I quit! Hope that helps you some.
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I think Xanax is better. That's just my personal opinion. Some people just aren't valium people.

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You sound like me! I have a very high tolerance to drugs like that ! I have
To take 2 Xanax at a time
Or I still have anxiety and I'm on .5 mg. mind you I'm 5'4
And 125 lbs ... I'm extremely high strung and back when I goth
Boobs done for first time
The anesethilogist (spelling) had to give me the amount he would give an adult
Male ! Talk to your ps and ask him what he thinks but I'm sure he will up the dosage on the Valium ! I've
Never taken Valium but I do take Xanax ... Maybe he'd
Give you a script for that ?? Depends on dr
Whether they will do that! Let us know what happens!!
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Well I'm about 2 hrs away!!!! Every emotion you...

Well I'm about 2 hrs away!!!! Every emotion you can have I'm having them. As far as the valume it just doesn't work for me so my ps gave me .5 of Xanax I have taken that before but for some reason it I don't feel like that calm and at ease feeling. I guess it's just too much for my brain to let go and know that everything will be alright. Wish me luck!


Thinking of you today Good Luck! Can't wait to see the new you!!!
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Good luck your going to do great ! Lots of prayers .:)
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Good luck and happy healing!
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It's been almost 24 hrs and I can honestly say...

It's been almost 24 hrs and I can honestly say it's not really bad. My bs is very tight and sore. If I sitting in my recliner it's also not tha bad. I can get get up w/o help but my sister won't et mentor fear of falling. So she walks me to the bathroom.

I did how ever go over my 4 hr mark w pain pils. I forget to get the alarm, bit did I feel that. It look me a good 4 hrs after got home to get all anesthesia out.

My labia reduction so far is a piece cake. Let's just hope it gets be tree from here

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So it's day 4 and I feel great. Very tired and...

So it's day 4 and I feel great. Very tired and sore but NOTHING what I thought it was going be. My breast feel tight and my stomach is also tight. It only hurts when i get up or down. I'm sleeping at night and only taking 2 percs every 6-7 hours and a Xanax mid morning. I have one drain that see seems to filling up less and less. Also the color of the fluid is getting lighter. Into back to the ps tomorrow...maybe he'll tale th drains out but I'm not rushing anything infant everything done right!

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I'm having problems uploading my new pictures. Can...

I'm having problems uploading my new pictures. Can anyone help?

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It's almost a full week and tonight I am...

It's almost a full week and tonight I am questioning why I did this to myself. I feel worst today then I did 2 days ago. The help has slowed down & I can't last more then 20 min before I need to sleep. My drains are still in and my back hurts. I feel like this bra is too tight. & now I'm crying:(. I know this is just apart of then healing but I'm this isn't what I am up for. My kids are fighting, my house is a mess and I just want to turn this corner of sadness. Please someone help me get pass this


My3. I'm so sorry to hear that today was rough. The good news is that it gets better:). Hang in there. Here to support you and sending happy thoughts your way!
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Thank you everyone. Today I threw up!!!! OMG the...

Thank you everyone. Today I threw up!!!! OMG the pain, the crying. Thank God its over. Im ready to kick the shit out of my husband...if I was able. He acts like I ask the world of him but really the reason why I threw up was bc I am doing too much. Who would have thought that asking him to empty the dishwasher would be the end of the world.


I'm sorry you're feeling down! Do you have the funds to hire a house cleaner and a babysitter who could take the kids out to the zoo or something?

Remember, this too shall pass. You're at a hard, hard point, but you'll move beyond it. Hang in there!

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Yes, the messy house will be waiting on you when you're feeling better. You will be fine.
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Oh I feel for you, I am 5 weeks post op and I truly wanted to scream and cry at about your stage. My house was hideous and my 4 kids just messed, fought and seemed 10x's worse than normal. My husband thought that since I could get out of the chair by myself i was good to go and he could just do his old routine which meant NOTHING!!! I was sure that when I finally got back on my feet, they would be filming an episode of Hoarders at my house. I can honestly laugh right now. My house is back to normal and we all survived. HONESTLY.......you can't worry about the mess and the kids. Everything gets better. Take care of yourself and forget about the rest ;o)
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Ok so its 8 days and a feel better, not great but...

Ok so its 8 days and a feel better, not great but better. Last night was hard and it set me back but everything will be o.k. Just like all the wonderful people here said it will be. Thanks again ladies.

They took the drain out. It wasnt that bad, kind of burned. I think that has a lot to do with why I am starting to feel better. Plus I am taking the pain meds as directed. Before I was trying to bush back the amount of time between and how much I would take.

So here is the question:

What type of scare treatment did you use? I was told to use 1% hydro and vit e caps. What do you guys think? I keloid so I want to make sure I use the best.


I agree with Tara. Men for the most part can't do what we do. My hubs is doing okay but he is going crazy with riding back and forth to daycare, going to the store, bed time for the little one. He is so tired from all this work. Funny thing is I do this stuff every day plus have a full-time job. Just take it slow & focus on healing. Glad to see you're doing better!
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Ugh men are idiots. You have got to rest ! You can't deal w stress like that bc you are going to either mess up your results or have other complications!! If I could smack your husband I would!!! Lol .... There is a reason god made us women mothers ! Bc it doesn't come
Naturally for men to be caretakers but you need
To tell him it's going to be worse If you end up hurting
Yourself due to overdoing it! It will only prolong him having to do everything ! I had same issues w my husband . He was awesome
First week and after that he went back to being a typical man. Try and forget about everything that needs to be done and if I were you make him buy paper plates, cups etc. you have got to rest ! You had major surgery !! I wish I could
Come help you!!!
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Please forgive me for not up dating. I remember...

Please forgive me for not up dating. I remember checking the site a few times a day before surgery to see how everyone was doing.

So it is day 12 and I feel good. Not great, but good. The first 4-5 days are very hard. I suggest having a sister/Mother or close female friend to help. I know for a fact my wonderful husband would not have been up to the challenge. You need help with most things. After day 1 I was able the walk to the bathroom unassisted!

Taking the first shower kicks your ass! As a matter of fact all showers up to day 12 knock your energy level down.


Plastic chair (I used a folding plastic chair)

Shower Cap

New Luffa

Yoga strap, used to hold drain

Dial pump soap

-WHAT I HAD AT MY BEDSIDE (folding table on each side of my recliner)

Every charger to all of my devices. Tape them on so they don't fall.





netflix ready and loaded

I put all my meds in a big zip lock bag


Trash bag (to use for trash or maybe if you puke)

Ok so speaking of puking....I did and it was painful. I will admit that I cried. All over my sisters shoulder. God love her, if it wasn't for her I would have never have made it!

Now I have no clue what made me throw up. It was 7 days later. I did have the hiccups all day and walked around probably more then I should have. But I did make it to the back door. There would have been no way I would have gotten down on my knees to grab the bowl.

On a lighter note, all that was needed to help clean up was the hose :)


I had a hard time trying to figure out the right combo for pain.

I used the valium and percocets for the first 4-5 days.

Then ibuprofen during the day and valium at night.

Right now I took a percorcets because I just cleaned up and did way too much.


By day 7

I was able to wipe down the counters, sweep and have one of my little ones sweep it up.

By day 10

I was able to put the laundry away lol, steam mop (I have a ocd thing about clean floors)

By day 12

I was able to clean up the bathrooms. I wasn't able to clean the tub but the counters, toilet and floor was clean.

With the floor I just sprayed and stood on a towel and wiped it.

I was able to give the kids cereal and warm up food if hubby wasn't around.

So thats where I am at today. As far as how I look. I LOVE LOVE my boobs. I went with 275 silicone moderate smooth. Its exactly what I wanted. To fill the lost volume. They don't hurt at all. It feels like the first few weeks of breast feeding. I My stomach looks better everyday. I still wont let my hubby look at that yet but he cant get enough of the boobs!

Pictures to come soon.

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Hey everyone, things are going well. Everyday I am...

Hey everyone, things are going well. Everyday I am feeling better. I promise to post pics soon.

Anyway I have a question about bruising. I thought I had lipo on my flanks/tummy but there wasnt a hint of bruising at all. As I look at everyones pictures I see that most of you did have at least some bruising. Could he have not done the lipo? Im so swollen from my belly button down that its hard to tell what was done. When will the swelling do away? I wear my binder 24/7 and still cant see the results. I do have to say the scare is wonderful. Very, very thin and so far no puckering. For $18,000. I want my fat sucked out!! lol or some money back. What do you guys think? Also have anyone of you had the labia reduction? I did and have a few questions...I know I can jump to that board but you guys are mm family :)

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One more thing...does anyone have very sensitive...

One more thing...does anyone have very sensitive nipples after their BA? Mine are over sensitive, kind of like when you're breastfeeding the first few days. God I hope that does away!


In some areas I had sucked out there is no bruising and in other areas I am pretty sure they used farm equipment to remove the fat because I am so bruised up. I did ask about it and they just said..."Moe your body is weird." Ok not literally but they said some is resistant to removal some areas are deeper to remove...blah blah..anyway yes I had some bruising in places and no bruising in other places BUT I do have stitching in all places. :D
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I wonder if the bruising is not noticeable because of the swelling and/or pooling??? In regards to the nipples, mine were sensitive for a several weeks. I'm so glad they aren't anymore:)
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I cant take it anymore. The swelling just wont go...

I cant take it anymore. The swelling just wont go down. I still cant put on a pair of jeans and Im so over wearing yoga pants. How much longer will this continue? I am staying clear from salt as much as I can...what gives? Also where my stomach is swollen its hard, is that normal? I have an apt with the my ps tomorrow lets hope I get some answers.

BTW what happened to my before pictures????


my pics got erased too.....i hope your swelling is better....it just plain out sucks but does get better....just very slowly....make sure your binder is tight enough....i used my original binder forever!!!! even after being cleared for spanx type of gear....your tummy looks fab!!! congrats..hang in there its a LONG LONG LONG journey.
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my nipples/boobs were super sensitive, too....it was driving me crazy! it's hard to believe that the boobs gave me more discomfort than the tummy tuck. but the sensitivity finally died down at about 5 weeks (believe me, i thought it would never go away!) hang in there! :)
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I know the feeling my3. I have had ridiculous swelling in my lower belly down by my incision area. The culprit was my too loose compression garment. My PS looked at the garment yesterday and said get another kind. I wore a Flexee for the first time last night and swelling was reduced by at least 30% this morning. See the new pics I posted. Let me know what your PS said. I did not have a seroma or anything like that, just swelling.
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I have this crazy tire of swelling around and...

I have this crazy tire of swelling around and below my scar. The white garment that was given wasn't tight enough around the bottom so my ps gave me this capri type crotchless torture thing that still doesn't give me enough support from below my belly button to the top of my pubic bone. Does anyone have any advice on what to buy? There are soooo many products out there and they are so much money that I want to make sure its the right thing. Thanks Guys!!


Thanks again for the help!!!
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I got mine at maternity section of Macy's ... They have them at motherhood maternity too! You can make it as tight as you want it . If
You wear
Compression tank with this I think it
Will really help!!!
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Do you have a binder??? I wore the original
Binder all the time! Unless I went out . When I went out I wore either a post maternity tank called the mother tucker . You can get it online or at a fancy foo foo maternity
Store! Ohhh and I forgot the best thing I bought was this post maternity binder
Thing and it
Was so cheap! I'm
Going to look it up and send you link
Right now!
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Well I figured out the right combo for my swelling...

Well I figured out the right combo for my swelling. I am wearing control top underwear and then the garment that was given to me by my ps. The swelling is under control. But I am still not able to wear anything other then yoga pants. I even tried on a pair of my "period jeans" and I couldn't button them. I think Im going to try the treadmill this week. I am feeling much better physically. I will be honest, coming off the meds took me through a depression. I think it was the pain killers. For doing it cold turkey was not a good thing. Weaning yourself off might be better. Just a thought.


Don't stress out too much about the swelling. I kept thinking...how in the world can I not get into my pre surgery jeans..geez he took at least an inch or more off....lol. But I promise in a few weeks time you'll be wearing jeans and thinking...dang these are loose. It just takes time. I know its frustrating but totally worth it in the end. :)
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So its just a little over 4 weeks. I am still...

So its just a little over 4 weeks. I am still wearing this garment 24/7 along with a tummy tucker type underwear. I feel great for the most part. The only thing is I wasn't sure if I should still be wearing this garment 24/7. I have read a lot on here that many of you felt you were dependent on it and I am trying to make sure that I don't end up that way. What do you guys think? Should I only wear it at night or just during the day?

I also desperately want to go back to my yoga. Its my one and only true mind/body cleansing and I miss it. Is there any yogies out there, whats your advice?


I wore mine 24/7 except when I went out I wore a "mother tucker " compression tank. For me I didn't care if I was dependent on it bc number
One I'm
Home w kids all day and it
Made a huge huge difference
In swelling! Believe
Me your body will tell you when it's had enough! I know I slowly
Stopped wearing mine but if I had to work it
Might have
Been a different story . Not sure of your situation but that's my experience w the binder! I stopped completely wearing binder around week 8 and by 3
Months I wore nothing. Give or take !
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Did you stop wearing the garment? It's not like a real dependency it's just a comfortable way to support muscles that aren't real strong yet. That's while you can't work out though. I threw it away at six weeks because the doc said to, and I grabbed it back after a couple hours. Then I wore it at night or in the evening for a little while and I have no idea when but I just didn't put it back on again. Do what feels best for your body at the time.
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My weight is down by 5 lbs but when I tried some pants on, I couldn't button them. My ps said it takes some time for the swelling to go away especially around the lipo area. Have patience, is what he said to me! I am still wearing my binder (3 weeks out) but have been gradually loosening it. You look great!
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I just got back from my check up with my ps. All...

I just got back from my check up with my ps. All is well. I would say I am about 90% back to normal. My daily activities are 100%..kids, work, house work etc. As far as the gym goes I would say am 90%. I am really into yoga and the only thing I am unable to do is anything that has to do with back bends. I was told that the muscles are so tight right now that it will take time for them to relax. Also I was told that there is still swelling in my stomach area. The scare for the tt is as thin as a pencil line, but red. I have been using a wooden massage thing from bath and body works to break up the scare tissue. It has 4 round wooden balls on it that smoothly rubs the scare tissue when I use it with vitamin E.

I know there are many of you that are either not sure if they did the right thing, or if they should do it. For me it was life changing. I love the results. The guilt of the money and time away from your family/responsibilities will disappear with in a month or two. I will post pictures later on tonight.

I hope all it will with everyone.

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I feel like my body is cut in half. (yes, I know...

I feel like my body is cut in half. (yes, I know it basically was) What I mean is when I rub my hand along the scar either vertically or horizontal it feels like it's not even my own body. What a weird feeling. Is there anyone who is past this point in the recovery? Also I am getting a spasam of the mucesals that were sewn together. Closer to the top then the bottom. Just wondering if anyone else has had this.


Ok, I'm getting frustrated with the upper belly swelling. Are you still having it too? I really am hoping this isn't a muscle tightening issue. It almost seems like he pulled me tighter from belly button below and left the upper ab a little looser. Any comments from your PS about how long this is to be expected? I don't go back until March!
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I've heard that the upper belly swelling is normal. Here's what some doctors have to say about that.

I'm 5 months post and still have major numbness around lipo area & TT scar! PS said 1 year for me! But I had a few set backs along the road to recovery! I'm also getting the muscle cramps at the top of muscle repair! PS said totally normal!Its actually a sign of recovery! Best of luck!
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Toms River Plastic Surgeon

I can't tell you enough about Dr.Godek. The consult was about an 1 1/2 hrs long. He answered every question and never once did I feel rushed. His staff is wonderful and so helpful. Dr.Godek is very meticulous and you can see that he takes pride in his work. I am so happy to have him as my doctor.

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