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So far so good. I am still very swollen after 5...

So far so good. I am still very swollen after 5 days. I had a breast lift, augmentation and mini tuck. The pain has been very manageable. The drainage tube is a pain but tolerable. I get it removed on Wednesday. My stomach looks 100 times better than before and I can only imagine how it will look once the swelling subsides.

I decided to have a breast lift with implants and...

I decided to have a breast lift with implants and a mini tummy tuck because I want to feel confident again. I'm happy with the result so far. Pain is very manageable with meds. I'm still very swollen 7 days post op and getting very itchy. I have an appointment on Wednesday hoping to have the drain removed.

Ok so I felt really good today. Cleaned the...

Ok so I felt really good today. Cleaned the upstairs bathrooms, vacuumed, I actually enjoyed doing it. I found out very quickly that even though I feel ok, i'm not ready yet. I swelled up and feel cramps in my belly. Time to put my feet up and relax. I'm soooo tired of relaxing already. I can't wait to be fully recovered.

Drains are out. Feels great. Doc said everything...

Drains are out. Feels great. Doc said everything looks good. So happy not to have the drain; not painful but annoying.

Yey. I put on my jeans today. Not tot bad for...

Yey. I put on my jeans today. Not tot bad for being a swollen. I'm just wondering if it's the swelling or if I put on some weight. They feel snug in the toosh--no work done there UH OH!!! I need to start working out. I feel great. I feel like I can start working out, but I will be good and follow the advice of my doctor and wait. Can't wait for summer so I can wear my BIKINI!!!!!!!! I can't wait to sit in a beach chair and not have to recline it all the way down woooohooooo.

2 weeks post op and feeling amazingly great. ...

2 weeks post op and feeling amazingly great. Still a little swollen in the lower abdomen, which the doctor said would be the last to go away. Very happy I went through with this. My only regret is that it took so long to finally decide to get it done.

Three week behind me. Feeling pretty good. ...

Three week behind me. Feeling pretty good. Walked three miles today. Can't wait to start working out with weights again. Swelling is almost all gone. Sometimes if I do a lot I am swollen towards the evening. I can't wait until I can start wearing a regular bra. I'm really tired of these surgical bras and sport bras. They said to wait at least six weeks before putting on an underwire. I don't even know what my bra size is. Guessing a large C small D. I'm still wearing compression tops. I bought a flexees cami and if feels much better than that binder. Incisions are still a little sore. I still have the tape on them. Don't want to take them off until my next doctor visit. Would I do it again? Absolutely, 100%, definitely YES!
Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

Experienced. Just made me feel very comfortable. The staff is very helpful. The nurses are so helpful too.

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Hello, did you have any muscle repair done?
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no I did not.
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How is your mini tt healing. Would love to see updated pics.
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LOL- you are going to look amazing. I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see your after pics. Let me know if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help in any way! Good luck and I will be thinking about you.
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I keep checking out your pictures, I am getting so excited to have a tummy like yours. Yay!
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I think your tummy looks great. My belly looks now like your "before" was. I really want this procedure done, I hope it turns out as good as yours. I am already 36 though lol I cannot wait much longer....Thanks for the pictures.
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Do you think a 36 year old is already too old to have this procedure? I have already had the implants about 4 years ago but my stomach has all loose skin from kids.
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ok great- didnt know if we were suppose to go back again. Sounds good. So happy you are feeling good. I am back to normal which feels great!
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Hi Chleskye, I have an appt. in July, I think the 7th. I feel great. Everything is healing well. I still have some stitches popping out here and there, but all in all feeling good. How about you?
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How is your swelling. R u happy with your results. I had my mini tt on 4/31/12 and am still swollen. Would love to see some pics of u now. Please,,,,,
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HI Readyforchange- how you feeling? Do you have an appointment for june? I wasnt sure if are suppose to go back at the 3 month mark or not? Let me know and i hope you are well.
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Wow, your results are great. I bet u look even better now that u have had more time to recover. I found it refreshing to know that your pain was manageable because that is what has me the most nervous about my upcoming surgery(mini TT, Breast Aug., and lipo). How is your scar coming along? Is it flattening out yet?
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Good luck and don't worry. It really was no big deal. My breast hurt the most. It wasn't really a pain more like pressure in the chest. My scar is healing nicely. Still very red but flattening out. Honestly it doesn't bother me at all. I though it would look a lot worse. If it stays like it is today it would be fine with me although I know it will only get better. Keep me posted on your surgery.
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Wow, I just looked at your before pic. You are going to have great results. My stomach looked a lot like yours except the lower skin was much looser. Your lucky you don't have to get a lift. Although those scars aren't so bad either. Good luck
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I agree you are definitely going to lose it! Don't worry
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Readyforchange how did you appt go? I was so busy discussing my boobs with him, I forgot to ask if I could start lifting weights. Did you ask him this? Let me know. Hope you appt went well.
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Appt. went well. Got all those annoying stitches cut off. He said I can start lifting weights next week. I sure need it. I'm up 12 pounds. That's from quitting smoking. I eat the same which has always been healthy so I can't say I'm picking on extra food. It just the metabolism slowing down I guess and not working out. I know they say smoking increases your metabolism. Oh well I just need to supercharge my workouts. It really sucks though. Getting this surgery, I should feel really good, but I feel fat. My pants all fit, but they are definitely snug. He told me to keep wearing the binder during the day. My paper tape is off and I don't need to wear it anymore YEY! Too bad you girls didn't get to meet. That would have been pretty cool. That's a lot of money to fix your boobs. They are fine though. I didn't think you needed to have them fixed anyway. My next appt is in two months. Dr. Rose wasn't in the room long with me either. I guess there is not much for him to do now other than look at the incisions and make sure all is healing well. Ok enough sitting at the computer, I got some weight to lose LOL :). Talk to you soon.
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you will lose it! dont worry. better that you gained the weight than continue to smoke! I am proud of you! that is a hard to do from what i hear. Losing the 12 pounds will be easier!
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Yes I know that sharp muscle tug well. I wanted to do some tricep exercises yesterday and when I lifted my arms overhead I felt like my implants were going to pop out. I stopped right away. I really need to do something. I am gaining weight. The problem is not the food, I eat very healthy and clean. The problem is I quit smoking for the surgery so my metabolism is slowed just from that. Now add not working out to that and kaboom, I feel like I'm exploding. It's pretty depressing because I should feel really good after surgery, but instead I feel like a cow :( I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm hoping he gives me the ok to go back to normal workouts today.
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That is a riot....that you are all too familiar w Love's tapes. Can.t wait to move and sweat again.

Btw, I do remember the sharp muscle tugs that seemed to go on for months when I had my implants. I'm sure it.s part of the healing.

I wonder what a lift w implants cost? I had my P.Surgeon look me over and she agreed that I needed a lift initially. I knew it. Not sure if husband is willing to support this financially but the Doc cut corners. Hmmm. The areolas (sp?) are way too big. Ewww.

Take care.....I look forward to hearing about your meeting experience.
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Hi.....finally able to check in after a lengthy and stressful three weeks of uncertainty. My husband had surgery today and he is officially cancer-free. We got great news yesterday after a 3rd opinion decided that he did not need a more dramatic procedure since his "numbers" put him near zero risk for metastasis. Yay!

Now...I.m dreaming of my next procedure. All u ladies have perfect boobs. Year's ago, I should have had a lift but opted for an implant to "pump me up." Maybe I can convince my hubby in the winter. ;-)

Your picts look great. I.m going to begin working out this week, finally. Not sure if you ever enjoy work-out videos but my all-time favorite for calorie burn/intensity is JARI LOVE'S GET EXTREMELY RIPPED 1000. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you will get back to your former self very soon. Keep me posted.
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Hi Debbie
Thank God your husband is alright. My sister in law had the same thing and she is fine. How are you feeling? I'm hoping to have my boobs done in the winter!! It's funny because if you speak to some people they are so negative about these procedures and make faces like they can't believe you would want to look better then you come on real self and get encouraged again. Thank god for all you ladies
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That's so funny. I have all the Jari tapes, but ripped 1000 is my all time favorite. I ordered the get extremely ripped series, but still like the good old 1000. I actually worked out with weights today. Felt really good, but I cant do chest or triceps because I feel this tug in my breast. I'll ask him about it tomorrow at my follow up. So glad hubby is ok.
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on my way!
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Pics are up!
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