Lifestyle Lift Was Painless , Effective--very Subtle, Natural Look Improvement--love It, Glad I Did It.

Pros are tighter neck, lines removed from under...

Pros are tighter neck, lines removed from under & sides of mouth. No bruising, due to homeopathic meds.

Only con was swelling lasted longer than expected--2 weeks to fully go down.

I did it because didn't like lines on chin & side of mouth. This little "Nip Tuck" was perfect for me. Would highly recommend it.

Wayne Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had complete confidence in my Dr. He made me feel at ease, very friendly & competent.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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-How many women do you think that there are in your state,alone..who've complained??
Any idea how many complaints the Fl.has received? Somehow I got the idea that you spoke often.I've only spoken to him once.
Hoping you're enjoying your vacation,-weather permitting.It's cool here compared to the mid west. :o) Take care, Joyce
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Please tell me about your homeopathic meds. I tend to bruise easily, and would appreciate knowing more about your experience. Thank you!
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i have an appointment with Dr. wise on tuesday, July 27th. and am very nervous. How do your scars look?
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Hi anon, you still have time to get a 2nd opinion! Please do yourself a favor and go and talk to another private board certified facial plastic surgeon and compare apples to apples. I am of the opinion that LSL leads women into their lairs with the commercials and then wala, one of two thing happens, either you are extremely happy with no pain what-so-every or you are like the other 50% of us who are extremely dissatisfied left with scars, pixie ears and constant pain behind the ears -- some women even have nerve damage and the choking feeling. Oh did I mention 2 women died from this procedure???. Would you let a plumber into your house that had a 50% approval rating? I wouldn't. I do hope that you will take the time to get a 2nd opinion and be an informed consumer. Be sure to read the contract before the day of surgery. Get a copy now and read it. No matter what you decide to do, I hope everything turns out well. I hope that you do take the time to consider other options before believing infomercials and commercials that are targeting a specific market group. US!!! Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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Could you please post 1 year follow up photos and be the first patient on Realself to do so?
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Always a trip to see people put painfree-I don't see how you can be cut into and then sewed back up around your face and not experience any pain. Glad you are pleased with what was done.
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Sorry, I hate to sound skeptical but I think that this is another Bump and Run to up the percentage for Good Results for LSL.
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