My Journey 1 Week Before Tummy Tuck - Bloomfield, NJ

I have 4 children and all were by C-Sections. My...

I have 4 children and all were by C-Sections. My tummy has been stretched several times due to those little brats. lol

I had my kids very young, well by the time I was 19 I had 3 and at that very young age, I was never able to again wear a bikini. I dont think I will wear a bikini but want a flat stomach without so many lines and dents.

It has taken me 4 years to make my final decision and this forum has helped me make the final definite go for it!!

I just added new pictures taken today which is 10...

I just added new pictures taken today which is 10 days post op. Though my stomach is pretty flat, I can see it still protruding some and wonder if this is what everyone talks about when they talk about swelling. Is my belly just swollen? I am hoping it will become flatter in time.

And looking at my sides, am I cut a bit farther than most or is this normal? I still have some blood on my belly button but Im just not able to scrub it off yet, I will give it time and know it will come off by it self as I shower. I just cant touch it.

I just added a picture of a girdle I ordered on...

I just added a picture of a girdle I ordered on ebay total cost along with shipping was I think about 23.00. It is so comfortable and has clips under the front zipper so you can make it tighter or loser by about 1/2 and inch. I bought an extra large and Im a size 12, and it is pretty snug, so you have to buy at least 2 sizes bigger. I found it very comfortable for a stage 2 garment.

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

This doc does this procedure practically on a daily basis. He is not the friendlyess from what others have said, but I had no problem with him, he was very sweet and kind and caring.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Dont be surprised if it gets raised and red before it gets better. ARound the 3 month period is where that might happen, from what I have read and I did experience it, but was ready
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My scar is not that red and looks so much better.. I don't know if it is the hybirSil or just my skin. I will have to take pic of it.
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At 3 months I feel that it was a bit worst as my scar got worst but I was told that would happen. It was raised and really red, now it seems to have calmed down. But I want to be able to not hurt when I move around and its a constant reminder that I had surgery.
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Hi Gail I am 3 months post op and still really sore.. I still have swelling, soreness where they did muscle repair and sore at night rolling over. I don't do any stomach exercise right now but do other things. I find when I get home from the gym I am swollen... I know it is not 4 months but surprised I am still sore at 3.. How were you at 3?
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Is there any one out there that can tell me how they are doing after 4 months post op? I still feel so much soreness when moving at night in bed and my sides feel like they are being stretched and pulled when I turn. My sides being where the scar is. I still have swelling, but more in the upper part of my belly.

I dont do much stomach exercise but do work out other parts of my body, but still careful when moving and using my stomach muscles as they are so sore. Anyone else over this yet at this point?
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Would LOVE to see your 4 month pics!! :)
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Thanks, but I really have to update my pictures. Its now at 4 months
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you look great!
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Our belly button scars are just alike, have u heard of any good treatments! Iwas gonna ask my dr next week about steroid shots in it! I heard they can help
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Oh yes the VS padded push ups are a dream!  

Thank God I am not out in the dating scene again.  Could you imagine some poor man seeing me all perky and full when dressed...and they poof the bra comes off and I am flat!   LOL

At least the hubby knows whats under the magic bra. 
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what's the VS magic bra. I'm in the same boat. but still havent found the magic. please do share...
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Glad to share. It is the Victoria Secret extreme push up bra. I mean this thing takes you up two cup sizes and is very comfortable. They have several different models and all are great.
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That is too funny. I would like to have mine done also, but I am beginning to feel that as long as they are ok, Im not going to mess around anymore. My belly was something that really needed work and I do feel better about that, the boobs, well, Bras work lol
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Im doing pretty good. Im still not where I want to be with the healing but it seems to be getting there. I still swell up at the end of the day and if I wear jean by the end of the day I ever all the indentations on my belly that stay until the next morning. So I still wear the spandex shorts under most of my cloths as I still feel a bit sensitive when clothing touches my scar. Mostly my sides, but the swelling in the pubic area has gone done alot, now its just swells up with the rest of me lol.

How is your swelling in that area, did you have to go back and have it lipoed out?
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This is such a long process and the swelling is a total killer. 

Mine is better so I have hopes it will continue to go down even more.  I need to make an appt with my doctor but he wanted to wait until July or August before I came back.  Guess it can't hurt to wait a while longer. 

While I am there I am going to ask him about a small implant as well.  I would like a bit more fullness.  After the reduction and all the weight loss I am a little bit deflated.  My hubby about flipped when I suggested this.  He said "You are fine the way you are..enough already". 

I may have to go in and have a lunch hour procedure done and then show up at the dinner table and introduce him to my new girls.  Now wouldn't you want to be a bug on the wall to see his face..LOL
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I know exactly how you feel, but I have to say, he is pretty good and he follows up completely. I will update pictures soon, just been so busy.

He does have alot of patients and out of all the patients he does, which from what I understand about 1000 tummy tucks a year im sure he will have a few bad comments.

Best to you in your decision. Just dont go overseas whatever you do, please
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Hi Gail,

How are you doing these days?
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Not sure what local or general is, but I was put to sleep, I think that is general right?
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thank you for the advice. this is great, Im seeing him on sunday. was the pain pump included in the cost you mentioned?
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hey gail...hope all is well. went to see ur doctor yesterday. on a sunday. i thought that was incredible. but when i got there. there were people lined up outside the office. it was so unusual. they finally called me in after an hour. he looked at me for 2 seconds. told me to lower my pants and panties and see him in the room to the right. i was so uncomfortable. i planned to heart to take ur advice, but i still didnt get all my questions answered. there were sooo many people. just so weired. it was like the a line at the hot dog truck lol. i dont know. price is excellent and ur photos look great. just not sure i wannna take the chance after looking at some negative reviews on vital.con etc.
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Yes, my advice is make him spend time with you. He is a great doc but will seemed rushed and will see you for about 3 minutes. I had to slow him down and let him know I need to ask more questions. He slowed down and allowed me all the time I needed. I am now at my 3 month mark and what a difference. I sometimes feel like my belly is rolling over and I look down and see how flat it is even when sitting. Guess my brain still feels the rolls lol
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Hi again forgot to ask if Dr. Rosenfeld used general or local anesthesia?
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You look great! don't worry if thats on 10 days. I thinks you look fine. the swelling is normal from what I've read and the incision along the sides look normal too. girl thanks for keeping us posted. I am going to see your doctor. I will call on monday to make an appointment any advice?
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Im am 5'4' and my weight was 158 preop. Today I am 150 and thats because i still cant stop eating. lol
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Your tummy looks so good! Reminds me of my tummy. I'm going in for my consultation on April 4th and I'm so nervous. I was wondering how tall are you and how much did u weigh pre-op?
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