Extremely Nervous; Mommy Makeover Scheduled for 4.25.11 - Toms River, NJ

My 24th birthday present from my boyfriend is a...

My 24th birthday present from my boyfriend is a full tt and breast augmentation. I have 2 beautiful little boys (14 months and 3 months). Getting pregnant immediately after my first son (being pregnat for almost 2 straight years practically) really did a number on my body. Not to mention the fact that my first son was 8lb14oz and my second son was born at 37w weighing 8lb2oz (pretty decent size babies). I was told by my ps that my abdominal muscles are completely seperated and the only way to repair them would be to manually do it - so TT here I come!

I am SO nervous and am having morbid thoughts like, 'omg what if i dont wake up? i dont want to leave my kids' This site has been so helpful though knowing that all you girls can relate. I will be posting pictures before and after the surgery.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm 5'4"...

Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm 5'4" and 128lbs - so hopefully the height, weight, and pictures will be a good comparison for others with the 'same' body.

4.19.11 Went to my PS today for my pre-op appt. I...

Went to my PS today for my pre-op appt. I am beyond nervous and as much as i want my pre-baby body back, i want to back out! I cant stop these morbid thoughts. But i wound up getting my antibiotic prescription and my pain med prescription. Was told the surgery would be a little over 3 hours long and that he had to suture my muscles from the breast bone all the way down -_-
Im worried that there are questions I should have asked and forgot to but i still have 6 more days til my surgery to think of things. Is there anything I should ask??

My surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am. I will be...

My surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am. I will be posting before and after pictures after tomorrow. My PS said surgery was going to be a little over 3 hours. Im nervous and excited at the same time. Cant wait to have a nice flat belly =] Ill be sure to keep everyone posted.

1 day post - op; I'm sore and its very difficult...

1 day post - op; I'm sore and its very difficult to get up and down. The drains are a nuisance like everyone says. I'm on my couch recliner bc it was too difficult to get in my bed. I'm taking dilaudid for pain and keflex as an antibiotic. My PS wants me to go to his office today to check everything which I'm dreading-it was painful to ride in the car so I'm not looking forward to the 20 min. car ride today.

Day 2 post-op: a lot better than yesterday! I was...

Day 2 post-op: a lot better than yesterday! I was told the day right after surgery would be the worst and so far that was right. The day of was no where near as bad as yesterday. My muscles were so extremely tight that it hurt to make the littlest movement. Now, at day 2, its getting a little better. Movement is still limited but I've found out that having my boyfriend 'hoist' me up instead of my pushing myself up has REALLY helped. I'm mostly experiencing soreness/tightness more so than pain.

Dont know how i could have forgotten :( but I did:...

Dont know how i could have forgotten :( but I did: my BA and lipo were postponed. My PS felt that bc I needed a full tt with muscle repair and that bc I would be under for atleast 4 hours from tt surgery alone, that'd be best to wait for BA and lipo as to not put so much 'stress' on my body. So back in 6 months I go to finish.
Day 3 post-op: muscles are very sore but feeling better little by little every day. The incision hurts on and off but nothing unbearable. The drains are ANNOYING! I cannot wait to get them removed on Monday. Every time I move I feel the drains pull, its def no picnic.

It HURTS to laugh! My 2 sons were being funny lil...

It HURTS to laugh! My 2 sons were being funny lil men and I couldn't help but crack up, and that was a very bad idea. My stomach is killing me :( ... other than that,I feel really good. I got 5 hours of sleep last night and I'm gunna attempt a shower today. I'm tired of feeling gross...yuck! I to have a drs appt today so I will update later

Came back from post-op visit today. My drains are...

Came back from post-op visit today. My drains are coming out on Wednesday thank goodness! And my swelling has gone down A LOT ... I can't wait until August/September when its gone completely!

Day 6 post-op; I feel SO much better except for...

Day 6 post-op; I feel SO much better except for the drains. I'm able to walk around for a while now but I've noticed the more I walk the more I swell. It's been six days and I just now had first BM. It was NOT fun but I do feel better now. Please take a stimulant laxative if colace isn't helping!! Went to PS yesterday and he said I need to wait until Wednesday for the removal of the drains :( so I'm hoping the next 3 days go quickly!

Yesterday(Monday) was day 7 post op. I went to PS...

Yesterday(Monday) was day 7 post op. I went to PS and he took the drains out - I'm not gunna lie it wasn't too pleasant, but thank goodness they're out! I'm moving around ten times better and I can finally take a real shower tomorrow!! SO excited. I will be posting more pictures tomorrow.
Toms River Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rosen is amazing! Professional, intelligent, perfectionist, highly skilled. Answered all my questions, truly concerned, the man is wonderful!

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I was thinking of really losing some weight before I can go for a tummy tuck and BA . When I asked my cosmetic surgeon at Toronto about this, his advice was not to go for prior weight reduction as there will be likely a chance for hormonal imbalance . This is probably because when you lose weight in say about one or two weeks , and then undergo a cosmetic surgery, the body itself gets confused with the sudden changes, thus leading to a difference in the level of hormones produced. So women out there with similar ideas , be careful , as in please consult your doc before you go for it.
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Here is Dr Marcus Niessen of torronto 's website (http://www.breastandtummytuck.com) Hope this helps!
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Hi, did you pay 8600 for the tt or for the tt & ba!? can you post pics
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Soon2banewm, thank you :) I went to my post op yesterday and my stomach was so much flatter than when I took my pictures so I calmed down a bit lol. But, YES! swelling is horrible! Lol. I asked my PS when it would go away, he laughed and said MONTHS. I guess I need to learn some patience haha.
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You are looking great!! The swelling is a pain isn't it??lol! I am 7 weeks and still need to wear my spanx to keep the swelling down. I noticed that swelling increased after I started doing light workouts.
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Wow, I am so anxious to see your results. I had 3 babies all 18 months apart so I too have felt like I have been pregnant for the last 3-4 years. My youngest is 10 weeks old and I've been waiting to go for my consults because I still need to lose 15 more lbs. I have been told to wait 6 months post pregnancy, but maybe I should make my consultation appointments anyway?? I am 5'2" and currently 140 lbs. Target weight before surgery (BA and full TT) is 125. I gained 58 w/ my 1st, 55 w/ my 2nd and 60 w/ my 3rd. Yikes. I hope you are feeling better and I am excited to see your results!!
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wow!! i feel your 'pain' with being pregnant forever lol. if your comfortable at the weight your at now then you should go to some consults!! but if your set on losing the 15lbs i would wait. i wanted to lose 10lbs before my surgery (im 5'4 and was 126lbs when i weighed myself the morning of surgery) but i couldnt wait for my body back. My PS also said losing 5-10lbs after my tt wouldnt hurt anything. so i decided not to wait! our stats are very similar so it would be a great comparison =]
im actually going to take some pictures today!
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I am excited to see your pics! How are you feeling??

I am going to try to lose at least 10 more before I go in for consults, so I'm going to make my appointments for June. I lost 45 since my baby was born (Valentine's Day) so hopefully the last 10-15 won't be too bad. Do you have alot of help with your kids? I am shooting for surgery beginning of September..I will have my husband here to care for the kids but that's it. When will you be able to lift your baby?
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=] im excited a nervous to take pictures. im still very swollen so i have a feeling im going to be upset but i have to remember its gunna take a while.
thats awesome that you lost 45lbs in 2 months!!! congrats!! I gained around 45lbs with my second son and had him the end of november '10. it took me about 2 months to lose 35lbs but the last 10lbs were the worst thats why i said 'f it' lol.
i have my boyfriend staying home from work for 10 days - im hoping that ill be ok by then. its very difficult to get up and down so im scared bc i only have his help for 6 more days. =/
my PS said i wouldnt be able to lift my sons for atleast 4 weeks (my 16mo, old is 28lbs and my 5mo. old is 21lbs)so idk what im gunna do ... but make sure you have help for atleast 10 days!! they say you cant walk upright until 7-12 days post-op
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Thank you msmomof2! That makes me rest a lil more easy. I forgot to update that I didn't get my BA or lipo yet :( my PS felt that with me needing a full tt with muscle repair that doing other stuff had to wait since my tt was so extensive. He felt he didn't want to put my body thru all that 'stress'. So i go back in 6months to 'finish'
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I am almost 5 weeks post op and still can't fit into jeans I was wearing the day of surgery!! I know this isn't encouraging but trust me it will still look better even with the swelling in a couple of weeks. I noticed that you also got a BA did you go with saline or silicone and how big? Good luck with everything and happy healing!!
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Thank you girls! How long did your swelling last until? I realize I'm only day 2 post-op but I'm so swollen that I look more puffy than before.
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Glad your at home and beginning your recovery!
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I will be posting my before and after pictures soon. I can't get to my computer right now so I'm stuck using my phone, but pics will b posted
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good luck tomorrow
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Thank u
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I'm wishing you luck on your surgery and a speedy recovery.
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thank you so much
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Your the same age as me and almost the same stats! Everyone has had the same feelings but we've all overcome those feelings and moved forward with our makeovers. Look we've made it!!! You'll love your new body and as 24 yr olds we should be able to flaunt our bodies and wear bikinis! Keep in touch and I hope you get all your looking for. Goodluck :)
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Do you ladies know how to change the PS in the review? I was going to use the Dr that i posted for my TT surgery but felt more comfortable going to my previous PS who already operated on me...
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Hi Brick, you have to email the realself help, if you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, under the about section, there is a contact button, then you can just email them and ask them to post the doctor you want up on your profile. ;)

Oh yeah, and how freaking torturous was it waking up during surgery? OMG, thank god that didn't happen to me! Yeah I think General is the way to go for you girl! lol
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Hi Brick,

I've removed the old doctor's name from the review. Let me know the correct name and I'll post it for you.


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Thank you so much for the help ladies =D ...
-Sharon the PS' name is Dr. Michael Rosen he's in Toms River NJ
thank you so much!
-Semper waking up during surgery wasnt as bad as it seems lol i was still so groggy from the twilight anesthesia, it was more a tugging sensation from being stitched up but didnt feel any pain thank goodness!! So im def. going to stick with general lol
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Brick are you willing to post before and after photos? =) It's so cool that someone else my age is having this done too! And we both have two little kids. I'm super excited for you. Oh and I will be 7 weeks post op this week, and so my husband and I went out this weekend dancing... OMG bad idea.. I never drink, and I had quite a bit,and yesterday I paid for it! I was soooo swollen all day, I have been trying to force myself to drink a ton of water, but I'm still feeling dehydrated. LOL lessen learned to anyone else thinking about going drinking after this! haha
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hey semper, yes im def going to post before and after photos! just waiting til it gets a little closer to my surgery date... and ill be sure to learn from your lesson lol no dancing or drinking for a while lol... hope you feel better hun
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