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Breast aug. under local anesthesia Afraid of being...

breast aug. under local anesthesia Afraid of being "put under". more affordable, faster recovery AT first, I was afraid as I usually am with everything but the surgery went well and I am only 7 days later writing this but so far, so good.

My doctor and his staff were very informative, they made me feel safe and helped me relax. Can't wait til the swelling goes down and I get stitches out so I can go shopping :)

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Experienced, double board certified, good staff/dr.

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@ksjsublime I m having BA with this doctor oct 25. Local. Its so hard to decide saline or silicone. I know I m going under muscle though
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Did you get saline or silicone? Unders or Overs? Do you have any pictures?
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