45yrs Old, Tall and Thin. All is done! NJ

I have been thinking about BA for a while. I was...

I have been thinking about BA for a while. I was so excited this spring to go for it, but my job puts everything on hold, it drives me crazy. I am tall 5 10 and only 115 pound, so my body is crying for a boobs. Never had boobs. I am nervous if I will be able get implants because of my low body index. Can you explain me more what to ask PS about implants.............I don't know where to start. What is high profile? I don't want look like many pictures I see here, that boobs way up close to clavicle...I will feel devastated. I like to get more natural look. help please.....need some encouragement from you here.

wish for

dont like

PS consultation

Tomorrow is my first visit with PS.

my first PS VISIT

My ap. went well. YES, I do qualify for BA. He recommends for me Natrelle, 425cc which will gives me C cup. I am 5'10 tall he assured me couple times this will be great fit for my frame, showed me some pictures he has done on girls my shape. I am just nervous if they will not look to big on me. I would like to get C cup, but 425cc I thought is a lot..or is not?....anyone has suggestion?...please help. I thinking of booking my surgery soon...feel good about this PS.

Natrelle, teardrop 425cc

why would you pick round implant over teardrop?



Looking for top PS in NJ experienced with Sientra implants.

any suggestions?

PS consult June 23

June 23 I have consultation with another PS, hope this is the one.

June 21 I DID IT!

So, I had my first ever mammogram done today. PS requested it. It wasn't that bad and I was soooo nervous. Hope I will get good results, so I am step closer to BA.

another PS consultation

went well. I think I found right surgeon.


I feel like I was slapped in face today. I received my first ever mammogram results and found that I have extreme dense breast tissue. It means 4-5 times more chance for breast cancer. I barely have any breasts!...

June 26

I educated myself about mammograms and I am OK.

wish boobs

I am still excited! to get my boobies and perhaps to look like this?..wow

Like it

maybe a bit big for me? maybe not.

July 5 - ultrasound

live after 40.....or life with implants - get prepared mammograms, ultrasound.....so you know.hahah


thank you for all support I am getting here from all of you. XXXXX


I am still excited about my BA. I did not set date yet, till I have my ultrasound. I will know more next weekend, they postopened my ultrasound becouse of holiday...


I had my ultrasound today and I am OK. SO, GREEN LIGHT for my BA .....now is my turn. KEEP TUNED!lol


Its time to make deposit and moooove my surgery. What am I waiting for?....lol

SURGERY August 20 or 22?

can't decide....

WISH look

Very soon........I might look like this.............dream on...dream on.....lol!



nervous or cold feet?....I like to be more excited. Its not about getting boobs, more how I will deal with the pain after........my job and my personal life is very stressful now. But if my BA is done right, I might look awesome. Why I feel like this?...I should stop reading some of the reviews here, it scares me. I hope this feeling will go away.


I have to remind myself that I really want this. I would love to look like this. I just need more excitement again. What is wrong with me?



my BA surgery



can't wait to have boobs. I hope to get nice results!


My surgery is coming soon. I have pre-op on August 11th. Pre-op clearance after that and ready to go! Sooner better. Thank you each one of you, who posted here. I could never done this without your moral support. This web is awesome!. .Thank you so much! hugs, hugs.....

love this look

Pre-op done!

All is paid off. I had blood taken, urinalysis. Next week EKG, hope all will turn well and I am ready to go. I will get 300 cc implants, still deciding if I should get tear drop or round implants. BUT, one I KNOW FOR SURE THAT I WANT THIS and I am excited again. YEAH!


I am excited!

HM...maybe I should go 350cc

browsing the pictures here on this web, see the picture of girl almost slim like me and she went with 350cc and look awesome! not overwhelming at all. I just don't want to regret I did not get bigger boobies after all is done. Something to think about.

I think I am going with SIENTRA round moderate profile 350

any suggestion. anyone my statue with Sientra round results?....


My surgery is exactly a week from now. It was a long journey for me. It still feel so surreal ......I can't imagine myself with a bigger boobs.......
I just want to feel good about myself and LOVE my body...simple as that. I deserve it! now its my turn... I had tough a few years. YEAH! can't wait!
thank you for you support..my RS sisters...lol!

High Profile implants

so I got the news today...I have to go with HP implants, because of my narrow chest wall. I am nervous that I will look exactly I did not want to...........
HP implants scares me....


August 27th at 9:30am EST

DON'T think to much and RELAX!

relax, relax...


My surgery went well, but next day I woke with bad migrene and I was nauseous. I don't think this was related to surgery, because I suffer from migranes . My surgery went really well, I took percoset only twice, Tylenol twice and I stopped taking it because I did not need it. I don't have pain, I can move my arms. I took shower today. Results are nice, I will post pictures soon. I am not nauseous anymore. My surgeon was awesome, always checks on me if I am OK. She did good job on me. I am glad I picked her. Talented lady. I have Sientra HP 350cc, round.


another picture

sorry, problem downloading


I feel good. Waiting for the process to begin.....my boobies to drop a bit. I see potentials. I am comfortable and that's a good sign, because I can be very picky sometimes. I know! that I pushed 50cc more, but when they drop I wont regret it. I am tall girl, so I can hide them easily ...LOL! Today for the first time I have met some of my friends after surgery, they believed to me that I had gynecological operation(laparoscopy)...liar!!! right!....With sport bra on and loose shirt, no sign of big boobies. haha
Do not judge me, but I am old enough to know that I don't want this to share with to many people. I don't need to. We all should keep something to ourselves and this is my secret.


Today is exactly a week since my surgery. What a difference week makes. Done with antibiotics. My lazy energy is still on the lower side. I have to stop at whole foods tomorrow to get some nutritious drinks to boost my energy back. I see slight change in my boobs, I think they got smaller little. Maybe the dropping process just begun.......I like it. In that case I am happy that I pushed for more cc. I had some old bras in the house 34B and it fits me.........hm.


I did some bra shopping today, looking for only wireless and comfortable bras at TJ Max and I've tried 34B Warners , fits me like a glove. I don't care if I don't wear C or D cup, for my thin and tall petite statue I am busty enough. I FEEL SEXY!
Why I did not have BA done a long time ago........?????


to be honest, I am actually the proud owner of 34C. I feel like a woman. finally. lol.

side view

favorite sport bra

BALI is my favorite, very comfortable. I order 3 more in different colors, looks like I will be wearing them for a while.


Is it true, that I will have to sleep on my back for 6 weeks after surgery?...way to long.........


Could my boobs get smaller, I feel like I see changes day 13, 14....like they got smaller. Or is it just me....because I am checking them all the time. My nipples are finally less sensitive day 13, 14..... they don't stick out as much....


my persona has changed so much. I was always self conscious about my body, more than I should, for my age I am very blessed, but I guess I never appreciated it till now.
I love my boobs so much, I like to be naked all the time (in my house of course)...LOL! So, I guess my BA did purpose.....I wanted to achieve LOVE for myself and I DID! I simply LOVE myself! and that is where love starts.... right?!

Scar treatment

what do you recommend for scar treatment. Can I use Arnica gel?

HAPPY camper...

It's been 3 weeks since my surgery. I don't see much change , except that they got softer. Still love my boobs so much , it's such a empowering feeling...I love it! They disappear under my clothes, but it's a different story when I get undressed...lol!.... I will post more picture soon. It's amazing feeling, hope without complications in the future.
Pedy Ganchi, Ridgewood

Awesome doctor. If you are looking for one of the finest plastic surgeon in NJ, I think she is. Lovely, lovely lady, very talented. My surgery went well, no complications, not much pain after surgery. Thank you Dr. Pedy Ganchi and to your lovely staff, I am so happy that I picked you. I highly recommend Dr. to anyone, who consider BA. It's amaze me how I feel good about myself after all that experience. Wish I have done it many years ago.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm a little over 3 weeks and I'm thrilled with my results, too. Empowered is a great word for it! The dropping process is very very slooowwwww haha but other than that I'm a happy little chickie. Congrats!
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Yeah!Happy over 3 weeks anniversary to both of us.. ha ha ha. I feel good accept I jumped from my sofa a few days ago and I feel like I pulled muscle or something in my left boob area...hope this will go away. What are you using for scars?
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It's good to hear you are doing well. What did you do for tightness and constipation? I have no pain and I'm done taking pain meds. However, I can't "go". Did you also feel muscle twitches or spasms? Is that good or bad?
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that's the great news that you don't have a pain. I felt tightness in my breast for a while, I used only ice packs. I had super sensitive nipples and I felt twitches in my breasts( mostly when I got up), but not spasms. For constipation I bought dulcolax, but I never took it, I used prune juice, Metamucil, I could not go either...LOL! It will get easier week after surgery.... Are you happy with the size? I don't know about spams, I would rather check with DR., but do not worry too much.
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It's more like light flutters...spasms wasn't a good description. I absolutely love the size. I think once they drop they will be perfect . I tried higher than 450 and I didn't like it. I'm so excited to watch the changes in them!
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Muscle spasms/tightness is normal. It gets less and less, but I think I occasionally got them until about 3-4weeks out, usually if I'd been too active. A little rest, some massage, and sometimes Tylenol takes care of it. So when that happens, it's really just your body telling you to slow down and take it easy. :-) Happy healing!
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I am so happy for you that all is behind you. You will feel discomfort, it comes and goes, but that's normal. I am 2 and half weeks after surgery and feel less discomfort, but I am very careful with heavy lifting. I also experienced the back pain from my very tight sport bra. DO you take antibiotics? Happy healing.
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You look awesome and you stated it so well - we all have to love ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin!! Thank you for posting during this journey, it has helped me validate my own feelings.... My revision is on 9/16, I'm nervous and the recovery will be tough but I try to keep my thoughts on the end result - running around the house naked with beautiful new breasts ;)
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hi rainyanne. NOW I am here for you... you helped me so much before my surgery, you have no idea. I was freaking out about my HP and you calmed me down. I almost cried, because I was always against HP implants and I was wrong, because the look great on me. You will be fine, I will think of you on 16th. Sending you all my good energy. Remember " soon will be your turn, run around your house naked" for sure. LOL! My advise :Get packs or frozen peas or ice packs ready, it helps after surgery. Also, get your bed comfortable, sleep only on your back, have sport bras ready (not all of them are comfy). The first few day it is helpful if someone can give you hand to get up. Overall, when I look back at my recovery, if I did not get my migrane next day after my surgery, my recovery would have been so easy. Have a safe trip! now we are here for you!
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You look awesome honey and I love yer last post :) here's to loving ourselves and running around naked in the house lol! XXXX
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Cheers to our new hot bodies!...LOL! You look great.
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Yes, make sure you sleep on your back until you are mostly healed. I didn't do it and my pockets closed up on each side of my breasts in addition to them falling to the center. Just had pocket revision 3 weeks ago and I am on my back all night now and I sleep with the thong bra to keep them in place. It's easy to roll onto your side to get more comfy...don't do it!
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oh, I will for sure. thank you for advice. My PS showed me some tricks for me to do a few time a day, so packets do not contract and push my implants out...makes sense?
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Did u have dissolvable stitches for your BA if so how long did it take for it to dissolve ?
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I still have a tape over my scars.
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You are on a roll !! Keep talking maybe it will rub of on me. Thanks for the positive pep-talk.
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your welcome. I am just ecstatic over my boobies. Never had boobs before. lol!
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Good for you! It's great to hear you'll feeling so good.
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You look great! I think your like me you are getting use to them and they are settling in there new home. From what I hear you might still have some changes. My left nipple never really was bad sensitive .....but thus right one is just now getting to not as sensitive when I put my bra on. Hang in there lovely
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I know it's a process, they can change every day....my nipples finally don't hurt, they were super sensitive after surgery for days, but I did not complained because I was so happy that I can feel them after such invasive surgery, I know that some girls can't feel them for a while. I am still happy I did this, hope you as well............good luck to you with your journey and thank you for support. Love you all here!
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Hi, Ali39! It is possible that your boobs might feel smaller. By this time all swelling should have gone down. Although, this could get confusing though, as some swear they had gotten bigger as they drop and fluff. Personally, I was 32D at VS 2 wks post op, and at 4 wks, re-measured at 32C only. But, it is also possible that you are just adjusting to your new body image and are getting used to it, and now want even bigger. I wrote about "hedonic treadmill" in my review.
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I still love them. I never thought I will be so happy with my results so much, hope they don't change too much. I am glad that I pushed for 50cc more, than initially planed.
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Already looking great! Congratulations! I had to sleep elevated on my back for >2 weeks, I think. It hurt to lie down flat anyway, and also hurt to lie on my side. Plus I was worried about messing up the implant position.
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thank you. I am getting used to sleeping on my back, but it's not fun for me. LOL!
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