My First Consultation with a PS - New Jersey, NJ

I have been thinking on removal since the day...

I have been thinking on removal since the day after my implant surgery. The day after my surgery I woke up with the worst pain I had ever felt and thinking what a huge mistake I had made. The fear of surgery, the fear of pain and the expense kept me from taking these things out of my body all this time, but I knew that one day I would put my 'big girl panties' on and I would have them removed.

My hand was forced a couple of weeks ago. While taking a shower, I noticed that on my right breast I was back to a size 32A, what I was before my implant surgery. I felt happy, sad, and scared all at the same time. I have to admit, I liked the way I filled my dresses, blouses and swimsuits. there were times when I was very proud of my breasts. The job that the ps had done on me was beyond my expectations. I looked great, felt sexy and very womanly. The problem was that I knew one day they would need to be replaced or removed (that meant surgery), they were a problem to sleep with and they interfered with my mammograms and I have never been able to go bra-less, just a t-shirt in public again. I won't have the implants replaced, I feel that I'm done with that part of my life and I'm ready to go forward with out them.

So now I have an appointment with a local ps who turned out to be sort of a celebrity in my town. I want to listen to his methods and plans. Then I have another appointment to see another ps, I'll listen to him as well. I want to see at least 3 different ps and then make my decision, since after reading around this site I've discovered that plastic surgeons have and/or prefer different ways at performing these surgeries. My goal is to find the one that can do the job, do it well, doesn't charge more than he needs to and makes me happy, bottom line.

So, I'll keep you posted, as soon as I know more, I'll say more. So far, I'm just praying that who ever I choose does a good job because I'm no picnic. If I'm not happy, I will allow NO ONE to be happy LOL :O)

I visited with two surgeons and I'm very hesitant....

I visited with two surgeons and I'm very hesitant. The ps who did my implants 19 years ago said he doesn't do removals only replacements. I was happy with his honesty, didn't expect less from him. Okay, my fault, I should have asked that question on the phone.

Second ps shocked me! Since the incision for my implants are in my armpits. The ps said, "I think maybe we can remove the capsule through the same incision." In my state of shock I made something like a choking sound, which embarrassed me, and I asked, "You THINK, MAYBE???"

At the end he corrected himself and said he was sure he could remove the capsule through the same incision under my arm, BUT if he had any problems, he would go in through the nipple. This is a director of surgery, mind you. I don't know what to think.

I have an appointment next week with another ps and things may have not started well already. I was told that a woman would call me shortly to talk financing with me. She took a while to call, but I figure it was okay. After all, I'm sure it doesn't matter much what she has to say, funding will still come out of MY pocket.

This woman did not talk funding with me at all, though. All she wanted to talk about was how I may not be happy with my 'sagging' breasts. She kept on repeating that I may look worse than I do now, my right breast may sag even more! Like somehow, removing my left implant will affect my right breast, "sag it, ripple it and stretch it even more than it is now" according to her. WTH??? How would she know what I look like?

I hit the roof. But I kept my cool (a little bit ;O) I explained to her that I've been living with the result of deflation on my left for over a month and I know what it looks like and it's not so bad that I should be freaking out. I said I know what I want and NO ONE can tell me more about my body and how it bounces back or not than me, thank you very much >:O( And that I will cross that bridge when I get to it, not before, and I will do it alone. I'm athletic and I have plans for my body. If that doesn't work, I'll deal with it.

Her damage control strategy was saying that she deals with a lot of women who don't know how to deal with how they look afterward and she has to help them. That the ps she works for is called the "breast doctor" for a reason, blah, blah, blah. Sounded to me like a desperate, used-car-salesman, cheap-scare-tactic used to manipulate me into replacing my implants $$$$$. Fear is one of the greatest motivator if not THE greatest of all. Maybe she makes a commission if she closes me on a replacement??? Could happen, I know dentist offices that pay the receptionists who double as salespeople.

I was really taken aback by the uncertainty I heard from the director of surgery in my town, my local ps. I was hopeful, since he's affiliated with a great hospital that I trust greatly already and where my surgery would take place :O(

Sorry for being such a pain, (LOL I warned you :O) and thanks for letting me vent. I guess I'm feeling the pressure now.

Finally decided on a PS

Scheduled for June

I love, love, love my PS !

I wanted to write an update for a while, but life keeps happening and dividing my attention, plus I wanted to take some pictures to show off my post surgery look. It's been 9 months since my implant removal and I look great and feel great. I think I look younger too ;O)
I have been updating, painting inside/outside my house, etc. In the hopes of selling it. Very busy and hectic. I'll take pics soon. I just wanted to say that I feel lucky to have found this site, which led me to find MY PS. It was so very worth it to take the time to ask and search. Not only did I find a great surgeon but I found strength and resolve in the support for my decisions here, in the responses (and emails ) from other women who had gone or were still going through the same thing I was. Thanks everybody!!!!

The after explant photos...Fabulous!

Here's the look of "al natural" :O) Looking fabulous and feeling wonderful without implants. I don't need a lift, I'm comfortable with the way my chest looks as is. I'm so glad, I feel free and brand-spanking-new.
Thank you ladies for your support, advice, and wishes

Before pics

I only have some before pics (fronts). My pc kept crashing so I deleted most of the pre surgery pics I took in my bathroom. Mortified that some lowlife would get a kick out of these pictures, I tried to delete what I could. Then my pc died and I was forced to take the tower in for repair. Good thing I do not have the stones to take the pics naked! Could you imagine? I would have definitely had a heart attack :-O I have thousands of pics (most of my fur-children) and I losing those would've been devastating for me. Still, I found there were some of the pre AND post surgery left in my pc. The repair man looks at me funny now :O( Oh, well...LOL
No chose yet

Finally decided on Dr. Ganchi in NJ. After seeing 3 PSs, and talking on the phone with other PS offices, I have a date for surgery :O) I made my decision pretty much a few minutes after meeting Dr. Ganchi. I was shocked that he was so easy to talk too and in no rush to get rid of me. With the other PSs I had seen, I felt hurried and uncomfortable, as if I were somehow intruding. Dr. Ganchi came in and sat next to me as if he had all day to discuss my situation, and I felt that he found my reason for being there as important as I did :O) It then dawn on me why I hadn't been able to choose before and I knew instantly that this IS MY PS! (I even started making plans for future procedures). He walked me slowly through all the whats, whys, and hows that were troubling me. I looked at my notepad, where I had written all my questions and concerns, and realized he had answered all of them. I did have to wait what I thought was a long time to see Dr. Ganchi, but when he dedicated a block of time of his undivided attention to me, I realized how worth it it was to have waited. I'm so glad I found a PS I'm comfortable with and trust and I'm so happy that the looking part of my journey is over. Now I can concentrate on the surgery and the healing :O)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You look fabulous!! Do you have a before photo?
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Thank you! I feel great and I'm so glad I had the implants taken out :O) My profile pic is a before, in fact my left breast was deflated at the time. It was barely noticeable from the front view. However from the side view, there was a flat look especially from the top of the chest. I'll load up a couple more to see if you can tell better. I can't find side views though. I had deleted most of these pics before I brought my pc in for repair ;O)
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BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! Wish I would have done it, before my 2nd implant (down size). Doc scared me into NOT removing them!
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Go for it, you WON'T regret it!!!
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I'm sure we've all heard the same sorry story from drs. about removal. This site is full of women happy with their decision to get their implants out (me included). Keep listening to your own voice. Most likely when the p.s. realizes you've made up your mind then they'll be supportive.
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I think you're right, Jo2012, they will have to accept it. But I get scared that it might affect my relationship with the ps, or worse, the outcome of my surgery :-O I hope not.
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Oh girl, don't let them scare you into more implants - it IS a used car sales tactic for $$! I had mine removed after 7 years, I have even breast fed 3 kids, and I think I look stunning without the bags now! Good for you standing up and knowing what you want for your health. Best of luck finding a kind compassionate PS :)
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You recognize it too, Natural Liv? I guess most of us have been exposed to that tired, worn out used car salesman tactic for $$$ LOL! I guess it doesn't work on some of us, we can see it coming and call its bluff hahhahahahaha That makes me happy :O) Thanks for wishing me luck, it looks like I'm needing it.
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You will be fine, they just don't want to lose a lifelong implant customer when they could make $5-10,000 every 5-10 years. So sad. You will thank yourself for a wise decision!
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Oh geez, sorry girl! Welcome to the special hell that is trying to find a PS that will fully support your decision to remove the bags! I know for sure that you can't remove capsules through the trans ax incision. My friend had cc and needed a revision and had to go through the nipple in order to remove the scar tissue. She went on many consults trying to find a PS who could do it through her original incisions, and all said no way because they can't see anything in there. If you are okay with your deflated booby, you will be fine with how they look after explant! That next consult sounds like a waste of time. They are already trying to scare you off with how upset you are going to be! :-/ Good luck with your journey, I'll be following your posts! :-)
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That is right Girlie!!! No capsulectomy through the armpit - no, no, no! Capsulectomy can actually be a little bit dangerous... When the capsule is adhered to the rib cage there is danger of puncturing a lung. This is why surgeons will often leave parts of the capsule behind, even when the aim is to remove it all. Through the armpit the surgery they would be digging this out basically "blind" and add into that the location of the brachial artery (bleed to death in seconds) and median nerve in the armpit.... No capsulectomy through the armpit! Simple removal through armpit yes, but capsulectomy is a big no for safety. Anyone who says capsulectomy through the armpit is highly suspect, get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.
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Wow! Thanks NervousGirlie, it did sound weird to me to have the capsules removed through the incision in the armpit :O( But I was sooo hopeful it could be done. Leaving the nipples untouched would have been a God-sent. I see now how the gift I gave myself 19 years ago, just won't stop giving :'0( I had the implants put in through the armpit, though I was told it would hurt more, so that my nipples wouldn't be touched. My friends' nipples never looked the same after surgery (on some of them the nipple turned dark or weird shaped and ugly) and one said she didn't feel a thing anymore in that area of the breast. I'm okay with the deflated look, it doesn't bother me. It's the incision around the nipple that's bugging me now. I did cancel the appointment with the ps whose 'financial person' turned out to be an used car salesman, I lost trust completely. If they're trying to scare me that bad before I set foot through the door, what can I expect once I'm there? Nothing good can come out of that. Thank you for your wishes :O)
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OMG! LuvRealBoobsInOR, thank you! Phew! Good thing I run this by you ladies. That is one scary surgery. I got the feeling that my left implant is adhered to the rib because it hurts somewhere in the back of the implant. I thought it was normal to have pain that I could never really pinpoint. Sometimes I felt it on the side, sometimes in the back near the spine. I just couldn't figure it out, still can't. So I'm guessing it can't be a simple removal, huh? It's going to have to be a capsulectomy, (removal of the capsule) and it would be better, less risky through the nipple? The ps that said he thinks he can do it through the armpit said that it's best to remove the capsule because it will become like a rock if left in there?
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No - since you have no existing scars on your breasts I think breast crease is the way to go if you need a capsulectomy. Why open up the nipple incision unless you have them already! IDK about capsules or not... I think depending on the person they could be left in or come out. Find the best surgeon, and once you pick the best surgeon they will outline the type of surgery they recommend. Once you find the surgeon you trust to do the surgery, you have to trust their advise for how they will do it the best for you.
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Geez, after those consultations, I'd cancel with the money-grubbing "breast doctor" and find a new one to schedule with. I agree with you that the surgeon's uncertainty on how he will do the explantation is a bit scary. Did you ask how many he has done, does per year, etc? That really tells the story as far as I'm concerned. There are PSs out there who CAN remove them but haven't done it very often and prefer to replace. There aren't a lot who regularly or frequently do explantations and, therefore, are supportive and understanding.
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Explanting Texan, I did cancel that appointment today. After reading the comments here, I realized I wasn't touchy, it was the ps who is untrustworthy ;O) I didn't ask that particular surgeon how many explantings he does a year. I was like a deer caught in the headlights after that "I think maybe" answer from him. I lost my train of thought and after that I was just lost, trying to catch up with my thoughts, which were raising now and my reasoning, which I was beginning to doubt. I was confused. Did I hear him correctly? Is this the ps my primary suggested? Did I get the name wrong? Am I nuts and hearing things????? I was stunt, to say the least. A medical director of surgery, 'thinks maybe' he can do this. What can I expect of regular surgeons? Really, ladies, I thought I had heard it all, I thought I had it all covered up to this point. Not too late, you can still knock me over with a feather because I'm still in shock :O(
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Think of all the amazing women on this site who have gone through explantation successfully and are now happier & healthier if/when the PS tries to talk you out of it. We are all here for you!
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Thank you!! ;O)
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Hey, I'm an ex=jersey gal.....I've transplanted to the south, North Carolina.... Have you any problems with traveling out of state ?? If not, my PS is board certified and is excellent. He never said a word to me about putting in other implants....he's a breast doctor who specializes in "Sculpturing" and he has the skills to use your own tissue and sometimes fat transfer to make you beautiful breasts with your own tissues and fat.....let me know if you'd travel to the mean time, don't settle and take any wooden nickles. Use your gut feeling to decide....Hugzzz to you.....another Yankee in your corner angelface1
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Thank you, angelface1. ex=jersey gal? Nice!!!!! I love NJ ;O) I wish I could travel, but it's not possible for me. Wow, imagine that! I would love moving some fat (or tissue) around to where it would be best utilized ;O) My waist would go back to 28 inches hahahahahaha wouldn't that be lovely? I will look into that sculpting specialty after I'm done with the explant, I'm very interested in that and by that time maybe I'd be able to travel (you never know what the future holds, right?)
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I admire your spunk! It will help you in this journey :) It sounds like since your one is deflated, you do need to make a decision. You don't mention how long you had the implants-pre/post pregnancies? One of my implants affected breast feeding, so I was crushed when that happened. You sound smart, so listen to your heart & your logical side & you will do well :)
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hahahahaha Thanks and yup! Can't drown in a glass of water (mom used to say), you have to look at the good side of things. My implants were in place for almost 19 years +/- No chilbirths, but I do have two furkids (Yorkies) who have used my chest as a trampoline :O)
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LOL! I have two fur kids as well. Cardigan Welsh Corgis--Jack and Abby. :-)
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awwwww I love all those furkids, they are so sweet ;O)
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I've had my IPs since 1974, and will be seeing a PS in 2 weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. But at age of .77 yrs, they are sagging and NO bra can make me look good in my clothes. I will have them removed and have lipo suction on my tummy- love handles and have the fat put into my breasts, Hoping to have smaller and attractive Natural breasts. Good luck with your surgery...
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