Double Bubble Problem?

I am 20 years old, weighing 115-118 and have...

I am 20 years old, weighing 115-118 and have assymetrical breasts. I am an A/B cup but no bra fits me correctly. I have tried on rice sizers and with 400cc I feel like it's not that big of a difference but I feel like that is so many cc's! I put on shirts with the rice sizers and feel like I do not even see a difference, my friends say the same. I am so worried about going through all of this and going too small! I've been wanting this since I was a freshman in highschool. I do not want to look totally fake either.

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Are you current bras making you look larger than you currently are? It does seem like 400 cc's would make a noticeable difference. It all depends upon the look you want to achieve. What does your doctor say about going larger? Keep us posted!

U def don't wanna regret going to small; I've been there; what cup size do u want to achieve!
I just don't want to go too big and then have them not feel squishy!

I have been looking up so many reviews. I...

I have been looking up so many reviews. I sometimes come across people who have hard breasts or who have a terrible reaction to the implants and have aches and pains constantly. It is so scary. Because I'm only 20, the thought of having aches and pains at this age would be awful! I still really want to get them done, it's just something weighing a little heavy on my mind right now.
Also some people had the same assymetric problem I have, and all their doctors did was simply make their breasts bigger and did not fix the actually assymetrical problem which is the only reason I am doing this. Of corse having bigger boobs doesn't hurt either ;p
I have same issue with my breast like you, my dr said he might have to cut some skin or something to fix the unevenness so hes doing aeroplastic on the one that is bigger if I understood correctly. I told him I wanna be close to a D so he suggested 500cc saline high profile, but Im not sure, 500 seems too much for me, I will be going in with pictures next time I see him, I have learned now that ccs dont mean a thing, everyone no matter if their stats are the same will always look different so Im relying on pictures now.
Yeah, I have pictures I am going to bring in too. I am very nervous and excited to finally get them fixed
When do you finally get yours done?


I went in today and the staff was amazing. So sweet and a very comfortable atmosphere. My doctor (Dr. Weinstein), is choosing to do saline implants that way he can judge the size better and add exactly what he needs to to make it as perfect as he can. He said he would like to make cuts into my right (smaller) breast at the bottom so that the implant will fall correctly. But in doing this, I would lose all feeling in my breast below the nipple. I am not willing to give that up. He said the implant may also just fall on its own, so I am going to do the cuts onlyyy if it's completely necessary for symetry otherwise I am opting to not do it at all. He knows I am quite seriouse about keeping the feeling, so he made note of it. I will be doing 460cc high profile in my right breast and 275cc moderate in the other. He said this will make me a large C probably a D in victoria secret bras. My measurments will then be 36 chest, 26 waist, 36 hips. I am very pleased with that.
So, my doctor talked about cutting into the tissue below my smaller breast to help the implant fall lower to be perfectly even but I would lose feeling from nipple down! So I told him to do the best he could without doing that! Your date is so soon!! Deff keep updating!:)

Am I the only one getting saline these days?!

I feel like everyone is getting gel on here! I'm getting saline because he needs to be able to adjust it perfectly. But not being able to find other people that got salines is making me nervous! Haha. Just want to be able to hear other people say they've gotten saline, love them and they're soft! Anyone out there ?:))
There's a couple reasons why I am so confident about saline. I didn't want to worry/risk silicone harming my body.... for the look i wanted to achieve... and because one breast was slightly larger than the other it was the best way to correct it. I know 5 close friends who have done BAs and funny thing not one has done silicone. You're not alone :) hope this helps and good luck missy xoxo
ugh that totally helped! thank you! :) I just want them to be done already, I'm so ready!
I had slight asymmetry as well. I have a friend, and her mother, and her sister, who all chose saline and all love them. My doctor told me that he would do 25cc larger in one breast since we used silicone, but you definitely get more symmetrical in this case with saline, so I think that's a good choice! can you go under the muscle or over?

Counting Down!

48 days left! literally can't wait!! getting excited and also nervous haha

1 Month away!!! Getting excited..okay nervous...okay excited...

I keep getting excited then nervous again! I can't wait to get it done and have them! And I am notttt even nervous about the pain lol, I'm nervous that they will just enhance the assymetry >_< . Everyone keeps telling me not to worry so I just need to let it gooo. it's just hard since it's so much money! haha.
All the ladies on here recently have been looking awesome so maybe that means this is the best summer to get boobies? Maybe there is logic in that, maybe not ;p
Hope Everyone is healing well and loving their new girls!

Starting my list: What else Do you guys see as necessity?

I forgot to add that I have started making a list of things I'll need.
- Front closure bras
- front closure shirts and sweats
and I'm thinking I'll pick up GEL ice packs so that they will be comfy around my boobs. What do you guys think?
Hi, just wondering how many consults you have went to. I went to several and got different answers from all of them. Did anyone tell you to get a mini lift on the larger breast? I have friends with both silicone and saline. Everyone that has had saline said they will do silicone next time around. I held both implant types in my hands and the saline just freaked me out for some reason. I had asymmetrical issues too. Good with everything!
I went to 2 consultations. Who I'm going with now didnt say anything about a lift but he said the smaller one may need some cuts on the inside bottom of my breast so the implant would fall. But I chose not to do that because I would lose sensation! I'm not doing silicone because in order to get the symmetry right he would have to take the implant out multiple times to get the perfect match which could lead to a higher chance of infection. With saline he will make it the perfect size all with one go. If saline scared you though don't do it! Gatta do what makes you comfortable ;)
wow your day is coming! you have good boobs already their gonna look awesome bigger. At the end my dr didntt have to do anything to my left breast that was bigger, because i waited about 1 month after i stopped breastfeeding they seemed to even out a bit, he put me 420cc saline in both, but I now wish he could of gone bigger! good luck

23 DAYS!

I've been counting down and Keep telling everyone how many days are left haha! I'm looking through everyones profiles and now I'm worried that I won't be big enough! when I tried on the 460 cc i asked to try on a bigger size and he said it would be silly and way too big! lol. anyway. I'm also nervous that since my right side will be HP that my left should also be that rather than MP? I will be bringing these things up to him on my next consult June 18th, just wondering everyone's thoughts!
             dont let the number off cc scare you! i have alot off cc and im nit nearly as big as i thought i would be! my breast eats up cc! lol! 
haha okay! I feel like it's the last minute nerves kickin in

Sleeping post op?

How did everyone sleep post op? Any must have to make it easier?
I agree with violet1234 I have 420 cc silicone and I thought it was going to be too big n was worried... Now I feel that they are way too small I should have gone bigger! Good luck

Pre Op Appointment

So my pre op was the 18th! It was a pretty quick visit. I paid the remainder to them. Tried on the size again that we knew we wanted to go with and then the nurse went over all my 2 week pre op instructions. No ibuprofen, advil anything like that. Tylenol I can take. And i actually have a cold right now! The nurse said I can take dayquil and nyquill thank god. They also gave me specific soap to wash with the night before surgery called "Hibiclens" lol. I also can't wear any nail polish deoterant, perfume, makeup or anything the day before surgery. Oh I'll be smelling nice! The morning of surgery they told me to take- 1 valium, 1 antibiotic, and 1 Emend. For pain I have the prescriptions still to fill for everything. Keflex, Zofran, Vicodin (my mom jokes that she'll take what i don't need), Valium, Emend.
Does everyone agree that just crackers before taking medicine is fine or did you guys need a full on meal?
Gosh it's getting so close to the date! I'm getting nervous and excited!

Before pics

I'll try on this same bra after surgery and take after pics. so hopefully it'll be a big diff and I won't be able to fit in it! hahah
I am so excited for you BF93. I also agree with V1234. I have saline and went with 475 cc's and I wish I would have went bigger. They are asymmetrical now and very separated so I will have to get them fixed. When I do, I plan to go a little bigger.
oh no! I wonder why they became asymmetrical :/ Okay, I have a pretty small butt so I don't want to look unpraportional!
Everyone catches the boob greed I hear! Ahh thankyou:)

Post op shopping

I'm 5 days away and getting really excited!! But today I went to target to look for a front closure bra and shirts and they didnt have any! Where did you girls go? But I did get a really comfy back/arm pillow so that's a plus. What vitamins did you guys take too? I'm taking vitamin C every day
So, I have read a long a bit and I can tell you that 400 cc would be perfect for you! Mine are 425 cc and that's about 14 oz! My step-sister also had some asymmetry, but after the surgery you couldn't tell that there ever was any! Hers came out lovely! :) You will be very happy with the results! JUST TAKE THAT MEDICINE EVERY SIX HOURS ON THE DOT! :) I can't wait for your results, you will be so happy! :D
Did your step sis have anything special done to make sure they would drop evenly or gravity just did it naturally after the procedure?


I am soooooo excited! My surgery is tomorrow at 8:30am. So I'm lucky I get to get it over with early :) talk to you ladies tomorrow! I take a Valium before I leave (thank god ;p) happy healing everyone


All done. I actually feel really good. Idk if its just because the anesthesia just handy worn off yet though. I'll give more updates later ;) btw the wrap I'm in right now is adorable! Lol

Breast sensation after surgery???

Did anyone else lose feeling in at least one breast right after surgery and did it come back?!
Welcome to boobie land!!! Congratulations!! To answer your question, the bottom of breasts were numb for abt 3-5 days but yes the feeling does come back and frm what I hear it varies frm person to person, some lose feeling for days and some for months but eventually it comes back. Good luck and happy healing! !
Gooood! Thankyou so much!:) I don't have my post op till Monday so I can't take this damn compression thing off get, as cute as it may be lol
Lol your welcome. But I must warn you, when I got the feeling back in my breats they were super SENSITIVE! I was wishing for the numbness back!!! Lol. Monday isn't too far away and yes it is really cute.


Out if no where I'm in a lot if pain. Icing them makes then hurt too. What do you guys suggest?!
They look really even now, cute wrap! You're bound to have some pain but try and keep on schedule with the meds and keep up with the fluids, the last is very important after any kind of surgery. Move as much as you can without overdoing it. In a couple of days you'll feel 100% better!
I took 1.5 vicodins and iced a little bit, took a nap and woke up feeling soo much better! Thankyou! I've been drinkin Gatorade and water through the days.

I know it's only day 2

And they're prob totally squished down but I worry they are nowhere near a fullC like I wanted. They look pretty small right now! Lol I need to be thankful that they seem more even already though :)

Surgery day:

I got to the hospital at 7. My surgery was at 8:30. I got an IV started and by 8:45 my doctor came in and drew on me. They rolled me into the OR and next thing I knew I was asleep. Te doctor told my mom that I woke up smiling haha. And there was very little blood. Also, they look even and he's very happy with the outcome. Having these pretty wraps honestly helps a little. I feel pretty in them! Lol but then I look and realize how bloated I am! When I got home at about 12, I felt totally good. Slept pretty well too. Day one I felt good until like 2 or 3 when I got extreme pain and nausea. I took some medicine and slept and iced the girls a little and woke up feeling much better. I'm able to get out of bed and off the couch muchhh easier today. Hopefully I don't get that pain that I got yesterday again :/ I'm mostly using my left arm because my left boob doesn't hurt like at all. That has the way smaller implant so it makes sense. HAPPY HEALING my loves and hope everyone is loving their new additions ;)
Wow! You really did have your right pocket lowered. Congrats!!!! I guess I'm just two days ahead of you and I can say- I'm doing really good. Careful not to over do it on your left side. You get sore the next day. Best thing for me is icing 20 min on 20 min off. And repeat. And repeat. Is your incision through the nipple? Also me ps said dont judge your boobs for at least two weeks. Things need to settle! Congrats again!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
Yesss! It's nice to see what I have to look forward to in 2 days lol. No I went through the crease under my boob

Day 2

Awe, you got them! :D they look good! The bloating is normal, I retained so much water the first few days, lol, it'll go away soon! I hope you're feeling better sweety!
I am feeling better! I'm nervous they're not big enough, but they're really squished down, so we shall see! Either way I'm so happy they'll at least be even!
How many ccs did you get? They will get bigger as they drop and fluff, no worries! And they are very compressed for sure. I'm so glad that you're feeling better, just take your meds girly! :)

Not so much pain tonight

But alot of pressure, it's making me feel like I have a little anxiety >_< just gatta keep breathing!lol

Post op!

They look amazing! I'm in love
Congratulations, you look great!! Hope you heal well!!
Thankyou! so far so good :)
YAY! They look wonderful!

day 4: Need to remember posture!

I feel so much better without that damn wrap on! lol Now i am getting more mobile but I am nervous to do too much because i don't want to get CC. Is that when you do too much so the scar tissue starts to build around the implant or when you do too little? anyway. I have my last week of online classes this week so I am doing some homework now. I love my new girls and this process has been alot less painful than i expected. Also, i expected my boobs to be so much weirder looking! I wouldn't mind if they kept this shape and look all the time! lolthe right one is just a bit higher but that's because it got more cc's.
height: 5'3"
weight: 115-118
cup size before: 34 B
Cup size after:?
cc's: Saline- right 460 left 275
Ohyeah and my posture has been so awful trying to hold these guys up! not to mention they feel so tight when i have good posture but i Guess it'll loosen in time
My posture feels horrible too! Lookin good!
Looking good! Yayayay! :D How are you feeling?
I'm feeling really good! Just taking Tylenol every once and a while! And the whole not being able to sleep on my side yet is annoying. It's just not comfortable yet

Minimal bruising

Looking good :D I had saline for 19 years and never had any problems.I had breast implant replacement surgery today 450ccs HP saline.
Omg that's so nice to hear! Hopefully I'll be that lucky also :) happy healing
Thank you !:)

Day 8

You're looking great. I am 3 days post op and still pain, feel like wearing bowling balls on my chest. Can you take a few more pics of your bruise and post? i want to compare them to my bruises because I am freaking out that it's a hematoma.

Ohyes! Movement...

Lol for all the ladies experiencing constipation after surgery. I used mirolax and it worked like a charm;)
I too had asymmetrical breasts maybe an a on the left and an aa on the right. I had my surgery on 8/5 and the left is still bigger than the right. I hope yours and mine even out nice! Keep us posted!
I think they will! We are so early into it. I think with massages it'll all settle into its rightful place!
Ugh it gets better I promise! By day 4 on I started feeling less tight and less pain. Keep up with the meds ;) my bruising is actually gone now. If you are really worried about it, Deff call the doc and email a pic. But worrying yourself to pieces totally won't help the healing process so try to relax my love! I know it's hard. The whole healing process can be nerve racking

2nd post op

Got my stitches out! Still need the strap and bra 24/7. I'm allowed to go swimming though. And I have little massages to do he said every time I go to the bathroom. Lol

Seeing small changes

Every few days I notice little changes! Now that I'm massaging hopefully it gets even better


Meant to put this with the last post
Wow you look amazing already, they are dropping so quickly! :)
Thankyou! I'm trying not to get worried about the right one which is taking longer lol
Did you get high profile or mods?

Love my size

I love the size I am now! Should I expect to get smaller since I probably still have some swelling since its only been a little over 2 weeks! Also how do I edit my page so I don't have so many updates? I want to delete some of them lol

No bra and still love it

Wow amazing results!!
Thank you!:)
It hasn't even been a month yet! Haha but if there's one thing everyone worries about post op is them dropping nicely!

Almost 2 months post op!

Sorry, i haven't posted in a while! College started again for me so I have been so busy! I loveee my boobs. I am a 34D in victoria secret. I got a 34D at kohls but my nips were poppin out! My left is very soft, real feeling. my right still needs to soften a little more. they jiggle and i can squish them and push them together. when i lay down they fall like natural boobs would too! I only can't wear a few shirts, otherwise i kept all my clothes and they simply are enhanced ;p
Your boobs came out perfect!! Just like I would want mine. Im also 5'3 and weigh 116 and a 34B. Would love to get a BA. Still thinking about it. Afraid of going too big. Had a consult and Dr said he thinks 325cc would love perfect on me. Still undecided though. Anyway just wanted to say that yours came out looking really nice.
Thankyou! ugh deff be positive about it before you do it! But for me it was totally the right choice. I am so confident with the new additions. i love them!

Double Bubble Problems

soooo...It has been 5 months! I can't even believe it. I haven't been on much since school has been going on. I believe I have double bubble now, because he moved down my crease to try and make them more even, my right breast is still a little higher and now has what looks to be a double bubble. It is really upsetting since you spend so much money it should be perfecccccct! I love how my boobs look in a bra and shirts. But braless, I am amost as insecure as when I had my uneven breasts in the beginning. My one nipple is higher, so if i go braless you can totally see the nipple difference. At least I look good in a bra which i didn't before, but I'm still upset. Seeing the doctor the 13th. So maybe there will be an easy fix? idk I've heard usually double bubble requires a 2nd surgery to fix :(
omg you look amazing!!! don't worry about the little problem from the right boob, it's really not a big deal and i'm sure your doctor will fix it :) i'm also 5'3 and a 34B (Normally i weight the same as you, but i've gained some weight in 2013. i gotta lose those pounds for the big dayyy) heyy can you tell me whats the difference between saline and silicon implants?? i felt just like you seeing so many girls going after silicon implants. my doctor said that teardrop-saline imp would be the best option for me. my surgery is in 13 days from now :O thanksss xx
Your boobies are looking nice. That size looks great on you. Hope your ps can fix your problem. Good luck
Dr. Larry Weinstein

His whole staff was so sweet in Chester, NJ. He was sweet, gentle, and was funny. All while staying completely professional. He showed me many before and after pictures and made sure to find cases that were like mine. It was a very good and informative session. I can not wait till August 2nd!

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