I've Waited 27 Years to Do This! I'm Very Nervous About Doing This, ANY Advice Would Be GREATLY Appreciated! - Niagara, ON

I've had two c-sections, first 27 years ago, the...

I've had two c-sections, first 27 years ago, the second 25 years ago. I need to know if a mini would be sufficient/effective and if I would require muscle strengthening or lipo. Also, can anyone tell me the difference between standard lipo and Smart Lipo? Do the effects remain or fade after time? Thank you SO much! Any PS referrals/reviews in my area please??

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I hope I receive responses as I see I submitted under the wrong category!!
Hello, high there welcome aboard! I'm in the same boat as you but with the waiting I can fully relate. Please do your research. Of course I'm no Doctor but looking at your pictures a TT may not be necessary. Maybe Liposuction instead. On this site you can do searches by weight and height, this has helped me out tremendously! Look at women photos that have similar body shapes as yours and read what they had done. Currently I have consultations scheduled as well and by posting my pictures on this sight I had numerous Doctors inform me I needed a TT due to muscle seperation and sagging skin. If you get time look at my picture and you will see a big difference between our photos and why I'm a candidate for TT and not Lipo. Yours might be the other way around Lipo and not TT. God bless, do your research, and take your time : )
Hi there turinky! Yes I'm finding almost every ps saying 'full'. Only one seems to think a 'mini' would work. I'm not willing to undergo a full. I'll def keep seeking a ps that will be willing to consider a mini. I don't get it, I see pics of some who seem to have had more damage than I do and a mini worked well for them!
Hi! Thanks for the welcome! :) I'm just starting to book consultations to find the right ps and learn of what procedures they recommend. I've been reading up on everything like a mad woman trying to learn as much as possible about everything that's involved. I'm VERY nervous/excited/petrified etc etc about having this done! I'm not vain but I REALLY want this discusting pouch GONE. That said, I'm scared. Really scared. It's been a long time since having the c-sections and back then I was in my early 20's. I didn't have a good experience with the last c-section. I wasn't given enough anesthesia and was conscious during the entire procedure. I couldn't tell anyone because of the paralysis. It wasn't fun-to say the least. I know my ps will be aware of this because I'll MAKE SURE he knows lol. I'm sure it won't happen again, but the thought terrifies me. It's all a question of how badly I want this tt done, and I WANT this done :)

I've decided (for various reasons) to go with liposuction for now

After careful and lengthly consideration, I've decided to go with abdominal liposuction. I don't have enough time to take off of work (new PSW) to allow for proper healing from an abdominoplasty procedure. I'd like to try the liposuction (and hopefully avoid more complex surgery) but I worry about the lax skin I have around my belly button and how it will react...
Oops! I see in your post from yesterday that you've made a decision! Good luck to you!! Hope you'll have fantastic results!
You might wish to read the three reviews written by someone on here called MuffinLESS. She had lots of vase liposuction done then ended up getting a full TT a year later.
I'm not a doctor but I've done a lot of research and my understanding is that lipo is very effective if you have skin with great elasticity. Hopefully if you go that route you'll have a surgeon who liposuctions the entire abdominal area EVENLY and that you don't end up with loose and puckered skin (which happened to me). I had my entire upper abdomen, flanks and hips liposuctioned in combination with a MINI TT and, having skin with poor elasticity, all my upper abdominal skin ended up looking really aged and when I sucked in my abdomen it was very wrinkly (which is wasn't before the liposuctioning). It was uneven all over and my upper abdominal rolls were thicker on one side than the other. I was not a good candidate for a mini tuck and needed a revision, a FULL TUCK. It was not MY choice to have a MINI first time around and I thought I was having a FULL tuck then! Recovery for me was no big deal! Do LOTS of research before you make a decision.
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