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I am 58 years old and I have had the implants (Dow...

I am 58 years old and I have had the implants (Dow Corning) for 32 years. They became encapsuled almost straight away and I thought then that this was normal. Of course I have learnt since that this is quite common. I was a 32A-B quite flat chested and with the implants I became a 34B. I could say that I regretted having them almost straight away as I never felt quite comfortable with them. I had one more child after the operation and I managed to breastfeed succesfully for 6 months. I know they need to come out as they are not meant to be there forever! I am slightly nervous but hopefully everything will turnout well. It is very reassuring to read all your comments on the subject and it is interesting that more ladies of my age group are having explants now.
Thank you all for your reassuring comments.


And thank YOU for starting your story. I'm glad you've found comfort in this wonderful breast implant removal community! I hope you love being au naturel. Here's a great post by Green Temple about her implant removal experience. Please keep us posted!

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Lima girl you are doing the right thing for your heath & if you have looked around this site lots of beautiful natural breasts after explants! I'm 49 & have my explant with capsulectomy scheduled for April 29th, the same date as yourself! I will be praying & thinking of you knowing your in the same place as myself. We will be strong & positive knowing we are doing are body's good, take care my dearXOX
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Hi Nonfatblonde, On Monday I am going to see my PS for a per operative assessment and I will be discussing wether to have the capsulectomy. I have very little breast tissue so it may not be appropriate. I just hope I have a bit more tissue now that I am older although I am. Not overweight with a 22 BMI. I shall be thinking of you too, thank you for your kind wishes. Take care X

I had my pre-operative assessment on Monday. They...

I had my pre-operative assessment on Monday. They tested my blood, MRSA swab, BP 120/66, BMI 22 (the NHS will not carry out this operation if you are over a BMI of 25, smoker),etc. I will have general anesthesia so I have been asked not to eat after midnight the night before, I can only have some sips of water that morning, luckily I am not a very hungry person first thing in the morning, I have to be at the hospital at 7a.m on Monday 29th. I have been asked not to put on any creams or perfume after my shower. The nurse told me she thought the operation would take 2-3 hours, I have had my implants for 32 years and the PS is performing a capsulectomy. I hope he doesn't struggle too much getting the capsules out. I have been watching videos on u-tube so I know what to expect. When the PS take them out, on the videos, they seem to be very thorough so that is a relief. I am confident that my PS will do a good job. They have also been removing a lot of implants lately because of the PIP health scare, so they must have gained more experience too. I can't believe anyone wants them replaced.
I am wondering what to eat the night before. I had general anesthesia 20 years ago for another operation and I was very sick afterwards and they had to keep me in overnight. The doctor said I wouldn't be spending the night at the hospital but the nurse thought differently. It is a multi- disciplinary team so we'll see. Whenever I have been treated at the NHS they have been very good and molly coddled me! I am very grateful that we have this great institution in the UK. I am also looking forward to sharing my experience with all of you. Thank you very much for your support girls!! X


Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes. I am now going to go to bed and try and get some sleep. Tomorrow is my day and it starts very early :) I can't wait to be natural again. X
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Best of luck in the morning, Lima!! Take care!
Will be thinking about you. Can't wait to hear from you on the other side of this journey. It has been 23 days for me now and I could not be happier.
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The word to describe how I feel is, joyful!! A big...

The word to describe how I feel is, joyful!! A big thank you, explant girls and realself for all the support and insights you have given me throughout my pre-op waiting time!!
Thank you to the NHS, my sweet P.S, lovely nurses and staff, everyone and everything went well, like a dream today, even though I have had an operation and I have now 2 drains attached to me until wednesday, the day after tomorrow!!
We arrived at 7 a.m, I had my pre-op conversation with the anethesist first thing, I told him everything relevant he needed to know, history of migraines with sickness, IBS, light asthma and Gerd. He asked me to take my asthma inhaler dose there and then, and I was given medication for sickness and Gerd. It is very important to have this chat with the anethesist. I went to the ward and was given a bed while I waited. I was put on compression stockings, disposable knickers and gown.
My P.S came to see me pre-op to mark my chest with a felt tip pen and he had a young doctor with him. He asked me if I had any questions to ask, well, I told him I had been educating myself on-line and he was so impressed with what I had to say and question that he said he would let me do the explaining and let his trainee doctor listen. He was bemused,LOL. He is really lovely, caring and willing to listen, I told him about Realself and that I have also watched a very well made video online made by a PS surgeon where he explains a procedure similar to mine step by step.
The operation started at 10.00 a.m., I was wheeled into the pre-op room where I was given an oxygen mask for 5 minutes while I was plugged into the monitors. They now strap the BP monitor to one calf and it aches quite a bit, like cramp, but it doesn't matter because you go under and you don't feel anything during the operation. They also strap a massaging strap on to the other leg calf to prevent DVT, that feels nice. The anethesist and nurses were so friendly and good at putting me at ease. He injected the brew and said you will soon feel as though you've had a couple of glasses of wine and go to sleep. Well, I haven't been drinking alcohol lately so I told him it would be sooner as I haven't been drinking alcohol lately, I had barely finished saying this that I was out!
Woke up at 10.10 a.m in the post operative room as if from a good night's sleep! with a nurse next to me asking me how I was. I felt fine, only some pain were the inciscion was made so I was given a few doses of morphine, little by little until I was pain free. They continued monitoring BP, temperature and they sent me back to my ward when they were happy everything was ok. I was still a bit merry from the cocktail, no sickness, not even a scratchy throat, although it felt very dry. I had plenty of water, a sandwich and of course, a cup of tea, I live in England!! The English are so sweet, they always offer you tea, on any and every occasion and event in your life, even straight after childbirth.
I was seen again by my PS after lunch and he was pleased that he had found more breast tissue than we thought there might be. Post menopausal fluff or fat? I am 5.5ft tall and weigh 54k, not a lot more than when I was 27 years old, maybe 2k more.He told me both had ruptured but luckily within the capsule so no silicone had leaked into my chest. He took the two capsules out entirely, this is why my operation lasted 2 hours Phew!! They are Dow silicone. I forgot to ask him for their measurement! I have gone from 34B to A. There is zero blood coming out at the moment and I have just checked, relieved to see I have lost serum, blood equally on each breast, 20ml, very little. I hope that's it.
My breasts look, to me normal, natural and ok, what is most important is I love them!, understanding that I need to be patient and wait for things to settle down. I will post pictures tomorrow. I decided it would be better to take them in daylight which doesn't create shadows like my pre-op pictures. My M&S high impact sports bra compresses them well too. As a matter of fact it even feels better to me than the Macon and it is nearly half the price. I will get another one.
I was discharged and told to contact immediately should I notice any signs of infection or changes.
It is now nearly 14 hours after my operation and I am pain free. They offered me to take home codeine or tramadol but I don't like how I have felt in the past withe these so they told me to take Ibuprofen instead. I have taken 2 ibuprofen now in case I wake up in pain tonight. It is bedtime here now so goodnight to you all!! X


What a lovely uodate. Glad to hear all went well, I've been thinking about you. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Please take it easy, I over did things as I felt fine but paid for it later. X
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Lima how great capsule removed & hardly no pain! My explant & capsulectomy was at noon on Monday the 29th. It's a bit after midnight & I'm going to take a pain pill tonight. Makes 3 today (surgery day, 1st night) starting to feel sore. My left one is swelled more so than right. I love tea! I actually took a large iced homemade plain ,black& 1/2 green tea with me to have strait away after surgery! Take care of yourself love praying for all to heal well for you dear. It is going to get cold & rainy out her in the Midwest of America day after tomorrow. I plan to really rest. Today & tomorrow low 80's. My allergys have me inside. Lima ((HUGS)) WE DID IT! :-) Blonde
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Congratulations Lima Girl - I loved reading your good experience. So glad they were all so nice to you, you deserved it and you will heal beautifully with your very positive attitude.
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The M&S bra seems at the moment made to measure,...

The M&S bra seems at the moment made to measure, 34A , tight but not too tight, it offers very good compression and it is slightly padded and soft to the skin, I'm very pleased with it! M&S Sport High Impact non wired crop top, details in case any of you want to check it out. I had ordered a Macon but when it arrived in my size, 34, it was so wide that it fitted over my implants! so i returned it, asked for a size 32 which they did not have available. Having tried the Macon I can tell you that apart from the inconvenience of having to do the strap at the back, the M&S bra seems to feel and fit better at nearly half the price, £19.50. It is more flattering too.


Lima girl you must be so happy with your result. Now your boobies fit perfectly with your beautiful slim body. So so happy for you!
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Getting better all the time. We are all like one big happy sisterhood at the moment!
You look amazing. Once the drains are out you'll feel even better. It takes a bit of getting used to but you're gonna love the new you! Mind and take it easy. X
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The drains are out. I saw my PS this morning and...

The drains are out. I saw my PS this morning and he decided I did not need them anymore. Next week I will have the strips that are covering the stitches removed and checked by a nurse in our local surgery. I will see my PS in 6 weeks for a review. Everything seems to be running smoothly. I have been asked to avoid rubbing any antiseptic creams or creams of any kind in my breast, scar area. We have natural defenses, oils that act as anti bacterials. They are secreted by the mammary glands.
The nurse who took the drains out told me it looked as though my body was rejecting them already. No more plastic in there, please!


Hey Lima, wow! You look amazing already! Love the clevlage shot! No more plastic indeed! And things will get better and better with time too. Your profile is very informative, I'll remember no creams, oils, or lotions before surgery, cheers for that. My ps does a lot of work on the Nhs too. I'm so glad I found him. He's lovely. The first ps I saw was awful. I feel that those who do work on the nhs are a bit more open minded about removal as they come across so many situations in the nhs as its so big. Its so reasuring to see how beautiful your result it. I really can't wait for mine. I look forward to logging on and telling you all 'I made it'. Happy healing Lima. I look forward to your updates. Take care x
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Yeah, no more drains, you must be well chuffed. Onwards and upwards. X
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You look so much better! Lovely natural boobs! Congratulations! :-)
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I received my discharge letter with operation...

I received my discharge letter with operation details in the post today. The right implant had ruptured, intracapsular. The left gel had bled. The area was thoroughly washed out. Blakes drain inserted into each (out now).
According to some research I have been reading: Silicone is used in cleaning solvents, handcreams, hair and skin products and anti perspirants. Silicone from these sources is absorbed primarily through the skin.
Silicone in food processing and packaging including canning and pre-prepared meals, babies teats and dummies. Silicone from these sources is absorbed primarily through the gastrointestinal tract.
It is also incorporated in some medicines and medical devices. People with insulin dependent diabetes are exposed to small but regular doses of silicone oil.
The overall biological response to silicone is consistent with conventional forms of response to foreign materials rather than an unusual toxic reaction. Low grade chronic invasion may account for some of the non specific illnesses noted in some women with silicone gel implants.
Safety is not an absolute concept. Deliberate invasive procedures carry a risk to health.

Feeling a lot better and lighter today, I have lost 2 lbs in weight, the implants and capsule? No pain, the bruising is showing now but hardly noticeable. I slept well last night for the first time since the operation and woke up lying on my left side. I only have steri strips covering the stitches, no bleeding or swelling. I have been wearing a sports compression bra 24 hrs and I think I would feel very vulnerable without it at the moment! I had a short flat walk, 2 miles, no jiggling, pain or discomfort.


Wow you have done so well, drains poor you. 32 years with them! Im glad you are now sleeping better. The day I had them out I slept the best I had slept since getting mine! Losing the weight of them must feel good aswell. I think your end result will be very good, cant believe you had them for as long as you say, but you are looking good all ready, it give hope to us other ladies. Thanks for your review. X
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The drains did not hurt, they were not draining anymore a few hours after the operation and they were taken off 2 days later. It doesn't hurt to have them removed either. It is a funny feeling, I didn't realize they went that far in, it feels so. Last night I slept on my tummy for the first time! I am a bit upset that I kept them in this long but I was so afraid. I am very grateful for this forum. Thanks X
It will be reasuring to others to know about the drains. Congratulations on the 'tummy' sleep, bet it was heaven. X

I peeled off the steri strips this morning, the...

I peeled off the steri strips this morning, the scar area was itching. No bleeding or inflamation. I checked on 3M's reccomendations regarding steri strips and they can be left 1-2 weeks in place and be replaced with new ones if necessary. My scars look ok so I don't need them replaced. I have a little bruising which is going yellow now (good sign) below both breasts.
I will have a shower, no shower creme on the breast area for a while though, don't want to irritate the skin.
I did a longer flat ground 8 mile walk yesterday and I'm feeling fine! I will post some more pictures in a few days time. X


Hey dancelite .. Whazzup ? Waiting to hear from you sweetie. How did surgery go etc. I'm alittle concerned cause its after 4pm and Dr Oz is on and well I'm awaiting to hear from you... Even if its from your man to let us know you're okay... Hugzz angelface
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:))) Happy for you!!aka Lil Hoots
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Very happy too!! X

The practice nurse had a look at the incisions...

The practice nurse had a look at the incisions yesterday, day 10 , she remarked on how well the healing was going and she advices me to use calendula ointment now, Welleda and Nelsons in the UK are known brands. I asked about Bio oil and she thought I should wait till the incisions are completely healed before using it.
I am feeling stronger everyday, have a 6-8 mile walk, sleeping well and on my tummy, without having to prop pillows as before!! Wishing you all lots of good healing hugs! X

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I have a correction to make. At the beginning of...

I have a correction to make. At the beginning of my review I said I was originally a 32A-B. The error is B, more A-AA!! Lol


Fantastic result! So pleased for you :o) I hope I have some bumps like you too ;o) Enjoy your walk. You're looking fab! X
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YEAH!! You've had Great results girl!!!! :)) Very Happy for you!! My Nips are not as perky yet!! :)) patience though!! :)))) You look great!
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Great result and so good to hear you are sleeping well and exercising!
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I had my first bike ride yesterday since the...

I had my first bike ride yesterday since the operation. It has been 2 weeks since and I have also regained feeling in my nipples. I lost all feeling in my nipples when I had the implant operation!! Amazing!! Even if I had cancer and had to have the leftover tissue I have removed, I would not have implants replaced, ever!! I am so happy with what I have! A big hug to you all X


Hi Lima, how are you? I read you had a 6 week check-up coming up. Hope it all goes well. I only have 2 1/2 weeks left to wait until explant now. Its been such a long wait, I'm so pleased to be nearly there :o) x
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Hi Lima Girl. I hope all goes well at your 6 weeks check up. I would be interstested to know what you PS say's about bras etc. Mine said I could wear any bras now, I dont even have to stay in sports bras. X
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Lima girl you have great results and I like how you handle the removal you sound so calm and collective.
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Last appointment with Mr. Akali PS.

I had my last appointment with Mr.Akali, he was very pleased that I am happy with the results. He thinks that this is more or less what they will look like and that there won't be any change in appearance in future, phew! He is amazed how well informed I am so I told him to log on Realself!
A big thank you and a hug to all of you wonderful girls!


Wow Lima Girl! You look fantastic! I would have never suspected you had implants removed or any other complications. I'm so impressed! I'm 5 weeks post BA and removing next month. Was a small B before implants and I'm now a C. I hate these stupid things! They look okay I guess but I hate the way they feel and have given me terrible anxiety. It's not worth it! Plus I see my old boobies in a whole new light now. They werent perfect, no, but they were mine. And I shouldn't have messed with them.
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Hi Lima, how are you getting on? Enjoying this lovely weather. x
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Limagirl you look great! I'm at 11 weeks & 2 days & I road my bike last week for the first time it rocked! Your adittude is like mine even if I ever got breast cancer no implants for me either! Enjoy your future free of the luggage dear:-) Blonde
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NHS is a Health provider in the UK. My doctor was Mr. Agustine Akali, he is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, he works for the NHS and privately with Restore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery,

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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