** 1 YEAR Post Op ** (On my new journey)

Hi everyone i am so excited to have found this...

Hi everyone i am so excited to have found this site, it is very informing and benificial... I am look to get a tummy tuck and possibly lipo of the flanks, i am 24 year old mother of 3 (2 girls & 1 boy) and wife. Before children i was boney..lol and had no boobs with each of my pregnancies i've lost tons of weight and 6 months later this weight begin to pack on like crazy. I will be 25 May 18 and i just want that flat tummy i had befor children. I have an consultation to with Dr. David Boggter of Newtown Square Pa and on January 30th with Dr. Jonathan Saunders of Newark De, i am very excited and nervous at the damn time..lol depending on how it goes tomorrow i will know which doctor will be right for me.. Wish me luck ladies!!

Wassup everyone, so I had my consultation with Dr....

Wassup everyone, so I had my consultation with Dr. Bottger and it went well, he is very pleasant and was very patient and understanding in answering any questions that I had. Price was a lil bit more than I expected, he quoted me $7,420... So now I'm going to contact Dr. Saunders office to see if I can move up my consultation date and see what month they scheduling the actual procedure..

Hi everyone.... Ok so my tummy tuck appt is...

Hi everyone.... Ok so my tummy tuck appt is scheduled for March 7th, I'm very excited and nervous at same time. I ended up going with Dr. Bottger because him and his staff were very professional and informative, but I have a question for the woman who have or has had birth control I have the mirena iud, did they make you remove that before surgery is it gonna conflict with the surgery?

Happy Tuesday everyone.... so i posted my belly...

Happy Tuesday everyone.... so i posted my belly pics dont throw up while looking im just a little embarrased. So i will be going to see my primary doctor tomorrow and then again on the 26th of Feb, i want to cover all areas and make sure im cool for surgery... Again i am very excited and nervous at the same time, i just cant wait to get back in some clothes again. As a matter of fact i want yall to see the difference in my tummy 2 months after having my baby boy which was 10 months ago and look at my tummy now...Major difference!!

Deposit paid its official...omg I can't believe...

Deposit paid its official...omg I can't believe I'm finally gonna get this done, I'm very happy, anxious, nervous. Lol I'm just gonna pray everyday until the it done...

Hey gals 25 days to go before I'm on the flat...

Hey gals 25 days to go before I'm on the flat side, time is moving along very quickly... I go for my preop appt on the 13th, so my question is what does this appt consist of ? I'm guessing this is the appt where the doctor take all the necessary measurements and weigh u before surgery?? Idk but I'm excited, should I go on a mini diet before surgery or wait til after I want to lose 10lbs and also what items will I need for recovery?

Heyy Yall, so my pre-op appt is in a couple of...

Heyy Yall, so my pre-op appt is in a couple of days time is really winding down... I still haven't purchased anything as of yet for my recovery, I just don't know what to get... Ladies who have already been through this can you give me some advise?? Thanks in advance

Hey tummy tuckers so my pre-op appt was today and...

Hey tummy tuckers so my pre-op appt was today and it was very informative and surreal... I asked a lot of questions and took before pics, so my date is still March 7th and surgery time is 12:30. I was given all my prescriptions and instructions for before and after care, while reading over my paperwork I just still can't believe I finally decided to get this done after having my children I always talked about it but didn't think I would be getting it done til now.. lol in 3 weeks it will be official:)

After running back and forth to doctors appt. I...

After running back and forth to doctors appt. I was finally cleared last Wednesday and this Thursday I will be flat again... I thank God for allowing me to be able to get this done and I pray that I have a successful surgery and a speedy, smooth recovery... 4 days to go!!

Omg my time is in a couple of hours my nerves...

Omg my time is in a couple of hours my nerves didn't really kick in yet but I know once I get to the hospital my nerves will be shot...lol I have to be at the hospital at 10:15 am... So tonight I will just continue preparing myself and getting my kids ready for school tomorrow so can be on time!! Ok ladies this will be my final message before surgery... See ya on the flat side:)

Well hello ladies, I am officially on the flat and...

Well hello ladies, I am officially on the flat and my I must say I am sore as hell.... Only time i feel actual pain is when I move... My husband have to take me to the bathroom he have to help me out of bed etc. I am pretty much helpless right now... But I have to give it up to Dr. Bottger he did an excellent job, I have seen my stomach yet because its bandaged up but from what I did see its completely unbelievable... All the staff and nurses at Bryn Mawr Hospital was very professional and helpful, I am completely satisfied... Ok girls going to bed I will be postin new after pics very so!! Oh and Dr. Bottge also hed me up with some Lipo on my love handles as a bonus... He's the best:)

Hey everyone, so far my recovery has been ok......

Hey everyone, so far my recovery has been ok... I've been staying on top of my meds so I haven't had any pain, now the soreness and tightness is a different story I feel that, my cut doesnt really bother me its the muscle repair that's a b**ch. The middle of my stomach is completely numb which feels very weird but for the most part everyday I'm progressing and I just thank God for that...

Everyday is progress, I just can't wait til the...

Everyday is progress, I just can't wait til the swelling go down any suggestions on how to get it down

Heyy everyone I am one week post op today and I...

Heyy everyone I am one week post op today and I must say I am extremely happy with my results although I'm still swollen as hell I can see the difference already. You must truly be trooper to have this surgery done and u must be patient because you will not see ur overall results until a couple months... As for me my recovery is going ok, I thank God for my husband he has been very helpful and patient with me... This is definitely a side of him that I have never seen before and the reason I say that is because I have never needed anyone to wait on me hand and foot even when I was pregnant I was able to do things on my own but now since I've had the surgery done im not able to to do anything for myself right now and he has been right by my side every second of the day and I am so grateful for him. So ladies that have already had this done in what week did u start feeling like yourself again?

Almost forgot... So Tuesday evening I took one of...

Almost forgot... So Tuesday evening I took one of my drains because it was irritating the crap out of me... Yes I know I crazy right...lol well I did it nice and slow it felt very weird because I felt it sliding through my stomach down and out but it didn't hurt. Then Wednesday I went to to get the other one taken out and it burned like hell I guess becau he did it so fast.. but oh well there out and I'm happy I didn't like those thing now im wearing a compression garment and it actually helps support my back, I'm still hunched over but it doesn't hurt as bad as when I don't wear one.. I can't wait to feel nrmal again oh and p.s. my couch is my bed right now, my bed is too high but my couch is kind of low and very comfortable!!

Hey ladies so I am 11 days post op and my question...

Hey ladies so I am 11 days post op and my question for all the woman now on the flat side is how is your diet now that your flat? I feel like everything I eat is going to make my stomach big again, I fear so much that getting this surgery will be a waste sue to my eating... Now don't get me wrong I'm not a pig or anything like that lol but Im not on a specific diet and I'm eating normal, I get full very very fast though whatever I eat whether its a lot or alil I feel like I ate a whole thanksgiving dinner... What kind of diet should I consider to keep my new flat belly?

Hi everyone so tomorrow i will be 3 weeks post op...

Hi everyone so tomorrow i will be 3 weeks post op and i must say i am experiencing swell hell right now!! The more i do walking, moving, etc. my belly blows up and from what i read this is common... Any suggesions on this because i go back to work on the 4th and i dont want to over do it.

Hey gals so what's the best creams and old to put...

Hey gals so what's the best creams and old to put on yes scar, I was thinking about getting bio oil and maderma... What do u tummy tuckers suggest

Hi tters, so i am officially 1 month post-op and i...

Hi tters, so i am officially 1 month post-op and i must say i am by far impresseed with my results.... Althought there is still some swelling in affect my results are fab and makes me even more excited for whats to come. I saw my ps last week and he was thrilled to see me doing so good and even happier to see my results thus far, i he wants me to to eat healthy and start a healthy living which i've started doing. i haven really cut anything from my diet because i wasnt a bad eater but now i just eat smaller portions oh btw i havent been able to eat alot because i get full soooo fast it feels like im about to bust.... But anyway i go back to see my ps in 4 months for after pics. So excited cant wait

Wassup everyone i am now 5 weeks post op and i am...

Wassup everyone i am now 5 weeks post op and i am doing very well, i have better self esteem about my myself and i am not embarrased about my body anymore... As alot of women on here say " i should have did this from the jump"!!! i dont have to wear anymore tight camis under my shirts anymore or tuck my stomach...lol even looking at my pre op pics gross me out i cant believe that belly was on my body...smh Anyway after wearing the scar strips for 2 weeks now i noticed that they are irritating my skin and i need an alternate scar cream or gel.... ANY SUGGESTIONS??

Hey tters today makes 2 months post op for my tt...

Hey tters today makes 2 months post op for my tt and i am loving it more and more... I noticed that when i eat my upper stomach pops out a lil but once my food digest it goes back down, im just afraid that i may eat the wrong foods and its gonna catch up to me.. smh i def have to get my way of eating under control befor im back to scare one... Well ladies until next time :-)

11 weeks post op new pics

Hi ladies, its been 11 in a half weeks since my tt and and it gets better and better within time, i havent had any complications or anything... I have noticed two bumps along my cut and i think they were pimples, so i popped them and this white powdery sustance came out. Anyome experienced this, it was so weird and gross to me but any who... Hows everytjong goin with my tters... Posted new pics

new pics 11 weeks post op

18 weeks post op

Hey ladies i am 18 weeks post op andi am doing great, my tummy is flatter than ever.. I have noticed that i picked up some weight in other areas but im in the gym as we speak working them problem areas out.. I do have a small concern, i have a small lump under my incision it feels like a little marble idk exactly what it is but o will be contacting my doc tomorrow to see wassup, in the mean time ladies keep it tight and right

18 weeks post op pics

24 weeks post op

Hey ladies 25 weeks post op and i developed dog ears on both sides of my incision so i have to get them removed, its a lil nerve reckin but im cool.... New pics

24 weeks post op

24 weeks post op

1 ***YEAR POST OP***

Hello lovelys how is every doing, I am officially 1 year post op and I am doing fine, I just recently got my dog ears removed 2 weeks ago which wasn't too bad (YES I WAS AWAKE)... My doctor numbed me up re opened the sides of my tt scar and removed the extra skin and re stitched it while making my scar lil longer to avoid the dog ears from coming back. Ladies I am beginning a new journey yes I said it I am getting a bbl and lipo of the flanks and back... I thought long and hard about it and I have already requested my quote.. I will be going to DR, Dra. Yily I literally stalked her patients lol and her website, fb page etc.. to see her results and get feedback from ppl who have the Yily experience and I am fully convinced that this is what I want to do.. I look at like this you only live one life so live it to the fullest and do any and everything you want to do, so I will. Am I nervous? yes very much so especially because I've decided to go out the country to get a surgery done (I'VE NENEVR IMAGINED MYSELF DOING NO SUCH THING) but again you only live once, all I can do is pray ask God to be with me throughout my journey.. I will be changing my name so look out for my new body transformation.. new pics added after dog ear removel!!

1 year post op **NEW PICS**

New Journey New Name!!!!!

Formally Erythbaby, now Blessed_Body, I will be keeping you guys posted with my new bbl journey.. I want bbl, lipo of the flanks, abdomen, back, waist, inner thighs and I'm looking into Dra. Yily... Please who ever been to DR and had the Yily experience I would love to connect with you and hear you journey.. Thanks in advance!!

God Chose For Me:)

As for my new journey in getting a bbl, i did a lot of research and i even talk with my doctor that did my tt about it and he gave me a quote and i wanted to think things over and weigh my options, then i did research on Dra. Yily because i like her results and i saw a lot of good reviews about her. I prayed about it long and hard and asked God to lead me into the right direction as far as if i should go out the country or not and this morning when i woke up i had a inbox on here from someone with a web address on here so i clicked on it and it lead me to a girl on here who lost her sister last Wednesday after getting a bbl from Dra. Yily, and that was my message from God telling me to stick to what i know and who i know, so i will be sticking with my doctor. He is great at what he do and he was rated on here one of the top doctors in PA. So just really weigh your options first and make sure your making the right decision as far as doctors and choose some one that is Board Certified, and a safe and clean hospital
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Dr. Bottger is the best HANDS DOWN

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You look great!
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Will anyone like to buy my date for yily on May 7 ? Switch doctors
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Your tummy tuck looks so great!! I've always wanted one, but I'm going to put it off for a while. Did the doc move your belly button? If he did, I can't tell! That's one of my biggest concerns. I bet you feel amazing!! :)
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Thanks, yes with tt surgery the belly button is moved, I really dont like my belly button, ut develpoed a keloid and it looks ugly..lol
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My friend that had a TT said the exact same thing! Thanks for being honest, it will help me with my decision. I still think it looks beautiful! ;)
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I heard some one died wit h yily
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it wasn't Yily it was Duran... I already checked into that..lol ones experience isn't the same as anothers and with any surgery and doctor comes risks, you just have to pray and believe that your gonna be ok.. but thanks for the info
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Would you day that if you Gaines weight that the fat would go into different places? How does your tummy feel overall? Tight? Etc, you actually look like you lost weight, you look good girl.
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Thank you bellyboop, I don't understand your first question, and yes my tummy feels great my numbness from the tt surgery is 95% gone I have no feeling in my belly button area and that's all, my tummy does feel tight.
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Sorry typos!... Smh... What I meant to say is would you say you gain weight in other places if you gain weight at all since the tummy tuck?
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Am glad to hear your doing fine. How long was the procedure of your surgery?
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Thanks, I was in surgery for 4 hours
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do you have ig?
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We out sissy pooh..DR here we come and when we come back "they can't sit wit us" lol
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Hi I have a question, how much did the hospital that Dr Saunders use cost for the entire procedure & staying over night?
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not sure how much Dr. Sanders charged because I didn't use him
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I have the dog ears too! Having a revision in October......more lipo n dog ear removal. Are you doing a revision?
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No he is he is just removing the dog ears and thanks
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You looking good, girl!
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Thanks you... It qas available to me but i didnt need it doingme13
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Your results are amazing. Did Dr. Bottger use a pain pump ?
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You are looking great!!!
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Thank you ladies, it's crazy because other ppl always think u better than u think of yourself... But I am very happy with my results I just beds to stay in the gym now to time up these thighs arms and booty of mines...lol
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You look great!
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Thanks alot
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