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Day 2 have been home since last night I'm feeling...

Day 2 have been home since last night I'm feeling pretty good but everything seems so loud right now, must be from the morphine. I love how I can breath deeply and feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off my chest. I definitely feel like it is worth having this procedure done. I actually look proportionate now even with bandages on. Can't wait to see my results in the next few months

Early morning day 3 post op I am awake laying in...

Early morning day 3 post op I am awake laying in bed while the rest of the family sleeps. I prepared myself with possibilities of sleeping on the recliner but found that is was uncomfortable to my neck, the couch was my best friend yesterday. Tonight I slept in the bed and have found I don't need the extra pillows for my arms which is nice. My guess is b/c I didn't have anything taken from under my arms. I definitely can't wait to sleep on my side again. I keep wanting to take peeks at my new perky boobies but I wasn't told to change bandages unless they were soggy. I didn't have drain tube either and only had the left side draining a bit. My left side seems to be the only one with a an occasionally stitch that pulls but my surgeons said it looks good and not to worry that I won't pull it out if I am doing only what I am allowed to do. Vicodin has been kicking my butt like 30 mom after taking it. I only take 1 pill like every 4-6 hours. My shoulders and neck feel funny mostly b/c I am holding them in a new position and the pillows propping me up have been uncomfortable. Wondering if I can lay flat on my back or if it is bad to do so. It doesn't hurt me but thought that I would be propped up for a while. Well gtg I am really hungry and it is 4 am.

So today is day 4 PO and my pain is basically gone...

So today is day 4 PO and my pain is basically gone but I feel so weird walking around and realized I can actually stand up straight but find my self still hunched and my husband said that is how I have always walked lol. Never realized the hunched walking. My two year old just tried getting in my lap and put her elbow into my right breast can you say ouch!!!! It is still hurting. I still haven't gone number 2 hoping today is the day.

Iast night I didn't sleep well no pain but this...

Iast night I didn't sleep well no pain but this discomfort in my neck and upper back on my right side. It is weird I think it is from sleeping on my back propped up. I also find it funny how I still slouch and actually notice it now. Only took 1 Vicodin today.

Well today I go back to my ps and should be able...

Well today I go back to my ps and should be able to wear a normal sports bra, although I bought 4 of those genie bra like things. I'm thinking of heading to the store to get another style that gives a lot more support since those seem to be flimsy. Any recommendations???

Today is 1 weeks post op. I love my boobs and was...

Today is 1 weeks post op. I love my boobs and was like a kid in a candy shop today at the store getting a few more sports bras. Saw my surgeon yesterday everything looks great he will remove the special glue tape stuff at my appointment on the 15th. He took 580g off my right and 500g off the left. My left obviously was smaller but it is currently bigger one due to swelling. I'm hoping that they even out nicely although my husband doesn't see much of a difference. I will ask my surgeon on the 15th about silicone sheeting for scar fading since I have found some online. They are expensive so I want to get his opinion first. Not really any pain just occasional discomfort of itching.

Today my breasts feel great and still in love with...

Today my breasts feel great and still in love with them lol. My stomach on the other hand hurts uuugghhhhhh.

Haven't posted in a bit but ha my tape removed...

Haven't posted in a bit but ha my tape removed today. That stuff has been so itchy since last week and has caused some irritation. Incisions look great love my shape and size. Hope everyone else is doing great.

So finally most of the itching has gone away but...

So finally most of the itching has gone away but starting Saturday afternoon I started having pain in my left breast and on Sunday it was swollen and is still swollen today. I have an appt to see my PS in 45 min hopefulyl it is just from overuse. I don't think it is an infection mostly b/c I don't have a fever. On Friday when I saw my PS my breast were even in size for the first time and I was happy but now it is clearly larger on my left. Plus this pain is killing me.
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U look great! Wowww
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what kind of bra are you using? That brown one? looks comfy.
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It's like the genie bras but I got it from Marshall's and they sell them at TJ Max as well. It is very comfy Doesn't offer much protection but there are a few with removable pads.
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i would go for the champion sports bras at target. they are soft and very supportive. thought i have to admit all bras i tried after week two were still uncomfy so i had to switch back forth between surgical bra and sports bras.
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wow, your surgeon did a great job. Do you have a wedge pillow? I am going to get one for post-op so I can stay in my own bed and hopefully prevent neck pain. Ugh, not looking forward to back sleeping.
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No but my surgeon didn't mind be sleeping on my back now.
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So finally I have gone #2 several times today just knew a dd coolatta would do it for me lol. I was a bad and have been taking my bra and bandages off mostly b/c I feel they need to breath a bit plus I like to look. No pain really today so I haven't taken meds at all except for the antibiotics. Tonight I was really bad and snapped the most recent photo and it felt weird standing up without support so I quickly put the bandages and bra back on. It is crazy that my left side is more swollen and had the drainage sice it was my smaller side and had less taken from it. I can't wait for Monday when I go back to my PS and get to wear a sports bra. My incision lines look great most of the dark color in the pic is the purple marker. Some bruising starting and I find it weird that my nipples don't look round curious if anyone else had that issue at first and if with healing there shape becomes more round. Night now and will post again tomorrow.
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Congratulations you look great !!!
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Looking good. You will feel so much better after #2. I felt so bloated and after what a relief. I am so overjoyed I had this done. This is the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. I will be forever grateful to my plastic surgeon.
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Finally happened!
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