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Full TT, muscle repair and lipo on flanks-So Glad I Did It!!- Newport Beach, CA

Hi everyone! I love this realself community, it...

Hi everyone! I love this realself community, it has really helped me get over the guilt of spending this money on myself and the anxiety of getting my tummy tuck.

I am 40 yrs old and have three children ages 20,19,11. After My first two pregnancies I went back to my very thin self with no problem but my last pregnancy I kept more of the weight and of course since i was older now my kangaroo pouch never disappeared! So now i have decided to do my tummy tuck and feel human again!! I have had Breast Augmentation over 14 yrs ago and it was the BEST thing i ever did so I am hoping i feel the same about this!

My surgery is scheduled for May 12th. I will post before and after pics once I have some. Wish me luck and I will be posting more once there is something for me to post. Thanks again for all of you sharing your experiences here on realself.

Okay i thought maybe i should give my stats, I am...

okay i thought maybe i should give my stats, I am 5'3" and 129 pounds. I have been trying to lose some extra weight though before my surgery so still working out 5 times a week for one hour each day. So hard to lose weight ever since I turned 35 years old. It seems as if I work out and just not gain weight but can't lose it. I eat pretty healthy too so its hard to understand why i can't lose this belly, SO a tummy tuck it is!!!! I am getting a full tummy tuck with lipo on my hips and flanks. Very Excited!!!! ")

Welcome to RealSelf!   Another tiny woman:)

There seems to be quite a few of us out here now.  My hubby calls it munchkin land. 

Do not feel guilty about spending the money because you are so worth it.  You deserve it and should do this for yourself. 

You will love the new body when it is minus the muffin top.  You will feel amazing and love your body again.

Keep us up to date and let us know how you are doing.
Just like with your Breast Augmentation, you will LOVE your body after your Tummy Tuck! I am eight days post-op and already super thrilled with my results...and that's even with being swollen. Nobody will tell you it's easy, because it's not...but I think most women will tell you it's worth it and they would do it again if they had to. Best of Luck on your Tummy Tuck journey!! *hugs*
Thanks for the wishes on my tummy tuck adventure! You were lucky you got breast, butt and tummy done! your ahead of me, I better start catching up. LOL ;) Glad to see your doing well and that your so happy with your results. Do you know how many post op appointments your going to be having? It seems like some ppl keep seeing their doctors for months after and others only until the one month mark. Not sure how many we should be having? well keep your updates coming so i can see how your progressing!!

Hi again!! I am now getting more anxious since my...

hi again!! I am now getting more anxious since my pre op is coming up on the 18th of April. I am sure i will be even more anxious once i come back from that appt. I can't stop thinking about this whole tummy tuck adventure and trying to keep my mind elsewhere but it is very difficult! Iknow all you ladies know what I am talking about, I can't be the only weird one out there, right? lol =) Well I hope everyone is doing well recovering or awaiting their surgery. I Will be back soon to let you know how my pre op went. bye for now!!!
Hi newtummy4bee- Hang in there! I know and understand how hard it is to NOT think about anything else than our TT's!! May 12th will come fast for us, as we are on the same day, girl! I'm looking forward to following you on your journey to bikini-land! Can't wait to hear about your pre-op, as mine is on May 4th. I had a bit of a "road bump" on my journey. I fractured my hand last week. :( The good news is that I didn't need surgery, and that I can wear a splint. We are going on vacation next week, and the only thing I can think about is "will this affect my surgery?" I'll be exactly 5 1/2 weeks into the healing of my fracture, on the day of my TT. And come hell or high water, I am gonna have it!!

Good luck to you!! May 12th will be here before we know it!
So sorry to hear of your fractured hand!!! =( Hopefully it heals quickly so that you can use your arms to help you get up. I know what you mean about not wanting to reschedule or even think of having to wait for another time to have your tt. I would hate it if I had to reschedule, hopefully nothing comes up that would make me have to. I will be posting some before pics soon and I will definately write you on the night that i go to my pre-op. So excited!! Thanks again for sharing your journey along with me on our tummy tuck adventure!! =)
I'm May 12th as well. Full tt, lipo flanks, and BA with saline.

25 more days for surgery!! 2 more days for pre-op,...

25 more days for surgery!! 2 more days for pre-op, I am so excited and can't wait for the painful recovery to a nice flat stomach!! =D

Today was my pre-op and had most of my questions...

Today was my pre-op and had most of my questions answered! of course i forgot to ask a couple but no worries i will just call or stop by some other day before surgery. Paid in full today and got prescriptions called in. So now it's just time to wait for surgery day!! My scar is probably going to be a little longer than I would have wished for but need to get rid of some extra skin and fat. As long as the kangaroo pouch is gone and i have a new flat tummy, I will love it!!! The important thing is that My doctor makes me feel so comfortable and at ease, I am glad I found him.

Posted my before pics!

posted my before pics!
We are almost there!! 2 weeks from today, girl! My pre-op is next Wednesday. Can't wait- So thankful for this website for some support and encouragement!
I know only ten more days to go!!! I have been trying to get everything i need for recovery. Thinking of getting a compression garment soon for the wedding i will be attending four weeks after surgery. Found a real good medical grade one online but not sure so I am going to ask my dr. for his opinion. I believe he is giving me two binders but want one a little nicer for the wedding and everyday wear. Let me know how your post op goes this wednesday. ;)
posted my before pics today but not the ones the dr took, i don't have those yet. You can see my deep stretch marks from my pregnacies!!!

Wow I can't believe it is only 11 more days to...

wow I can't believe it is only 11 more days to go before my special day in surgery!! I am having a hard time though since I suffer from menstural migraines and can't take any of my medications since it is so close to surgery. I hope these days go by quickly so I can be done with the migraines and just concentrate on getting everything I need for recovery!!
Hey girl-
Thinking about you- one more week!!! Had my pre-op yesterday. Bought some "Assets"! It's a compression garment sold at Target. Basically a Spanx type garment. Since I'm also having lipo of the inner and outer thigh, I'll need something that goes from high tummy to above the knees. Want to be ready and prepared so I bought a couple different ones. Hope I can stuff myself into those. Also got my prescriptions filled and checked out the bikinis while I was there. :)

Take care this next week. You're going to look great for the wedding you're attending!! So excited for you. Have you had any luck with getting another compression garment??
I am actually going to be ordering one online from healing enhacements. They are medical grade compressions made just for tummy tucks, lipo, or which ever surgery your having. I was going to ask my dr first but i think I will just buy it. It has two zippers and button crotch making it easy to put on. I can send you the link if your interested in seeing it. I have seen others in this forum wearing the same one and they really like it. So did you get all your questions answered at your preop? O and how is your hand doing? I can't believe it is only 7 days away!! I bought me a shower seat, bed tray, wedge pillow and of course a little planner so my husband can write down my time i take meds and to keep track of my drain output. The arnika forte I am getting from my ps on the day of surgery so I think I am not forgetting anything but not sure. What are you getting to prepare for surgery, maybe I need to compare lists! =) I also added some lipo under my chin since i have always had some excess fat there (its runs in the family). I am very excited to see that gone!! I am thin but with that it makes me look heavier. Glad we are doing this together!!!

Thank you for posting your pics!  It is helpful for other ladies to see the before and after results. 

Almost there!!!  Say bye bye to the old tummy.

Four more days and then its my turn to get a flat...

Four more days and then its my turn to get a flat new stomach!! I am almost ready except for some grocery shopping and some house cleaning, I want to leave everything spotless =) My husband will be my nurse for the first two and a half weeks of recovery. Got to love him ;)
Lipo under the chin!! Yeah for you!!! I've always thought I could have that done. :) That is awesome!!

I'll just need to get some groceries next week, and finish up my laundry- then I think I'll be ready. I've gotten items like Milk of Mag, Colace, ES Tylenol, ice packs, Mederma and Bio Oil. I need to get a wedge pillow!! I also got a couple new loungy type pants with super soft, silky material. I'm going to have to wear a longer type compression garment since I'm having the extra lipo done, so I want to wear something that's super loose and comfy. And, I hate looking "frumpy"!!
Oh- one more thing, I've also started taking extra vitamin C. Have you heard of "Emergen- C"? It comes in a powder, and you mix it with water. Bought extra for post-op, too.

I am so glad we are doing this together, too!! My hand is so much better. Thanks for asking! :) I still have it in the splint, and it probably will need to be splinted for another couple weeks. It's not keeping me from having this done, or from doing anything. Although, I have had to cut out the weights with my right hand when I work out. Which, leads me to one more thing- 6 weeks of no exercise is gonna kill me!! I'm not one to just lay around and do nothing. My PS doesn't even want me power walking or anything EVEN at 4 weeks out!! Although, I have to say that I don't want to do anything to compromise the results of the surgery. My husband did say to me- "honey this is your time to BE THE PRINCESS!!"
Ha!! OK!

Sorry for writing you a book!! I appreciate your support so much!!
O don't worry i like books!!! lol =) Where did you get your bio oil? I also got some new comfy cute pants with a drawstring so I can look descent during recovery! I also HATE looking frumpy ! Did you get any medical supplies like gauze? Not sure we need it but have seen others include that on their list. O no i have not heard of emergen-c but I am not allowed to take any sort of supplements during pre op , not even berries! So I have been watching what I am eating and drinking. I guess all Dr's are different in what they want you to take and not to take. Four more days and then its our day!! Wow, I can't believe it already here! I will surely keep you in my prayers and update you as soon as I can after surgery. =)

Countdown starts today!!! Three more days for my...

countdown starts today!!! Three more days for my full tummmy tuck, lipo of the flanks and muscle repair. I am getting very anxious and just want to get this over with so I can think of something other than this event! I know the day will come and go so quickly so I need to concetrate on what is needed to be done before I go. Basically just need to buy groceries and the usual cleaning as I do when I am going on vacation. (Too bad the vacation is going to be spent on my bed!) lol =) Well, thanks again to everyone for the support and wish me luck!!
Oh yeah they tried to schedule me for Friday the 13th too!!! I told them NO WAY! lol. So they put me in for the 11th! thank goodness :) I will definitely keep u updated. We're gonna be some hot sexy mommas this summer!
I was just reading your post..and yeah, there is no way in hell i would be going under the knife on FRIDAY THE 13th .....I hope your surgery went well :)
Good Luck to you! Mine is one day before yours..on May 11, 2011 @ 9:30am. It's all I think about...and I can barely sleep at night! I've never been so anxious in my life! Can't wait til it's all over with.

Tomorrow is my day! Can't believe in just...

Tomorrow is my day! Can't believe in just twenty four hours I should be done with my surgery. I am so glad that I found this site so I can share my fears, happiness and experiences with people who can understand me and what I am going through! Thanks Ladies for everything!! Very much appreciated!

Woohooo...GOOD LUCK! You gonna look amazeeeeeeen

Today's your big day! Thinking about you.

Thank you for your sweet message! I will be checking in to see how things went! It is over before you know it then the healing begins. That goes by faster than imagined as well!!

Hi Girls!!! I made it! I have to say it isn't...

Hi Girls!!! I made it! I have to say it isn't as bad as I thought! Compared to my boob job this was easy! Everything went smoothly and I was home by four thirty since it is about one and a half hours away from home. I was sent home with a catheter since I was not able to urinate on my own. I saw my dr yesterday for my first post op and he removed the catheter but when I got home I tried to urinate again and just could not get anything to come out. So I had to go to urgent care close to home to get one put back in. I will have it until monday when I see my dr. I hope this has happened to someone else? The nurse at urgent care said it does and sometimes it takes a week to be able to urinate on my own. Other than that and my back hurting since I am bent over, I feel great!! The pain is very minor with the tummy tuck its just the mobility and the back what is difficult for me. I saw my tummy yesterday and it looked so good! Can't wait to be out of catheter and drains so I can feel more normal. Thanks for all your support and feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
Hope your appt. went well today and that your "potty situation" is better!!! Hang in there!!
Today's day 4 for you...Hope all is well and you're feeling better!!! Keep us posted...Best wishes!!!
Hi! I was just reading your update on not being able to urinate. I am from the April forum and there is another woman on there who is also in your situation. She has been in and out of the hospital because she is also not urinating and retaining large amounts of urine. Please go and check out and maybe you can get in contact with her for some advice. It is the last two pages of the April forum.

Get well soon!

I can PEE!!! finally, never thought I would be so...

I can PEE!!! finally, never thought I would be so happy to just be able to urinate on my own. I got my catheter out this morning and my bladder was able to function all on its own. YAY!! =D I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good. Back is not hurting as much, still have not been able to shower since i still have my drains, and getting use to this recovery life. I just always think of the way i will feel in about one month with my newer body! Hope everyone is doing well in their recovery. God Bless =)
Awesome! Im glad your feeling much better :)
Thank you I am so glad everthing is back to normal.
So happy for you that your bladder issue is resolved!! Now you can focus on resting and recovering and not having to worry about that problem. I have been feeling so wiped out and exhausted. Took a shower and felt like I was going to pass out after. Takes forever to do anything. I'm not moving very fast, but it is definitely better than this last weekend!! How about you? I'm going to try and post some pics tomorrow. Hopefully that won't be a one hour ordeal!!

Hi girls, I got my drains out yesterday at my...

Hi girls,

I got my drains out yesterday at my post op and it did hurt. More of a bad stinging sensation than a pain feeling!! I think the removal of the incision tape hurt me more, i even started to sweat. lol =0
I am eight days post op today and feeling pretty good besides my aching back. Not as bad as before but still achy! Can't wait to stand up straight and not feel like a granny when I walk. I finally get to take a shower today and I am a little nervous to feel the sensation of water on my tummy. Does it feel weird? Do you girls who have showered just let the water run down on your tummy or do you actually clean it by rubbing your tummy? So afraid to ruin something!! How about your belly button? Well any input will help before I take that leap. thanks =)
You will feel amazing after your shower!! Caution though- it will wipe you out!! At least for me it did. Now that your drains are out, you are a free woman!! I didn't wash my belly at all, just cause I'm so sensitive and don't really want to touch it. I had a difficult time washing my hair, as it's hard to put your head back in the shower. But congratulations- a shower will do wonders!!!

I have a PS appt. today, still have the 2 drains, and they are draining ALOT of fluid. 80-90 cc a day. :( So, I highly doubt he'll take them out. I'm good with that though, really want my body to heal, and obviously it still needs the drains. Finding a way to hide them under my clothes is difficult though! Can't wait to see your pics! I took some the other day, but am having a difficult time with my computer downloading them. Frankly, I don't want to waste my energy figuring it out!!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Today is day 12 and feeling pretty good! I am...

today is day 12 and feeling pretty good! I am almost standing straight but not quite yet maybe a couple more days.. I have another post op on Friday to remove the tape from my incision and just check on things. I have most of my swelling right above my scar but nothing too extreme. I weigh seven pounds less than the day I went into surgery and I am on my period so that is a real good sign. I also have a little swelling right under my breast in the middle and is very sore there too. All in all everything is going well. Hope all of you ladies going through recovery are doing well. Have a great day ;)

Hi Girls, I am 17 days post op today and...

Hi Girls,

I am 17 days post op today and feeling pretty good!! I am standing straight but just need a little more for completely straight! I just feel so much tightness and when I pull I have pain or should I say soreness. I have been trying to stretch while I sleep since it is the easiest way for me to do it. I also am wearing a newer binder that helps me stay straight. I just feel so darn tight!!! I know that is probably a good thing just hard to get use to.
I started using this gel over my scar yesterday that my PS had me buy from him. It is expensive but the results I've seen from his previous patients are great, so hopefully with me too. It is a silicone gel and seals over the scar and i have to apply it on every twelve hours. The full results are suppose to show from 60 to 90 days of use. My PS made my inscison very clean and thin. I am so glad for that!
Started sleeping on my sides and feeling great now since I actually get an adequate amount of sleep. I am not a back sleeper so it was so difficult to sleep all night without waking up all sore. I have not been on any medications since the first week not even tylenol. Pain pills I stopped after the fourth day and the only other one I was taking was the antibiotics which I finished at seventh day. Enough of my rabbling just wanted to let you know how things were going in case someone is not at this point yet!! Happy Recovery everyone! =)

I just posted some after pictures. I still have...

I just posted some after pictures. I still have some swelling right along my incision to my pubic area and my upper mid ab right underneath my breast. I am 4 weeks tomorrow and feeling so good! The only issue I have at this point is that at the end of the day I am so tired and start to slouch from the pulling feeling of my abs. Other than that I am doing good and getting better every day!
You look great! When did you notice your swelling go down
Well I have not had much swelling besides the lower ab by the incision and all I did was take the Arnika Forte right after surgery for 15 days and wear my compression garment 24/7 only taking it off for showers. I also drink lots of water daily, so probably after two weeks the swelling started getting better.
Wow! You look great! :)

I had a post op today and I am just two days shy...

I had a post op today and I am just two days shy of 5 weeks. Dr said everything is going great and I have had NO problems with seroma or excessive swelling. So glad I am recovering well and feeling so much more normal everyday! I am so pleased with my results and my scar, it is healing so nicely. My belly button is a little flat still but hopefully it will go in more with time. Glad I did this and would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!!
Hey girl, how you been? I saw some of your pics inyour lil black bikini, and I had a question, did you notice around week 2 that your incision seemed high because of the swelling. I ask because it seems like my incision is sooo high Im like I can barely cover it with my panties...grrrr maybe Im jus being inpatient, whta you thnks? HELPS btw..you look smokin hot in that bikini..you go gyyyyrl! owwww
Hi =)
I have been really good!! No, I have always thought my incision is quite low. I was suprised how low it was that my bikini did cover it well even on the sides where it is only strings. But I have all my swelling right where my incision is so I have noticed that little by little since the swelling is going down my scar looks a bit lower. I can't wait for the swelling to leave completely. My pubic area is swollen too still and I am already 6 weeks =(
well that makes me feel a bit better. Yeha it seems so high to me, but maybe Im disfunctional LOL yep thats prob it ;)

I am now 7 weeks post op and feeling great! I am...

I am now 7 weeks post op and feeling great! I am pretty much back to my pre op self except for not using my stomach muscles. I started to work out again but started slowly and cautiously on my eliptical and walking my dogs. I seem to get tired easily but everyday gets better. Saw my Dr today and he says everything is looking real good! I won't see him again for about a month since he is going on vacation. Time is finally flying by not like in the first couple weeks seem to drag maybe because we are so anxious to progress with our recovery. Will be taking some more pics soon to post.

Hey mama..when did you quit the binder. I just stopped using mine at about 4 weeks, Im swelling pretty bad today and kinda wish i had it, but I dont want to be codependent upon it, that is for my ab muscles. I dont want my back to get weak. DO you think 4 weeks is fine?
I have not quit the binder!! I wear it every day still and will until the three month mark. That is when my Dr said it was a good time to stop wearing it. So on that note I still have about four weeks to wear it. So how long have you been not wearing it? Do you see the difference in swelling since you stopped wearing it? I actually bought me a new one the other day since my old one was pretty beat up. I don't think you will be codependent on it, you need your body to adhere back to the muscles and compression helps keep any fluids from accumilating. But if it is working for you then do it. Everybody's different in healing. I had lipo and compression garments are a must to limit swelling. I am just going to keep mine till three months then go day by day and see if and when I might still need to wear it.
I know I hear ya. I like the binder for the support now, but I HATE wearing it. It will be so nice when we dont have to wear it and the swelling is gone on it's own. I hope you will be able to soon!! All the Best to you...:-)

8 weeks now and feeling GRRRREAT!! I have been...

8 weeks now and feeling GRRRREAT!! I have been taking it easy these past two months which I believe is the reason I don't swell. I am lucky to have the opportunity to be able to just take it easy and I am glad since it makes a big difference in recovery. I have been wearing my skinny jeans since week three and even had to buy two sizes smaller ( and that is with my big binder on too) . So happy with my results can't wait to enjoy the beach next summer feeling confident!! Good luck to all you girls looking for that flat stomach =)

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Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Updated on 23 May 2011:Dr. Sajjadian is an extremely caring and patient doctor. From the first day I met him I felt comfortable and safe. He is very professional but at the same time friendly and easy to talk to. I can't say I have ever met anyone like him. He takes his time with you to make sure you understand what he is going to do and answer any of your questions.I am very happy I chose him as my doctor and Highly recommend him to others looking for a doctor who cares!! I had a full tummy tuck with lipo on flanks and lipo under my chin. Dr Sajjadian is triple board certified and it really shows!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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