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My girlfriend Wendy has been modeling for years....

My girlfriend Wendy has been modeling for years. She's had a lot of plastic surgery over the years to help further her career. When I saw the photos of before and after of her I had to admit. Wow what a difference.

I'm a normal guy who makes a decent income. I've been constantly working on myself as long as I can remember. I've done all kinds of psychological work cleaning up how I feel about myself inside. Recently not much comes up inside and I've started working on the outside much more. I had the gap in my front teeth repaired with Vaneers as a start. After seeing what Wendy has had done it got me considering plastic surgery. I met with a plastic surgeon near my house. I 'm a good looking guy overall. I have a few physical flaws like most people do. I felt why not look at great on the outside as I feel on the inside.

The plastic surgeon near my house had a lot of suggestions. I came in wanting to really improve my breathing and improve my jawline. I suggested doing a necklift, jaw implants and Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty. The surgeon quickly tested my breathing and looked at my nose. He suggested putting this rib support inside to make my nose wider. He didn't register the jaw implant that I mentioned which was the first red flag. He suggested a chin implant, and after looking at me for a few minutes went on and on and on how cheek implants would really do me good. I mentioned cutting the muscle on my neck to help improve the jawline. The surgeon went on how he would lipo everything including behind the muscle. He then proceeded to take pictures and in doing the adjustments on photoshop he barely moved the line on my neck. Wendy told me later this is normal, Surgeons would rather set the bar low and surpass it compared to set the bar high and not meet it. The bar though was just TOO low. I had this bad feeling inside. Things just did not feel right. I wasn't really into cheek implants. I noticed he didn't really register the jaw implants until after we looked though his portfolio of implants. I had taken the first step and talked to somebody about plastic surgery. Something didn't fit right but my mind was now wondering.

I can be geeky and I did my research on the internet about procedures and doctors. The internet is a great thing. The Plastic Surgeon I chose website came up. His website is quite impressive. He has put A LOT of work into it to help educate patients. He is Board Certified, and I just had this good vibe inside that it would be a great fit. One thing I liked was that I saw a testimonial of somebody in my exact same situation. He had done a neck lift with somebody who never had a strong neckline ever and the results spoke for themselves.

I called and made an appointment. My timing was great as I got one for the next day. Meet my patient coordinator Cristin and My Plastic Surgeon He had a lot of suggestions but he was also against doing certain things. He talked about doing a " Natural Look" and improving the you but not such a drastic change. I got that he wouldn't want to do a Michael Jackson type of plastic surgery. Something that really isn't right. He and Cristin both agreed Cheek implants weren't right and maybe a fat transfer would be a better option to add some fullness to my cheeks.

My doctor went out of his way to educate me about different possibilities. This is a big deal, I shouldn't be educating my potential surgeon, they should be teaching me. I left the appointment happy and worked on a game plan. Since I'm a professional speaker I have to make sure I'm presentable when I give a seminar. I saw a window between my next seminar and set something up for December.

I was happy My doctor was willing to just do local anthesia . Which is much less expensive. It means you are awake during the procedure (lots of people do fall asleep though) and that they numb the area. I felt a few little pin pricks but nothing to really complain about. I was numb and fine throughout the entire procedure. Wendy drove me home. I felt pretty good overall.

It's now been a few months and I look great. My photos and this story are on his site under neck lifts.

I did this video as I was so happy with my doctor...

I did this video as I was so happy with my doctor as I was of saying thanks. Keep in mind this was ONE month after the procedure. My neck is SOOO much tighter compared to what it is now in that video. (The same with my after photos)

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Professional, experienced, board certified, has great before and after photos.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi I need this same procedure....cna you ask dr if he knows anyone in rochester NY hwo can do this for me....thanks rob )) If you coudl email me id really appreciate ))
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My husband wants this procedure and Im having a hard time finding many docs in SoCal with pics in reviews. Do you have any recent pics you would be willing to post? How's the healing?
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I agree with Chrystal. There seems to be a concerted effort by LSL to drive their ratings up. They even had an LSL doctor (a Dr H) come on and get nasty with the members. He tried to stay anonymous (which is probably a violation of their NY AG settlement) but then was outed. Saying that, they still can't get above
the low 50's.

I think that Real Self should reject reviews that don't submit pre- and post-op photos, or if the photos are very suspect. Maybe they could have a group of independent plastic surgeon members make the call...?
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Hey Robert, You are right about the ratings! From last year to this year it has jumped from a low of 23% to over 50%. I guess one reason would be that the patients that are happy are sent a link by LSL asking them to post of their happy results. That is all well and fine but are they doing the same for the patients that are unhappy? Just wondering. I have never seen an unhappy post on the LSL website, yet at, and and others you can find plenty. Plus being investigated by the Attorney Generals in Florida and now California.

Researching is important and not relying simply on information provided by an infomercial or provided by the website. Many people who have not undergone an elective procedure just do not do enough research! When you are talking about looking in the mirror and not recognizing the face that is reflected back at you...

As far as the LSL performing more procedures than anyone else, I agree with you that I had rather have a doctor who does the 10 right rather than 400 half-a_ _ ed. I just had a woman write to me saying she wished she had gone with her gut feeling on doing the LSL. Now she is sitting at home alone, she has no after-care instructions and asking me what to do. What can I tell her??? Unfortunately, I do not think the percentage of happy is reflected accurately in the LSL ratings. If everyone who writes on the site would do a bio, then you would have an accurate view of what is really going on at the LSL offices. The lure of a bargain is just too intriguing to pass up for some, believing and trusting. They are trusting a company who is basing their outcome on marketing instead of patient satisfaction. Again, Thanks Robert! Best, Chrystal Eckes
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Thanks Crystal

Glad to help out on the LSL bs. I find it interesting how it used to be rated very poorly but surely the ratings have turned over 50%. Majority are without photos and even some with photos are fishy. (I called attention to one)

On doing a necklift I was concerned about one thing. Having it done right. About 3/4 of even board certified plastic surgeons have different techniques. In fact even on of the pictures for a "local" doctor here on realself on this review doesn't cut the muscle and therefore it doesn't get that tightness.

I researched for a few months who could do this really well. I found a video of Dr. Cruise doing a necklift with a patient similar to my situation and great results. He works nearby, I scheduled a consult and now I have my own video. :)

Eric K later on did the sametype of surgery later on with a doctor near him.

On LSL one thing I remember a doctor saying on here is that the average board certified plastic surgeon does 10 facelifts a year. Yet he does over 400. So who do you think is more qualified?

I'm paraphrasing but that was what he said. Funny but it's still the guy who does 10 a year who is way more qualified. I'd rather have somebody do 10 completely right each year and have years of medical training, Practice doesn't always make perfect.

Perfect practice makes perfect.
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Hey Robert, great before and after shots... you are very handsome. I wanted to thank you for your posts on the LSL subject. Your help is appreciated. I could not but help notice that the pricing of your neck lift vs the pricing of a LSL. Did you ever consider a LSL vs going with a regular board certified plastic surgeon? Just trying to point out to people that when comparing apples to apples that you CAN find competitive pricing. LSL is not the cure all that it is made out to be especially with the misleading advertising. Research and BUYER BEWARE as recently posted by a Lifestyle Lift Doctor! Thanks for your posts. Chrystal Eckes
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Your welcome glad to make the site better and share my experience.
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Nice video!  Thanks for posting it.

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Good to know Arnica works -- the Dr perscribed a high strength Arnica made by Boiron, so I'll be taking that carefully.  Here's my double chin lipo review.

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One word Arnica available online and any type organic health foodstore. Takes the bruising time down in half about $6 for the pills or $6 for the cream. I strongly recommend it for bruises.
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Thanks for sharing the recovery time -- the advice I got was to hold off on shaving while I'm wearing the compression garment so the stubble disguises any bruising.  The lipo's tomorrow and I'll post my review soon after.

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Recovery to be looking 100% better = 7 months (lipo) To have the scar under my chin be hidden and easily shaved over 5 months To full nerve recovery about 2 months (this wasn't too bad here btw) To be look great and have nobody really know what just happened about 3-4 days. Yep on the compression garment. But I'd take it off if I was in public after a few days.
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Wow, great results!  Thanks for sharing your story.  My neckline looks a lot like yours did and I'm scheduled for "double chin lipo" in a few weeks.  The doctor discussed a neck lift but my mom recently had surgery on her jaw and still has numbness/nerve damage so I wanted to start with just the lipo and see what kind of improvement that makes.

How long was the recovery process?  Did you wear a compression garmet for a few weeks? 

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