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At age 46 I didn't like the sagging crepe like...

At age 46 I didn't like the sagging crepe like skin that was appearing on my cheeks so I had a fat transfer along with a facelift and brow lift in November 2009. I really loved the results. I didn't look pulled or altered just younger and refreshed. I have had many compliments.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to add more fullness to my face since many people tell me I am skinny. I had a second stage fat transfer and upper eyelid surgery just 10 days ago on November 11. I am still healing, but I am very happy with the results so far. I am liking the fullness the additional fat has added to my face. I know I will still lose about 10-15 percent of the volume as I heal, but things are looking good and I am healing nicely.

I am now 3 weeks post surgery. I like the fullness...

I am now 3 weeks post surgery. I like the fullness the additional fat has added to my face. The only swelling I have notice now is on my left side under my eye. I think this might be due to the fact that I sleep on my left side.

No more bruises, but only 2 red marks are left. One under my left eyebrow and 1 on my left cheek. These aren't doing much. But I know I bruise easily. My bruises from my facelift last year took 7 weeks to go away. I know I am still healing.

The red marks under my left eyebrow and on my left...

The red marks under my left eyebrow and on my left cheek are gone. Only a little swelling remains under my left eye and it is not very noticeable.

It is just after 6 weeks after surgery. The...

It is just after 6 weeks after surgery. The swelling under my left eye is gone. I have noticed that the extra fat in my upper cheeks has really helped reduce the appearance dark circles under my eyes. I no longer need to put concealer on to hide them.

Dr. Joseph Cruise

This is my 3rd surgery with Dr. C and I couldn't be happier with my experience each time. I have loved the results of my previous 2 surgeries (fat transfer/facelift then breast augmentation)so I am sure the results from this last surgery will be just as great. Not only is Dr. C an extremely skilled surgeon, he is also very personable and caring. His staff is wonderful and supportive as well. I felt just as important during my final post-op follow-up appointments as I did during my first consultation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Any lumpiness under eyes? Did this fat last?
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There was just swelling under my eyes and my whole face. Lumps are common. I am still happy with my results. It has been 5 years since my first fat transfer and 4 years after my second and I like the results.
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So the lumpiness is not visible? I had lower eyelid surgery that left me hollow under and I'm terrified to make another mistake.
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I love that your doctor's name is Tom Cruise! I didn't see the before so I cannot comment on the change, but you look good to me...and I also came to yr profile because you were so well spoken on schmie's great review which is one of my fave and also hilarious with some of the comments. I actually thought you looked okay without makeup but I am the same way. I really thought the less styled hair made you look younger, the one right after the surgery, but that's just me.
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Santosay, I am glad you are happy with the result.  A good fat transfer the results should be subtle.  Only so much fat survives and they can only do so much at one time.  I went back a year later and had a second fat transfer.  I had fat added to my temple and forehead and a little more to my cheek.


I am pretty thin so the doctor said it took him over an hour just to get enough fat for my face the first time and we ran out before would could do my forehead and temple.  A second fat transfer is not uncommon.


I know it can take a while for the bruises to go away, but they do.  I am glad it worked out for you. Thanks for the update.
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Hi Misty, thought I would just check in with you again and also for wicked22. Its now around 7 weeks since I had my fat transfer and im happy with the results, although I may need to go back for the procedure again later. The terrible bruising and swelling was gone by 3 weeks and now the difference is very subtle which is what I wanted. My doctor said I had lost so much fat from my face that he had to put a lot in and depending how much of it 'took' I may need more. My procedure was done under local anaesthetic.
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Thanks so much for sharing.It makes such a difference to know people have had the same experience but than a good outcome.Great that people can interact in this way.Regards and good wishes
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Thanks Wicked22. I also bruise easily.  I had black eyes that lasted for 6 weeks after my facelift, temple lift and first fat transfer.  I thought those bruises would never go away.


Hang in there...the bruises will fade.  FYI, I got some Elemis refreshing gel (on-line) that seemed to help my bruises fade.  It is expensive, but I use it whenever I get bruises.  It also feels great on tired, hot aching feet.


Good louk. I hope you like your results as much as I like mine.
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Thanks for the tip,I will give it a go.I have had fat transfer alone so maybe the bruising won,t be so persistent ,although at the moment it is pretty gruesome .It is very reassuring to know that two years down the line you are still happy with your results.Thank you for sharing your experience it has been a help to me.Kind regards
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I think your pictures are brill you look great.Glad you mention the bruising.I also bruise badly,have just had fat transfer and look idious at the moment.Very swelled and bruised.It helps to know this will settle down.Thanks for being so honest.
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Misty,I am really beinfg careful. I paid half down to a Beverly Hills sugeon to do what he calls as a reverse temple lift. Come to find out he is not even a board certified PS although he does seemingly do good work. They did not communicate with me in a way that I could understood what this was.They said they would lower my hair line. I thought this was great, but after I paid the deposit then I was told that it would only lower the hair line around the temples. I have a prominent forehead thus he wanted more money to lower the hair line around the forehead and treated me like I had some nerve for expecting it. I aksed the staff to email me exaclty what I was getting .They did not. I became nervous and asked for the cashiers check back.. They gave me a hassle. So someone I knew in California went to pick the check up. They made him sit there for 25 minutes and then his car was towed. It cost $400. 2 years ago I paid for a full face fat transfer. I am still paying and there is no evidence tha tthey doctor did anything. I had no bruises, swelling or even a prick mark. Needless to say, I am anxious to get something done , but I am afraid to give up my hard earned money then have the staff avoid me.You look beautiful.
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Thanks no pictures.


I am sorry to hear about all you hve been through. It sounds like the fat transfer 2 years ago really didn't happen.  You would have had needle marks and swelling at the very least.  I bruise pretty easy so I also had bruises.  I can understand your apprehension. There are definitely qualified surgeons out there, the trick is just finding the right one for you.  I have had several procedures by my surgeon and I couldn't be happier, but then you had a different experience than I did, so keep searching.


I wouldn't go to anyone that isn't board certified. I know this isn't a guarantee but it helps you know that certain minimum standard exist. 


I hope it works out for you. Good look
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It is true that it does cost more in the US, but in my opinion it is worth it.  There are somethings like your face and health that you just don't want to take short cuts.


If you do go to Mexico really do your research. I am sure there are qualified surgeons there i and good facilities, it may be hard to find out without seeing everything in person first. 


Just be careful.
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I am surprised by your experience. Mine was completely different.  You do need to go with who you feel most comfortable.


I personally don't recommend going some place like Mexico for less money.  Internation standards for medical care are different here than in the US.  Plus I think it is better to be closer to your surgeon for all of the required follow-up care.  Of course, you are free to do what you choose, but the LA area is one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world so I recommend doing more research and finding a local doctor.


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Misty, thank you for that. The only problem is what they charge in the US is a far above what I can afford and I have been saving for a long time.
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Misty, your face lift looks really nice. I did not have any luck with your doctor. I was afraid when the office staff seemed disorganized and would not be honest with me.Does any one have any knowledge of getting a face lift in Mexico for less money.
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Thanks Misty :)
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Glad to hear the swelling is better. It will continue to improve. I have never heard of the fat going away and coming back, but I am not a doctor. That is a question to ask your PS. I understand that only about 60 - 70% of the fat from a fat transfer survives. It has to re-vasculate. If there is too much movement in the face this can make less fat re-vasculate.

You jowl area may be better than it was before, but it may be look less now because the swelling has gone down.

You are still early in healing so be patient...the jury is still out on you. Hang in there.
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Hi Misty, the swelling has just about gone on my cheekbones now and I look much better. Another question for you :) the fat he put around my jowls seems to have just about gone back to how it was bedore the transfer, but ive read that there can be a 'dip' and then the fat comes back. Have you experienced this?
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You can keep the mirror out, just look at your face with interest and patience. Think of it as art in progress. Don't judge a painting until it's done. hang in there.
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Hi Misty, i will check that out, thanks again so much for the information and advice. I think I'll put my mirror away for a while!
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Thanks Santosay.

I know it is very difficult to be patient. This is especially true when it is your face because it is so highly visible and the first thing people see. After my first fat transfer and facelift I had black eyes for 6 weeks. I started to worry they would never go away, but they finally did.

Hang in there, ignore the horror stories for now because you don't need the worry. I many times find that the horror stories are posted too soon. The people haven't healed completely yet.

FYI, I am also a mentor on a website called Cosmetic Surgery Friends. There is a fat transfer forum where people post their experience and answer questions. It is free. You might want to check it out.

Have a great weekend.
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Misty, thanks so much for your quick reply... Ill try to stay positive. Its difficult when you know youve done this through choice! You look fantastic by the way. Fingers crossed i will too :)
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Hi Santosay

Based upon my experience you are panicking too early. It can take several months for all of the swelling to go down and for the final results to be known.

To help reduce my swellin my doctor had me take Arnica Montana pills. These pills should not be taken if you have high blood pressure. I got them at GNC. You can also eat pineapple which is supposed to help reduce swelling. You can also did guaze in ice water and put that where the swelling is most prevelent.

I am not a doctor you you may want to talk to your doctor first before doing any of the above.

I can say definitely don't worry is still way to early in the healing process for the results to be known. You don't want the added stress so hang in there. Feel free to ask me any other questions along the way.

Happy healing.
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Hi Misty, ive just had fat transfer 16 days ago. I also ruised really badly but most of it has gone now. I still seem to be tender and swollen high on my cheekbones which makes me look a little strange. Am i panicking too early that this wont resolve? In your experience? After reading so many scary reviews im a bit worried.
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