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Facelift, Fat Transfer and then Breast Augmentation - Newport Beach, CA

I didn't like the sagging crepe like skin that...

I didn't like the sagging crepe like skin that was appearing on my face. I looked older on the outside than I felt on the inside. Having a facelift, fat transfer, dermabrasion and brow lift was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I get many compliments. I feel like the outside matches the inside now. I loved the results so much, that I now longer felt like I was too old to have a breast augmentation. I have never appreciated my appearance more than I do now and that is saying something because I just turned 47. Updated on

Oct 13, 2010:The results of my facelift, fat transfer, brow lift and dermabrasion are real and they are very good and natural looking. I have posted additional pictures from the doctor to clearly see the before and after results.Updated on

Oct 13, 2010:Posting additional pictures

I am adding the unretouched photo of the original...

I am adding the unretouched photo of the original picture that caused all of the controversy. There is honestly not a big difference between the two. The results of my face lift and fat transfer are still the same. This was one of the best things I have every done.

Still going stron

I know there is debate here about how long a fat transfer lasts. I am not a doctor all I can do is go with my experience. I had a facelift and fat transfer 4 years ago this month and I am still happy with the results. Of course having a facelift and fat transfer doesn't stop you from aging...it just turns back the clock so I am aging...but I still get comments that I look much younger than my years.

Still Happy

It is 4 years since my facelift and fat transfer. I am still very happy with the results. It is one of the best things I have done. It is a definite boost to self confidence.
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

I had a face lift and fat transfer with Dr. C in 11/09. The results were so good that I felt I looked young enough that I had a breast augmentation in April. I have never been more pleased with my appearance than I am at this time. Dr. C not only does fabulous work, but he also has a great caring bedside manner. He and his office are true professionals.

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So was the $12,000.00 for Facelift, Fat Transfer and Breast Augmentation
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It was for a face lift, temple lift and fat transfer. The breast augmentation was separately and over 4 months later.
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Question, the $12,000.00 was only for the facelift?
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It was a face lift, temple lift and fat transfer. That was 3 years ago.
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You look great and thank you for sharing. Don't know why people questioning this as doesn't look retouched to me as still have the crows feet which is hardest thing to address. Do you know if he did any stem cells with the fat transfer and where did he take the fat from? Today 11-4-13 check out this "Video Chat" facelift procedure that was on The Doctor's (tv) and he talks about "drawing serum and mixing it with fat cells as if this is now the common practice also used in cardio, neurology, breast implant procedures. Not sure that procedure pulls the muscle as well otherwise, as far as I understand, just pulling the skin doesn't last.
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Thanks Chellamia. It has been 4 years since my fat transfer/face lift and I still am happy with the results. I don't know if there were any stem cells involved. I wasn't told if there were and I didn't ask. Just addressing the skin doesn't give the best or lasting results.
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Thanks everyone for a spirited discussion.  Can I make the suggestion we move back to concerns that thousands of people everyday come to RealSelf to address?

We'd love you to offer help to posters who have yet to hear much support from the community:

“No No No!-Reno, NV”

“Wish I Could Turn Back Time After Facelift - Chicago”

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Whatever anyone believes about my story (which is true) is up to them. If someone doesn't believe my results are real then it is their loss.

The bottom line is that I couldn't be happier with the results of both my facelift and breast augmentation. I have had many compliments so I know the results are great. So regardless of what people say/speculate here...at the end of the day...I am the one smiling when I look in the mirror.
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It's shocking that you are so quick to attack here on the internet. Yeah the first photo is off.

Yet when all the details are laid out.

You don't have the decency to say anything nice, no apology, nothing.

It speaks volumes about both of you.
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I should add the my last comment.


Misty did this NOT the doctor.


The video shows a lot more. It was done before the breast augmentation.
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We've been though THIS already.

The first picture is photoshopped.
It's around her eyes. Which a facelift DOES NOT take care of.

Only Botox takes care of this or eye surgery.

She just grabbed one of her favorite after photos that she had done an immature photoshop job of for a high school photo.

She didn't realized this and posted a ton of other UNTOUCHED photos and then a video.

Read the comments before going crazy.

The defenders are wrong (hey I defended her --I've met her by the way we have used the same doctor and met for the videos filming which we have NOT been compensated for we were just happy about our results and wanted to say thanks to our doctor)

I corrected my comment after looking at the photo more closely.

The EYES , SKIN, and her breast jobs have NOT been touched up.
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I hope this doesn't get flagged, but as someone who uses Photoshop on a regular basis, I can say that all the "after" pictures have been Photoshopped to death... It's too bad, because I'd like to see real results here on REALself, not advertising wolf in sheep's clothing... The lips, the breasts, the eye areas AND the skin have all been fixed, no doubt about it; and I think even the background and pose were worked on.
The actual "after" pics, taken by real people in other posts, were much more informative than this glazed version.
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I just read someone else's comment about the poster being "attacked" unfairly. If you click on the "after" photo and zoom in, you will see a couple of things very clearly: foggy film around the eyes, you can't really see the skin. Then, look at the left eye, and you will clearly see a rectangle that was put on (and not removed) by a very Inexperienced Photoshop user. So, no attack here. I feel bad for the lady too, whether she benefited from doing it or not is not important, but it does put her as well as the doctor, in a negative light, unfortunately...
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The first picture is retouched. I didn't even think about it when I clicked on it for my profile picture because the retouching was done months ago. It is a bad job of retouching because I never really use photoshop. After the retouching was pointed out I posted the other pictures. Please take a look at the other close up pictures of my face. These have not been retouched any where.

The pictures with the blue background were the surgeon's before and after pictures. Again these have not be retouched.

Last but not least is the video. I loved my results so much when the surgeon asked me if I would be willing to do a video testimonial I was more than pleased to do so. This video is not retouched at all. What is said in the video is my real experience.

This is exactly what is it supposed to be real results from my real experience.

I am sorry that my quick choice for a profile picture has caused such drama.
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CuriousinLA. This is really getting ridiculous. This IS an actual patient who DID get these great results. I get sick and tired of honest people getting unfairly "attacked"

It doesn't put her in a negative light....People like you put yourselves in such a state.

My goodness... This girl has been having to defend herself since she posted her stories/photos.

Did you take the time to read through the thread? The issue of the photoshop on the eyes was already honestly addressed by the patient.

People, read the entire thread before you post things like this AGAiN.

Leave this person alone for goodness sakes....

You should put your efforts into scanning Real Self for true offenders.
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Thank you for your comment, Britt. I can appreciate what you are saying. I was making more of a generalized statement about online communities. It appears that RealSelf is on top of things! Good to know!
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Thanks we work really hard to be. Please continue to be an active community member.


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I agree. People do have to be cautious on various plastic surgery sites because there are so many "fake" things posted (i.e. altered photos, people pretending they had plastic surgery, etc.). It's good to be cautious but not to jump to conclusions either as the one member did. There is a delicate way to approach things if you have questions or concerns about something posted.

I feel bad for this patient because she wanted to share her experience to show how great cosmetic surgery can be, but she was immediately attacked by someone thinking she altered her photos to show a result that wasn't real..
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You look so natural and beautiful. I am so glad that people are interested in seeing the good results from plastic surgery instead of focusing on the bad. Even still, people are looking for faults...lol...sorry people, life is not fair and she looks flawless to me!
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Hi Northville,

Thanks for adding your inpute to our Facelift community. I don't think it is that our members focus on the bad, they just want to make sure everyone here is truthful about their experiences, as some have had very traumatic experiences and others have had amazing experiences. They just want to make sure their community is being accountable. Thanks for your comment and please continue to be an active part of our community.


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Wow! Pretty impressive. I never knew fat transfer would be a consideration. I'm a male and considering a face lift. Obviously, I don't want anyone to know about it. If you don't mind telling me, how long was your recovery?
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Hi NewportBeach9844,

Thanks for checking out and being part of our facelift community! When are you considering getting a facelift? How long have you been thinking about it? Did you see our doctor Q&A answering questions others members have written in about facelifts? Please keep me updated.

All the best,


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Fat transfer would definitely be a consideration. One of main cause of facial aging is the loss of facial fat. A fat transfer help fill in the volume that is lost with age. The fat that survives the transfer is permanent.

I went back to 2 weeks. I did have black eyes that lasted about 7 weeks. I am however told that the black eyes were more from the brow lift versus the fat transfer. I dont know if you would have black eyes or not. But as a guy you could always tell a story that you got black eyes doing some kind or sport. You would have swelling that would last a few weeks, but most of it was gone at the 2 week mark.

I highly recommend it. By the way, the scars from my facelift are almost invisibile. I don't look pulled or altered. It was one of the best decisions I have ever done.
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I've learned from this review and researching on Realself that "crow's feet" ie the wrinkles around the eyes are NOT taken care of during a facelift. See this doctor's comments here:


Botox is usually the best solution for Crow's feet wrinkles. Misty was obviously self conscious about her crow's feet and edited the photo slightly for her a profile picture. She did not review anything being done to her eyes as one of the posters commented.
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You are right RobertT. A facelift, browlift, fat transfer does nothing to help crowsfeet. Since that picture was taken I have been using Botox and I am pleased to say this little suckers have disappeared...well for a few months at a time.

I haven't had anything done to my eyes. When I picked the picture for my profile, I just clicked on a picture I liked. I forgot that the crowsfeet were retouched on that picture months ago.
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