fillers do not work on cheek dents. Period. - Newport Beach, CA

I have exactly the same "dents" as the...

I have exactly the same "dents" as the man in the picture above. The truth is, doctors don't seem to know what they really are at all. They have been there since childhood, just as everyone else I've met with the same issue. So you see, they are not caused by aging falling fat pads. We were born with these. I have tried juviderm, radiesse etc. multiple times with zero effectiveness. You see, there is connective tissue along the crease that is pinning that tissue down... It is very difficult to pinch. Fillers will fall either above or below that connective tissue, thus emphasizing the crease. Fillers only help until the swelling goes down, and the following week they look worse than to begin with.

The best results I've ever had was from a Dr. that actually put 2 needles in simultaneously and worked them around to break up that connective tissue, then filled the same with restalyn in an attempt to keep the tissue from reconnecting. The restalyn wore off, and the tissue reconnected, but the results lasted about 3 months.


have that hollow look too. I recently lost all my teeth upper& lower. Thinking of juverderm? suggestions welcomed. AnnaATL.

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I have the same issue. It's getting worse as I get older. I wonder if cheek bone implants would work. Have you looked into that at all?
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I had radiesse injected deep into and under my cheekbone area i made sure to show my doctor where i wanted it placed, if it is placed to superficially it would give my face chipmunk cheeks so my dr listened and he really impressed Me, he used restylane for my lower lids and i loved it again, i went to hilinski if you want to know he is really good at listening to what you want, he doesn't get upset when patients tell him what they want as long as he feels it is reasonable, and i am super happy, sorry about your bad experience with it, radiesse is like bone so it should not go undereyes unless its deep and near the upper cheekbone , ;/
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Out of the 4 Dr's I went to , I got different answers and recommendations from each. They each criticized the last I had seen, promised results, and chalked it up to aging. These "dents" have been on my face since kindergarten. Nobody would listen to me.

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