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Hello, I've turned to this forum several times...

Hello, I've turned to this forum several times during the course of my decision making process and found it to be so helpful and supportive that I would like to reciprocate with my own experience. I am single 44 years old, 5'9 and 130 lbs. I have had my implants now for 13 years, having had them put in in 1999 when I was 31 years old. I have not had any health problems related to the implants that I am aware of. I do have a torn disk in my lower back and while having the extra weight of implants probably adds to the soreness I do not feel the implants had anything to do with instigating my back condition.

I believe I injured my back from sports related activities: a lot of snowboarding, some surfing, and lots and lots of step aerobic classes since I was a teen. My implants are Mentor saline. My records say they are 375 filled to 410 right breast and 375 filled to 425 left breast. I went from a 36B to a 36D. I have no rippling or anything that looks weird. Don’t believe what they tell you about silicone not being as good as saline. Mine were great. Who knows, maybe they make more money off silicone?

Before my implants my breasts were slightly saggy and I felt my areolas were too large, about the size of a silver dollar. I thought having larger breasts would make my areolas look more proportionate but after the implants were in my areolas increased in size, so no gain on that end. All in all, my implants look very natural as I have a good amount of original breast tissue.

So, why am I taking them out? Last year I got to thinking about how long I had had them and I wondered if I should have a check-up. I way thinking to myself, "How long can these implants last? Is there a shelf life?" So I went to see my original surgeon. He said as long as I wasn’t experiencing any illness the implants were fine but that I might want to revise them as I had a bit of sagging. I hadn't noticed my breast were sagging till he pointed it out -isn't that always the way it is, ladies? - but alas, after much turning and swaying to and fro in front of the mirror, I concluded he had a valid point. I have gained and lost anywhere from 5 to 15 lbs a dozen times over so yeah, that would make sense. So this led to more thinking, "New implants? Leave as is?"

This ping ponged back in forth in my head for a couple of months until one day I saw an E Channel biography on Kimberly Stewart, Rod Stewart's daughter. Both she and her super model mother had had them and took them out. OUT!!! What a novel idea. It hadn't even occurred to me as an option. So it's been a year since then and I'm ready to go for it. My surgeon and his staff look at me as if I'm a little off balance, warning me that I won't have the fullness, I might go into shock, followed by depression. But this is what I want...I think. I'm set for surgery March 22, 2012 to have my implants removed and a lollipop mastopexy to give me lift.

My surgeon is also going to downsize my areolas.

Fears: I am worried the scars will be hideous, that no man will stand to look at me, and more, that I won't be able to look in the mirror without shuddering. I look about ten to seven years younger than my age and for the most part date guys in their late twenties to mid thirties. Aw hell! I suppose at worst I’ll just have to date older - more forgiving- men? If they can over look my boob scars, I can overlook their beer bellies, bald spots, and hairy backs. LOL. Oh God, I don’t think so!!!

Pluses of Explant: Free of unnatural objects in my body, less weight on my back, never having to deal with unnecessary surgeries, no more huge expenditures, and free from awkward and uncomfortable conversations with dates and new acquaintances about having breast implants. Prayers: My areolas are correctly placed, symmetrical and -pardon the pun-all around cute.

Best Outcome: Natural, perky, well shaped breasts with minimal scarring. I will add before and after pictures when I get a chance because no matter what I can tell you about how it went nothing can replace a visual image. Here's to freedom, damn the scars of war!!!


Hope you are feeling well!
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Aw, thanks Brownies123.

Funny, I watched, About Schmidt, a few days before my surgery. There's a scene where Kathy Bates bares all. Same saggy scenario as, Something About Mary. And the same visuals going through my head too! LOL.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that I have had my post-op and I was able to see that my breasts look as perky as can be!!!

I'm going to get around to posting more info later today, I hope.

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Just read your post and hope you are doing well after surgery. I had the same fears about sagging etc...i just kept picturing the old lady in the movie.."something about mary" when they show her Fortunately, they dont look anything like that.
Hope you are well. Get lots of rest and keep us posted..xoxo
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It's been a week and a few days since my surgery...

It's been a week and a few days since my surgery and I definitely feel like a before and after girl, meaning I was weak where now I am strong! Too all those still on the other side of the fence: pre-surgery, contemplating,or just doing a little preliminary investigation into the idea of an explant, I can tell you this much, I am stoked!!! Hurrah. I passed the finish line and I am triumphant.

Okay, for anyone interested, here are a few details about coming out if it. Let's face it, surgery isn't a cake walk. I had general anesthesia, so I was knocked out entirely. When I woke up I was groggy as a Brandenburger at Oktoberfest. Hell, I felt like I was the grog that had been slurped down and vomited back up. But where it comes to pain my big weakness is naseau. I can take a lot but not that. So if you can handle the upside-down belly bronco thing you'll be in better shape than I was.

Aside from the naseau the only other discomfort I felt was, surprisingly, in my arms. This confused me. Especially in my foggy state. Wasn't it suppose to be about the breasts? What was going on with my arms? They hurt. I kept slurring this complaint between anesthesia induced burps to the nurse, but I never got an answer as to why, just a lot of, "Okay, okaaay, there,there -pat-pat- Now, you in the hall, are you her transportation?, let's get her home- pat-pat- nice belch, bye-bye-now." And off I was ushered, out the surgery center doors, into the break of day, me and my two, new bouncing, twin, baby-boobies.

I guess the discomfort in my arms had to do with the fact that I had tubes coming out my boobs that empty fluid and blood into a little bottle to be emptied a couple times a day. Nobody had told me about this prior so I had no idea why my arms hurt. So much for pre-consultations where they go over this stuff with you. I suppose one is expected to to be psychic and just know what's going to happen?

So far as the ride home, the nausea continued on and I just couldn't wait to get to my bed. I strongly suggest having something to eat in the car for that ride home if you can manage it. I felt better as soon as I ate something. Keep it light cause, most likely, food will sound horrible to you. Anything in the stomach will help. At least for me it did. Maybe some mashed potatoes or the like, possibly a smoothie. Though something a little more solid would probably work better. I had a quarter of a Happy Star fed to me in little bites. Yes, I'm a big baby.

For the next couple of days I laid in bed and took not more than two hydrocodones. I don't do well on pain killers cause they make me nauseous too. Anyway, the pain was there but manageable. As I've mentioned, I'm the poster child for cry babies so in such a case, the best thing to do is to plan to give yourself a large enough window of down time so you can just relax and sleep without worrying how you'll ever get out of bed again. I think more than anything my body just wanted to sleep.

Something nice you might do for yourself is to put some together a nice CD/playlist of sleepy time music. I spaced out to Ambient Music Therapy that I purchased on Itunes. Between that and the pain klller I was gone, Daddy, gone. And when Snow White awoke, she found she had a great pair of dwarves to look down on. ;-)


thanks. yours do look better afterward. I don't know if I'd say that of all xplants but honestly yours do... look forward to update. I'll be posting mine soon- surgery is next week. VERY nervous but excited too.
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You and I are almost same age, we are the same height and similar weight. I've only had mine 4 and a half years but getting them out (autoimmune issues back issues etc) I am going to have a lift too and pray mine look as good as yours. congrats! :)
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Hi, thanks for posting and congrats to you as well. Sorry to hear you have had some health issues. Hopefully this will be rectified once you have them out. Let me know if I can answer any questions to you. Best wishes.

About the lift, I will be posting my experience with my recovery process within a few days. You may want to check it out just to get an idea of what you might expect. Nothing bad, just the low down. You'll find it written up towards the top of this page under my review area.

It's been just over a month since the day of my...

It's been just over a month since the day of my implant removal and mastopexy. I am doing fine though the recovery from the mastopexy has been a bit harder on my body than I had thought it would be. My surgeon never went over the issue of pain/discomfort. Since he didn't discuss this with me I never thought about it.

Turns out I am feeing it. It's not horrific but there is a level of pain that I deal with. For the most part, my breast and general chest area feels really tender. I keep a wide physical distance from people for fear someone will bump into me. It's difficult to lift things or do household chores. I'm not dying or anything, just healing. I thought I would be back to normal in one to two weeks. Now I see how that was a ridiculous assumption. Duh! I have a bunch of stitches inside my breasts and all around my areolas. I guess I was too focused on what I would end up looking like and I zoned out on obvious stuff like this.

If I knew all this would I do it again? I think so. I like what I see so far. My breasts are perky and the size is about what I asked for. They are getting bigger and fuller but I prefer how they looked right after my surgery; I like my cup half full, so to speak. ;-)
Maybe they are a bit blown up do to swelling? Anyway, I think this may be good news for most implant removal cases because it seems more women want their breasts to be full.

The bandages are still on so I have not seen what the scars are up to. I've no doubt I may go into shock when I first see them but hopefully as time passes I'll either get use to them or they actually won't be too bad.

To help with the healing process I am taking Vitamin C, Zinc, and my daily vitamin. Also, I am trying to drink at least one 2 ounce shot of wheat grass everyday. I would do more if I could. I am staying a way from alcohol and cigarettes though I have had a few of each over the last month. I 'd like to say I had zero but that would be untrue. I want to heal by ingesting positive energy. I try to eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables. I've eaten no meat or chicken.

To deal with the pain I have taken about one to one a half Hydrocodones in a twenty four hour period. I don't like to rely on pain killers but I had a lot of obligations to attend to and it helped me take care of biz. Just letting you know how I dealt with all this.

Hope this is helpful to someone out there. Best wishes to you all.

Will update with new pics once my bandages are off.


Would like to here how your doing now. I'm 45 and would like to remove my implants, but can't afford at this time. Unhappy with size. I went from a 34b. To a 32ddd. I have tinny shoulders and Frame and they are to big for my body. I truly regret surgery.
No medical problems, just have not liked them for some time. Just doing research.
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Your breasts look beautiful! I'm going to send a picture of them to my surgeon to show him exactly what I want. I am about the same size now as you were w/ the implants. I am so over the big boobs look. I fee matronly and top heavy.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your story, it helped a lot!
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I am planning on having the same thing done. I was wondering how long should I plan to be out of work? I only work 8-12 each day and my Dr. didn't give me a clear answer. My implants have been in for 28 years and are the ones that were made from material that is prone to leak so I can't wait to get them out.
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I've just added new pictures today. Hope these are...

I've just added new pictures today. Hope these are helpful. I tried to get some good close ups of what the scars are like. Personally, I am not too freaked out by them. This is the worse they are going to be and I am after all only six weeks out.

To help heal and relive the look of them I am going about it two ways, one the earthy, holisitc path, step two, modern day medicine.

For the holistic heal mind, heart, and body method I am using a number of organic oils that are said to help prevent scarring from wounds and surgery. I combine them all and hope for the best.
Everything I am using is organic. These would be:
1. Jojoba oil
2. Hemp oil
3. Macadamia Nut oil
4. Tamanu oil
5. Wheat germ oil combine with Apricot oil. Wheat germ should be mixed with another carrie oil like the Apricot or any of the others I listed. Don't use alone.
6. Sea Buckhorn oil. This one as I understand is is suppose to be extremely beneficial for scars.
7. Argan oil
8. Pumpkin seed oil.

Quite a list, isn't it? LOL. I figured it can't hurt to use them all but you don't have to get the whole list. Look them up on google and see which ones appeal to you. I purchased most of these from Mountain Rose Herbs. I found the company online and they have great prices, plus most of their inventory is organic. It was delivered very quickly too. And no, I dont' work for them or have any affiliation. Just trying to be helpful for those of you who wish to use this method of healing.

Method 2.

Okay, now this is what I believe to be bringing out the big guns in the fight against scars, NewGel+ Scar Management Solution. These are the silicone adhesives you've probably heard about.
I've only used them for the last couple of days. Within the first twenty-four hours the bumpy knots on the scar line of my breasts calmed down considerably. Practically smooth. Results not shown in most current pictures posted. I don't think that's a visible thing anyway. You have to feel to believe.

It was kinda like a miracle cure thing. Pretty amazing I have to say. I was pretty apprehensive about using them In fact, they sat in my closet for a week after they arrived even though I paid for faster shipping. The issue of silicone became a question in my mind. Anyway, I took the leap and used them. ( I have not looked up anything on the silicone issue. They are FDA approved though.) Now that I've used them and see how good they work I am actually hopeful they can make the scars disappear all together.

Well, that about covers it for now. If you look at my pics you will see I've posted my 6 week post op stage. Hope this is helpful.


What a great list of scar therapies. Thank you so much for posting these.



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Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this Xplant! I am 43 and I got my implants done in Dr. Niccole! Like you, I also went to see him on my 10 year implant anniversary and he told me the exact same thing, that I just needed a lift. Since then, I have been trying to decide what I want to do...although, I think I've known for some time that what I really want is for my implants to be removed, I have just hesitated in doing so. Over the last 5 years, I have been through Physical Therapy twice for neck and back problems and now have arthritis in my neck (!!!), which prevents me from working out like I used to...which is ironic, because I got the implants to compliment all of the hard work I had done to get in shape! I have finally had enough and am ready to be my OLD self doing my research, I came across your posting and want you to know that it has really validated my decision to move forward with the surgery - I am planning to go see Dr. Niccole very soon to schedule :) I do have 2 questions for you though: how long after the surgery were you able to drive and how long were you off of work?
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Hi sooverit, ( Great Username! )

First let me thank you for your post.Everyone is so awesome on this forum but the idea that we both went to the same surgeon is so personal; everyone else is out there somewhere in cyberspace.

Anyway, I should tell you Dr. Niccole did not perform my implant surgery. His associate did, Dr. Daneshmand. He's not working out of Dr. Niccole's facilities at this time. I hear he might be returning though. That's all an aside though. The main thing is Dr. Niccole took them out and that's what we are all about here, right?

And finally to answer your questions, I was able to drive about two-three weeks out. I was nervous though. To be honest -and I don't want to scare you off cause the surgery was sooo worth it- I was hard pressed do much more than lay around for the first three weeks.

But everyone - and every body- is different. Still, don't let em fool ya when they tell you a couple of weeks and you're good as new. It's been two and a half months and I am finally able to lift all my grocery bags by myself, a momentous taks just marked on my calendar this very day.

So far as work ( I don't ) that all depends on what you do for a living. If you're not doing physical labor you could conceivably go back after one to two weeks but you will be feeling like hell. I hate to say that but this is again based on my own personal experience. If you work in an environment where there is some support and people understand that you just had a major surgery it will go better for you. It's doable. But I wil tell you this, the mastopexy surgery is a a thousand times more heavy duty than I was told, it's major.

As hard as that side of it goes, you should know I feel the pain and down time of a mastopexy is just the obstacle/hardship of getting to the end result, implants out and pretty breasts.

If you skip the mastopexy I think it is the kinder thing to do to your body but then you will have to live with what your breasts look like. Maybe they will look great, or maybe your esteem is in a high place and it doesn't matter. For me I couldn't take saggy breasts & big areolas.

I love the work Dr. Niccole did. As far as I'm concerned, they are the breasts I've always wanted. The implants were so not the look I was going for. Even he seemed to be a bit shocked by how cute they turned out to be. When I went in for my first post op appointment and he saw them he goes, " Those are sexy!!" I was like see, small boobs are hot too. Duh! It's shape and perkiness...NOT WATERMELLONS!!!" I'm not yelling at you sooverit, I'm yelling at men and surgeons.

Hope my rant didn't overwhelm you and I was able to help. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free. Best wishes to you whatever you decide to do.
Dr. Niccole

Dr. Niccole is pleasant enough but he is very busy. He's a popular surgeon and has two separate offices. I felt like he was rushing through our consultations and that made me nervous. I wasn't sure he was hearing me. That said, it's only been one week since my surgery and from what I can see -the surgical tape won't be removed for 4 more weeks- he gave me exactly what I asked for so I am extremely happy with him. So skill side I give him an A+++ Bedside manner, B- Regardless, I'll take skill over pampering any day when it comes to surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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