went to have spider veins removed and burned and blistered - Newport Beach, CA

On March 22, 2013, I went to Newport Beach MedSpa...

On March 22, 2013, I went to Newport Beach MedSpa to have some superficial spider veins removed from the side of my nose. I was taken into the treatment room by the person who would be performing the treatment, Kathy Mohammadi. We spoke briefly - approximately 20 seconds while she face timed in the Dr. for a "consult" again lasting about 20 seconds. She began the treatment which is suppose to have little to NO down time. She began moving the laser over my cheeks and underneath my eyes despite me 1) not having any spider veins and there and 2) that is not the area I asked to be treated! Half way through the procedure she hastily leaves the room, says nothing to me and leaves the door to the treatment room wide open. I assume she realized she had burned me, but came back and then started on the other side of my face. by the time I left, I had an open, weeping wound on one side of my face and the other side was developing a large blister.

As the day went on smaller blister began to forms under my eyes which eventually popped and bled. The blister on the other cheek popped as well and the wound was quite deep. I called 6 days later concerned that the wounds were looking infected and my cheeks were still swollen, red and very hot, but didn't get a return till the following afternoon. I went through another weekend and by wednesday of the following week I was still looking SO bad and the hole on my right cheek was not healing. I called the office once again and they said I should come the following day to see a nurse. She looked at my face and the open lesions and face timed in the Dr. I expressed my concerns that I look considerably worse now that I did when I went in; I was worried about scarring as well; and why did Kathy perform the procedure on my cheeks and eyes when my chart clearly states nose?

His comment was, "the face is very forgiving" and offered to phone in antibiotics. I called the pharmacy for 4 1/2 hours that evening to see if the meds had been phoned in. They had not. I got a call the following day from the office that they are not able to find a phone number for the pharmacy - IT'S TARGET and if you Google Target Phamracy, Costa Mesa - it's the first entry!!! They are so incompetent that I will NEVER EVER return there. so here I am over 3 weeks later with a hole which is VERY prominent on my right cheek. I know better than to go to a MedSpa for a "real" procedure but I thought that this was SO minor that anyone with even a decent amount of training could perform it. Boy was I wrong.

When Kathy was using the laser she was also pressing with such extreme pressure that my cheeks were bruised and tender. They have made no offer to correct the damage they have done - so I am not sure what my next move is. I work in the diet industry where appearance is very important and a large hole (in addition to smaller ones on my cheeks and under my eyes) is not acceptable.

I know this isn't as bad or as devastating as some of the procedures I have seen, but keep in mind this is VERY MILD procedure which was to be done on THE SIDE OF MY NOSE NOT ON CHEEKS AND EYES!


I've been going thru a similar situation with my Esthitician who was zapping some sun spots which the first time the IPL worked well. The second time she used the vein wave and it burned me now leaving several marks and looks awful. I went to see dr today and he says it happens and will get me a bleaching cream to use and eventually it will go away. I am not happy. Any suggestions of what you used to help them go away or what I should do now. They've made no offer to give me a refund as well. Help!

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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. I am so sorry your treatment did not go well. Good idea to be on the antibiotics. This must be so frustrating for you. Have you thought about any anti scarring creams for when the wounds heal? Wondering if you might want to get a second opinion? Hang in there and keep us posted!

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Thank you! I feel a little foolish - having worked with Dr.'s I KNOW going to a MedSpa is not a good idea - they perform procedures that they often are not trained, licensed or experienced doing. Jerry Brown signed a law last year, AB 1548, for increased fines, penalties and jail time for operators of MedSpas because the damage they have inflicted on people is so great. I got off lucky in comparison. The blister has scarred but hopefully I can get it corrected. I have an appointment with a BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeon on Monday.

It's 4 weeks after treatment and the large blister...

It's 4 weeks after treatment and the large blister has scarred. It's right in the middle of my cheek and it obvious even with sunglasses on. I have an appointment with a BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeon on Monday to see what needs to be done to correct the damage. I never in a MILLION years thought this could happen to me - I know NEVER go to a MedSpa for a major procedure but I thought the worst thing that could come of this was it might not work that great and I'd only be out a little money. I never even considered the fact that the person would be SO unskilled as to not even know to treat the correct area as was written in my chart!

If you have to choose a MedSpa - do your homework. While negative reviews maybe don't always give the entire picture, the MedSpa I went to had quite a few negative reviews (now I see them!) of pretty horrific things they have done to their patients, but what I also noticed is that when the MedSpa responded they were very condescending towards the patients and basically every response blamed the patient themselves saying THEY had done something wrong.

I called the MedSpa on 4/19/2013 and Kathy Mohammadi, the RN that performed the procedure, doesn't work there any longer. A quick Google search and it appears she already has a business called Muguet Laser and Skin Care. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!


I'll keep my fingers crossed for your Monday appt. Last year, I went to a Board Certified Dr for a spider vein by my nose. By the time I left the place, they had a plan to work on my entire face. I have never made it back there because I felt I was being pushed into more than what I wanted done. I also wasn't pleased with the idea of the doctors "assistant" doing the work on my face. The same thing could have happened to me too. It's tough out there!! Looking forward to your update!

UPDATE: Well, I went to go see a couple of BOARD...

UPDATE: Well, I went to go see a couple of BOARD certified plastic surgeons and the consensus is I need to wait at least 6 months before they can do anything. They said you can see that my skin is damaged and still swollen so until that heals to try another procedure when they aren't exactly sure how its going to respond to this MedSpa debacle, is just too risky. Of course, not at all what i wanted to hear. What I wanted was for them to say, lets schedule you for next week and get this taken care of! But this is what I NEEDED to hear and why I went to a board certified plastic surgeon. the Dr is the expert not me and it really makes me take a tougher look at MedSpas yet again. They don;t advise you really, they just sign you up for whatever you like. I really liked Dr. Shamoun, he took the time to meet with me and explain what was going on. Not just a nurse scheduling as many patients as can be put through the office in a single day. The estimates right now to get this corrected start at 6,000.00 and go up. Oh, have I learned MY lesson!


I just read your article & found that you really suffer during your treatment time. I think that you must get some tips for your skin problem. spider vein Orange County
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Hi greenstar...I too have "red dots" (spider veins)on my cheeks and really want to have them removed but am terrified of a laser of any kind. Would you mind sharing who your doctor is and where he/she is located? The radio wave sounds very interesting.

April 30.2013 - I definitely have a scar but...

April 30.2013 - I definitely have a scar but something else has shown itself. The area on my check that was blistered has hypo pigmentation (lack of pigment) ao there is a white circle about the size of a quarter with the scar on the middle. Also the skin texture is different.


Hi all, I saw my dermatologist recently for something else and while there I asked if it was possible to trigger more spider veins receiving the treatment she provides with her laser and she said no, that it is physically impossible. She said people often notice more flaws in their face after part of it has been cleared, and new veins can appear later because they were going to anyway, but that lasering is not the cause. So, I'm wondering what others of you think about what she said?
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I don't get it how can they charge so much and not give results...its basicall robbery or we are paying for them to disfigure us....I paid $210.00 and was told that that was a 50% off special...had the treatment was never told it would take 2 or more treatments...so basically I will have to pay 420.00 next visit with no guarantees that they will be gone.
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Sounds to me that you have a nice malpractice law suit on your hands....they should at least cover your expenses to correct what they did to you. Plus time out of work, pain and suffering...go for it!
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Dr. Csepanyi, Kathy Mohammadi

They do quite a bit of advertising locally, they are always advertising groupons, etc....

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