Finally Getting back to the old me!

My stomach never recovered after the 1st kid and...

My stomach never recovered after the 1st kid and the 2nd just added to the damage. I have a lot of excess skin around my belly button that I can't stand. I am 4 weeks away from my surgery date and am getting very nervous about my decision. People think I am crazy to get a TT because I am thin already but they haven't seen my belly button :/ I am mostly worried about the scar and hope that a bathing suit can cover it up.
Good luck! It's all about you being happy!
Good luck, will be following your journey!
hey there. tummy tuck is not necessarily about being thin or fat. it is about repair excess abdominal skin and tightening and torn abdominal muscles due to pregnancy etcin your situation. Just make sure you picked the best surgeon you know and let the surgeon pick the best technique. I also highly caution you against a mini tummy tuck. Please see my before and after pics and don't make the same mistake I did... Good luck! :)

Scared "you know what"

I am 5 days away from my surgery and I am freaking out. Worried I am trading one issue (loose skin and bloat), for another (scar, swelling, recovery, ect). I just hope its all worth it in the end. I am not happy with my stomach so I know if back out I will always regret not going through with it. But on the other hand what if I dislike my results even more? SO scared and nervous.
Good luck with your surgery on Monday! Can't wait to see your results!
My dr had me wear a bikini I wanted to be able to hide the scar and she marked me right before surgery so I knew we were on the same page BC that was a fear of mine. I went with a mini TT bv my dr said she would be afraid to attempt a full BC she didn't think I have enough lose skin above and below my bb to give me a ftt.
I am feeling the same way! I am having my TT on Feb 27! I'm nervous and excited! Good luck to you!

Oh no!! Feeling sick

Ok I am so worried. I am supposed to have my surgery in the morning and of course I lost my voice and have a sore throat. Just got of the phone with my PS. I have to go make sure it's not strep throat because I might have to reschedule. Seriously it took me three months to arrange child care. If I have to reschedule I don't know what I will do! I don't have a fever or anything so hopefully I am cleared for surgery. Seriously I never get sick and of course it happens to me right now. So bummed right now.

2 Days PO

I made it to the flat side (or swelling side). My surgery went really well and they let me take a peek at my scar. It looks like its super low so I very excited at this point. When you nurse saw my stomach she told got excited and told me the Dr did an amazing job. She sees TT all the time so that mad me feel really good about following through. I have the Pain pump coming out tomorrow and I can shower tomorrow too. The worst part so far is the back pain. I can't wait till I can stretch out!! Try and pictures later today.

Photo 2 days PO

It looks amazing already! Glad you got to feeling better so you didn't have to postpone it. The back pain....yet, I'm on day 7 and it still annoying. Granted I did run a few errands..
I am 5 days po today. It looks good. Happy healing to you!!
You look perfect!!!! Happy healing to you! I am 16 weeks today :-)

Day 5

Sorry about all the typos. The pain meds combined with that fact that I can't edit didn't help.

Having a bit of buyers remorse or whatever they call it. I am just really uncomfortable and it's hard to see the light at the end the of the tunnel. I am really uncomfortable at this point and can't wait to get back to my normal life :/. Picture update
I promise, the buyers remorse will go away. It may come back for short periods when you're having a rough day but just know it'll pass. Looking great!
Give it some time. You'll feel better soon. Most of us have felt the same way...
I went through it too. It gets better promise.

Day 8!!

Day 8! Feeling better every day. Had my one week apt and dr doesn't want to remove the drains till day 10. I am very swollen and hunched over because he was very aggressive in pulling my skin down in order to keep my scar low. Which I will be thankfull for in the long run. My husband saw my stomach for the first time since I am staying at my moms while my husband watches the kids. He was blown away which made me feel a lot better about my decision.
Good results! I'm day 11 days PO and each day does gets better!!

Day 14

Scar looks like it's healing pretty well and I tried on my skimpiest bathing suit and my scar is covered!! So happy about that. Still slightly hunched and swelling is a constant issue but I know that is normal so I am not bummed about it. Heal baby heal. Summer is coming!!!
You look amazing! Congrats

Day 17

Before and after side by side shots. So happy with my results. For the first time in five years I am actually excited about summer!!! Now Just waiting to get the green light on the gym. I can't wait to get so e definition in my stomach!!
Glad your excited about your are definitely summer ready!

4 weeks

4 weeks post opt. Picture update. I haven't been able to wear these pants since I had kids!! I can't wait to hit the gym back up. I feel like my stomach looks a little unnatural at this point but my dr said it would be months before it's starts to soften up.
what PS did you use? Great results!

Just shy of three months PO

Still loving my results. I have noticed the swelling has been a little worse lately. So that is a little frustrating. Also my abs are really sore still when I try and work out too hard. I Am desperate to get some definition there but still scared to break a suture.
What do u do for exercise? Did u get in shape before the surgery? Your legs look great . I am doing to soon and want be as fit as possible
Thanks! I try to do 30 min of cardio 5 days a week, and some sort of weights/squats 3 days a week. Either at the gym or off youtube. I started working out three month before my surgery. Good Luck!!

7 Month Update

I feel like the swelling is down by 90% most days no swelling at all. I love my new tummy!! I have been doing the Derma Roller on the scar its drastically lighter than before. I would highly recommend it to help fade your scare.

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Scar not Scare. Not sure why you can't edit previous posts.
Dr Richard Lee

Dr Lee did an AMAZING job. He was extremely informative and truly is an Artist at his work! I would highly recommend him.

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