6 day PO. No curves on flanks- Swelling???

I am starting my journey this week - enroute to a...

I am starting my journey this week - enroute to a flatter stomach

My Background
2 C-sections at 28 ad 29
Age- 35

Problem - The HANG. I have been living with my flexies for some time now. It has been OK and I cover myself up pretty well. My husband has never complained but I do see myself cringing every time I change or take a shower. My confidence has been low as well when it comes to wearing something sexy, I am just trying to hide under loose clothing.

Anyway I will be writing about my journey and hope to get some advice and maybe help someone just the way the ladies here have been such a sport and shared their experience.

I am making a documents of lessons learned by others, so I do not make the same mistakes. Please share any pointers or insights on dos and donts before and after the surgery.

I will post the compiled list of what I get from this discussion as well.

Thanks for your support Kimmers25.

Welcome Girlie!!!

You are about to feel a whole lot better about yourself!   No more cringing or hiding from the hubby:)



I am getting anxious as the big day is approaching...

I am getting anxious as the big day is approaching. I go for my pre-op tomorrow. And I am already getting second thoughts.

The pre-op went well. I am still having 2nd...

The pre-op went well. I am still having 2nd thoughts. I am really anxious and wondering if I need it (I NEED IT).
Oh my god:) I might sound like I'm crazy, but was looking so hard on this site for my look alike tummy:) now here you are! Anyways good luck LA007! Can't wait to c u on the flat side! I have an appointment in 2weeks at Lenoxhill hospital, hoping to do my tt in a few months!!!
lol.. my tummy twin..yay. Sure keep us posted on your dates. I am just worried, I might jump my date.
I know, I hope not:( I'm having the same feelings 2.

Only 6 more days. I am just so anxious, its...

Only 6 more days. I am just so anxious, its unbelievable.

One question for the ladies here, I have my periods coming right 2 days after my procedure, did any of you have that issue? How did you handle it?
Good luck....this is so exciting!
im getting nervous too! im so scared of the recovery.

My 6 yo has a cold and I am keeping away from her...

My 6 yo has a cold and I am keeping away from her and I feel so bad about that, generally she is my lap the whole time when she gets sick so she is wondering why her mom is behaving in this manner. She keeps giving me this surprised looks which I think says " Are you the same mom?" I almost cried this morning because she went to my husband for TLC.

I know my surgery will be postponed if I catch a cold which I will be okay with because I do not want to be coughing with my stitches on my muscles and incisions. The thing that I am worried about is that everything is in place and I wont get to have my surgery and the next available time for me is next December.

I am so worried.
My hands have cracks in them from using an entire bottle of hand sanitizer the week prior to my surgery :-). And try not to be too nervous.... Easier said than done I know; I'm such a nervous person and worry about everything. I hope you don't catch the cold and can move forward with your surgery. Also, I was at the end of my period on the day of my surgery.... could not wear a tampon but it really wasn't a huge deal. Good luck to you :-)
I'm just getting over one and my surgery is 4 days away. I'm trying to stay away from everyone who is coughing. I am so paranoid. Good luck to you.
Good luck... heres hoping you dont go down with a cold. I was like you and worried myself sick that I would catch something and have to postpone, in the end it was OK. Im sure it will be fine for you too. take care. Suzi

I can feel a cold coming. Just called my Doctors...

I can feel a cold coming. Just called my Doctors and they prescribed Azithromycin, I am not sure if I am going to have to reschedule my surgery date...bummer
my dr gave me a zpak and i suceeded in not getting the cold everyone in my family had. I did have a slight cough and it is torture! do not get your surgery if you have a cough. I am so sorry you have this going on.
same here..got zpak and started it. I am taking zicam to reduce the cold effects. I have heard it works. Lets see.
This is unreal - I am scheduled for Thursday at 10:30am and what I'm stiffling like crazy!! I just returned from a Caribbean cruise to say FAREWELL to my Tummy and all day it has been runny nose, sneezing and sniffles!! A definite NO NO to get to the flat side by Thursday!!! I'm also like LA007; if I can't get it done now ---I can't fit it into my hectic life until this time next year!!!

I put in order for my hospital bed and bed table...

I put in order for my hospital bed and bed table.
My prescription are filled (xanax, percocet, some nausea suppositories, Keflex)
I have my OTCs (stool softener, enema,gas-x, hiblicens, neosporin cream, dressing stuff)

Anything that you think I am missing?

I called my drs office like 3 times today, they...

I called my drs office like 3 times today, they must think I am so needy but am so worried about my little cough. My doctor was going to call me but I think he got busy. I am a little worried about my cough which is actually very mild but when I cough I can see its from my stomach and that scares me to no end. I am taking vitamin c and zinc supplement alongwith cold meds.

I am thinking about you:)

Thanks Kim. Starting to get nervous.

Oh I know darlin!!!  You will be just fine and we will all be here on the flip side for you:)


Hello everyone, I made it tj the flat side... I...

Hello everyone, I made it tj the flat side... I hope. I haven't looked yet. Getting out of bed is just so hard. My husband has been a real gem. I don't know what would i do without without him. I will post more later.
So today was your day. I hope you are feeling as comfortable as you can. If you are still coughing ask for a breathing treatment. They gave me one on my PO day 1 and it really did help. I was crying the whole time cause I was so scared to cough and was hurting so bad. I hope you have an easier time. Keep us posted.
Thanks Lercin. My cough decided to take a break....so I am just hoping it doesnt come back.

Hello Ladies, My surgery was for 5 hours. I...

Hello Ladies,

My surgery was for 5 hours. I dint think it would take longer than 3 hours. I had lot of nausea when I was recovery but after that I have been okay. Pain level is 5 when I walk but if I am on bed which is most of the time the pain level is like 3, it feels more sore than pain. The hospital bed has been great Thanks for the suggestion Kim. I am not sure what would I do without it. My husband has been of so much help. I wouldnt be able to this without his support. I love that man.

My doctor has asked not to remove my CG even for a min for next7 days i.e. nxt Friday. It is so uncomfortable.

Will post later, I am dozing off while updating my review.....
Congrats and hang in there! My doc gave me a mild Xanax to chill me out a bit after surgery since its a stressful time of year anyway. Take care of yourself. You are your first priority so you only have to heal once!!
I plan to use my Xanax tonight... I am just scared I wont be able to get to the bathroom on time if I am sedated.
so happy for you! Take it easy!

3 day PO. it gets better everyday. I had my BM...

3 day PO.

it gets better everyday. I had my BM yesterday morning which I was happy with because I was all set for waiting another 2 -3 days. Thanks to the advice from this forum, I started my stool softener 2 days before the surgery and I started with MOM 1 day PO. That really helped.

Ladies, please rent a hospital bed, it is a life saver.

I was not able to get out of the bed on day 1 and day 2 PO but today I can go to the rest room by myself.

My cough has come back. its mild but it back. I am taking mucinex to avoid coughing.

Today is longest I survived with narcotic pain med. I took one at 12AM and I may take one at 3PM. I did take x-strength tylenols in between to manage pain. I also have a pain pump which I think is helping.

I am still marking not sure because I have not removed my binder yet so I have no idea what I look underneath. It is so itchy and I think it is even big, its digging in my skin and my boobs. I really want to peak, but my doctor has strictly advised me not to...so I dont know.
hey! i still didn't look either. I haven't showered. How hunched over are you? im pretty bad.
I am 80% straight at times. I tried to straighten my back while standing this morning, bad idea... stinging and burning sensation started..ouch
lol... my meds are doing a number on me....lol... I mean my back is 80% straight.

5 day PO. Hunched. Tight. Itchy. That means I...

5 day PO.

Hunched. Tight. Itchy. That means I am okay.

Yesterday night was another story, I started to throw up more like dry heave and it was so painful. It was acidity caused due to all medicines and vitamins I am taking to keep my cough at bay. I need to be more careful.

My husband pulled out my pain pump yesterday and that reduced my drainage output substantially.

I feel very itchy under my binder. And I have a very creepy crawly feeling too.

I cannot take a shower until my drains come out - per my doctor and my hair is driving me crazy. Sponge bath was okay until yesterday but today I so felt like cheating and jumping into the shower.

Other than that, I am walking but not so much. I am watching reruns of all my favorite shows.

I was able to take off my binder today for like 15...

I was able to take off my binder today for like 15 mins. My stomach is covered with bandages really high- on inch over my bb - I think. However, I look like a box - no curves on my flanks. That scared me a little. Do you think it is because of the swelling? I had lipo on my flanks, lower back and pubis mons.
Did you swept up when your binder was off? I am the same days post and I swell up so fast when I went to wash mine.
"Swept" should be "swell" ...I hate auto check lol(;
Not much. My swelling is the same with or without binder.
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