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I am a very small frame 132lb 52 yerass old woman....

I am a very small frame 132lb 52 yerass old woman. I had a bad tummy tuck done in 1996 with a horizontal scar and a deformed belly button.
After some post menopausal weight gain in the last year in addition to my scoliosis, it looked like I was 6 months pregnant all the way from below the breast, more so on my left side.all efforts to use spanx and hide it did not go well and I am just a size 2 in pants but had to buy dresses in 6 or 8 just to hide my tummy. After comments from my new 2nd husband, I decided to do it and correct the tummy muscles.
Its only been 13 days ago and I am still very uncomfortable, tired and moody.. I know the end result wil be good, but do not have the patience till I get back to feel myself, do not sleep well, cant eat much, very uncomfortable laying down.

Its day 16. I am a little better. still hunched...

Its day 16. I am a little better. still hunched over and very tired.
Going to the Doctor today. I will ask for pre pictures. My old TT was vertical not horizontal like I said before, sorry the drugs...

5 months later, there is improvemnet but I am...

5 months later, there is improvemnet but I am still recovering ever so slowly.
I have experienced pain in the right side center which may be a nerve issue.
My left side center is swallen and the muscle that was orked on at the to, near the rib cage is boldging on the left only. Doctor said it may be scar tissue, qand I have a very uneven tummy which he said I may need an other revision to correct all that...of course paying extra for the surgery center...

Its 8 months now. Although its looks better than...

Its 8 months now.
Although its looks better than back in November, it is still not looking good at all.
For all the apin and struggle I am really not showing much.
I am posting new pictures I just took, I think I need lipo and who knows what else??
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I think he is very knowlegable and has performed many abdominoplasy.He was honest to tell me that lipo alone will not work and that I needed a 2nd TT

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Ok, it has been one year and 5 months, I finally went to see the PS for the lipo he thought would fix it.
I had it done April 24. His service was free, I did have to pay for the surgery center. compare to what happened to me 17 months ago, this was a walk in the park, I almost forget I had a procedure if not for the binder and very little swelling. I take it off for showering and it looks so good, I am happy but afraid I may be happy too soon? Will post pictures soon.
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How frustrating for you:(   

It's crazy how the fat can shift around in the body.  Definitely go for the second opinion before you do anything else.  You have been through so much.

Please do let me know what happens.

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I think so, He offered it and I think I will do it in October. I hope that is the reason for the bodges.
Did you see the recent pictures I posted?
I can still fit in my size 2 pants if ther are low, but my waist is still 1 inch more than before tt.
I think streching it down just brought the fat from upper abdomen to mid section.
I still feel the skin streched and numb but no more pain from pulled areas inside. Funny enough, I did gain the weight back plus 1 lb and it went to my butt and boobs, or upper back all I know is that my dresses are very tight on top. I will keep all posted when I know more. I thik I will go to a 2nd opinion. As this was a 2nd TT it should have been perfect by now.
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Hey good to hear from you!  Are you going in for some lipo?  

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Tomorrow is day 49. & weeks post op.
My belly button still oozing everytime after I take a shower and clean the area with swab dipped in alcohol as the doctor suggested.
It looks like its coming from the old TT scar that maybe can not stand the pressure. But why now? It started at 5 weeks postop.
The center part of the tummy is still so stiff and hard like little rocks are in there, there is still swelling on the sides of it. I tried on my pre op jeans size 2 that fit me before, they still do not botton up, which means there is still quiet a bit of swelling around. The only thing I feel comfortable in, are elastic leggings and loose tops and dresses. Wearing a bra is still very uncomfortable. I went to buy one bigger, I normaly wear 34d, I bout a 36D thinking it will feel loose. no, it hurts too. so I have to wear a tshirt so my boobs not show under any fabric.
My doctor is out of the couintry returning tomorrow. I just wonder if I should call him and question, am I the only one feeling still out of it after 7 weeks or because this is a revision my healing will take longer, and be honest with me how much longer?? I still wear the binder most of the day and night, because it feels better, though for the night time I keep it loose.
I keep checking my weight every 2 days. I was 4 pound less, at week 4. I an now only 2 lb less. did I gain weight? is it swelling?
I wish I had a crystal ball so I can tell if at 8 weeks I will see an improvement. I have an international trip planned for Feb 20. is 5 more weeks going to give me enough time to feel almost 100%??
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Unfortunately this swelling takes a while.  You will have good days and bad and will swing between the two. 

I did not notice a change in my clothes until almost month three. 

Keep in touch with your doctor about the belly button oozing.  I would have thought that would be dried up by now.   But you are feeling better each week right?
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Day 38. I can tell I am getting better. Too slow in my opinion, but I am walking pretty straight now. still tired and not back to my normal self. The DR. said 2 more weeks... Swelling is down to very little, yet I still can't fit in my jeans. I can hardly wear a bra, because it hurts too much under the rib cage from the central muscle that was worked on all the way inside the rib cage. The area is very tender and so is my "bra bulges" in the back where he used the Invasix laser to take out fat.I still have slight oozing from my belly botton, he said its normal and healing. just clean with alcohol after shower. I know the end is near. When I asked the Doctor why he did not prepared me for such a long recovery time, he said if he had told me it will be so hard I would have been too scared to do it. Thank god for the support from this site so I can read I am not the only one who went thru hell... Picture will be posted soon.
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You are definitely not alone in this battle :)   We all feel your pain and understand your frustration.  Thank God for this site!

I really didn't notice a change in my clothes size for weeks.  My body just held onto that swelling and water forever. 

Could you put some sort of padding under your bra band?  That may help a little bit.   I remember that being a sore spot for me as well. 

At about six weeks you will turn a corner and begin to feel more alive again!  Hang tight :)

I am anxiously waiting to see your pics!!
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Today is day 29. I feel a little better. still far from even 80%recovery though.
The main thing that bothers me is the tightness in the center and I do not feel a thing when I touch my skin. I do not mind that part, but the stifness and tightness is not going away. called the doctor yesterday as it was 4 weeks since my surgery. He said that because this was a revision and he had to deal with a lot of scar tissue, my recovery is expected to take longer than a brand new TT.( like that made me feel any better) I am still a little hunched but in a very funny position that make my shoulders seem to round at the neck and give me a "hunchback look" right at the colar bone...I massage every day for 15 min in the AM and 15 min in the PM. still swollen still uneven. Can't see the scar because I have paper tape on it till next week, but the line under the paper looks thin and good.Hope its healing fine. Dr said I will have pre and post pictures next week which I will post. I still wear my binder 24 hours, with the exception of showers.I think this will make me "allergic" to any kind of tight anything around my center in the future because it will remind me of the binder...I am praying for better posture for New Years eve as we are going to a party. I tried some of my clothes with the exception of dresses nothing else fits. too small. I was a size 2 in pants (37" hips" but now it will not close because of the swelling in the area.I guess I will wear one of my "pregnant look" dresses.
Hope to have better news soon.
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Hi Los Angeles,

At 8 1/2 months I do still have the numbness and tight pulling feeling from the belly button down.  I have learned to just live with it and it no longer bothers me.  It does ease up a little bit more as you get further along but will last for a while. 

Just  hang on because you are pretty early into the process.  I know it is frustrating though....
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Today is Christmas eve, day 24 post op.I had guest from out of town that came in yesterday. I took them to the mall for just 2 hours shopping and lunch. I came home so tired and hunched over.It is 3 weeks and 3 days for me now, is it ever going to improve??? it seems like the only time I feel ok is after getting up in the morning for the first few hours. still hunched but not as bad as the day progress. It is a very "heavy duty" surgery, now that I am after the fact, I will most likely like the end result, but if I knew before what I know now, I am not sure I would have done it, the hell with it, I would have just continued to hide it all with loose clothes as I have very small bone frame and could have pull it off. I just thought it was going to be like the lipo I had 15 years ago or the bad tt I had the year folloing the lipo. nothing like it!!! skin pulling, swelling, busted back, mixed emotions, inability to enjoy anything and anyone... what is up with that?? I am trying to be resonable, and tell myself it takes time, but the daily improvemnt is so minor, it feels like I am never going to walk straight again or feel good in my core.I am invited to a new years party a week from now, where all my friends will be. Will I still be hunched? can I dance? should I make up a story about busted back? what about the swelling from the little lipo laser he did under my chin? it is noticable still... oh, so many ??? Happy holidays to all.
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This is a very long and stressful recovery process.  You will get better but not as quickly as you would like.  You need weeks to fully recover which I know is frustrating but it will be worth it in the end. 

When you wake up you feel and look great and then by noon you are a train wreck!  I know..been there...done that!!!  If you are able to rest a couple of times a day that will really help the healing.  I wish I had some magic pill I could give you to make you heal over night.  Boy if I had that I would be a rich woman! 

Hang on because each week will be better and better.  Go to the party but only go for maybe 2-3 hours. Don't get to the point where you are totally exhausted because that will not help your frame of mind at all. 

Have you tried going in for a massage just to relax a little bit??  It helps greatly :)
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How are you feeling today?
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Today, Saturday Dec 18, I am an other 5% better. still can not walk straight though. I went out to the movie and sushi last night. By the time I got home I was so tired but could not get my self comfortable in bed. Its not pain any more, its just uncomfortable.
Every time I get up from bed, or a chair, I tell my body in my head to stry to stand straight and push my shoulders back. Its easier early in the day, harder in the evening. I am missing on all the good sales at the malls.I feel like I have been couped up in the house for too long, but too hard to walk much so I can not go shopping.I am taking it as a blessing, as I have no idea what size or shape I will be so why buy anything now??? welling is not as bad, no more scar is covered with paper tape so I can not see it yet. the swelling is around the belly button, not so much the scar.I realized why we get depressed when we get surgery. For women that like to be in control of their life, when having surgery that control is no longer in your hands and you feel helpless, it is hard to accept. Day 18, I hope day 19 will bring complete errection!

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Hang tight...another day under your belt.  I know that it seems to go on and on forever but there is an end in sight....promise!

It is really hard to give up total control of your life for a while.  You just want your life back and to feel normal again...I know! 

You are through the worst part of the recovery now it is down to the really annoying incidents. 
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Day 19.After writing my thoughts yesterday, I had a set back in the afternoon and evening. I was very uncomfortable, I opened the binder and tried to walk a bit and breath. 1 hour later, I noticed swelling so I put it back on, watched a movie and got my favorite Indian food delivered.
Either beacause the food or my general condition got worst. my back was more bented when I walked, my tummy felt too tight and stiff no matter what I did and my husband, trying to comfort me ran out of ideas.It really depressed me and I started to cry.took Advil and sleeping pill and went to bed at 1030, could not fall a sleep.at 1130pm I was pasing in my bedroom trying to feel better and relax and breath. I was afraid of taking xanax as I alread took Advil and sleeping pill. Finaly went to sleep. walk up once in the middle of the night. This morning its a bit better, I am not as stiff.why is it taking me so long??? why can't I get my body to heal faster? every doctor review said 2 weeks fir the hunching and stiffness, why is mine not improving as fast? what can I do to speed it up? Help!

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Wow I am sorry you had such a rough night.  The swelling and tightness does really hurt and can cause anxiety.  I would stick to the pain meds and xanax so you can take the edge off.  I think that may help you sleep better than the sleeping meds. 

When you swell like that are you able to lay on your back with support under your knees?  Sometimes stretching out helps you to relax.  Do some deep breathing.  You could also try some ice packs on the tummy and lower back.  I know it is miserable and everyone heals at a different pace. 

I went back to work at 3 1/2 weeks post op and also still had the back pain, swelling and tightness.  That continued for the first two weeks back to work.  By the end of the day I was in agony.  So I think you are probably coming along better than you realize.  You are still so early in the process.  I think that when doctors post that this is a two week recovery they are nuts.  There is no way anyone can possibly heal in two weeks after this major procedure.   That is totally unrealistic and I think the women who post on here have proven that.   That kind of information just makes you feel not normal and frustrated. 

You will have up and down days for the first few weeks but I promise you will get better.  I think the real turning point for me was at about 6-8 weeks.

Hang in there...
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Its 3 weeks today. still stiff and tight, still not walking straight. Is there such a thing as tightening the muscle and streching the skin too much? could it be over done? is it because of the swelling? I am a 27" waist normally, I measured yesterday I was 29 which means there is still lots of swelling.
To top it all off, I have family arriving for the holiday on Thursday, I was sure I was going to be fine at 3 weeks based on previouse surgeries. What to do?
I also got 2 bills from the surgical center, that because my surgery was 1 hour and 45 min over the estimated 4 hours, I now have to pay them and the anastisiologist additional $1,100! that will bring my total to over $11,000!!! that is insane. The doctor mentioned that I may run over time, and the center made me signe papers, but I never thought it would go this high. The dcotor charged me $6,000 with the facility now its going to be over $5,000. I am so upset. I am still thinking if based on the pain and the cost was it worth it??
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Oh yes the stiff and tight feeling is normal at three weeks.  Mine was pretty constant for the first 6 weeks.  I can remember wondering the same thing about the skin.  I actually had the pulling for the first 12-16 weeks.  Mine was so tight I didn't think I would ever stand straight again.  But it does get better with time.  Does your family know what you had done? If not maybe you could just tell them you have a back injury or something.

At first my waist was up 2 inches from the swelling and then finally went down.  It is all swelling I am sure. Now that I am healed my waist is down three inches from the pre op measurement so I am sure it will go down. 

The extra bill is unfortunate though...geez!  That hurts for sure.  Can you call and negotiate the rate?  Some facilities will do that if asked so it would be worth asking.

I hope that in the end you do feel it was worth it.   You have come so far so it would be nice if you were happy.
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Thanks for the advise Kimmers,I am a side sleeper and the garment is so uncomfortable. I have tried so many other binders I had (from trying to hide my tummy years) and neither is comfortable, they make me fold at the center or are way too tight. I wake up every time I try to semi turn. last night I did not sleep till midnight, then wake up at 2am, could not get back to sleep till I took sleeping pill.I feel like I can not breath right/deep enough plus my post nasal drip is bothersome.I hate being such a complainer. you would think with 2 c sections, 1 lipo, 1 bad TT I should be a trooper by now... is it the age?? I have no energy. I try do do light work on the computer. I have great books and magazines but can't focus. going to see the Dr Thursday. What should I ask him? any advise how to wlak better the bending hurts my spine that is already bad.

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Hi Girl,

I am sorry you are hurting so much.  I know it is miserable and when you can't get comfy and sleep it makes it worst.   You are not a complainer!  This just really hurts.

Have you tried wearing a soft cotton tank top under the binder?  That gave me a little relief for the first three nights.  

Prop your head up on about 3-4 pillows and that helps with the breathing.  Not being able to take a deep breath and breath caused me panic attacks the first four days...drove me nuts. 

This is a hard healing process and unfortunately all you can do is ride it out. 

I remember the back being a really big problem for me and it constantly hurt and would spasm.  I found pushing my shoulders back and massage helped me.  I got chair massages the first month and that helped a bit.   And with us being small people that darn binder feels even bigger.  Mine pushed up under my breasts and all the way down past my hips...Hated it. 

When I went in to see my doc two days post op he removed one drain which was nice and also told me I could loose the binder.  He is not a big fan of them but talk to your doc.  They are all different and you will need to follow his orders. 

Did he give you any muscle relaxers for the back?  That may help a bit.  I felt like a 120 year old woman the first two weeks.  I had my pain pills, muscle relaxers for the back, anxiety pills for the breathing, estrogen for the hot flashes, thyroid pills for the thyroid that pooped out on me, vitamin C, super B complex...god it just went on and on. 

Hang in there and let me know if you need a moral pick me up.  I am here...
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Hi Girl,

You are at the tough stage but I promise it will get better.  This is a hard surgery and takes a long time to heal.  I can tell you that it is worth every bit of pain and swelling and I would do it again in a second.

You are really tiny!  Do you take and before and after pics?

The moods swings are something else and will about make you crazy.  My hubby thought he was living with Cybil the first couple of weeks.    This improves as you start to feel better.  How is your swelling?

Try and prop yourself up as much as you can in bed and also have 2-3 pillows under the knees.  That will help some.  If you are a tummy or side sleeper like I am then it is really hard to lay on the back all the time.  I also used one of those egg crate mattresses under a lambs wool pad.  That gave me some extra cushion and a bit more comfort.

Hang in there :)
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