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Im 41 years old, I have 3 kids. 17, 7 and 2 years...

Im 41 years old, I have 3 kids. 17, 7 and 2 years old. I hate my hanging belly and my love handles are huge! I haven't bought me clothes for so long, I hate to even go shopping because you can see my "fanny pack " in everything I wear! I have been planning on a tummy tuck for over a year and I am less than a month away from it really happening. I'm very nervous, not to sure how I'm going to handle the pain. And I'm not looking forward to having those train tubes hanging out of me! I think that's what freaks me out the most.
I will also be having liposuction on my flanks.

In 5 days I will be having my lipo and tummy tuck....

In 5 days I will be having my lipo and tummy tuck......I'm so nervous, I feel like I'm gonna puke .....I'm so nervous about the pain.....I have read what a lot of you say on what to expect ....and that's what scares me, but on the other hand I'm also sooooo excited , I can't imagine how I will look without my fanny pack I also call it my FUPA. (FATTY UPPER PUBIC AREA). The after pictures are amazing......wish me luck

I am so ready for this new change in me, I am...

I am so ready for this new change in me, I am scared there wont be a noticeable change because i am heavy, but i guess i will have to wait and see. My doctor said I am a good candidate.
I am nervous don't know what to expect, I'm hoping I have got every thing I need to get for after the surgery.
If anyone has any encouraging words I sure could use some!

Thank you everyone for the encouraging words,...

Thank you everyone for the encouraging words, truly means a lot , I'm usually a very private person but feel great about sharing and hearing from all you great ladies!

Today is day 5....I am feeling awful, I actually...

Today is day 5....I am feeling awful, I actually feel worse today then yesterday. I think it might be because I'm feeling frustrated . I can't do anything for myself. My husband is so helpful but I feel like such a burden. I'm sitting in front of the window enjoying the breeze hoping it will lift my mood.
I can totally tell the difference even with the little swelling .
I have a tattoo on my back that actually looks bigger because its not so stretched out from my love handles. I will post those pictures soon.
I had my first bowel movement yesterday. I had been drinking tons of water and taking Celeste so it was pretty pushing needed....TMI ?

Here's some pictures

Here's some pictures

Can anyone tell me how involved was your doctor...

Can anyone tell me how involved was your doctor with your after care? My doctor has checked on me once. I have heard from him a couple of more times but only through text. And that's because I had questions forb him. AND I would just get one word answers...for example
I asked him if I was getting headaches from the pain medication? His answe was YES.
I was expecting for him to at least tell me I could take tylenol or something for it.....and I told him my feet were swollen and he said "swollen feet not due to surgery" Lol, I don't know he seems kind of short.
I have an appt with him today at 1:00, and I am feeling sort of angry and fustrated, totally messing with my mood!

It has been only 8 days since my surgery...and I'm...

It has been only 8 days since my surgery...and I'm still in lots of PAIN.
My back kills me. Hope my drains come out today!

Drains will stay in for another week

Drains will stay in for another week

Its been 2 so tired of everything, back...

its been 2 so tired of everything, back hurts, still have these stupid drains on, can't sleep, sick of it all, and still very unhappy with my pc aftercare.

I lloked in the mirror for the first time...

I lloked in the mirror for the first time yesterday and cried. Its been 2 weeks, wht did I look better right after the surgery than I do now? I feel like I look like a monster.....someone please tell me it will look better!

Can anyone help me out, I'm still in my binder and...

Can anyone help me out, I'm still in my binder and don't know if I should purchase a compression garment or a flexees

Can anyone help me out, i need to buy a 2nd stage...

can anyone help me out, i need to buy a 2nd stage garment, i have no clue and my doctor is no help
Dr. Low

My sister had her work done by the same doctor and had great results.Updated on 12 Apr 2013:I choose this doctor because my sister has had work done by him and she looks great!

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1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I bought a marena second stage garment, pricey, but comfortable. I wore it last week under clingy dress. I found the spanx and other would roll down above my tummy.
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I'm still in my binder and I'm 4 weeks in. My PS said 6 weeks in binder. I'm still hunched over a bit. It takes so much time to recover, it's major surgery. Listen to your body. Be patient. My friend said it took her months to feel 100%. So just relax and don't over do it and the results will come. Post surgery frustration and depression are normal. I have ups and downs all the time. You're gonna be fab in no time :-)
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Yeah have had lots of break downs. It's so hard to have to depend on everyone for so much. I am still in my binder, I bought a flexess, it did give me tummy support but realized it was doing anything for my flanks. So back to the binder, I actually feel more secure with it. Are you swollen, and do you look the same as day one?
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I am swollen. I don't think I look the same as day one. Slightly less swollen. I started not sleeping with binder on, but def need it throughout the day.
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I think you look great, give it some time, it is major surgery so rest and let your body heal. You will be rockin your new confidence in no time. Happy healing.
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That's what my husband keeps telling me....but of course who listens to Thank u for your words :)
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You'll do great!! I'm going in 4/22 so another week to wait. :)
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Thank you! Hope all goes well for yours :)
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Hope your doing well!
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Sending happy healing vibes! I go on tuesday!
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Thinking of you, and hoping all goes great and cant wait to see pics!
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Hey Neen! I'm having a breast lift and tt April 18th! This is something that i have always wanted my whole life! Think of how awesome you will look...the outcome will outweigh all that anxiety! Hang in there and good luck! :)
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One more day! I'm getting excited, i bet you are to!!!! lots of luck and take care :)
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Hello hello Neen1971, I share the feeling of being worry sick as well. I diverge my mind into reading different material, cardio box, taking care of my children while I can, listen to music, surf on Realself to gather some infos. You'll be pretty fine. So seat back and relax for a moment;)
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Good luck!!! The pain is not as bad as you think ... It hurts but it will subside in a few days
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Youll be just fine! The pain is nothing like what I psyched myself up for. And it sounds like you have a good doc. Good luck and cant wait to hear how much you love your results!
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Neen1971 my biggest fear was the drain tubes. They were not bad at all. You really get used to them. I pinned mine either in my shirt or pants. My husband started calling them "my package". You will do fine I had full tt and lipo of stomach and flanks. For me that was the worst pain and its not really pain as much as you feel bruised. Your stomach is so numb so that doesnt hurt. Like you i was afraid of the unknown. The best of luck to you. You will be fine.
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TT/BL on 4/4. The pain really wasn't that bad at all! Maybe a 3 at most on a scale of 1-10 and my doctor was only allowing me 1 pain pill every 4-6 hours (most allow 2 for the first few days) and the aftercare place told me it was a low doseage too! My only suggestion: stool softeners 3x day! :) That was the worst of it for me... had trouble pooping! I don't even feel the muscle repair - just a little sore on the nipples mostly! It will be worth it! Hang in there! We all had nerves, got through it and glad we did!
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Neen1971: I haven't had my work done yet, but am already in a panic about it. One thing is, it is sort of like getting on an airplane - it is out of your hands and you don't have any control over what happens during surgery. The other thing is, the unknown - not knowing what to expect after it's over. Well, this forum is the place to get rid of some of the unknowns! These ladies are so wonderful at sharing their experiences, and they all are staying positive as they heal because of the encouragement of others who are further along. Guess what? YOU will be helping me soon! My surgery isn't until the end of May, and I will want to know all about your healing process. You are going to do just fine - hey, I'm counting on you!
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Neen1971, I did my Tt,mr and lipo of flanks on April 5. My pain was more just discomfort from the muscle repair which feels like a tight corset on you that you can't untie lol. But it's not excruciating okay . You just have to stay focus and hydrated and walk around as much as you can okay because everyday you will feel such a difference in your body . Any questions you have this is certainly the place to ask everyone has been thru something and have a answer for any of your recovery questions okay. Don't worry :)
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Neen1971, you will be great okay .Pain wise everyone is different but I do know just have your pain meds right next to you and lots of water .You will love the new you.Going in is quick lol. And you have a kids that can help you around because you will for sure need support.Yes the anticipation is crazy but the aftermath is wonderful .So just keep visualizing your new curvy body and you will be ready for the summer okay .Stay strong and god bless
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Hang in there girlie!! You are going to be fine and we are all here to support you. Just know that you are worth it and should do this for yourself. Everything will turn out beautiful!!
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I've been battling the nerves this week for sure....I'm 11 days away from my surgery. I think its really normal to be nervous...this is a big deal! I'm worried about the results, if I'll be ready to take care of my house and family when my help leaves (11 days post op), and I'm really nervous about the swelling and if I'm going to look bigger instead of smaller. Hang in there!
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I was nervous too about the pain, and I am doing great, 7 days post op. Remember to be patient with yourself and remember to love yourself no matter what.... That is where the true beauty comes from... And in my opinion, you are already there! We are there for you, cyber tummy sisters unite!
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Thank you so much, really made my day hearing from you and your kind words!
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