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I am 5'3 and weighed 215 lbs when I had the...

I am 5'3 and weighed 215 lbs when I had the surgery. I am now at 196. 7 lbs removed from surgery and the rest from not being able to eat well after surgery. I am loving my results!!! My Dr specifically told me repeatedly to make sure not to straighten out until she gave me the OK but somewhere along the way I must have accidentally done it. Now I have this huge open wound right beneath my belly button that goes to down to my incision and is about 7 inches wide. My dr says I need the wound vac to heal the wound within 1-2 months because without it it will take 4-5 months treating with wet to dry dressings of Dakins solution. And, i dont have insurance to help with the costs. I called around and the best rate was $55 a day which is $1,650 a month which i dont have.

This is so depressing because I feel like I can't function. I can't wear jeans because they may upset the wound. Worst of all, the Dakins solution makes the wound smell like a sewer- LITERALLY! I don't know what to do and feel soooo down about this.
Visit covered california and get insurance will be much cheaper then 1600 a month, if your lower income look into Medi-Cal. CKI accepts Medi-Cal and it will all be covered. You dont want to get infection like I did, since it may required additional surgeries to undo the damage. :(
Yeah that does sound like a better option than not having insurance at all. I called around to get a better idea about the ALL expenses for he wound vac and was told $125 a day to include supplies plus another $150-200 per wound clinic visit at 3 times per week is so much more than I imagined.
I only go to wound clinic once a month, and the nurses there can train you to out the VAC on your self with help from your hubby or whoever is able to. I have nurses come to my house to change them for me, but my husband know s how too. Yeah that sounds about right as far as price, I get the invoices from CKI and it is pricey. Luckily I have great insurance. But meanwhile keep an eye on the smell of your wound, and the skin around it. If it turns pink or red around the area and the wound smells foul see hospital. I had great care and wound cleaning from my surgeon, but the minute I tried to go a whole week without seeing him my wound became infected and it moved super fast. In am it smelled little different, by that night it was horrible stench and I went to ER. They told me I was lucky to have come in so quickly because the infection did not hit my blood stream yet. But because of the infection I was left with a way bigger wound/hole! So keep it clean and make sure you take it easy to keep your swelling under control, and don't wear too much compression since you want lots of blood flow to make its way to your wound so it can heal faster.

Had follow up with Dr today

Went to see my surgeon today and told the receptionist I would be waiting in the hallway because within a few minutes the whole waiting are would be smelling horrendous. My dr cleaned out my wound and I loved the fact that it did not smell much today. My dr said its healing but i cant bear to go on smelling like a sewer. I really really need to figure out a way to get the wound vac as I desperately need it. I feel like I can't function with a huge hole in my stomach. I can't go around people because the smell is so intense. I had to drop my classes and only kept one because its an hour long so I shower and change the dressing right before leaving for class but before the hour is over I can already smell the wound.

No more DISGUSTING wound smell

During my last follow up , my Dr cleaned my wound and did further debridement and I (along with my family) are so happy and super relieved that my wound no longer smells like a sewer! Yay!!!! We can breathe comfortably again!

I'm still shopping around for the most inexpensive facility that offers the wound vac. In the mean time, I'm still treating my wound with Dakins Soultion. At this point, I think that even if I don't get the wound vac I can live without it. I am convinced the smell was what was making me crazy and so so so desperate to find a solution to this whole in my stomach. Since the smell went away, I feel 99% more comfortable and have 100% accepted that I may not end up getting the wound vac... as long as the smell doesn't come back.

Graphic Pictures

Pictures taken on 1/28 night time.
Praying for you! 3/17 is my surgery date and I'll be sure to behave. As recovery take longer with complications. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. Wishing you a speedy healing & recovery :)
Thank you so much for your prayers! And , Yes yes yes!!! Do as your Dr tells you. You don't want to have complications like me. It seems like no end to this. Good luck with your surgery and recovery. :o)
Question Dot, has your doctor said anything about doing a culture and if neg take you back in and repair your open area? Just wondering, hugs

Had Follow Up with Dr today

It went soooooo much better than I expected!!!!! My Dr told me I am healing very good and fast. She said the wound is filling in and even started to shrink. She also said I would only need the wound vac for about a month based on how well it's healing!!! Plus, she gave me the OK to do cardio as I please just no ab work or heavy lifting. So excited and so happy to hear the awesome news my Dr gave me!!!! I can now work on losing 25 lbs to get ready for Vegas this summer!!!
Dot12 how are you??? Miss you..take care xo
Hi! I am actually doing great, Yay! The wound is healing nicely- but very slowly. I do see a difference. Its filling in but its still not quite there. Its taking so long. And, I have decided to just let it heal on its own as I don't think I will be able to afford the wound vac :'o( but oh well- at least its healing. But when I think that I still have a few more months to go before it gets to a point where the dr can just stitch it up to close it, it makes feel hopeless because it will be at least 4 more months before that happens. Thanks for asking!
How much is the wound vacuum?? Hopefully it will totally heal sooner . (4 months yikes!!) It's healing. Slowly but surely and that's a big plus. I'll keep praying for a speedy recovery sweetie. Take care :-)

Slowly healing but progressing

I am still treating my wound with wet to dry dressing using Dakins Solution. I have noticed the wound filling in more and more and it seems to me to be shrinking. The disgusting odor never came back, so that is a huge plus. I decided not to get the wound vac as I can't afford it and the wound will eventually heal. I was so desperate to get it when there was a horrible smell that LITERALLY made the whole house smell. Now that it is nowhere as deep as it first was, I have accepted the fact that this healing process will take about 4 more months to heal to the point where my Dr can stitch it and close it up. I am still quiet swollen around the wound area and it is also rock hard and bulgy, but my dr said its normal and that happens as its healing and will eventually soften as it closes more and more. I finally took some pictures of my results with some swelling still. I've seen many pictures where people mention they ended up with dog ears. My sides don't get to swollen anymore but I think I may have dog ears. I'll ask my dr during my next follow up next week. What do you guys think?

Picture cut off

I just noticed my from view picture is cut off from the sides so you can't really see what I'm referring to about the possible dog ears. I upload a better one soon.
Hum!! I'm worried about you!! I've been praying and not seeing you updating is troubling :-(.
Hi :o) thank you for checking up and got your prayers!!! I'm back to updating today.
Yeyyyy!!!! So happy to know back from you!! Phew!!! Sorry about your little set back :-/ hopefully your wound closes before the hot summer arrives. Is there any way, you can rent the wound vac? can u set up a Facebook page were donations can be made? Just here brainstorming, in how to help..Dot12 sending hugs your way girl. Take care

Wound Infected=Hospital for 4 days

Everything was going well. My wound was healing nice and healthy. Until... It became infected. I went for a follow up with my plastic surgeon and everything was great. A few days later, I noticed a small spot right above the wound that was red. The next it was more red and a little swollen. The following day was Saturday and it was very red and very vey swollen and hot. I started getting fevers/chills at night for 3 days in a row and noticed the bad smell starting to return little by little. When Monday came around a I called my drs office and they asked me to come in. My Dr then said it was badly infected. She then pressed on the swollen/red lump and alot of pus drained out. She then said I had to go to the hospital emergency room so I could be put in IV antibiotics. I went in to the hospital that same Monday and was not released til Thursday night. For 4 days I was on IV antibiotics. The infection ended up going away then I followed up with my Plastic surgeon and she said that although the infection was a bad thing to have happened, my wound dramatically shrunk and filled in. Now it's about 1/3 of the size it was when she last saw it a few days prior. That happened because my white blood cells rushed to the site of infection and that made it heal faster. And that's where I am today...still dealing with a hole in my stomach, doing dressing changes every 6 hours, and trying to forget this extremely long healing process throughout the day.

Still waiting

Not much change has happened. I'm still dealing with this hole, dressing changes and the hassle of it all. So far, no problems, just healing but its still open. Hoping for this to be over soon.

Big Hole almost filled in!!!!

I saw my Dr about 2 weeks ago and she told me it's about to completely fill in so I don't need to make an appt anymore. When I don't see anymore pink I need to come in so they can stitch it up and close it for good! I'm not 100% there but I'm soooo close. I never thought I'd reach this stage. The actual wound is about the size of a quarter!!! So happy!!!!
So glad that yours healed up so quickly and without the use of the wound vac! I know exactly that smell that you're referring to... it's such a distinct smell and I hated it soooo much!
So happy you are finally at the end of all of this, I know it feels so good knowing it is going to be all behind you. This whole experience made us much stronger! I don't know about you, but i feel like i can get through anything now! lol
Oh my you are within my prayers!!! Pray that God heals your wound!!! AMEN!!!!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Loved my dr and her staff. I visited a few drs and when I had my consult with my surgeon I loved her and knew instantly I wAnted her to do my surgery. Her staff is so wonderful!!! They never hesitate to answer my thousands of questions and go above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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