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will probably have to have surgery again

Hello everyone, my tt is on Oct. 10th and it is...

Hello everyone, my tt is on Oct. 10th and it is something that I have been looking forward to for the past few weeks, but now that the time is almost here I am FROZEN!!! I've known for a week now what day my surgery would be and until then I had been trying to prepare for the day that I would have my tt. Now that it is almost here I can't function! I can't clean, can't think, I can't breathe, I can't concentrate , I can't do anything, I have spent the last 2 days just sitting here," frozen". I don't feel prepared, I have been taking supplements for about 6wks now, have been trying to exercise, and looking up as much as I could to prepare myself for my big day, now I'm frozen!!! It's funny, time isn't going by fast enough ( can't wait to get it done), and is going by too fast at the same time (feeling like I'm not prepared enough). I have read some of your post which were helpful, but I know that I have missed many more. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the community girlie:)

Thanks for your words of encouragement, my emotions have been all over the place but now i have finally settled down and feel really good about my surgery.
Thank you Janeelie and good luck to you too.

I have 4 days to go till I'm on the flat side. My...

I have 4 days to go till I'm on the flat side. My daughter came to help me, but then got a call for a new job and had to go back to the bay area. I'm kinda nervous because I have 4 dogs that stay inside, and the 2 little ones are always jumping on me, and wanting to play. My husband is a truck driver and will be out on the road, it's hard to try to schedule time off with him. He has been home for over a week and needs to go back, he will be leaving 2 days before my surgery. So I'll be home alone with no one to drive me from the hospital or care for me, so I'm on my own. I guess I'll be ok I'm gonna go geo groceries maybe the day before and try to think of easy foods that I can make myself (lm a picky eater). I plan to just try my best to take it easy and hopefully all will be well.
Hi there, you must be getting very excited and nervous, your day is almost here! How are you feeling, and have you purchased all you need to get?
Good morning Nanny938, I'm very calm right now, I think in part due to the lymphatic massage that I got on Wednesday, I'm gonna go get another massaga today. I didn't go all out and get alot of like chairs, a bed, or a walker, lm thinking about getting a shower chair today. I think that I will be ok for the rest of it. Got alot of different kinds of pillows, my room is all set up with all of my supplies that I think I'll need, and I am up doing my last minute cleaning, hopefully I have everything covered. Yeah, I'm pretty calm right now, can't believe my big day is almost here!!!

Good morning everyone, today is my day...I'll...

Good morning everyone, today is my day...I'll soon be on the flat side. It's 6:40am and I am here at the hospital waiting to leave with a new tummy!!! Surprisingly I'm not nervous, scared, or excited it's just a regular day. My nerves have been all over the place, but now I'm calm....at least for now :-) Well, when I leave here I'll be cuter than I was when I got here...lol . I'll let you know how it went...ttyl.

Hello everyone, this is my first post since my tt...

Hello everyone, this is my first post since my tt 10 days ago.....well where do I began . I arrived at the hospital about 6am. and was ready for surgery at about 9:30am . After surgery my ps wanted me to stay overnight for observation, and it's a good thing. First of all I couldn't pee nor did I have the urge to go, then my b/p dropped really low, like 74/42, and then I had to get a blood transfusion, so what should have been a same day surgery turned into me staying in the hospital for 4 days. I'm home now resting and as it turned out I have plenty of help, my daughter, niece and mother all came down from the bay area to see about me....I have a truly wonderful family : ) . I am very swollen and I couldn't take that damm compression garment any longer so I haven't been wearing it. I am sooooooooo sore, my vajayjay looks like a basketball that has been stapled to a beach ball (my tummy)...lol. It hurts with the slightest touch. I am taking cipro antibiotics and can't take them with iron or vitamins so I have to wait 2 more days until I finish with the cipro. I also have arnica, but I think that I will wait for that also. Overall I am very happy with my tt, I think that once all of the pain and swelling goes away I will be one hot mamma....lol. I will post pics when I am up to taking some, right now the pain is just too bad...ttyl.
Oh wow... I'm sorry to hear all those unforeseen circumstances arose and glad that you are ok. I hope you feel better soon. Take care and post when you can. Don't forget you will be one hot mama when all is said and done!
Hi Foxeeroxee...I hope all went well with your surgery. Let us know how you are doing.
Thank you applejelley, I had a few complications, but I'm getting better everyday. I go Tuesday to see my PS, I still have my drains and stapples in, hopefully they will come out then.

I am 7wks post op I feel pretty good but I am very...

I am 7wks post op I feel pretty good but I am very swollen . Even my boobs and butt are swollen. I had a po visit yesterday with my PS, so now I have to go and get a ultra sound. Wow, I tried to do everything right pre-op because I wanted to be at my best after surgery and I guess it didn't work...lol. I'm not sad or unhappy with all of the things that have been going on , just rolling with the punches, but I'll be glad to get to the part when my stomach is flat!!!. And yes I would do it again, even though everything that you could think of has happened to me, I'm still happy.
who did your surgery?
I feel your pain, I am sorry it has been so rough for you. I am in a similar situation, I am swollen, and look 6 months prego, ugh! My belly looks much better than before my surgery, but I am not flat, and thats all I ever wanted. I am hearing it takes time, but I see other women on this site, and they R flat. It gets so frustrating. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you achieve what you are looking for.
Hi Nanny938, try not to let it get you down, I know you want a flat stomach, but it will come in time. We knew from the start that it can take as much as a year or more for us to start seeing results, and with our health conditions it will probably take even longer. Look at it on the bright side, our tummy's are better looking swollen than they were before our tummy tucks...lol Keep me posted on your progress, and keep your head up, you'll get there : )

Hello tummy tuckers, just wanted to do a quick...

Hello tummy tuckers, just wanted to do a quick update. I will probably have to have another surgery, my swelling is not going down. Doc thinks that there is blood in there, will know after I get a CTscan.
Dose anyone know if I can post pics from my phone, and if so will you please let me know. ttyl
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