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Hi!!!! I am a 32 year old wife and mother of 2....

Hi!!!! I am a 32 year old wife and mother of 2. I'm 5'0 and weigh 125lbs. After having my last baby who is now 18 months old and being stretched out of proportion, I have decided that its time to find myself physically again. I have severe abdominal muscle separation, an umbilical hernia and some loose skin. I needed to get my hernia repaired so I decided that I would just get everything done (with the addition of lipo of the flanks) at once in an esthetically pleasing way. My PS did my BA in 2004 so after consulting with other PS, I decided to come back to him for my TT.

I am really looking forward to not looking like I am 5 months pregnant. I wear large clothes to hide my severely distended belly. It has really taken a toll on me. I have felt really depressed over it and sad for my kids and husband because I didn't want to go to the pool with them last summer and my poor husband has to hear me cry and complain about nothing fitting nicely over my pregnant looking belly. I'm 10 days pre op and I feel like I'm so unprepared. I'm not buying anything special or renting any helpful chairs or beds. My PS didn't give me a list or stress the importance of medical supplies. I might put in a call tomorrow to find out what they are sending me home with. I work in an office that is primarily a sitting job, do you think I will realistically be okay to return to work 2 weeks after surgery? I can take more time off if I need to but my initial plan was 2 weeks. I'm so excited yet soooo nervous for the recovery! I will update frequently and upload some before photos to document my journey. Thank u for reading!

So tomorrow is exactly 1 week until my surgery. My...

So tomorrow is exactly 1 week until my surgery. My son has a bad cold and I'm so afraid to get it. I don't think I can be sick for surgery. I'm crossing my fingers that I can stay well. I also just realized that I am going to start my period the day of or the day after surgery. Oh boy will that be fun! How am I going to deal with that one? I bought my arnica to start taking. No one said anything about bromelain at my PS office. Should ibe taking this too to help with healing? I posted a before pic from the side. I look pregnant :(

So I got to thinking today... I'm really going to...

So I got to thinking today... I'm really going to enjoy summer this year! The last time a rocked a bikini was 6 years ago and the only time between then when I felt great at the pool was when I was pregnant. You don't have to suck it in when you are rockin' your baby bump. I got all giddy just thinking about it. Reality had not set in that I am really going to do this! I posted some more pictures that I took tonight. My first picture that I posted was from a year ago. The ones with the short grey/black shirt is from today.

So it's the day before surgery, I took my...

So it's the day before surgery, I took my magnesium sulfate this morning (for hernia repair) and my first dose of antibiotics. The prep has been surprisingly easy today. I'm so bored so I decided to clean the house and reorganize my closet. I got a phone call this afternoon letting me know that my surgery time is 5:30am. Yessss! I will be in recovery at 9:45am and ready to go home at 11:00am. I feel pretty calm. I have been wanting to do this for so long that its kind of surreal. I also started my period today which I was dreading but I guess it's better than during surgery. I'm just bummed that I have to deal with it during surgery and recovery. Oh well! My biggest concern is recovery and my kids. My 18 month old is going to freak out because he won't be able to koala bear hug me. It's something we love to do. I will be so sad if he uncontrollably cries for me. My daughter is in competitive dance and I am going to miss some practices. I never miss. Ugh! They will have a happier mommy so I know this will all be worth it.

So I had my surgery yesterday and it went very...

So I had my surgery yesterday and it went very well!!! They sent me home with a pain pump in that injects lidocaine into my incision. The only think that is sore really is my back from being hunched over and my abs. It feels like I have done a million sit ups. I had lipo on the flanks and outer thigh (we added that on yesterday). I have very minimal bruising thanks to arnica. I feel pretty good. I had my post op appt today and I got to take a peek at my flat tummy. It looks amazing already!!!!! I posted a pic. Sooooo happy right now!!!!!!

So today has gotten easier. I am standing up a...

So today has gotten easier. I am standing up a little bit more straight. I haven't really had an appetite. I have been noticing that I am burping a lot and my stomach has been gurgling. It feels like there is a lot of movement going on in there. I can get up from and back in my recliner by myself. I went upstairs today and gave myself a sponge bath. I feel so gross!!! I will most likely get my drains out in 2 days at my next appt. the are pretty much running clear now. I posted a pic of my pain pump and drains.

I went to see my PS this morning. They took the...

I went to see my PS this morning. They took the pain pump out and cleaned up my incision. I'm standing up almost completely straight. I still have my drains but they said they are going to take them out in 2 days along with the staples. I have no pain. They only thing sore is my low back still from being hunched and sleeping in a recliner. My abs feel tight but it's a good tight. It lets me know that they are there and going to look amazing when healed. The lipo areas have very minimal bruising now, just a few light spots here and there. My PS told me that I can take a shower today and to walk as much as possible. YAY!!!! I feel great! I posted a pic of me standing with my CG on and drains. I see flatness!

9 days PO. I have been up and about and out of the...

9 days PO. I have been up and about and out of the house. I went shopping yesterday for some casual clothes to wear while I heal. I bought size small exercise pants and size small tank tops. I'm still very swollen but I tried on some dresses and was almost in tears because I was so excited that I will be able to wear them very soon. I saw my PS 2 days ago and he took out 1 drain and the staples from my incision. Yesterday he took out the remaining 2 drains and the stitches on my low back from the lipo sites. I am drain free!!! I am standing pretty straight now which has relieved one of the soreness on my low back but my tummy still feels tight. No pain. I know I will be standing completely straight within the next few days. My low back is very swollen. It ill be awesome when that goes down so I can see my new shape. Right now I look like I have a flat butt since the swelling protrudes almost as much as my butt. Lol! Looks weird.

Hello! 11days post OP. it's so annoying to know...

Hello! 11days post OP. it's so annoying to know that I can't lift my son or do certain things. I feel pretty normal. I drove today for the first time. That went well. I go back to work next week thank goodness because I am so bored at home. I slept in my bed for the fist time last night. I propped pillows behind my back and one under my knees. It reminded me of how I was positioned to sleep when I was 8 months pregnant. I would love more than anything to sleep on my side. I wonder when I can do that? I'm also looking forward to doing light weights to work out my arms and legs. I see my PS on Thursday for a quick checkup. Does anyone know when you switch from CG to spanx? Also- I'm thinking about drinking pineapple juice for the swelling. Does it really work? I posted a pic that I took today, swollen of course.

13 days PO. So today I did a lot. Ran errands,...

13 days PO. So today I did a lot. Ran errands, took my daughter to dance practice and the library. I am really tired. I got the giggles today talking to a friend of mine and now my ribs feel bruised. The center part that curves into the sternum. Ouch. Also my drain scabs are itching like crazy. The are dry and scabbed and its driving me nuts. I see my PS tomorrow so I'm going to ask about it. I feel pretty good but I am over this CG! My PS has me putting a folded hand towel on my tummy under the CG. It's getting annoying. It's been an annoying day. But I'm soooo glad that I did this!

16 days PO. I went to see my PS 2 days ago, he...

16 days PO. I went to see my PS 2 days ago, he took the stitches out of my BB and told me that I can switch to spanx but I have to continue to wear a folded hand towel in my garment to help the swelling above the incision to go down. It's really annoying because it looks odd under clothes. I feel like I'm wearing my old belly spare tire. I go back to work on Monday (2 days from now) and I'm going to have to wear sweats to hide this odd shape around my abdomen. (I will post a pic) Sigh... Last night I took off my CG and I was so swollen that it was a little depressing. I know I have so much more healing to do. I'm not going to try on a bathing suit or clothes until I'm 6 weeks PO. I'm going to continue to wear my old clothes baggy until I'm healed that way I won't feel bad about things. It's so hard to be patient. Sigh...

I'm 3 weeks PO, 22 days to be exact. I posted 2...

I'm 3 weeks PO, 22 days to be exact. I posted 2 new pics front and side. I'm doing good. I have been having a burning feeling on my incision that lays on my right hip. It's almost like my incosion is in the crease when I sit and runs on my hip bone when I stand. I'm on the hunt for a new CG because I really want something that has hooks and a zipper. I hate pulling up the spanx or flexies over my incision. It's not that it hurts, it's just that it makes me feel like I'm being too rough on my skin and incision. I juice and drunk tons of h2o so I am always going pee at work thus bringing the CG up and down repeatedly. The one thing I notice is after sitting up straight for hours at my desk, I start to feel super tight. My abs almost contract under my sternum and don't let me stand up as straight as I actually can. This healing this is a trip. It gets easier but you are constantly feeling different pinches, tightness and sore spots through it. I'm still very swollen as to be expected for 3 weeks out but I still look and feel good :)

5 weeks PO (37 days). The healing is going very...

5 weeks PO (37 days). The healing is going very well. I swell at night and after salty meals which is to be expected. Sitting for long periods of time at work has gotten easier. I am now on week 2 of doing scar therapy. I am doing silicone strips and scar gel that I bought at my PS office. The left side if my scar does not lay flat like the right side. I am doing extra compression at night along with the strips and trying to massage the scar. I see my PS in 3 days so we'll see what he says about it. I'm loving my BB though. Its healing very well! I have started lifting up my son but have been afraid to carry him on my hip. I think I will wait a bit longer to do that. My clothes are fitting lovely. I have been getting all kinds of compliments about my "weight loss" and questions about what program I have been doing to lose weight. I have decided that the only people I will tell the truth to are moms. Because I have been there after having two children, I will always feel sympathetic and relate to moms who have sacrificed their bodies to have children. I would never want to lie to another mom who is struggling with body image. It makes me emotional to think about the dark times that I went through hating my body. I posted some pics I took yesterday :)

8 weeks PO- discouraged

What a roller coaster ride this healing thing is! 2 weeks ago at my 6 week PO check up my dr noticed that I have a dog ear on my left side that we are going to watch. I might need a little touch up lipo on that side. Right now I am swelling so badly. I looked better at my 5week PO pic than I do now. I have a lot of swelling above my incision and right above my belly button. It is very discouraging because I feel like I'm supposed to look better and better not worse. I will post some pics tomorrow. Physically I feel much more normal but the swelling is killing me!!!!! It makes me depressed. Ugh!
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Your journey is great. I have many similar feelings and frustrations. I too have a toddler (22mos). Thank you for sharing. I love your comment about only telling moms the truth. But only if they ask and if I feel they are sincere,lol!
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Thank you! You look great as well!
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Omg your 5 week pics are smOkin!! You look amazingly great! Woot! You are healing beautifully. :)
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Thank you!!! :)
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I am (was) in the same boat as you! I too am 32, 5ft and 125lbs lol.. I have two beautiful baby girls 3 years old and 16 months. What a coincidence!! I am getting a TT and BA (from 36B to 36D!) on June 27th, 2013, and I can't wait!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your story, as I have not yet found anyone so close to my situation.. Do you think you could possibly be a support for me? Considering our similar body sizes, I am just not sure what choices would be best for me for my BA - subglandular, submuscular, profile, silicone, saline...etc.. so many decisions!! I want more volume in the lower pole to give me a fuller look. I have slight ptosis, and I think that if I went with a wider base, it could help.. I added photos in my profile.. Feel free to check them out! BTW.. You look amazing!! I can't wait for my turn, I am so excited!
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OMG! We do have such similar situations!!! I would LOVE to be your support buddy!!!!! I had my BA done so long ago when saline was my only option so that's what I have right now (400 cc's). I am going to change them out next year to silicone 500cc implants. I had them under the muscle and through the nipple. I was a 34 barely A before and I am a 36C now. You have much more breast tissue than I had. Oh you are going to look amazing! You have a great shaped waist already.
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Thank you! I can't wait, I'm so excited! I'm thinking I might go with silicone subglandular just because of the tissue I already have, but it's not a sure decision yet.. I hope I look as great as you for the TT outcome.. I think I'm more excited about this procedure more than anything.
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We made the final decision to go with Allergan silicone unders... :)
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Awesome!!! Yay for boobies too!
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You look amazing! Dr. Von Mauer of CC did my surgery on the 20th. Super swollen, but happy with my results. I've been wearing a flexees corset over my spanx to help with the swelling over my incision/pubic mound. Also having annoying itching at drain scabs. I've been putting a little neosprin on them to keep them moist and stop the itching. Happy healing!
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Thank you! I might try that double compression thing. That may be exactly what I need.
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Your pics look great!
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Well I am returning the love here ! You look fabulous! So happy u are able to do soo much! And good thing u mentioned tthe sternum part because I was just mentioning this to my husband, that part is still soo tender to the touch. Take it easy girl, heal well!
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Aww thank u!
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Who did your surgery?
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Hi Chris59, I had my surgery done by Dr. Niccole in Newport Beach, Ca. I had my breast implants done with him in 2004 before he was on the real housewives of Orange County. I have referred many people to him over the years and he has always done the best work and he is so caring and confident. Going to him for my TT was a no brainier. I will be going back to him in the next few years for an implant change out.
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That's awesome, you look great! Having the exact same in 18 days. Super excited. Keep us updated.
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Thanks fabulous look forward to your pics
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Good luck tomorrow !! How exciting !!!
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Good luck to you too!!!
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I am having my TT also the same day !! Sooo exciting !! Thank you for sharing your story I have yet to do mines !!
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Yay for our flat tummies next week! You need to post your story! I would love to read it. Message me when you do :)
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