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Hi , I'm 40 Yrs Old Mom of Two and One Grandson - Newport Beach, CA

Going today for preop , I'm getting a full tummy...

Going today for preop , I'm getting a full tummy tuck on the July 7 and lift with implants on July 16th , have to choose implants today kinda nervous not sure what to get I normally where a 38 dd but dr said I'm not truly that size just have a lot of skin that fills that size cup , I would love to have the fullness and stay around a d or dd I guess I will find out today yikes !!! I can't believe I'm actually finally doing this , soo excited but nervous at the same time just hoping all goes well and I heal good , check in later after preop take care everyone !!
Good luck with your Journey! Please keep us posted :-)
Thank you soo much !!
My TT is the 7th also. Nervous too. Can't wait to be flat. I am 54 years old.

Preop all done

Labs are done , paid in full got my prescriptions , Dr said he thinks high profile sientra textured round 500 cc or 525 maybe 550 cc he will try sizes while I'm asleep he thinks textured will be good because it helps with the sagging they stay in place better , does anyone have textured ? What do you think about them ?! So tummy will be on the 7 th of July and I can't wait to get rid of all the flab then I will be getting my boobs done the next week ! Dr said to get a sports bra from vs they have one that zips up the front where that 4-5 days then go to underwire bra after that all the time he says helps maintain the lift soo excited !
Okay just 4 days away everything ready to go for TT have to be at surgery center 6:30 am and surgery is at 7:30 I still can't believe this is actually happening I go from really excited to crying cuz I'm scared what a roller coaster of emotions !! I just hope I come out of surgery ok and all goes well going to be a wreck all weekend uhhhh just want this done already !! I also have my lift and breast aug July 16 th so really going through lots this month !!
Welcome to the community.  I will be anxious to see your results.  Make sure to take your before and after pictures and post on your review.  

While you are waiting for your surgery day take some time to watch our Tummy Tuck Videos.  

Tomorrow is my TT day

well one more day can't believe it's here already I've been waiting for tomorrow for a long time , so emotional today , but also excited! I can only have clear liquids today and have to drink magnesium citrate to clean out my system not going to be fun , need to keep my eye on the prize , my hubby is being really supportive he know I'm scared funny how your friends don't really do a whole lot to be supportive at least mine anyway , I've always been way supportive and right there when friends have had this done not getting the same support back I guess you really do find out who your friends are !! well surgery is at 7:30 am so it will be here before I know it , I will try to update when I can thanks for listening my RS friends

Two days post op

well TT all done woke up in the recovery room thinking wow it's all over with was in a bit of pain the last two days have been tough pretty painful and hard to move around meds don't seem to last long , taking colace and Mira lax still haven't been able to have a BM not fun feel really bloated, will update in a day or two
Do you have photos? I'm getting a bl and implants in a few weeks!!! Dr Ambe
I havnt posted any ! send me a private message and maybe I can send you a pick of results that way
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ambe is awesome answered all my questions very very nice he is reassuring and calm he definitely cares for his patients

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