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Dr. Larry Nichter is the best!

I will be getting a tummy tuck with flankplasty...

I will be getting a tummy tuck with flankplasty and power-assisted liposuction of upper back, lower back and upper abdominal area . I'm expecting a flatter tummy and for clothes to fit better. I got a bee in my bonnet about getting a tummy tuck about 3 weeks ago, went to three consultations and booked my surgery today.
Congrats. . Can't wait to see pics. Prayers up
Thanks, FullTT2014. I still need to get my supplies together. Any suggestions?
Not a one. I've been jotting down items I've seen on others post n or profile, but have yet to start picking up items yet myself. I would say this I'm definitely going to get the silicone stripes I've read about those on just about everyone's profile. Also read a lot about coconut water. I'll let u know if I run across anything else. Also can't find my cheat sheet rite now but also these pills that helps with swelling. Keep me posted on what supplies u think is definitely plus. I need all the help I can get with what's needed.

Before pics...

Best wishes today. God speed recovery
Thank you!!
Exciting!! Best wishes!! Looking forward to seeing your updates :)

Today's the day!!!

I'm being driven over to the surgery center now. I'm totally nervous and scared. Looking forward to posting again after surgery to tell you all that everything went smoothly...
Congrats. ...Prayers
Hope everything goes smoothly!!! I had mine done on the 17th, only 6 days ago & recovery has been way better than I expected!

I'm alive!

Hi all! I'm alive, thank goodness! Yesterday was extremely painful, despite the Exparel shot (it's like having a pain pump without the pump). Luckily, by 12:01 am this morning, the pain had subsided. :) So from about 3 pm to 11:59 pm on the day of surgery, I was in A LOT of pain. Today, I have a tiny bit of discomfort.

I have two drains. They aren't very bothersome and I'm glad I have them because a lot of fluid is draining into them.

I have a binder on now. I'm excited to see the final results! My doctor said between the tt and lipo, he removed 19 lbs. Wow!!

I have my first post-op appointment on June 27th. If I get pictures that day, I'll definitely post them.
Welcome to the FLATSIDE! Congrats, keep up with your pain meds and wow on the 19lbs, looking forward to seeing some after pics when you feel up to it :)
Thanks! I haven't taken my binder off yet, but will post pics when I do. :)
Yea....I'm so excited for ur cross over. Rest rest.....Keep us posted on ur healing process.

I'm feeling better today ;)

I've kept on schedule with my meds (Norco - every 6 hours, and Celebrex - every 12 hours) and I'm not feeling any pain from the MR. There's a tiny bit of a burning sensation at my various points on my incision at random times when I walk. Should I lower Norco to one every 8 hours at this time to see if I can handle the lower dose?

Also, anyone know the correct position for my binder? It's riding up over my hips. I've emailed my patient coordinator (Stephanie, who is great, by the way) and I'm waiting for her response.

And, thank you to everyone for your kind words, reassurance and support!


I finally had my first BM!! No pain at all. I've been taking a stool softener (1 pill, 325 mg) with each dose of Norco since I came home from surgery.
I feel like today is the first day I've kept my head above water. Looks like you are doing much better than I am. Can't wait to see you pictures. My PS took my binder off on Thursday at my appointment. So now I just have a huge dressing covering my entire abdomen. I go back Monday and she said if it all looks good she'll straighten me out and put the binder back on. I can't wait to see the results. Glad you are doing well!

No more Norco

I stopped taking Norco. My last dose was at 6 pm on June 26th. I'm still taking Celebrex every 12 hours for pain and swelling. So far, so good.
You are doing great!   One more phase down..
How much did you weigh before your surgery

First Post-Op Visit (6/27/2014)

So I saw my PS yesterday. He removed the binder and the dressing on my new bb. I'm super swollen, but not too bruised from the lipo. I'm draining close to a straw color, which he said was ahead of schedule. I'm not to put my binder back on and I can't shower until the drains are removed (sometime in week 2 or 3 because I had an extended tt and aggressive lipo). I'll see my PS again on July 7th. I'll post pics when I get some taken - still hunched over so it's hard to take good pics. :(
Can't wait to see pictures. Are you pleased with your results so far?? Seems like a similar body type to mine in your before pics.
I'm really swollen right now so my tummy isn't as flat as everyone else who had surgery around the same time. That makes me a little sad , but my PS says that my tummy will get flatter as the swelling goes down. I'm not wearing a binder and I won't be in a cg until the drains are removed. Hope a cg helps and swell hell ends soon!
So excited to see you're outcome. Best wishes! My body is shaped just like yours i want the tt bl lipo in same places and later possibly bbl , eventhough my bum is already big i want they rounded appearance. :)

I see pus!

So I got up this morning at 3:30 to go to the bathroom. One of my drains has been bothering so I've been paying close attention to it. This morning, I noticed some pus coming out of the base of my left drain. At the suggestion of two of the ladies on this site, I called my PS's office. The on-call PS called me back, telling me he would call in a prescription when my pharmacy opens. I'm scared that the infection has made its way up (down?) the drain and into the area the drain is draining.
How are you feeling now??
I'm feeling ok. I still have both drains so I'm not getting out of the house much. There's still swelling, but it seems to be getting better. Thank you for asking. :)
I was instructed to swab the tube insertion area with Neosporin after showering. A good amount spread on with a clean q-tip. Then cover with clean 2x2 or 4x4 and tape. I hope the infection clears up soon.

Got my drains out today!!

I'm sooo happy! Saw my PS today, all looks good and both my drains are out. I finally get to shower tomorrow morning. Yay me!!
Yay! I am so happy to hear that you have your drains out! I had to keep mine in an extra 3 days, so I know the feeling!
How good is it being drain free?!!!!
It's so great!! I can actually walk around without pain now. ;)

Loving my PS!

I finally got to take a shower yesterday! Nice and warm. I feel clean today (even though I wasn't able to wash off the lipo markings my PS made on my back - guess I'll ask my husband to scrub my back next time).

I put the CG on last night. It felt really, really tight and I had it on the very last set of hooks. Went to bed swollen and feeling like a sausage in my CG. Woke up much less swollen (yay!) and moved to the middle set of hooks.

As my swelling goes down, I'm realizing my PS is soooo great! I love my new flat belly!! I'm down 15 lbs, too!
Yay and 15#!!! Amazing! Post some post op pics!!!
My pics suck! The lighting makes the pics too dark. I'll post them, but they aren't great.

A little straw-colored drainage from my BB is normal...

So yesterday, I saw the nurse at my PS's office. She applied three strips of embrace to my incision for scar therapy. A few hours later, I noticed that my BB was oozing/leaking a yellow-brownish liquid. Of course, I panicked and called my PS's office, saying, "I think my belly button is infected." The nice woman who answered my call said to come in today at 10:30 am to see Dr. Nichter. I love how it's relatively painless to get an appointment to see my PS!

I saw Dr. Nichter and he said its normal to have a little drainage that's clear and straw-colored. He also said he was glad I came in and I wasn't bothering him. So, yay! No infection. I don't have to see him for another month :)

Is my incision opening up?

Though it's difficult to tell from the picture, I think my incision is opening up or isn't healing. There isn't any scabbing on the area of my incision directly below my belly button. There isn't any pus or liquid draining from the site. There is a dot of yellow something (not pus) that's visible when I look at the incision in the picture. Is that a stitch? I have no idea. I'm just really sad and scared. I've seen some pics of incisions that have opened and I hope that won't happen to mine.

What does this look like to you RS ladies?

More incision pics

Just checking in on you! Did you see the doctor? How is your incision?
I didn't see my PS. The open area is about half as wide as it was looking over the weekend so I'm going to wait a couple days to see if it closes on its own.
Oh that's good. Your after pics are great. Your tummy is totally flat and you have hardly any swelling!

20 dpo

How are you doing? I hope the incision has closed up and your healing well.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

During my consultation with Dr. Nichter, he was frank, helpful and non-judgmental. Prior to the day of surgery, he answered questions I had regarding Lovenox. I must say that I was impressed with his knowledge, experience and guidance.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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