Had Twins & need to get rid of my jelly belly!

I've always been fit, healthy and in good shape....

I've always been fit, healthy and in good shape. When I fell pregnant with my first I was a size 4, around 132lbs (I'm 5,7") and then after her I was pretty much a 6 (138lbs) mostly until I fell pregnant with twins. I put on 50lbs with the twins which is pretty good. I have lost the weight slowly over the last 9months but I stopped producing milk so didn't have the bonus of that calorie burner! I have worked hard on exercising and eating right - being healthy comes easy to me; but I just cannot get rid of the rest of this weight. I'm around 148 now but my belly pushes out a lot. In addition to a jelly belly (as my OBGYN called it!) I think I have a bit of Diastasis recti because it seems to get worse the more crunches I do! Anyway, I decided to get some lipo done to remove some excess fat and to contour my body in a way I would have loved my whole life (Ive always carried excess weight in my love handles/back/thighs & belly).

I am excited and nervous for my surgery but feel very confident in deciding to go with Dr Nichter.
Will upload BEFORE pics tomorrow which will be the day before surgery.

Meds advise

I've had anesthesia (and 2 C-sections) a few times in my life & I value the protocol that Dr Nichter & Dr Scott use:
- 3 days before with Bromelain and Arnica (homeopathic medicines)
- day before with a Scopolamine patch for nausea
- 1-3hrs before surgery, EMEND pill for nausea (apparently this is very good)
- Antibiotic after surgery (3 pills)
- Zofran for nausea as needed

The best advise from Dr Scott was allowing me to drink fluids up to 3hrs before surgery. He said new evidence from Europe suggests this leads to less nausea. I've always thought this since I get low blood sugar and Ive always thought that's what makes me so sick (increased stomach acids).
Anyway I will report back after surgery tomorrow to let you know how it all went.

Almost 6 days post op

Finally getting a chance to upload before/after pics.
I had afternoon surgery so at 5pm today will be 6 days since my surgery.
My recovery has been rough! The discomfort/pain has been a lot & not being able to be a mom to my 3 kids has been heart wrenching :-(
My dr put some information in my folder about the emotional ups and downs of surgery and I seem to be fitting the curve. I'm feeling down about the whole thing to be honest. My body doesn't feel like my own; I'm in pain. My tummy looks a bit out of proportion to my thighs now....
I know this is a moment in time & it will all get better. I just need time to heal & get used to it all. Any advise welcome.

Seem to be getting over the negativity

I've had a really rough time emotionally with this surgery. I've been in a lot of pain and as I wrote before, its been rough to not be a Mom to 3 kids, 2 of whom aren't even 10months old.
My body doesn't seem like my own - my Dr took a lot of fat out of my belly and its flat which should be a yay but its all swollen and lumpy and my belly button looks like a tummy tuck belly button to me. I'm hoping once the stitch comes out and the swelling goes down more, it will look more like my tummy. I'm also worried my thighs are now still quite large in comparison. I think this is the nit-picky phase - ack!
I wish I had tried harder to lose more weight before surgery - I think I let things slide a bit. But in my defense I work out 5x a week hard (am very fit with a resting heart rate bet 57-62) but I do drink wine almost every night. Other than that, my diet is clean. I think my body was just clinging onto fat reserves from pregnancy. Losing weight has never been easy for me - I think my body either goes into starvation mode very quickly if I restrict too much and if I don't restrict enough it adjusts. blah!

Over the hardest part!

Into Day 8 is when things started to get easier for me. It's the first day I felt positive & feelings of happiness towards my body.
I've been able to hold my kids & get stuff done & my swelling is getting better & better every day! Thanks goodness!

Almost 8 weeks out

Been meaning to update & finally got around to uploading pics! I'm very happy overall with the results & this process totally got me into a good mojo & I've lost weight on my own in other areas so I look really in proportion now. My skin/body is settling in nicely & looking more like me. I even appeared in a bikini recently in public!! I still have numbness in my lower back & some itching & hard nodules/balls of tight areas in places which need to soften. I think in another 4weeks this will all fall away. When I do a plank I still have some diastis recti so my tummy falls down which sucks & I have some loose skin which you see if I lie over to the side. I'm working out & toning a lot with weights so hope to tighten everything up more over the coming weeks. I'm following some great fitness experts for motivation :-)
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr Nichter and the staff at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach has so far been a very positive one! The offices are really nicely done and you feel at home. I had my initial consult with Stephanie who was wonderful! Dr Nichter lived up to the reviews about him - he has a wonderful, calm and communicative bedside manner. We had a great meeting and he advised me on what he could achieve with Lipo. We did discuss a breast aug revision since mine was done 13years ago but I opted against it for now. If this goes well my plan would be to come back to him to have the revision done in a few years. Since pre-op I did have some hiccups with my medication being communicated incorrectly - so my advise is to check and double check everything, especially if you are taking something that might have contraindications. My experience with my anesthesiologist, Dr Scott, was also superb. I have never had a pre-op with an anesthesiologist before so this in itself was impressive. He thoroughly explored my medical history and we talked in detail about the procedure and expectations. It really eased my mind to have had this meeting. It seems Dr Scott and Dr Nichter have worked together for quite some time and have, together, developed a system that works wonderfully for patients. They really seem to have developed their business with the patient at the forefront. Very impressive. I will post updates after I have had the surgery.

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Beautiful Results. I hope by 6 months you have no skin hanging when you plank. I can't tell,you look so good. Good Night.
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Lookin damn good girl!
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You look great as well doll. I'm glad you posted pix. Happy to hear your happy with your outcome. I still haven't started working out yet, I'm lazy and need a good kick in my rear but really plan on it ASAP. I also have a lil sag when I bend or lay on my side but nothing like before so I'll deal with it. I hope working out tightens it up as well. Keep up the good work.
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Hey there, just checking in on ya. Haven't heard from you in awhile or seen any updates. Hope all is well with your recovery. I can't wait to see some new pictures of your results. I'm about to take my shower and take this tape off since I'm getting re taped tomorrow. I figured I'll deal with the dang tape since he said it'll help with the saggy skin prevention and I'm so paranoid anyways so I'll continue to look like Ms. Frankenstein, lol. It's actually not as bad as before(less tape now). My back feels so tight and stiff it's weird. It feels like it's covered in tape and it doesn't even have any at all anymore. I guess all my nerves in my back haven't gotten all it's feeling back yet so that may explain that. Anyhow, hope all is well with you dear.
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Hey there! How are you doing? I moved house so have been manic! How are you feeling? I have stopped wearing the spanx at night which is nice but still feel funny without anything on underneath. I tried to run on the treadmill today and I couldn't, my lower back still has edema. I also get bad edema at night in my feet. Wonder when all this water will leave me?! I'm feeling really great about my results! Ive continued to lose weight just from eating better. Now I need to get my butt into shape !
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Hey, I'm doing good. I've been wondering about you and how you've been doing. When are you going to post some more photos? Can't wait to see your results. I'm feeling back to my regular self again except my back is still all numb and my left knee. I sometimes sleep without my garment and it feels like a relief but also feels weird. Sometimes I feel like I'm swelling like a balloon and others I feel fine. The doctor noticed I've gained 3cm around my waistline(belly button) in a week and he said it's from swelling and sleeping without my garment so that's why i now sleep with it one day and the next I don't. I switch it up. So far though I've lost nine pounds and I like that. I don't want to be a skinny Minnie without curves though like when I was in high school bc that was not cute. I used to want to be like that too, ha, not anymore. Anyhow, I can't wait to see your results. Glad your doing good. Keep in touch.
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Hey! I need to do pics I know!! Been so busy! Yours look amaZing! You must be so pleased ☺️ I noticed in one of your tape pics u said to open belly button-mine is very squished & it bugs me-ack! I have the same as you-lumps/bumps & swelling lower back/numbness which feels uncomfortable. I need to go get more spanx bc mine are too big now. Are u happy with your results? Oh I also need to weigh myself ...
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I am by far, don't get me wrong. It's just the lumps bother me right now. I know I'm still fresh outta surgery, well kinda, and it takes times to heal, but I want instant results.
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Are your lumps/bumps any better? Mine have gotten better but I'm still retaining a lot of water and swollen. Im wondering when its gonna get better!
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I'm ok during the week when I'm off work but when I work on the wknds is when I blow up. Like right now I'm about to put my cat woman suit back on bc I feel swollen. Next week I'll go see my doc bc I want his opinion on what he think the near future holds for my body and results and my fairly new indention that appeared last week on my right side. I remember having all these doubts and downfalls after my breast surgery too and now I'm almost a year out and they turned out just lovely so hopefully I'll get the same results with the lipo and even since I had the same doctor too.
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So if I read correctly r u 8 days post op now? If so you look great. I'm 15 days post op and I myself am just getting back on track. I work sat-mom and this past wknd was my first wknd back even tho I tried last wknd for two hrs bc that's all I could last. Ppl said I walked liked I was raped in the butt, lol. I didn't find it funny as they did. Anyhow, my doctor even said I was a bad patient bc all the pain I was in and shouldn't have been in. To me the pain and recovery from lipo is no joke and lasts long. My doctors wife told me lipo is one of the worst surgeries even worse than a tummy tuck. I wouldn't have imagined that. I'm glad it's over and ready for the final results now. I also had some emotional things going on. I remember calling my mom who lives in Fl and I would just cry and complain about different stuff for what ever reason. It's hard to deal with and I'm glad your starting to come around. Keep your head up though it does get better.
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The pics I was 6 days post-op, I'm on day 11 today. Thanks for that! I felt horrible when I took the pics but I'm feeling much better now. Plan on taking pics some time this week again. I really am feeling so much better now and feel the most in proportion I ever have. I am now a size 6 and I plan on getting down to a 4 on my own. BTW - I bought some cheap maxi skirts which are nice to wear over the spanx... Look on Charlotte Reuss and Ebay. Shame babe, I totally relate! Its really sore! Interesting what your dr wife said - I can imaing that's true. My dr and the surgery staff did prepare me. I hope you work through the emotional stuff - im SO glad im feeling better bc I was really questioning this whole journey! Hang in there!
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Wow you look great so far!  Hang in there- the mental side of the recovery can be the worst part.  Don't worry too much about lumps and bumps this early :)
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Thanks Jill! You're so right about the emotional recovery - very true!
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It is the dark side of surgery that no one really expects.  Fortunately there are a ton of fellow community members here that know exactly what it is like and can help you navigate through it all :)
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You're looking great! My daughters are 9 1/2 and 11... I couldn't imagine going through this with little ones! You're a tough cookie! I pull up information about all of this crazy healing at least once daily just to make sure what's happening is "normal". It's crazy how long of a road this is! Im definitely going through the ups and downs. I'm in a down phase now. One day I'm a little flatter, the next day I'm all poofy! Everyday will get better tho. I'm only a week ahead of you, but I'm back to doing everything I used to. (I've really been doing way too much, way too soon, but I couldn't take it anymore lol) I'm still sore, but NOTHING compared to the first week! I hope you start feeling better soon!
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Ah thanks that's very sweet ☺️ It's been hard with the babies bc I can't cuddle them or play with them as normal
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Good luck tomorrow!  Let us know how it goes :)

Are you going to post some pre-op pics?
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Yes! Will take some in the morning :-) & thanks!
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