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Very Light Daisy Tattoo. Fair Skinned Female, 22 Years Old. - Newport Beach, CA

I just had the procedure done today and I was...

I just had the procedure done today and I was pleasantly surprised. Im assuming that its because my tattoo isnt very thick, but it was really easy. I iced my arm for 10 minutes, then she did the laser which lasted about 15 seconds. Afterwards it stung a bit over the course of 2 or 3 hours post. Now, looking at it 7 hours post, its pink and a tiny bit swollen, but I can see parts of it already gone. I am very pleases with it.

Day 4 and the brusing has started!

I finally am seeing the redness going down but now Im a little bruised. My pain level is still a 0 and I havent worn a bandage all day! I also dont see any signs of scabbing (which is awesome) and Im sure Ill see much more fading in the next weeks.

Day 6, still no scabs!

Its still bruised today and kind of weird looking. I cant wait for it to get back to normal skin color so I can see the real amount of fading. Im shocked that there are no scabs (although I did dream last night that it was scabbed). Pain is a 0 still, I feel like this is so uneventful!

I want to keep posting often so that others can know what to expect almost day by day. Most of the pictures you see online are horror stories or perfectly removed ones. I think Im a middle ground, so I want to help others who are afraid to start the process.

Day 9! Lookin good!

It finally feels like normal skin again. No redness, no bruising (which was the most painful!). The brown, henna looking ink is what the black fades to. This whole process is so cool. Technology is crazy, science is crazy, and I cant wait to see how tattoo removal and laser technology advances. Cheers yall!

Tomorrow is 2 weeks!

Its almost been two weeks since my first treatment, and only 6 more weeks to go until my next one! Im seeing more and more fading and my skin is back to normal. No swelling at all or redness/bruising.

Ive actually been getting a lot of compliments on my "brown tattoo". People think I got it tattooed henna-ish color!

2 week update didnt post picture!

Almost 3 weeks post!

The fading is still happening! I cant believe I have to wait 5 more weeks to go back! Im waiting the full 8 so that the most fading can happen. I can see little changes from the last time I posted to now. If anyone is considering getting laser removal done, I suggest taking pictures every 3-4 days. You wont be able to see the difference when you look at it every day, but taking the pictures to compare helps sooo much! Every little bit counts :)

Theres an issue with the pictures posting with the text. 3 weeks post picture!

Im starting to get annoying with how much I update

BUT I DONT CARE! I am so excited about this, so here is a new picture!

30 days post!

I can go back in just a few weeks! I think I'll see big changes with the next session too. As usual, I'll post a million pictures after!

5 weeks post 1st treatment

The fading is much less as of now, but Im still taking pictures to keep track! Im trying to get an appointment in the next 2 or 3 weeks for my second!

Arg! 5 week picture didnt post!

2nd Treatment, ow.

7 weeks later, I just got my second treatment done. She is really doing a number on me! This time looks a lot worse than last, but pain wise its the same. The treatment did hurt, but its 15 seconds and then Im done. How people sit through entire rib pieces.. I will never understand!

Im really excited to see the fading this time. We are optimistic about it taking less than the 5 total.. But we will see :) Updates soon!!

3 days post 2nd treatment

Its looking good! no pain other than the big area where the petals are. Feels like a bruise and now is bruising. Not anything too bad! I havent had any complications thankfully. No scabs or blisters, yay!

Ah! The pics arent working again. 3 days post 2nd treatment.

4 days post 2nd treatment

The bruising is really setting in today! Still no pain other than the petal part of the tattoo. Only a couple weeks until my skin is 100% again!

day 4 treatment 2

Its looking gooood! Day 5 of 2nd Treatment

The redness is going away and the bruising is still going strong. Once my skin goes back to normal its going to be almost gone!

8 days post 2nd treatment

The fading is still coming and the healing was much faster this time. Im not sure why, but its good! Unfortunately, the white ink has oxidized :( I dont know what well do about that, but itll get taken care of!!

Day 12 Post 2nd Treatment

The skin is finally back to normal! The flower part is looking really blotchy and the lines are fading fast. Can it be the 3rd treatment time already?

2.5 weeks post treatment

Hi guys! Do any of you feel like after it heals (a week or so post treatment) that you dont see any other fading? Im not unhappy with my progress, but I was told youll keep seeing fading over the 8 weeks. I dont know if I am. I take pictures every few days.. Anyone?

I had a Skype consultation with Courtney at South Coast Med Spa and she made me feel very secure in my investment. I decided to go in for treatment the next day (today) and I was very nervous. I was treated very quickly but didnt feel rushed. She answered all my questions and I felt great about it. I will be coming back!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Your results are incredible, I am so chuffed for you! Keep going!
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Absolutely!! Don't panic. My brain in particular tries to trick me by thinking that the treatment has done nothing, but it's what happens in the several weeks after a treatment that's important! Try your best to pay less attention to it and let it do it's thing (I'm such a hypocrite!) :)
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Very nice advice! I am also trying to pay less attention to it. It is a process! :) Just let the body do it's own thing on it's on speed. Be patient, but obviously you are having a nice progress so far! :)
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What kind of laser are you using? And was the white ink in the petals? From what I hear, if white ink does oxidize, they have to treat it like it's black...and from the picture it doesn't look any darker than the rest of the tattoo..so at least it may not prolong the process. Looks good so far! Good luck!
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Q switch YAG. It's not too bad or dark, but I hope it comes off! The rest is coming off nicely!
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That's good! You'll be done before you know it :)
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Good Luck, I have a feeling it will almost be gone next treatment...remember it continues to fade the longer you wait, keep us posted :)
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Your quite lucky your tattoo was so light to start with. You should be done in no time. The fading after one session already is quite amazing.
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UAU! It looks great! What color was it?! I think that your tattoo will get off soon. Good luck ;D
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Great fading! Your journey may not be too long! You are exactly right about pictures! They are key to seeing progress of removal! Good luck, keep us posted!
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Don't feel annoyed with yourself! Every single picture you post that shows improvement on the last gives everyone here a big spoonful of hope and encouragement. You're getting some amazing fading :)
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Thanks for your update :) Sorry you had troubles posting text with your photo update, I can look into that but so far have not had any other reports on this. What browser are you using, and are you on a hand held device such as an iphone, or regular PC?
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Wow, your tat wil rpob be gone in like 6 months. Lucky!
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That has really faded very nicely!! Very exciting. :)
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just as good if not better than any picosure results ive seen, nice!
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And waaaaay less than half the price! some of my white ink has gotten a little darker (which happens sometimes) but apparently it isnt too bad to treat it that way.
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Interesting to see that it's turning to a shade of brown. My tattoo did that after my first treatment, and I blew up in to some big panic that something went really wrong in my skin, but I've seen plenty of people's tattoos do the same thing now, so it must be the way that some inks break down I suppose. Looking good btw!
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I know huh.. In theory, it should turn a blueish color. I wish I could get it done every 2 weeks!
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Welcome to the community!! Glad you decided to share you journey with us, there are so many people here going through different stages of removal and will cheer you on! I have a good feeling your results will come quick. What kind of laser are your being treated with?
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Thank you! It's really exciting to share, but I don't have anyone going through it (other than my fiancé). I'm being treated with the q switch YAG. I was going to do picosure at another clinic but I'm sooo happy I didn't. My skin and ink seem to be really taking to this one. I'll update as soon as it's not red :)
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Sounds great, can't wait to see it in a few weeks! So your fiance is going through tattoo removal as well?
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He's starting on Thursday! It's a much bigger piece than mine but he's excited too!
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Get him to write a review :) Is he going for full removal or fade to cover?
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The first sessions can be nerve wracking, you just don't know what to expect. But it sounds like yours went fabulously. Fantastic!! I just love when the blasted ink goes silver/white, it gives me hope and I look forward to the inkless skin. Good luck with your future sessions, you've tested the waters and emerge glorious. aloha...k
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I'm only 3 days post and I can't wait for my next one! I can't wait to see how much fades over the next few weeks.
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