Very Light Daisy Tattoo. Fair Skinned Female, 22 Years Old. - Newport Beach, CA

I just had the procedure done today and I was...

I just had the procedure done today and I was pleasantly surprised. Im assuming that its because my tattoo isnt very thick, but it was really easy. I iced my arm for 10 minutes, then she did the laser which lasted about 15 seconds. Afterwards it stung a bit over the course of 2 or 3 hours post. Now, looking at it 7 hours post, its pink and a tiny bit swollen, but I can see parts of it already gone. I am very pleases with it.

Day 4 and the brusing has started!

I finally am seeing the redness going down but now Im a little bruised. My pain level is still a 0 and I havent worn a bandage all day! I also dont see any signs of scabbing (which is awesome) and Im sure Ill see much more fading in the next weeks.

Day 6, still no scabs!

Its still bruised today and kind of weird looking. I cant wait for it to get back to normal skin color so I can see the real amount of fading. Im shocked that there are no scabs (although I did dream last night that it was scabbed). Pain is a 0 still, I feel like this is so uneventful!

I want to keep posting often so that others can know what to expect almost day by day. Most of the pictures you see online are horror stories or perfectly removed ones. I think Im a middle ground, so I want to help others who are afraid to start the process.

Day 9! Lookin good!

It finally feels like normal skin again. No redness, no bruising (which was the most painful!). The brown, henna looking ink is what the black fades to. This whole process is so cool. Technology is crazy, science is crazy, and I cant wait to see how tattoo removal and laser technology advances. Cheers yall!

Tomorrow is 2 weeks!

Its almost been two weeks since my first treatment, and only 6 more weeks to go until my next one! Im seeing more and more fading and my skin is back to normal. No swelling at all or redness/bruising.

Ive actually been getting a lot of compliments on my "brown tattoo". People think I got it tattooed henna-ish color!

2 week update didnt post picture!

Almost 3 weeks post!

The fading is still happening! I cant believe I have to wait 5 more weeks to go back! Im waiting the full 8 so that the most fading can happen. I can see little changes from the last time I posted to now. If anyone is considering getting laser removal done, I suggest taking pictures every 3-4 days. You wont be able to see the difference when you look at it every day, but taking the pictures to compare helps sooo much! Every little bit counts :)

Theres an issue with the pictures posting with the text. 3 weeks post picture!

Im starting to get annoying with how much I update

BUT I DONT CARE! I am so excited about this, so here is a new picture!

30 days post!

I can go back in just a few weeks! I think I'll see big changes with the next session too. As usual, I'll post a million pictures after!

5 weeks post 1st treatment

The fading is much less as of now, but Im still taking pictures to keep track! Im trying to get an appointment in the next 2 or 3 weeks for my second!

Arg! 5 week picture didnt post!

2nd Treatment, ow.

7 weeks later, I just got my second treatment done. She is really doing a number on me! This time looks a lot worse than last, but pain wise its the same. The treatment did hurt, but its 15 seconds and then Im done. How people sit through entire rib pieces.. I will never understand!

Im really excited to see the fading this time. We are optimistic about it taking less than the 5 total.. But we will see :) Updates soon!!

3 days post 2nd treatment

Its looking good! no pain other than the big area where the petals are. Feels like a bruise and now is bruising. Not anything too bad! I havent had any complications thankfully. No scabs or blisters, yay!

Ah! The pics arent working again. 3 days post 2nd treatment.

4 days post 2nd treatment

The bruising is really setting in today! Still no pain other than the petal part of the tattoo. Only a couple weeks until my skin is 100% again!

day 4 treatment 2

Its looking gooood! Day 5 of 2nd Treatment

The redness is going away and the bruising is still going strong. Once my skin goes back to normal its going to be almost gone!

8 days post 2nd treatment

The fading is still coming and the healing was much faster this time. Im not sure why, but its good! Unfortunately, the white ink has oxidized :( I dont know what well do about that, but itll get taken care of!!

Day 12 Post 2nd Treatment

The skin is finally back to normal! The flower part is looking really blotchy and the lines are fading fast. Can it be the 3rd treatment time already?

2.5 weeks post treatment

Hi guys! Do any of you feel like after it heals (a week or so post treatment) that you dont see any other fading? Im not unhappy with my progress, but I was told youll keep seeing fading over the 8 weeks. I dont know if I am. I take pictures every few days.. Anyone?

7 weeks post 2nd treatment!

The lighting is different than usual, but I tried to get a close up so you can see better. Im anxious to see the next treatment and how that turns out!!

Session 3 Today!!

Ouch. The laser (YAG) was turned up to a 9!!! Zapped the heck out of me and I bled a tiny bit. The white ink is oxidizing still which is a bummer.. But I hope the other ink is gone ASAP. I have two more sessions left before my wedding, soooo crossing fingers!

Session 3 picture.

4 Days Post Treatment 3

The reddness is slowly going away and today it is bruising good! Bruising always makes me happy because I know its really working! I dont have pain with it still. It was just a little tender until yesterday.

8 days post 3rd treatment!

The scabs are bothering me and its taking every ounce of self control not to pick them off! But its looking good! There one part I can see thats 90% gone. I hope the next two treatments do the trick :)

2 Weeks Post 3rd Treatment

Still a bit scabby.. I just hope I can get this thing gone in two more treatments. Does anyone else not really notice a lot of fading after the first few weeks?

15 days post 3rd treatment

All scabs are gone! I wasnt seeing any progress in fading and was pretty sad, but I zoomed in really close on two comparison pics and can see it! I think now that there is less ink everywhere, its going to be less drastic each time. Arg! Anyway, all is well. This damn white ink oxidizing is so ugly though!! Anyone else had this happen/what to do next?

4ish weeks post 3rd treatment

All is well, although this darkening of the white ink is making me super sad.. I want to just cut it out of me :(

almost 6 weeks post 3rd treatment!

Fading still coming, not much to update on :)

Treatment # 4!

The redness is making it hard to see what it looks like now, but it seems to be really good!! I can't wait for the bruising and redness to go away!

3.5 Weeks Post 4th Treatment

My internet was down so I didnt get a chance to update healing pictures until now. It looks like the ink has bled almost and made my tattoo cloudy instead of lines. I think thats good??

5.5 Weeks Post 4th Treatment

I think its fading more and more! Im trying to decide what to do about the blue oxidized part after the black ink is gone. I hate hate hate that tattoo removal service called Tatt2away but I think itll be my best bet in getting the ink gone..

Anyone have insight?

5th treatment!

I got my fifth treatment done a week and a half ago, and damn this one was different. I blistered and scabbed like crazy.. The blisters were small, but it oozed for a good 48 hours. Sad times. I have a good amount of hyperpigmentation, so I'm going to hold off on any more treatments until it's gone!

Now I'm thinking if removing another :(

I had a Skype consultation with Courtney at South Coast Med Spa and she made me feel very secure in my investment. I decided to go in for treatment the next day (today) and I was very nervous. I was treated very quickly but didnt feel rushed. She answered all my questions and I felt great about it. I will be coming back!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am pretty sure that the blue oxidized part will fade with continued treatments, feel free to post a question to our doctors on site and see what they have to say. 
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can you tatoo your skin color back on what's left?
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Tattoos don't really work like that; not to mention skin color to ink matching. I have a feeling that you probably had some people googling just because of that comment though.
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I had breast reduction a few years ago and I had the red scars tattooed it was done by dots and a few different shades. looks awesome.
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aloha chicchic, that sounds like an excellent idea, in theory, it simply doesn't work like that. OUr skin shade doesn't stay the same, and often light coloured ink can fade into something not desirable. I think that daisygirl1080 is having excellent fading, with time, patience, and perhaps additional sessions, she will have a fantastic faded future. Patience in this process is so important, it's hard to have sometimes, but so worth it in the end. Good luck...aloha...k
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the skin on arm has different exposure to skin on the trunk area. Sunlight is not a friend of the ink. But I'm glad that your tattoo experience was helpful, it may help others with similar experience. aloha...k
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Hey - you're doing really well! Are you still hearing the audible 'snap' of the laser on the skin? Do you get any frosting at all?
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Yes! Big snaps on the petal part. The stem not too loud. It did frost this time. It looks like most of the ink from the petals will be gone, but well see after the redness is gone :)
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How close are you getting to the wedding date? I know you were trying to get it faded by then. On a side note, when you get married you should take at least one pic in front of that toilet, it just won't feel the same without seeing it in the backround :)
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Hahaha oh man.. That famous toilet. It's my only way to keep light continuity! I'll take a picture of my blank arm once a month in front of it for good measure!
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Happy Healing!
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Looks like it's coming along! Can't wait to see how it looks once it's healed!
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Wow great results so far
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What have they said about the oxidizing of the white? Will it eventually lighten? You've had great fading for only having 3 treatments! Stay positive.
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Ive read that they just have to treat it as black and itll fade eventually.. I wonder what my other options could be though. Thanks! Yeah, I was very fortunate to have the fading so far that Ive had! I felt like I didnt have good fading between 2 and 3 until I just compared pics!
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I also happen to have a decent amount of white in my tattoo, and my doctor says that the white ink (that is now blackish) can be treated aferwards :-) he says arond 70-80% of white ink becomes dark when lasered, so its quite common! Some are lucky that the white doesnt turn dark, but that is very very few, and their ink normally fades on its own because white is faded quickly by the sun
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Your fading looks great! I am 17 days post treatment and the tattoo is still darker now than it was just prior to the treatment. It usually takes me 3 weeks before I notice any fading. I am so impatient. You should see a lot more fading in the next few weeks. Keep posting!
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Just compared and Im seeing it now :) why does it darken? thats always confusing to me!
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It looks like it's healing nicely. It's hard to tell in the pics whether there is any further fading.
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Very nice fading, you must be thrilled! :-) Good luck on the remainder of your removing jouney!
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I'm keeping a very close eye on your blog, as my tattoo (albeit larger) is also being removed from that part of the arm. I too get the yellow bruising after the first three or four days! Do you know what model of laser your technician is using?
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Yes, Q Switch YAG (Revlite?) This last treatment was turned to a 9, and the max is 9.6!
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It looks painful but I'm super happy for you that it's not! :) I admire all of you who are going through this process. It takes a lot of courage and strength. I am sure you will see a significant difference by your wedding. You could always cover any residual ink with make up for your wedding day if that should happen. Good luck and thank you for the update!
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Looks good!
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