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PicoSure - Newport Beach, CA

My dermatologist was the first to receive the...

My dermatologist was the first to receive the PicoSure laser in California so I decided to give it a go. I have never had any other laser removal done on my tattoo before PicoSure. My first treatment was in December and I received my second treatment today.
So far I have seen a huge difference in all the colors being faded- black, green, yellow, and lots and lots of red. I notice on this site that people say it doesn't work on red, but so far I have seen it fade as you can see in my photos. The nurse at my doctor's office assures me she has seen red disappear on other patients as well.
I have to be honest and say PicoSure is extremely painful! My tattoo is on the inside of my bicep so I'm not sure if that is the reason it is so painful or if it is for everyone. It just really, really hurts! I even took two Percoset before my appointment today, but it barely took the edge off. Be ready for some deep yoga breathing when you commit to multiple treatments of PicoSure.
After my first treatment my arm felt like it was on fire for hours and hours and sharp pains for about five days. My arm also had blisters all over the tattooed area. I kept it wrapped with gauze to keep the liquid from ruining my clothes once they opened up on their own. They also provided me with a very thick ointment to keep it moisturized so it wouldn't crack and be even more painful.
Today was my second treatment, which was just as painful, but only seemed to hurt for about two hours afterward. Now it's feeling ever so slightly sore. I hope the ink blasting keeps working as much as it did last month. I will update as it goes on.
Hi there, anything new?
Incredible results, thank you for posting your experience! Your tattoo is beautiful, do you mind me asking why you decided to remove it.
thank you. Even the nurse at the office asked me the same thing. :) I do think it is beautiful, but I think I should have put it in a more hidden location. I feel embarrassed to wear sleeveless dresses, especially when attending a formal function.

Second Treatment Completed

So it's been almost a month since I had my second PicoSure treatment! I can't say it hurt any less than the first one. I took two percoset before my treatment and it did not help AT ALL. I won't bother next time. Here is the new photo! Amazing!!!
Outstanding results!! Really clearing fast :)
The Picorsure has a 755nm wavelength of light so it should work very well on your green ink! It will work much less efficiently on the red ink however. There is a specific mechanism of action for all lasers and some people claim that the Picosure is "colorblind" but that has not been the case - You will likely need to have the red treated with a 532nm wavelength. Also, the process is very uncomfortable no matter what laser is used. When the Picosure was launched many dermatologists stated that it was painless because they were repeating information that the manufacturer provided to them but they have backed off that claim now that patient's are commenting how painful it is. Keep in mind, again, all tattoo removal is painful (but very tolerable) and anyone claiming otherwise isn't being honest. Good luck!
Thanks for this information. I know it will be painless, but from the pictures I have seen of a few very large blisters it concerns me with safety. Are larger blisters normal or does that have to do with aftercare?

After Third Treatment

Ouch again.
heey, I have a tattoo in the same place and your results have been so encouraging. Have you headed in for your 4th treatment yet?
Yes. I just took the photo today to update. Here we go....
You know the settings she used?

Fourth treatment

Wasn't any less painful during treatment, but this time I didn't blister as badly as every other session. Looking good. Next treatment is on Friday.
Great results! Do you mind if i ask how much he's charging you per session?
I do not pay per session. I paid for a package based upon the size of the tattoo and how many sessions she anticipated doing. Sorry! :)
Outstanding fading - so happy for you!!!!!

And it continues...

I forgot to update after the last session so this photo is after two more sessions and I'm getting another one today. It has taken many more sessions than first thought, but is looking great and now I don't blister like I did previously. They also began a new laser last time I went on my red flowers, which is working GREAT!
Wow, it looks like you've had some great results so far! Glad to see it :)
Please keep us updated this is helping me shoot bc I have a similar tattoo. Thanks and your results are liking great!!! :-)
So the most recent photograph is after six treatments, is that right? Such an impressive result!

New laser used on the red ink

Picosure wasn't working very well on the red ink so we switched to the med-lite laser for those of you who are curious. :)

The Medlite seems to do the trick! Great to know, thanks for sharing. 
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