Eyeline, Eyebrows and Lips over Three Months - Newport Beach, CA

I started by finding a groupon for permanent...

I started by finding a groupon for permanent eyeliner. I had my eyes done almost four years ago and was in dire need of a touch up but couldn't find my original aesthetician. I live in Newport Beach, CA where in which everything is 5x the price as it is in the rest of the world. So I turned to groupon. I was kind of scared to use someone for permanent makeup who I found on groupon, but I checked out the reviews and her website and decided to give it a go.

Svetlana, my artist used a numbing cream that wasn't used the first time I had my eyeliner done. It made a world of difference. The procedure was much more comfortable than I remembered. The eyeliner looked great but I made a follow up appointment as per her suggestion.

I went in for my follow up a month later and everything was perfect so I decided to do my brows. I was a bit scared because I have seen and heard some horror stories when it comes to brows. I don't wear makeup so I wanted a very natural look. I spent a long time discussing this with my artist. Again the brows came out perfect.

I went in for my scheduled follow up a month later and this time decided to do my lips. I was very scared to do my lips because again, I have seen some horrific results. I didn't want to look like one of the OC housewives with a giant painted mouth. So once again we spent a lot of time discussing color and my desired result.

The lips took a lot longer than did the eyes. I was fully informed that my lips would be swollen and very bright after the procedure. Nonetheless I was shocked when Svetlana was finally done. My lips were bright red, swollen and painful.

The next morning they were still swollen and started to peel. Again, I was fully informed that this would happen. However, I had to run errands with my boyfriend (who kindly told me that I looked ridiculous) and felt very self conscious. For the next three days I kept checking this and other sites looking at everyone's pictures. A orange colored crust formed around my mouth by the third and fourth day, and I went into a paranoid attack that my lips would be Kool-Aid orange for the rest of my life (even though I could see the coral pink color that we picked starting to come out).

Well now its been almost one week since I had my lips done and the orange peeling is almost gone. They are still peeling so I anticipate that they will get more defined in the up coming weeks. Nonetheless, I am very happy with the color and shape. I don't think (at least I'm hoping) that I will need any touch up at the time of my follow up. I think they look very natural, almost no color. Happily, my boyfriend agrees.

I'm so glad I found Svetlana. She is a true artist and a perfectionist! I highly recommend her!
Thank you for sharing your results with RealSelf.  It all looks so natural and nice.
thanks!!! I just want to add how grateful I am to this site and everyone who posted their pics. Even though my aesthetician left me very informed, PMU can be a but scary in the recovery period. So it was great to see pics and read accounts of others. thanks again!
We appreciate that and are very glad to have you here in the community:)

Coming up on two weeks....

So my lips seem to be done with the heavy peeling. I think that they have a nice natural look. Even though I fully trust my aesthetician, I was pretty worried when they were first bright and swollen, and then through the initial peeling period. My follow up is in another two weeks. Hoping that I won't need any touch ups.


Lips are continuing to heal. The right side seems to have a more definitive liner. I am hoping that the left will become more defined and lips will look more even as they continue to heal. I heard that it takes over a month for the lips to fully heal and the color appear?
Thank you for sharing your experience. So awesome that you showed so many photographs. Permanent makeup is scary and it can either boost your confidence or negatively impact your life. My experience with permanent eyebrows was not so smooth. Today I am living with them and I am fairly happy. I have learned from my own experience that my personality likes to put on make up and not look completely made up in the morning. My eyebrows though had to be done because I only had half Brows. I am so happy that you found the right person and you got the desired results. You look beautiful!
permanent makeup by svetlana

I spent a lot of time talking with Svetlana about her experience and knowledge of permanent makeup techniques. She is great. Very professional and talented

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