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I have been obsessing over neck and jowls for...

I have been obsessing over neck and jowls for years. Hopefully I can allow myself to grow old gracefully after this.
I had the lower face lift, and fraxel laser around mouth, Dysport between brows, and Perlane under the eyes.
Pros- so far it doesn't hurt much at all.
Cons- Feeling of tightness. I have to sip soup and smoothies through a straw, because it becomes uncomfortable when I chew. Remember this is only the first day.

4 days out

Lots of swelling and bruising. Can't imagine being able to work in just a few days.


Ive been trying to post photos but they are apparently not being uploads for some reason. I'm going through a lot of anxiety right now that I may have done something very foolish. I look tight and swollen and not like myself at all. I just have to try to be more patient.

Swelling after surgery

The swelling after surgery is not something I expected to encounter, and it is quite
pronounced. It's impossible to say how I will end up looking at the point. My consolation is that, as weird as it looks, it feels just as weird. So when sensation returns to my ears and cheek area I do have hope they will look much better as well.

Two Weeks

The surgery was two weeks ago and although I am slowly healing and improving, I truly expected better results by now. I have swelling, even though I'm on a second dose of prednisone (medrol dose pack). I have numbness and stiffness as well. And I mean these are debilitating symptoms in that, for instance, I cant ride a bike, because I can't turn my neck enough to see all around me. It's too stiff. I can't go outside without a scarf because of bizarre looking swelling and bruising. This is pretty tough to explain in the middle of August. I have a large, swollen, hard lump under my chin with an ugly scar where the lipo suction was done. Did I really need lipo? I didn't have a fat face or a double chin. :-/. I'm really questioning my sanity in doing this to myself at this point.

4 weeks out

It's 4 weeks today since I had this procedure. I still have almost no sensation in my right ear area. There is still a lot of swelling, tightness and bruising. I am totally average, by the way, when it comes to bruising from injuries. I can see where the healing process is headed, and there is about a 50% chance as I see it, at this point, that I will not be disappointed. For instance, as the swelling goes down I can see my jowls returning to their former glory. The worry lines between the eyes, which were erased initially by the Dysport, are already returning. AT 4 WEEKS. The broken capillary, which I had fraxel laser for, is now an ugly red spot on my face. I also had fraxel around my lips and it did absolutely nothing to erase the fine lines around them.

11 weeks out

At about 4 weeks I realized that I was not going to see the complete picture until about 6 months to one year after the procedure was done. The simple truth is that is how long it takes to fully recover from surgery. Having said that, I believe I look better now than I did before the surgery. As long as I wear a lot of makeup on my scars when I have my hair up. I never had to wear makeup before so this is somewhat trying. I still have numbness, tightness, and swelling at 11 weeks. Would I do it again? Possibly not If I had known what all is entailed. On the other hand, if I only was shown a photo of the after results I probably would have gone for it.
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

I chose him based on positive neck lift reviews. I will keep posting for a year and let you know.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How are you now?
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How are you doing now? I'm 2 weeks out and looked similar. Mylady
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Hope you're doing well!
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I had dermabrasion for my mouth and in 6 days, although red, the wrinkles are gone! However, I have pain, swelling and lots of bruising...my eyes even got bruised! Good luck....you will be happy!
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You will get there....I am 5 months out and just now starting to feel normal. My PS said it would take 6 months for full healing and he was right. I am just now getting the full feeling back in my neck and sides of my face...I was starting to worry that I had some permanent damage done but alas it's finally coming back. At least I looked better than I really felt. I really weird thing is I am a easy bruiser, but I did not bruise at all during my 3 at once surgeries which was really nice since I traveled to have my procedures done and that would have been weird being out and about like that...Just wanted you to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am convinced it's better not to know all the details before, or we may have chickened out...take care and post some more update pictures!
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Wow. your before pic looks very much like what i am seeing happening myself. I am just in the thinking stages - I recently lost about 20 pounds and have another 40 to go...but I am really unhappy about the sagging of my bottom face. I am hoping things are better for you now. Keep us posted!
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Wow, you had your op just 2 weeks before me and I'm going through exactly the same thing. Some days I look in the mirror and ask myself "what the hell have you done? you stupid woman". I'm going on holidays in 10 days time, but will I look presentable? I will be 4 weeks post op on the day we leave. It's the swelling that's really getting me down. My cheeks are so swollen that they're pulling on my lower eyelids and making them droop, and I mean REALLY droop.........I feel that I look like something off a horror show. You're about 6 weeks post op by now; how's it settling down?
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I am four weeks out and struggling with feeling puffy and tender after I eat food with too much salt (and too much is hardly any in some cases). I can't really see the swelling, but I sure feel it. My advice is watch the salt and up your caffeine intake a tad if you are a tea and/or coffee drinker. Drink lots of water. If your eyelids are really drooping, maybe you should discuss with your PS?
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Thanks for advice re coffee, funnily I'd actually stopped caffeine because I thought it would be better for my recovery; but you're quite right cause its a diuretic. Re my eyes, woke this morning and so much better! I did send my PS an email about them and he said they would resolve as the swelling went down. Feels so much better when I look in the mirror today. Plus I am pleased with the suturing he did. I have no line in front of my ear. He very cleverly tucked and stitched just over the front edge, inside my ear so no visible scar.
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I have had a neck lift before and there is a lt of swelling and bruising. I had the same fears as you are expressing here. I was worried that I had done something foolish because I looked bizarre and not myself. However, the swelling and bruising did all go away and I am very happy with the results. Hang in there. The normal depression that one can have after surgery doesn't help with these fearful thoughts either.
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Thank you for your kind words. Do have before and after pictures posted? It would be encouraging to see them.
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i feel there should be more and better after care for this procedure. I also feel that the staff should be more honest and forthcoming when asked about average recovery times.
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Thanks for starting your review on RealSelf! I'm glad you're not experiencing much pain. I think the tightness is to be expected, but I can imagine it's not fun. Have you been sleeping okay?

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