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Hi everyone! First off, let me say that finding...

Hi everyone! First off, let me say that finding this community and being able to read and share these experiences with all of you ladies has really been a blessing! The fear of the unknown was keeping me up at night. =>

I just turned 37 in August and have 4 kids. 20-17-15-13. After a failed marriage I met my soul mate about 11 years ago. Needless to say, he spoiled me rotten giving me what ever I wanted. Never talking down to me, always telling me how beautiful I was. So supportive and loving. Well, I got a little too comfortable. In the last 7 years, I managed to gain 100 lbs. I finally had enough of the yo yo diets and in February of 2010 had the lap band surgery. I am now 70 lbs down and ready to implement "phase 2" of taking back control of my body. For the last year and a half, I have worked with a personal trainer exercising 3-4 days a week and adopting a new healthier lifestyle not just for myself but for my family as well.

I was referred to Dr. Niccole from a close friend and was put very much at ease from the moment I walked into the office. At first I was just going to do the breast lift and augment but after thinking about it I figured just get the TT also and get it over with!

So here I am, 10 days until the big day!!!


Thank you so much for the kind and supportive words everyone! I'm now only only 4 days away from my surgery! Getting awfully excited/nervous! Gonna post some before pics either tomorrow or Saturday. Going through to whole range of emotions this last week. Depressed, scared, happy. I think I need to lay off the computer as well for a little. I've been doing a ton of searches on botched jobs. YIKES! My mind always drifts to the worst case scenario. LOL!
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Congratulations on losing weight with all that hard work! I'm excited to see the results of this process. You might want to check out this link about what to set up and purchase for your recovery.

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Hey! This site is awesome!!! Wow only 10 days you must be excited!! I am 10 days after you :-)
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OK, so only 4 days until the big day...not sure if...

OK, so only 4 days until the big day...not sure if it's just nerves or what but I'm getting a little scared. I've been playing worst case scenarios over and over in my head and i can't get it to stop. BOOO! I think I'm just ready for the actual surgery to be over with so I can get to healing. Last workout with the trainer is tomorrow so no more exercise for a while (actually not gonna miss that too terribly cuz she's tuff LOL)!


We're in the same boat with lap band and mommy makeover. Can't wait to hear how your surgery went!
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Congrats on your weight loss! Can't wait to hear how your TT went.

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Just like you, everyday is better :)
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Well, I'm day 5 of post op. Soreness is the big...

Well, I'm day 5 of post op. Soreness is the big culprit here. Just before surgery he de iced he needed to lipo a bit on my "flanks" saying he was worried it wouldn't be even or smooth if he didn't. That is probably the part that hurts worst. Other than that my back feels like its going to break from being hunched over. I'm a little nervous because my boobs are super hard and seem to be high. My PS says this is normal and that I am still very swollen. I've had a few friends who have had implants and they said the same thing so I wont freak out too much LOL! Gonna be posting some pics here soon.

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Well, woke up this morning and my right pinky and...

well, woke up this morning and my right pinky and part of the right side of my hand is numb. its been about 2 hours now. a little worried, is this normal? also, i have a few drops of blood in my urine when i go to the bathroom. i go in to see my ps today so i will definitely be bringing this to his attention.


I had my post op appt today too. I hope you got answers to what's going on with your hand and urine. It does sound like a pinched nerve and maybe infection like mlm below suggested. I was taught today to 'massage my breasts' to soften them. So glad my husband wasn't there to see the Dr teaching me that....he doesn't do well with that stuff (lol). Hoping all good news for you today!
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Yea it was totally a pinched nerve. Took hours to get the feeling back ugh! How did ur post op go?? From the pics I saw ur doing great! They showed me massage techniques too but I'm still too sore lol!
He showed me the massage and I must have had a look of horror on my face, I was terrified of my incisions! He reassured me they are healed enough by now for me and strong enough (lol). I'll try to get new updated pics posted tonight or tomorrow. I got the tape off my upper half....nice feeling! I saw your bruise from your lap band and wondered if it wasn't just the pressure from pulling the skin taunt during the surgery? Also, is that port filled with heparin? I don't know much about them, but just a thought that it could have leaked a smudge with the pressure of surgery and the heparin could have caused bruising? I'm sure it's something simple that will just go away with time :)

Day 9 of po. feeling MUCH better. got my pain...

day 9 of po. feeling MUCH better. got my pain pump as well as 1 drain removed this week and cant wait for the other 2 to go! i can really feel them up my sides and it pulls and burns when i try to stand up when i walk. got the go ahead to start massaging my breast this week. they are still pretty sore so i have my husband do it cuz i cant!

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Okay, so let me do a full on up to today review of...

okay, so let me do a full on up to today review of what i have experienced and what anyone reading this can expect if you havnt gone thru it already.
first of all: nerves nerves nerves pre op! dont play the "what if" game! dont second guess yourself, your decision, or your ps. you did your reasearch, picked your doc for a reason and choose this proceedure because you are ready! RELAX! its all going to be fine!

second: the worst part of waking up from the operation for me was nausia and not pain surprisingly. ask your ps if they will give you a pain pump or if its an option because it made the first several days of recovery VERY comfortable. pain management is the key. i would have to say that extreme soreness and the pain in my back from walking in the bent position was the worst part. so don't be scared you wont be able to handle it. its uncomfortable, not unbearable.

third: follow your ps po instruction to the letter! there is a reason they tell you to do what ever weird thing they may want you to do. and dont be afraid to ask questions or address concerns even if you think they might be not a big deal or silly. its your body, this is new to mostly everyone and they are there for you to answer any questions you might have about the changes going on.

lastly: DONT PANIC! you will be swollen for a long time, your boobs might ride high for a while, might be firm for a while, things might look a little "off" or "not right" but this is okay and normal. im 9 days po and my boobs still don't look completely normal (still very swollen and high) but they look much better than day 1. give yourself time! good luck & congrats on your journey to all of you fabulous women!


You're looking great! And thanks for All the info, it's super helpful!
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What did the ps say about the blood in ur urine? You are looking great:-)
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hey! well, they said it wasnt caused from the surgery because they don't cut beyond the muscle. the nurse "checked" me out and said that it looked as if i had started my period again. i told them that i had my period already on the 12th of this month. from what i was told, they said it isn't completely unusual for the surgery and/or anasthesia to cause me to start again. i have had a history of irregular cycles. i have no pain, no weird swelling. and for the last 2 days it sure does look and feel like im on my period.... great (0_o) soooo, today its starting to go away so i figure unless something changes im just going to give it another day or two before i call my obgyn.

So I finally got another drain pulled yesterday...

So I finally got another drain pulled yesterday with the final drain hopefully coming out on Monday. I forgot to mention ladies, oversized baggie sweatpants and zip up or button down shirts or hoodies are a MUST for PO. I didn't have anything oversized like that and didn't want to spend a lot of $$ for it so I just went to Goodwill and picked up big sweats and a hoodie for less than $10! I also rented a motorized reclining lift chair that SAVED ME! my bed sits too high and my couch would have been real comfortable. And having the chair lift me up and down was sooo helpfu

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^I meant my couch would have been UNconfortable!! ;)

^I meant my couch would have been UNconfortable!!


Yay! Some drains out!!!! I know that is such a feeling of getting past all this recovery phase! Whew... Keep shopping the goodwill or plan on investing in a few sweats you like. I've come to realize I will be in them till at least 3 mos post op....unless going out somewhere special. I am currently graduating myself up to leggings that are nice and thick ones that provide quite a bit if support actually. I'm glad your healing so well! Don't worry about that tightness you feel. Give yourself time to slowly stretch. Keep up the relaxing :)
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I'm feeling much better today. Period only lasted 2-3 days so that wasn't so bad. I got 2 of my 3 drains out and can't tell u how much mire normal that makes me feel. Good luck on ur surgery Monday!!! I'll be checkin in on u. Let me know how it goes, I'm sure it'll be great!!!
Yea, it only lasted 2-3 days so thank god for that. Hey I got a question. I still can't stand up straight and I'm now 10 PO. The skin down the middle of my stomach is sooo tight. Does yours still feel that way??

So I'm 16 days PO. I think I'm going thru the...

So I'm 16 days PO. I think I'm going thru the blues that everyone has spoken of
I'm still swollen. My boob r very firm still. My right boob has dropped but my left hasn't so I look a little lop sided, and to top it all off I think I have a dog ear on my left hip. Oh yea, and to top it off my skin on my belly feels so tight and uncomfortable I can't stand completely upright. I think I'm gonna call it a day.


:( everything will be ok! Too soon to tell about anything I think.
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I'm so sorry you are going through the blues, but you do look amazing! Congrats on your weight loss and taking a healthier approach to your body.
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Hey TM, I'm 16 days PO now and my stomach is TIGHT! pretty uncomfortable to walk full upright without the feeling of my skin really being pulled. Did urs feel very tight at this point?

Feeling a little better today. I just seem to get...

Feeling a little better today. I just seem to get really winded doing stuff around the house. My belly is SO stinkin tight! I really hope that goes away. Got my next PO appt Monday morning. I'll be bringing this up with my ps and see of there r any stretching moves I can do to loosen this up a bit.


Congrats your results look amazing, well done on the weighloss, I have loat 56 pounds 2yrs ago, tummy tuck and boob lift for me Jan 2013, hope rest of your recovery goes well. xx
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