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Full Body Lipo Sculpture @ 57 - Newport Beach, CA

I've wanted lipo for years! I'm 57, 5'4" 128#'s,...

I've wanted lipo for years! I'm 57, 5'4" 128#'s, active/workout regularly, but have never liked my thick thighs (chub rub on the inners & lumping on the outside of my hips & yes 1 side is lumpier than the other) & now that menopause has descendent upon me my waist is thickening & back fat is creeping in. I'm in So. CA so there is NO shortage of surgeons to choose from. I interviewed 10 surgeons. Decided it was VERY important to me that they be board cert. Plastic Surgeons. Mine will be a full body experience. At 57 I'm looking at everything from upper arms to knees!

I started getting cold feet & looked at non-invasive alternatives, ie: Exilis laser & Cool Sculpting. Either one would be 1/2 the cost (I'm looking at $10,000) of lipo but I'm thinking the results will be less significant & both are fairly new to the market.

At my age I am very concerned about the possibility of winding up with saggy skin. I've always been very soft tissued & I'm not as elastic as I used to be.

Also concerned with downtime & pain. When it's all said & done would I think the results were worth it.
I will be doing this for me. My husband & girlfriends think I look great the way I am. It's just with as hard as I workout I want my body to fully reflect that & be able to be comfortable wearing what I want.
1 1/2 yr ago my whole family went on the HCG diet for 3 wks & we all lost weight (Duh! It's basically a 500 cal. a day diet). I got down to 118#'s but I lost a cup size (which I have now regained with the 10 extra #'s) & my chest started looking boney. At my age you need some padding so you don't look gaunt.

Hi PABCA, When is your surgery? When you say full body lipo how many area and what are they? I have very similar problem area with you. Are you gonna have local or general anastesia? Would like to know your up date. Thank you and good luck.
Hi I am so glad to have found your post. I am 58 almost 59 and I am having lipo on 12/10/2012. I am also 5'4" and weigh from 125-127. Your pictures look very similar to my size and shape. I am having lipo on back, flanks, abdomen, and just a little bit on my inner and outer thighs. I am scared. My doctor who is board certified thinks I will do okay without a tummy tuck. Of course my stomach won't look like it did when I was younger, but that is okay. He says he will remove about 6-8 lbs. I did not want him to take out too much as I don't want loose skin. My cost will be close to $10,000. That includes hospital. I will be looking forward to your updates. Please post as often as you can. Good luck.
Hi, glad to share my exp. & be of help. My abs r strong, I have good muscle tone, just buried under the menopausal build-up, & I don't want the scar or recuperation of a TT. My husband is fine with how I am now & I don't plan on wearing a bikini again, being age appropriate does have its place :) I forgot to mention in the orig. post I am having Fat Transfer done to my face (labial folds & wherever else he deems appropriate) & my buttocks (to help minimize the look of the sagging skin). Any leftover quality fat will be frozen & stored for touch-up purposes. FTs never take a 100%. Depends on if the fat can create a blood supply for itself. The 10,000 includes the surgery center, $3,000 & surgeon $7,000. He didn't mention the amount he would remove in terms of lbs. I've heard liters & cc's mentioned but that's Greek to me. Don't expect your scale to reflect a 6-8# weight decrease as you will be bloated from the IV & fluid injected into your adipose tissue. Don't feel hesitant to ask any ?'s of your surgeon. They should be willing to answer any ?'s or concerns prior to help but you at ease. You should know the technique he'll be using traditional Lipo, Laser, or RFAL~RadioFrequency Assisted Lipo or some combination of these & why. Also in my research found PSs generally use 1 of these methods for fluid injected into the tissue to be removed Wet, Super-Wet, Tumescent. To a degree the better informed you are the more comfortable you'll be about your decision. Although there comes a point where as Ben Franklin said, "If you don't read the paper, you're uninformed. If you do read the paper, you're misinformed." & there's a lot of crap out there on the Internet, I nearly drove myself crazy. Since you're already booked that indicates you feel comfortable with your PS so feel free to ask your ?'s. They should not feel threatened by you're inquiries. I will try to update as much as I can. Shalom (& no I'm not Jewish just love the richness of the meaning of the word. Google it)

Forgot to define 'Full Body' Lipo. Areas to be...

Forgot to define 'Full Body' Lipo. Areas to be addressed: upper arms, upper back, waist, flanks, hips, Upper & Lower stomach, Inner thighs, & knees.
10/23/2012 - Surgery Day. First he marked up my backside then 1/2 way thru marking up my front I got a little woozy & had to sit down for a few minutes. I think I was in surgery from about 8:30 to 1. My husband picked me up about 2:30. Wasn't really keeping track of time. My buttocks were the most sore right after. They were injected with my fat. Took a pain pill after I got home & ate a yogurt. Was very sore & tender but didn't do too bad that afternoon & eve. Did a few things at the computer. Was alright sitting but when I got up my lower stomach was very sore. Took a pain pill & an Ambien at 9:30 & slept till 3 when I had to get up to pee. Very painful to lower myself onto the toilet as I have an incision in the back of each thigh under my butt. Difficult to bend over to pick up anything off the floor. Kinda squat & bend or sometimes just don't bother. In terms of my compression garment with as many areas that were lipoed I wish I had gotten a 1 piece instead of a hi-waist girdle with straps & separate sleeves, as there is no compression under the arms. I think I see a difference in my waist but I'm so bloated everywhere else just going to have to wait & see.
10/24/2012 - Went for my Post-Op. They say I am doing well. They weighted me & I'm 8#'s more than pre-surg. You can see the bloating even in my hands & feet. Due to all the solution pumped in. He had wrapped my head in gauze so my face would have some compression as I slept. I like the effect of the fat transfer to my face just hope it takes. Just depends on if the injected fat can create a blood supply for itself. Dr. wants me to limit fluid intake to 4 glasses a day to try to force the body to purge the excess fluid already there. Difficult for me as I'm a big water drinker.
Thanks for posting. Keep us up to date. Wondering about your being able to sit. I thought with a BBL that you couldn't sit for a few weeks. I bet you are going to look great. Can't wait to see your pictures.
Sorry I wasn't clearer. Just updated my review so check it out. Had surgery yesterday 10/23. Thanks!
I had surgery same day! Hope you are well.

Fri. Just to clarify I did NOT get a BBL...

Fri. Just to clarify I did NOT get a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). that is done using implants. I simply had fat injected into my buttocks to try to offset the sagging. At my age (57) don't want lipo in the banana roll area could wind up with flapping skin & don't want the scar, or recovery, of a lower body lift. I'm doing pretty good.Most pain was the day after surg. Had surg Tues. the anesthesia was probably still wearing off till early Wed. morning. Took a Oxycodone & an Ambien Tues. b4 bed @ 9:30 & still woke up at 3:00 to pee. Then never really got back to a deep sleep. Had my Post-op at 11:45. Said I was doing well & that if I needed to go ahead & take the pain med every 31/2 hrs or so. Then Th. was able to back off to every 5-6 hrs. Today I took one when I got up 7am & didn't take another till 2:45. I started walking the dogs again yesterday, so they only missed 2 days. Th. I walked them am & pm as I think a lite walk is good for my circulation. They're small dogs under 20#'s & we only go about 1/2 a mile for now. Plus I was so constipated thought it would help that too. My husband & daughter said it looked like I needed some relief. Finally did poo today. Very hard & a somewhat painful. Hoping for an actual BM tomorrow. I am still quite bloated/swollen & expect to be for the first few weeks. Will update with pics when I start to see the swelling going down.
In Texas they call fat injections to the butt a Brazilian Butt lift that is why I called it that. The first surgeon I saw is a specialist in that procedure. Well do yo think the fat injections made your butt look perkier? You do seem to be recovering well. Happy for you.
Did you have local anestesia or general? Are you taking arnica and Bromelain? You seem to heal really fast. I am happy for you that you are not in so much pain. I can't wait to see your after pics. Thank you for your update.
Congrat on ur procedure..how are u feeling? I will be 5 wks post op Monday and still swollen in the belly...got my upper/lower abs and flanks done..wish I did my bra area...stands out more to me now since my flanks are done and I have a WAIST...if u look at my pic's u will c the belly I started with..but I am not patient person and still waiting for better results on stomach...I hate my profile....HAPPY HEALING!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sun. ~ For those of you who have asked I had...

Sun. ~ For those of you who have asked I had General Anesthesia. I also had General 21/2 yrs. ago when I had my face lift. I've never had a problem with it but I know others have had a lot of nausea from it. I went home that afternoon & daughter brought home Chinese take out & I had no problem eating it & keeping it down. No nausea just leaves me groggy & constipated. & the pain meds don't help with the constipation either. I've included a pic of me in the compression garment (taken Sat.) cause I haven't seen a post of this. I got 2 separate pieces. 1 starts under the bust & goes to below the knees with straps. The sleeves are separate ^& hook together in the back like a bra. The main thing I didn't like about this arrangement is that there was little to no compression for my upper back behind armpits where he did do some fat removal & my bra didn't come up high enough either. I ended up wearing a tight workout top. It came up a bit higher & was tighter than my bra. Still waiting to post after shots till swelling goes down as I'm not seeing much differance even tho' my daughter & husband say they do. The fat injection to the face is still doing well. Like haveing some cheeks on my face finally :-)
congratulations, you look good!

Fri. 11/9 ~ So it's been 16 days since my surgery...

Fri. 11/9 ~ So it's been 16 days since my surgery Tues. 10/23. & even I am seeing the results! So am now adding my after pics to my review, although Dr. Anton says the results will continue to improve till about the 2 month mark. For those of you who care I'm going to state my measurement changes (Dr. Anton said he took 3-4 #'s out). They aren't major but I think they made a significant diff.:
Upper Arm 11" to 101/2"
Under Bust 31" to 30"
Waist 30" to 29"
Hips 36" to 361/2" (I had Fat Injection)
Thigh 21" to 201/2" (couldn't be aggressive due to skin laxity)
I can now switch from the Compression Garment (aka: The Torture Chamber) to Spanx type garment. However I continue to wear the surgical compression garment when I'm home & at nite, sleeping. The only thing with wearing it to bed is that now that the swelling & bloating has subsided if I lay on my side the zipper digs into me & wakes me up. So have to add extra padding in those spots. Dr. gave me some 5"x9" ABD Pads (kinda thick & cottony). I used folded wash cloths 1 nite & that worked well (may go back to it). I think if you had some thin foam you could cut to fit that would be ideal. Saw some on ContourMD website 8x11 for $7.50 a piece, wish I had ordered some.
Gotta go now, have a hair appt. But wanted to get these pics posted. If you have any ?'s just shoot 'em my way & I'll try to get to 'em as soon as I can.
Your results are fantastic. Your skin looks really good.
wow you look great. I am 60 and having some lipo revision from 6 years ago. I had a deep plane facelift 8 months ago and had fantastic results so going back to the same doctor. I kind of have your body type. Muscle under menopausal fat. Ugh..Its my upper abs that my previous Doctor could not do as it was local and too painful. I do get sick from General Anesthesia nauseous for about 2 days after. I hate it. As with my face lift. This time I will have my back done also. Do you have much loose skin now?? I have never had kids. He is also doing fat transfers to my hands as the skin is quite thin and veiny. I hear it really works .
Oh my surgery is booked for January 15...nervous as usual. But Arnica gel and tablets work well for bruising and Emu oil for lotion for healing as I used that 6 years ago. Plus hate the garment with zippers but it does work.
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Found him thru the Internet. I know an Aesthetician who is familiar with his work & raved about him as the best Breast man around based on his apparent skill at body proportion & his precision. At my consult based on photos, certifications & conversation he impressed me as extremely knowledgeable, competent & a perfectionist, which I value in a surgeon. Even his office was tranquil, pristine & well laid out. I had 3 very solid choices. Dr. Anton was in the middle price wise. In the end it just came down to going with my gut, trusting that he would do the best he could for me. A balancing act, as aggressive as he can without causing complications. I'm not expecting to have a 30 year old body, just a better me.

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