Large Chin Implant With Wings- Lots of Bruising 46 Y/o Male - Newport Beach, CA

I always had a lousy profile which was primarily...

I always had a lousy profile which was primarily the result of a weak chin. I had toyed with the idea of doing something about it, but finally decided once I found out that my wife of 14 years didn't love me anymore and we needed to get a divorce. I am one of those guys who needs to "do something" when crappy things happen, so I figured that this might help. I am at the end of day 2 post op, so I realize that it is early, but I am bruising REALLY badly and starting to second guess my decision. I need to be in public tomorrow and it will be really evident to my kids and others that I look really bad. From what I have read, I know that I need to give it time, but being alone and just thinking about this really does screw with your head. I rolled the dice hoping that it would not be too bad by Halloween when I take my kids trick or treating at one week post op, but it seems like I came up craps. I am surprised at how sad I am right now, so any words of encouragement would be appreciated. I will try to add photos as well.


Bit of an update

Thanks so much for the reply Angie. Agreed, I am not I the best place mentally due to my divorce, so I am sure that this is having an impact. Today is the morning of day 5 post surgery. The bruising is starting to fade some, but is still very deep red across most of my chin. My jowls actually seem to be getting more swollen, not less. As a result, there are viewing angles that are really unattractive, with seemingly sunken looking cheeks. Really hope that the jowls don't stay swollen and go down.

The pain has been more than I expected as well. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but its been pretty bad. I have had headaches and my teeth hurt as everything is just so tight and feels like it is putting tension all around my face and head. Who knows, maybe this is related to stress, but I really hope it resolves soon.

I think I will like my profile once things settle down, but this has been way more significant than I expected. I might have had an unrealistic expectation about how easy this was going to be but my experience thus far is that it's not. Of course, then I get "spinning" on all of the other possible complications that could occur and I get more stressed. One day at a time I guess. On a positive note, Dr. Cruise and his staff have been really good so far.


Just posted some pics

Before is the one of me in a white shirt by the window. Then a couple 2 days post op and then 3, 5 days post op. Comments appreciated...

Day 8

So, my bruising is slowly fading, but I still have two bright purple splotches on my jowls and yellow/red/brown across the rest of my Cindy, jaw, neck and a bit of upper chest. It is going to take at least 2 weeks to resolve at this rate.

I also have pain in one spot on my left jaw that actually radiates into a couple of teeth as well. I just emailed the PS to seek if tips is anything to be concerned.
swelling in my jowls has gone down some, but the left side of my chin is still really swollen and sticking out. Underneath my chin is also swollen and my scar is raised. At this point, my face appears longer and narrower than before. I am hoping this, is mostly due to swelling that will resolve. I will try to post pics over the weekend.

No numbness in my lips or really even in my chin. Still really tight feeling tough and my smile is crooked-a bit like a sideways "s". Can only see my top teeth.

Not looking forward to 2-6 months for all this to resolve, and I am a bit concerned about the pain that goes into my gum/mouth.
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

I really liked Dr.Cruise and his entire staff. They took the time to answer multiple sets of questions from me, and really seemed to care. They also appear to have a well thought through process.

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Looks good! How are things going these days? How does it feel?
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How you doing now buddy?
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It takes much longer than you think to recover... I am 16 months out and I am glad I did it... Did I really need it, prob not, am I more balanced and proportionate, def. hang in there, it gets better with each day!
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I haven't had my done I've booked a consultation on the 14th July 2014, what key questions do u think i should i ask? also may i ask what do u think of my side profile? David :-)
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I looked at your pics and u look just like I did... I'll repost my pics... I can see why u want one, but keep in mind the front is the most important view and u look fine from that angle... If you have it done, u may be happy you did it in time, but get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride
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thanks for the message, did it affect how you feel inside about yourself now?
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Oh wow subjecting yourself to physical pain while going through emotional pain is going to be tough! I hope the surgery worked out well and you're feeling better.
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Your story really hit home with me. Last year, I was blind-sided with my wife of almost 10 years telling me that she didn't love me anymore and resulted with her filing for a divorce, which went through this March. I was and still am completely devastated. My self-worth and self-esteem are at an all time low. I've been unhappy with my weak chin since I was 14 years old (42 now) and have finally scheduled my implant surgery for next month. I'm very excited and nervous to go through this. I know it takes more than a change of my physical appearance to heal my emotional trama, and I've been working on that too, but I need a "kickstart" to get me feeling better about myself. I plan on sharing the results and I hope it's a good decision. I hope you are feeling better mentally and physically and on the road to recovery and a happy life.
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I think you look great and well done by taking action with your life. Old saying but time is a healer. David
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Hey there, It's been a month and I'm wondering how you're doing now and what you think of your results?

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Eesh, thanks folks. I think that I fundamentally underestimated the recovery time. I can't imagine what some of the more "significant" procedures are like. BostonGirl and JJJ- are you both happy with the results? Any other complications? Thanks
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I am finally happy with the results after all this time... Your mind will play tricks on you but just give it time... You can see my pics on my profile if you want
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yes so happy , i had no complications with my chin. Just try not to touch it. My doctor said you also are not allowed to pop your pimples for the first few months ( LOL). And JJ is right, your mind plays tricks on you, one day i hated it and i do not know why, now i am so happy i went thru with it!
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Hi! I am two months post op and my swelling has finally started to go down and look normal! Under my chin is still swollen where the incision is but my cheeks and chin were swollen for some time. I am finally starting to look normal. Remember healing takes time. But it will be worth it :-)
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Not bad after only 5 days post op... Bruising should be totally gone by week 2.... Swelling will take months... I'm 6 months post op and swelling is finally gone
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I got a large sized implant. How has it worked out for you? Are you happy with the results? How long did it take to settle down to 90%'done? Thanks
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i have a medium from dr cruise, i really like it. But i think a large would do better for me, i should talk to him if i can make it to the large in my one month visit. As about you, don't worry ok. you will see all the swelling, numbness, and bruise go faded each day and each day. I was exactly like you, don't worry. those all will go away, just focus on the result. I wish i could get a large :(
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I just had chin implant which dr cruise last month too, which size you got, medium?
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Thanks for posting your photos. I think it looks good! That's from a laywoman, but your jaw looks masculine if still a bit swollen. I hope your headaches go away soon and that over time you like your results. I hope you're able to take your kids trick or treating!

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Aw, I'm so sorry you have post-op blues. I wonder if you're mourning for not only your altered jaw but your marriage as well. Look at me playing therapist! Sorry. I know that lots of folks get slightly to severely depressed after plastic surgery. I hope this is just a phase of healing that passes. We'd love to hear more about your recovery process and see your photos as well. Chin implants can have such an amazing aesthetic impact.

Hang in there. We're here for you!

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