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Being 22 I must say I was a bit worried about...

Being 22 I must say I was a bit worried about doing the fraxel, but I am so happy with the results. If you have lighter skin tone with freckles as I do the recovery time does take longer. (my skin stayed pink for longer, six months) but nothing a little makeup can cover. The worst part is having to stay completely out of the sun for six months to a year. It was harder then I imagined it to be. Driving with sunglasses and a hat is still impossible to keep all the sun off your face towards the afternoon with the sun in front of you and not above you. with that being said i still am very happy with my results and have absoloutely no regrets. My confidence has gone up and I no longer am self conscious of my lines and sun damage from being a beach bunny my whole life. It definitely takes years off. 

Glad you are happy with your results, I can imagine it would be hard to keep the sun off your face for a long period of time! What was the pain like on a scale of 1-10 would you say?

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Dr. Bandy and the staff made me feel so comfortable and were there to answer all of my questions when I needed them the most. I would even consider doing it again in my fifties and only with Dr bandy.

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