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I am very displeased from my facial fat transfer....

I am very displeased from my facial fat transfer. My DR. told me only how amazing I would look. When asked about side effects he minimized everything and didn't infrom me of many possibilities. He added to my cheeks but did not want to go under my eyes. This made my cheeks look bigger but my under eyes now look sunken in. The fat did not stay in my temples at all. I look older now not younger. And, a year after the procedure I still have these awful traumatized blue veins visibly running up and down my face. I have to wear makeup every day to cover them. I would never recommend this procedure.


I’ve waited almost two and half years to write this, and I thank you Jenny for opening the door. Dr. Cruise performed an ill-fated Fat Transfer on me. I was suppose to get a slight eye refresher - not unusually placed cheeks we never discussed. Dr. Cruise’s note above is something he does whenever he gets a negative online review, but when I told him in person that I was unhappy, he told me I looked perfect and sounded crazy. Dr. Cruise can write his note to a couple of the country’s best surgeons from whom I sought help - and tell them they're crazy and blind. Frankly, it would only be without sight that you could have missed the lumps and facial distortion. He can write another letter to me and include a check for the thousands and thousands it's cost me to try to revise the damage and get my life back –including job loss. I miss my old self, my old life, and my old face every single day. Two days ago I got up in front of large group and made a formal presentation for the first time since the procedure. I used to love public speaking. . .but when you can’t leave your home because of the daily horror you feel, things like losing your job become the result. I had worked for weeks on the 16 hours of presentation material I prepared, and when I was done, I received standing applause. At one time, I would have felt joy and relief, but now I have only tears. I’ve been sobbing for two days. I no longer feel any joy or any relief in my life because life exhausts me. No matter how hard I try and how hard I work, self-doubt has consumed my life since being the recipient of Dr. Cruise's handiwork. It has almost killed me – literally. I find no peace at any corner and friends are in short supply because they too, miss the old me. They miss the girl who used to have a big belly laugh and a smile that could bring the house down. And now, only darkness.
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@missmyface: Thank you for sharing. I have not had treatment by Dr. Cruise. However, I do know from personal experience that when you feel that your identity is stolen from a botched facial procedure it can break even the most happy, strong, successful woman. Many formerly active women that have undergone this unfortunate experience seem to become reclusive, shadows of their former selves, and overwhelmed by depression and self-blame because this was an elective procedure. Congratulations on getting up and making a public presentation, even if it took years for you to take this step. I sincerely admire your strength!
Thanks pe.ces, A botched job is horrifying enough, but the identity crisis that can follow these types of procedures is not often discussed by doctors - and it's a sentence to hell that's almost indescribable. Even small alterations can change the reflection you've seen in the mirror your whole life and your brain may struggle to reconcile that and find the connection. Your facial animations may seem different. You can feel like a completely different person - not in a good way. Over time and under continued duress, you can notice significant alterations in personality and even exhibit symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In my case, the damage was real as is evident in before and after photos, professional second opinions, unkind words from acquaintances, and the lack of any positive comments and reinforcement that I took for granted prior to the procedure. Like Jenny, a bulging vein under my eye appeared very soon after. Some of the lumps can't be removed because it would be too dangerous for a couple reasons. The temple fat that was added went away immediately, except for a few lumps that were removed by my revision surgeon. I was about 100 lbs and fit when I had this done and still ended up with three lipo dents at the donor site. Crazy and no excuse for that. Based on my results, either too much fat was taken, or it was simply carelessness.
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