40 Yr Old Male Needing to Get Ride of the Usual Love Handle and Pot Belly - Newport Beach, CA

After doing 4 weeks of reading and research, I...

After doing 4 weeks of reading and research, I decided to go ahead with the procedure at CSA. It turns out the cost go down if you pay for a package of treatments. Based on first initial consultation, i needed 6 areas: left stomach, right stomach, left love handle, right love handle, left lower back, and right lower back. I went ahead and paid for 12 treatments because based on what I have read & pictures I have seen, it takes two sets of treatment to get the same result as liposuction. If it turns out I don't need the additional treatment, they are transferable to another person, used for other areas, and they don't have an expiration date on them.

I chose CSA over other places because the procedure is done by a registered nurse and they have performed more procedures than any other places in southern california.

I went in earlier today at 8 a.m. to start the procedure and finished at 12:30 pm. They did right love handle & left stomach on the first hour. They then did the reverse on the 2nd hour and then did the back during the 3rd hour. The only "pain" felt was when the plate initially sucked the area to be treated. It's like having some one pinch really hard on your love handle. It lasted for 45 sec. and then I was fine.

They gave me follow up instructions with what to expect and a 90 day follow up appointment to see the results. They also said they will be contacting me periodically to see how I am doing and to call them at any sign of pain. It's been an hour after the procedure and the only discomfort I feel is when I touch the treated area, otherwise, I wouldn't notice anything.

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These are pictures taken on the day of the procedure


Congrats!!! How are you doing? I am supposed to do cool sculpting in Nov but I am not sure if it will work and show significant change.
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I am doing great. There wasn't much discomfort or side effects. Its been 16 days and there's no change yet. I will post updates either way so others will know if it works or not.
Hi Ted -- Thanks for sharing your pics and experience so far! I look forward to following your progress and I hope the procedure works well for you.

How are you doing? Any pain or discomfort?
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15 day update

Its been 15 days and so far no change yet. I measure with the measuring tape every morning to see any process. As far as pain or side effects, I didn't have any. According to my research, the turning point for the physical change occurs at week 10 so that's another 8 weeks away. Still keeping my fingers crossed that this works.


Hi Ted, any progress? I'm planning to do this next week. They told me also for best results I have to do 6 treatments. 4 at first, and then come back a month later for the other 2 on my side handles. I ran a few miles every day and work out 6 or 7 days a week but I can get rid of my side handles for about 20 years. I eat also pretty healthy, but exercise and diet won't do it for me. Thanks
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Unfortunately, I haven't seen any progress yet. Its been one month, not the full ten weeks, but I thought I would see some small change because of the 6 treatments I did. If I were you, I would hold off for another month to see what mine look like after 10 weeks. I do about 30 min. cardio a day also.
Hang in there&I suggest not to measure every morning It literally takes 6 months for the end result. Swelling lasts forever. fingers crossed,legs&toes for you.
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40 day update

The changes have been very slow. It's almost like 1 mm a day. On the first set of pic, the circumference of my waist area was 37 1/4 inch. Right now, it's about 36-36 1/4". I am hoping for at least a 3" inch total before I go for the second rounds on Nov. I have looked at pics of people that did lipo and the results are more dramatic and quicker for about the same price of my 12 treatments. At this point, I would not recommend cool sculpting unless you have health issues that would prevent lipo surgery as the cost and total time to see real results would be about the same.


The cost does add up. I don't think 2 treatments = lipo results. I wish it did but I read the biggest and best loss is after the first session. We have similar bellies and I've already booked for full lipo all the way around and from neck to crotch. Need to keep all in balance. So while expensive and painful. All or nothing I thought.
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I see a difference from the beginning to now. My 1 treatment will be $1500 so your 12 for that amount is okay but if i did do smart-lipo it would be 6k so in retrospect what you paid is expensive and my 1 treatment should be $600. I may have to just do lipo after i try this cool sculpting stuff.
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Michelle Cavalieri, RN

Michelle was great to work with. In my initial research, i e-mailed 3 places on a Friday night. To my surprise, the office e-mailed me back right away and was able to schedule a consultation with me for the following Tuesday all via e-mail. After the consultation, I had a lot a couple more questions that I e-mailed her and she promptly replied right away. On the day of the procedure, she drew out the area to be treated and massaged the area after each treatment. She periodically checked back in with me during the treatment to see how it was going or if I needed anything. They provided snacks, beverages, magazines, and a TV.

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