Submental Liposuction, loving it!

Hello, I wanted to share my experiene since many...

Hello, I wanted to share my experiene since many of you have shared with all of us..I had submental liposuction, neck, jowls, chin. I am 5'3 tall and weight about 132 lbs, not a big person, but the fat in my my face did not go away with diets or exercise lol. So i had the procedure done 6 days ago. I had it done under general anesthesia and I was sent home rigth after with mediation, of course. There was little pain, I didnt even took the pain killers and I took over the counter pills. Day 6, I am feeling better, less swollen and less bruised. I can see some results already and I am thrilled! I wore the garment 24/7 for all this week. Doctor say in the next two weeks I can wear it an nigth which is fine, anything to look beautiful!

Hi Dancerca,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. How are you doing now it's been another couple of weeks since surgery?

I can definitely see some changes between your before/after pic, I hope you're results have continued to get better!


I had mentioned i had my neck done, but i meant my...

I had mentioned i had my neck done, but i meant my chin and jawline..sorry if i mislead anyone.. :)
No private message please, Dancerca it is not my pleasure. If you think what you think is right, just post it here for someone else following up. Your message to me was not welcome and not my pleasure. Personally, I hate people saying on one story but what said today is different from what she said yesterday. Come on, grow up. I am not a kid. Please be read tiwce on my earlier message Dancerca, was not writing for you.
For some reasons, she posted her pictures and withdrew. The previous cost posted earlier was cheap but was changed to higher, her name was changed as well. It is her right but we are here helping to understand about the experiences we have for our doctors, procedures, the clinics and tabout the liposuction. We don't expect to go into or any further to someone's personal things.
Post pictures please!!!
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