Chin Implant & Liposuction

I am hesitant about posting this on the internet...

I am hesitant about posting this on the internet for the world to see but I feel an obligation since this site has helped me so much. I decided on my plastic surgeon from this site as well.

I have always had a weak chin, and it didn't really bother me until I started to get some fat under the skin - I am not overweight, but yet I had a double chin any time I slightly tilted my head down. It's something that has consumed me for the past 5 or 6 years. I started to see it in pictures first, and would always be conscious to pose from the front and would cringe any time I saw I was tagged in a picture because it was likely caught off guard and my double chin would be there.

It bothered me when I talked to people because I felt like they could see it. I already look really young for my age, and want to be respected, and I feel the weak chin just made that worse. I was especially disturbed by the double chin since I never had that before, and even when I tried to lose weight it would linger. I would learn in my consultation that it's genetic.

The doctor gave me 3 choices, general or twilight anesthesia in a surgery center, or local anesthesia in the dr. office. This was my very first surgery. I can easily freak myself out mentally, and already had some scary dreams about the procedure, so I decided to do the twilight anesthesia. I was still awake, but very numb and very sleepy. I actually fell asleep at one point on the table and woke up because my legs jumped. I would definitely recommend doing it this way. It's more expensive, but I felt so at ease and comfortable.

The doctor sized me for the implant in the operating room, and I could hear them all agree on a medium. (I went to another consultation before I decided on my Dr. with a different surgeon and he recommended a large... I asked the plastic surgeons on here and they all said large would be too big. I'm glad I got a second opinion. I have small features and I think the large would be too big).

I am 3 days out from surgery today. The first two days were kind of tough... definitely needed pain medicine and had trouble sleeping. I'd get nauseous on and off but had a nausea pill (Zofran) that I could take. I can already tell it's going to be a slow recovery for me. Just today I've had bruises show up on my neck and chin. I'm also really swollen around my chin and it makes me look like a potato head. I have researched so much though, I know this will go away with time. It's just freaky at first.

The hardest/worst part so far is that I cannot feel my entire lower face. My lower lip is extremely numb and constantly tingling/burning. Of course I think the worst possible scenario and think I have nerve damage, but the on-call doctor said it's completely normal. I've been googling a lot too and it says the tingling is a good sign. I cannot talk or eat anything except protein shakes and smoothies through a straw. So that's really frustrating. I'm a talkative person. Also when I move my lower lip fast, I get a shooting pain throughout the left side of my chin. I will ask the Dr. about this at my pre-op tomorrow.

I will post some after pictures soon!

Before Pics & Post-Op Update

I just had my post op appointment. Dr. is pleased with the results and so am I. It's a small, but big difference. I don't even think anyone will notice unless they fixated on my double chin regularly like I did. Which is good. I didn't want to look different, just a better version of myself.

I asked him about my numbness. He said he has never had it happen, but permanent nerve damage is a risk with the procedure. He said since we used a medium implant, it has probably stretched the nerves out. He checked the inside of my mouth to see if it was out of place, but it wasn't. (By the way we put it in under the chin, which is supposed to be better for avoiding nerve damage).

I am trying not to let myself think that it could possibly be permanent and trying to be optimistic. I know I'm only 4 days out, but it seems like most people didn't experience this. If any of you had, and it got better, I'd love to know about it. This is the only thing really bothering me.

5 Days Post-Op

Here is a 5 days post-op picture. As you can see I've got some bruising on my neck, but it's not painful just ugly. I'm especially swollen on the chin, under the chin, and around the jawline, but the swelling has come down a LOT. If it weren't for the bruising I would totally feel comfortable in public. The numbness and tingling in my bottom lip and chin is still there, but I think I am getting a little bit of feeling back. Talking and eating are still hard, but not impossible. I've been wearing a chin strap as much as possible and it's really helping in preventing the swelling from gathering under my chin. No pain or nausea yet today - yay!

Feel free to ask any questions.

7 Days Post Op

Today was rough emotional-wise. I'm exactly a week post-op and still extremely swollen. My face is really wide from the front because of the swelling around the implant. I am supposed to go to work on Monday and I just can't see it happening. I have yet to be out in public since the surgery. The lower half of my mouth doesn't move at all, so I know people are going to notice. I know it will get better but it's hard to imagine. I take back what I said about being in public 5 days post op. I wish I had 2-3 weeks off work.

14 Days Post Op

Hey guys. I'm exactly 14 days post op today. I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks! I really wanted to check in and let you guys know my thoughts.

First off - I think most plastic surgeons (on message boards and consultations) make it sound like you will be ready to go and feeling normal after surgery in 5 days-a week. To their defense, I think some patients probably ARE ready to go that quickly, but keep in mind everybody is different and we all have different healing schedules. I think I would have personally felt more comfortable if I had 12 days recovery before I had to go back to work rather than 9. I really didn't start feeling comfortable and like myself until day 12.

Also, this is your FACE. I don't think we realize how many nerves and delicate tissues are in our face, but putting a foreign object in there is a big deal and your body will most likely react. I didn't start to have any feeling in my lower face until day 10, and wasn't able to smile until day 12. I had a constant buzzing feeling in my lips which was HIGHLY annoying, and I still get it here and there but it's much more subdued. I think it will be another couple of weeks before I can fully move my mouth and have more feeling back.

With that being said, I was FREAKING out at 7 days because of the numbness and the buzzing. I didn't think I'd ever be able to feel my lips again. I tried to eat a sandwich and ended up biting my lip so hard without even knowing it because it had no feeling... I didn't realize until I saw blood on the sandwich. I feel really silly for freaking out now because every day gets better and better. It's hard to tell yourself that, but you just have to give it time.

Currently I am still really swollen and sore under my chin from the liposuction with hard lumps. My doc said that is normal. I'm just very impatient and want the swelling underneath to go away so I can see my new jawline!

Some other things I have noticed are that my bottom lip sits differently... in a good way though. It looks a little bit fuller and more pouty because the chin pushes it up. I hope that stays! Also I had the start of a dimple on one cheek before the surgery and it looks more defined now, which I like.

Right now I'm feeling good. Impatient for final results, but good.


So its been over 2 months now and the swelling underneath my chin is almost completely gone! You can see it a little bit in the pictures, but it is so much better than it was. I would say I have 99% movement back in my mouth (I can smile showing my bottom teeth, and I'm back to doing my silly facial expressions). People that I haven't seen for a few months have not noticed at all. My mom even said if she didn't see me all the time and didn't know, she's not sure she would have noticed. Which is what I wanted - I wanted to look like myself still, just better, and that's what I feel like I got.

Being patient is the hardest part. For anyone who has just had surgery, please please know that every day you will look different. You won't see your final results for MONTHS so don't worry yet if it looks too large.

I am back to all my normal activities, and I feel perfectly fine. I'm only aware of my chin sometimes. I'll occasionally get a little tingle (it's not super painful... but it doesn't feel good either). I'm not going to worry unless it continues for the next month.

All in all I am soooo happy I went through with the surgery and I honestly can't imagine my daily life without the chin. My weak chin consumed so much of my thoughts, that it's such a relief to live every day without being self conscious of how it looks.

If you guys have any questions feel free to comment or private message me!
Dr. Larry Nichter

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Nichter. He is detail-oriented, and extremely knowledgable. I asked him a ton of questions in my consultation and he answered each and every one of them with ease. He made me feel very comfortable and cared for in surgery which was a huge priority for me, as I've never had any sort of surgery. I am beyond happy with my results and can't imagine what would have happened had I gone with another doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Your photos look great! I've been contemplating getting an implant and so happy to see your final results. Question, did you have to have someone come and stay with you for a few days after the surgery?
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Hi! Thank you so much! I did have someone with me almost 24/7 about a week after but I think they only recommend having someone there the first 72 hours. Your doc will tell you if you decide to go through with it! Good luck! :)
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You look so pretty-what a stunning profile!! I have a quick question-what impact did it have overall on your front view? Also, are you now able to fully move your lower lip? Oops, that was 2 questions! Congrats on your lovely results!!
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Thank you so much! I do not think it had much impact on my front view at all. If it did, it was positive. I was worried about it making my already oval face look long and pointy, and it did not at all. As far as my lower lip goes, I definitely can move it now. I couldn't fully move it for the first month or two though, so don't be shocked if you can't!
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You look amazing !!!!! I'm so excited to get mine done! I'm still absolutely terrified but it's something I desperately need doing! Thanks so much for sharing your experience xx
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Thank you!! Good luck with your journey!! XX
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Hi! I have now come a few more days along in my recovery and I feel a lot better about the new chin =) I have one issue though, the hard mass under my chin! It is really hard and still painfull. I saw my surgeon on monday and she said that it happens sometimes after lipo. She said that I should get LPG massage on the hard area. The thought that someone would tuch me in that area makes me sick! She told me that I can try and massage the area myself and hopefully, it will go away in time. The thing is that the area is so tight that it looks like I have not had lipo yet.. Have you had this probem and if so, what has your surgeon said about it? How do you feel right know? I'm gonna put my story and my pics up here and then I'll let you know so that you can look at my pics =) I hope you're doing fine and that you are happy with everything!! //Marlen
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Hi Marlen, I am soooo glad you are feeling better! It's an emotional roller coaster at times but when you finally see the results you were expecting it is so gratifying and worth the wait. Yes I completely know what you mean about the hard mass. I had that problem linger for quite awhile and the hardness is almost all gone now. Every time I would have a follow up with my surgeon I would mention it and he said it was completely normal. Some people don't get it, but others do and it definitely goes away. Some days it would look worse than others and it definitely looked like I still had a double chin at times. Slowly but surely it started to go away. My surgeon said I could massage it myself if I wanted to and it might speed up the process a bit. I didn't really do much of that because I didn't really like touching the area either. Just try to be patient and know that it is only temporary! I would love to see pictures so yes please let me know when you post! Happy healing and keep me posted! :)
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Wow, your results look gorgeous! I think your new chin really complements the rest of your face without making it look drastically different.
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Thank you so much! That means a lot :)
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I just had my op 9 days ago. You are the one person in here that are the most like me in your before pics and the in the way you discribe yourself. That's why I was so glad to read that you have had pretty much the ecxakt same experiens as I have so far. (I'm from Sweden som my spelling might be off here and there =) ) I found this page tonight when I started gooling a lot becouse I am so worried about my swelling. I am so scared that I will look like this forever. I have a big swelling on my chin and look like Jay Leno, wich for a petit girl is not all that fun! But I guess it will be a lot better if I give it a few more days, and I guess everyone has different recovery time. The pain has also really been extream! When I woke up after my surgery I was acctually shoked at how much pain I was in!! I have had gallstones, given birth, inlarged my breast and so on... But this was the pain from HELL!!!! OMG!!!!! They had to give me injections in my chin and jaw with numbing drogs. But still.... I have been thinking, IF this is the endresult, they will have to take the implant out becouse I look like Jay Leno, but I would never ever, EVER let them put a smaller implant in. And I would never have done this would I have known how mucj pain I would be in. I can't take any morfin substanses either so it's not easy to ease the pain.. But now, I'm on day 9, and I feel better. Just waiting for the numbness, the burning and tingeling sensation to end. And offcouse, the swelling to go away and have full movement of the lip and all that. I would just like you to know that you calmed me down with your story. Please write and tell us how you are today, and if you can, I would love a pic. Thank you!!!!! / Marlén, Sweden
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Don't worry! You are still so early in your recovery process! Today I am 2 1/2 months post op and I still have swelling according to my doctor. It's a long recovery time, but it's sooooo worth it. I looked like Jay Leno too at first, but now I am looking more like myself. My profile is exactly what I'd hoped for. The numbness and tingling will go away soon enough, and one day you will notice it's all gone! It's very annoying at first, but mine went away completely. I am so glad my review helped you out! Keep me updated on your progress! I will work on posting pictures and a follow up ASAP.
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I will post one soon with pictures!
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You look amazing! I'm thinking about a chin implant as well and I hope mine will turn out as well as yours did.
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Thank you!
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Wow, amazing results!
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Thanks so much!
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I feel exactly how you feel! My chin is also still swollen and bumpy. Massaging the area gently does help a little bit. My bottom lip is still numb too and does sit differently than prior to surgery...except I think I liked my "before" lip a bit more. This is definitely a slow moving recovery. Happy healing! Keep us posted on your progress!
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awesome front looking
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Thanks! Yeah I don't look too different from the front, which is what I wanted.
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You look really good!! Very nice results!!!
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Thank you!! I am very glad I did it.
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I think your pictures are looking great. I'm a week out now too from my implant and lip and I feel comfortable going out in public. I went back to work after four days, and that was a little quick, but it gets easier every day. The chin is starting to feel more like "me"! I really do think people don't remember what your chin looks like, and you are the most self conscious about it. My doctor said one of his patient's moms didn't even notice. From your photos I don't think people will notice, especially if you just act naturally, they will just subtly think you look better! This week someone asked me if I got a tan, and someone else asked if I lost weight. They won't think you had surgery! Hope that pep talk helps. You can do it! :)
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implant and lipo* (sorry for the typo)
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