Explant .. Best decision of my life! August 21, 2013 - Newport Beach, CA

Hi, First of all I want to thank all whom have...

Hi, First of all I want to thank all whom have shared their stories on here. I have been researching this procedure for almost 6 months and am counting down the days until surgery. I am 46 years old, and have 360cc saline, over the muscle, implants for almost 20 years. After much research and 3 consultations, I have chosen a doctor in Southern California. I am having an explant, en bloc, mastopexy and fat grafting, on August 21, 2013. My right breast is encapsulated and has been causing much pain for many years. I have also recently been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder (which I believe is a result of my implants). I teach swim lessons, therefore, I am unable to do the surgery any sooner. I am not as concerned about the way my breasts look after surgery, as I am with how I feel. I will post before and after and welcome any comments.


Best of luck on your journey back to good health! It simply cannot be coincidence the number of breast implant recipients who are later diagnosed with autoimmune issues. The support on this site is simply amazing! Healing hugs to you!
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I have decided to NOT do the fat grafting!.

Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful stories. I welcome any comments, especially if you have had explant, en bloc, mastopexy and fat grafting. The more stories I read on here, the more I am convinced that the grafting is unnecessary. I am ready to embrace the smallness and "real-ness" of my breasts!


Best of luck with your surgery! Will look forward to hearing the update!
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hi Mamakas..congratulations on your decision to get rid of the old bags!! I too had mine out ,en bloc with mastopexy and was surprized at how much tissue i had.. i think you will be too! Just having the implants out along with the mastopexy is going to reshape your breasts into small and more impotant 'perky'!! I wish years ago i had just done a lift instead of the implants but never too late!! xx
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Shoulda, coulda, woulda, lol! Thank God we are doing it now, and have such a wonderful support system with Real Self:)

6 weeks to go and counting down the days!!

It has been several weeks since my last update and eventhough I have not had my surgery yet, I thought I would just send a quick update. My right breast (the most encapsulated) is so sore and seems to getting harder and more painful every day. My MD, who is mainly a natural doc is not convinced, however, that having the implants removed is going to take the pain away and make all my symptoms go away. She is concerned that opening me up is too risky..."let them be". I say NO WAY. The more stories I read on RS convinces me that getting them out will be far less harmful to my body, in the long run. I understand that anytime you have surgery, you are inviting infection and disease into your body. But, I feel that with a proper diet and loading up on supplements, I will be okay. I am SO glad I did not have my surgery months ago, as originally planned. I would have done the fat grafting and I have since changed my mind. I am SO excited to have little one's again!! I don't care if I end up a double A cup. I never thought I would miss sleeping on my stomach so much. But, the more it is mentioned here on RS, the more I can't wait!! So much to look forward to....or should I say, so LITTLE to look forward to, hehe ;-)


Hi mamakas !! I ´m excited your date is almost here !! can't wait to see your progress, are you also having a lift ??
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Yes Mozzaa:) went to homeopath doc today and gearing up! Can't wait!!
Thank you Dez778, I pray the same for you:) I will keep you updated for sure!
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8 days to go!!

I called PS to confirm yesterday and I was off by a day. Surgery is scheduled for the 22nd. I'm so excited (all consumed) with my upcoming surgery, words cannot express! Is this normal?! Also, this may be a stupid question, but, would it hurt to have a glass of wine the night before surgery?


Your day is almost here and I'm sure you are both excited and nervous beyond belief! I hope everything goes well for you and you have wonderful results!! You will soon be on the "other side" of this journey!! Hugs!!
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Thank you Strinalong:) I'm going to post some more preop pics in a bit!
Hi mamakas, thank you for your story. I decided against the fat grafting as well and am just getting the lift. I like the idea of being smaller! My PS is going to rearrange the tissue and make the areole smaller and lower. Yes, I said lower. Lol I'm probably the only lady on here that wants her areole lower! The thing I'm most excited about is feeling healthier from the inside out! I'm wishing you a speedy recovery with beautiful results and a reclamation of good health!
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Less than 48 hours, yay!!!

Well my friends, here are the last photos I will be taking with my big toxic bags:) I am so excited I cannot sleep! I'm not nervous at all and feeling confident, no matter what the outcome. At first, I was thinking, I hope I have breast tissue. But, now, being able to see and hear the results of all of you who have gone before me, I will be happy with whatever God gives me. More pics in a few days. I covet all of your prayers girls:) thank you!


You're in my prayers!
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Almost Free!

Tried to post these earlier, but service isn't great here.

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Almost free!

Right side ... Most encapsulated and painful. Praying for relief after explant.


I had my implants removed on the 19th was a 38DD,,,so far the wireless bras I tried are 38 C,,,had saline implants for 16 years always felt too big,,,funny to look down and not be freaked,,,I am 59 so guess I now have 59 year old breasts,,,am looking forward to buying pretty bras that will give nice shape,,,no more gaping blouses,,,was feeling matronly,,,time will tell,,,but so far no regrets
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Thank you girls for the well wishes! My preop was today. Doc said i have very little breast tissue. bummer! he did say tgat i will most likely be a B cuo.. woo hoo!SO excited! Tomorrow at 7 AM :)
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I hope all goes well today! Next step takes even more patience.....the healing! Little by little you will get back to your old self!!!
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Girls are out!!

Just got home, ate some soup, took a pain pill and ready to go night night:) thank you for all of your prayer, ladies.. God heard!


You mention an auto immune disorder can you elaborate on this has I'm having additional problems and linking it to my implants? Well done you for going through with it!
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Yes Flowergirl, my MD specializes in alternative medicine, and she goes by my blood, saliva and urine tests, every 6 months for the past 10 years. My doc has me on several supplements to balance my depleted adrenals. she has been monitoring my blood counts as well, and those results cause her to believe I have an autoimmune disorder. I have a very weak immune system , I am gluten free and I'm very careful with my diet. With all that, you would think I would never be sick or tired.
I'm so glad that you're in recovery and hope that having the implants out help with some or all your symptoms. I also have adrenal fatigue, several viruses, too much estrogen and vitamin D deficiency. I tested positive for autoimmune but they couldn't find the root... I'm negative for the major ones like lupus. I relate because I'm on a pretty clean gluten and dairy free diet and taking about 20 supplements a day to boost my immune system and I'm drained almost all the time. I go in to see Dr. Chun week after next and can't wait!

Bye Bye Toxic Rocks!!

I feel SO good! ! Just got back from my post op. I get to shower tomorrow. Drains will stay in until next Thursday:)


They look soooo good!!! Congrats!
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Lucky you, you get to shower with the drains still in. I had to get very creative bathing for an entire week! The first real shower without those drains will feel like the best shower if your life! I drained the hot water heater at my house, it felt soooo good!!! Your looking great too! You must be so happy!
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Yes Littlhugger, SO happy! Now, I just need to try not to do too much:)

2 days Post Explant

Here are the girls, 2 days old! Feeling great!

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Flat and Happy:)

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Side view

Calling on the fluff fairy


Hope you are feeling well,,question from your pics posted did you also do a lift,,,my Dr isn't sure I can do on because already have scaring around nipples from procedure when had my implants done,,,I agree this site is awesome,,,we are not alone,,,
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No lift and I have had implants for 30 years. Also breastfeeding 4 children. This is only 12 hours post op. give your breasts 6 months to a year to heal. The muscle has been worn by the weight of the implants. The skin will shrink. The body does heal itself if you allow it to.
Thanks,,,I am happy with the results after a week ,,,great to know will get even better,,,have been reading other reviews,,,amazed how many of us spent years unhappy,,can't imagine 30 years,,mine were in 16,, I am 59,,,didn't want to wait any longer,,,happy healing

Itchy Stitchy!!

Is it normal to itch SO bad?! I haven't had a lot of pain, but am having to take my pain med's regularly because of the itching (where the stitching is).. It all started last night..so, day 5 after surgery. Did any of you experience this, post op?


I just made an appointment with Dr Chun. I told Felicia about the pain I'm experiencing after 7+ weeks of this awful breast revision, so she took her time trying to fit me into their busy schedule. The appt is September 12 @ 9:00a. I'm so excited, but concerned about how bad they'll most likely look afterwards. I know I have to get over that. They look bad now anyway! The PS did such a HORRIBLE job, so really nothing to lose but that.
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Hi Sherie, I think you will be really happy! Dr. Chun specializes in breast cancer revision, and from what I was told by many, he is a master at making them look good, even when he doesn't have much to work with. I cannot say enough good things about him. I am actually on a plane as I type, heading to my post-op (1 week) appointment. I will be praying for you and please let me know your outcome.
Thank you so much mamakas6! My situation is not simple, it's complex. I appreciate your prayers!!! I'm not ready for explantation yet, but will keep you updated; you please do the same.

Love my little babies!

It has been 8 days and drains are removed. I need to do a better job of cleaning them, but so far, I'm very happy with the result. I'm off all pain med's and driving for the first time:)

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Pics at 8 days post op

Steve Madden bra, purchased at Nordstrom.. Super soft and comfy.


WOW.. you look amazing! Laughing at your "toxic rocks" comment above... I completely feel the same! :) It's going to be amazing to watch how your body heals. He did such a great job. Your shape is perfect! Go Dr Chun!
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They were big squares, see-through ones. Are they silicone strips? Haha I'm was just out of it at the time! They got removed after 1 week and the nurse cleaned the wound and then put 2 little white strips on (like plasters) and said they'll come off on their own accord, which they did after it seemed like forever! Lol. X
Hi Sherie, I thought I already responded but I guess not, lol! The doc said it looked like it was heading for infection but that if I washed thoroughly, and applied antibiotic ointment, I should be fine. Plus I am taking oral antibiotics since surgery:)

2 weeks post op and feeling SO good!!

Hello my frends,
I am now 15 days post op and I cannot believe how good I feel. I am not at all sore or tender. It is weird..I don't feel like I had surgery at all. I have been off pain meds since last week. I'm still not lifting anything over about 20 lbs. And, trying to listen to my body. I feel like mine may be fluffing a little, but still boxy. I am looking forward to starting the silicone scar treatment strips in a few weeks. I have had many ask if I had lost weight or been working out. A few have said it has taken years off of my. Yay!! My only regret is not doing this 10 years ago!


Oh my you are healing soooo nicely! They look fantastic,.. not boxie at all!!!
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Hi mamakas! You are looking WONDERFUL!! I see so much improvement in such a short time. That's a great sexy picture of you in your nightie! You must be feeling so good now without those extra bags. You certainly don't need them!! Keep healing!!
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Thank you Sbella:) I feel so much better.. Literally feel like there's 10 lbs of rocks gone from my chest !

I'm a what??!!

Hi Ladies,
I went to Nordstrom yesterday and got fitted for my first post-surgery bra. I washed shocked when the gal told me that I am a 34D. I actually ended up buying a 34 C because I was in denial! Are my girls going to continue to fluff? Are they still swollen and maybe they will decrease a bit in size?? My doc told me I would probably be no more than a B cup. I am happy with them, I just didn't expect to end up this big.


You look amazing!!!! You are healing really quickly and are a wonderful size too! You must be really happy! So pleased for you! :) xxx
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Oh you lucky girl!!! Ha ha! You are looking great and it's wonderful that you still have so much breast left! It is true that you will probably need different sizes depending on the bra make. Certain brands run larger than others. I think I may have gotten a bit smaller since first getting mine out. I know a lot of gals talk about "fluffing" but I haven't seen any in my case. You are looking really good!!!!! xoxo
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Hi Stringalong, It would be nice if I stayed right where I am, but even if I do shrink, I will be happy :) I have not felt this good in over 20 years!

It's been 28 days :)

Hello Everyone, I am at day 28 and SO happy with my decision! I have full energy, and then some! I have virtually NO pain,, except, the other day when I decided to jog for a bit. Bad idea. I felt fine until the next day. Here are some update pics..


I know you had drains but did your incisions sting right after? Mine are soo bad! My ps left little wholes through out my incisions so if I had any draining it could seep out and not build up. Are you still fluffing? Does your PS tell you to massage or anything like that? Yours look really good and have a nice shape!
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Thank you Ava, actually, today I got the go-ahead to start jogging and start wearing the silicone scar strips. I will start tomorrow . And I will start slowly ;-)
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Pretty bra! You really are healing so, so nice! I know your review is inspiring someone out there! No jogging! !!! Baby them just a little bit longer!
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Almost 2 months post op-Severe allergy to scar strips

Hello Ladies, I have not posted pics in a while but I have decided to wait until mine heal further. I had a major set-back, as I developed a major allergy to the silicone scar strips prescribed by my PS. I was healing so nicely. I looked and felt better than I had for 20 years...I even had several people ask me if I had facework done, saying that my complexion had looked amazing! So, anyway, the doc prescribed very expensive silicone scar strips strips, to be worn at all times, except when showering. I started out a few hours a day, and the minute I put them on, it felt as though I had my implants put back in! I had pain, stinging, burning, fatigue and shooting pains. Not to mention, redness and swelling around my incisions. After consulting my PS about this problem, he said it is common to have sensitivity and to wear them less frequently. I continued to take his advice until I could take it no longer. Last week (9 days ago) I woke up with a fever, my breasts were swollen, hot, bleeding in areas and oozing pus. I have now been on antibiotics for a a week and I am feeling like I am "on the mend". There are still a few very raw spots (where the skin has literally pulled away and formed holes, at the incisions). I am very sad that I did not trust my first instincts, when I started feeling sick the first time I wore the scar strips. But, I am thankful I am okay, and praying my breasts will not end up with permanent scarring, as a result. I caution all of you who feel you might have an allergy to silicone, like me. Think twice about purchasing the scar strips. They are extremely expensive $150. And, there are scar ointments, etc, that work very well and are not harmful. I will stick to essential oils and vitamin E :)


Sorry to hear that..Desitin works well...so does coconut oil and of course time. Hey girlie, time to change your heading from 'scheduled' to 'Done'!! Huggzz xx
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I know! I've tried.. Can't figure out how to do it, lol!
Oh, I am so sorry! If you react to silicone like that, imagine how your body felt with silicone inside it. I think even saline implants have a silicone shell.
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A few set backs:(

Hi Everyone,
I am STILL healing from that horrible infection I got because of the silicone strips. Now my internal stitches are working their way out of my body. Poking out of the scars... I've cut several inches of ( what looks and feels like fishing line), off my incision lines! With the way my body has reacted thus far, I can't believe it didn't spit those hard saline balls out years ago!!


Hello beautiful as of 2013 you were looking great. Any chance you can pls post pics of what they look like recently? I'm thinking of explanting but my surgeon won't show me pics of what this procedure looks like so I'm scared to do it. But since Ive had 2 capsular contractions in less than 7 months and 2 surgeries for these I'm really thinking of having this done. You give me strength.
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Hi there, I am SO sorry I have not responded! I guess I never figured this site out...never realized I had messages. I am posting an update soon. My advice to you is DO IT!! Best decision ever!!
Hi, Your after pic's look beautiful. Just went for a consult with Dr. Chun. Are you happy you went with him? Or would you have rather gone with another Doctor? Thank u, Lisaroxy
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Happy Birthday Little Ones!!

I can't believe it has already been a year. So sorry I have dropped off the radar for so long. I have made it my mission to share my story with everyone, and I have changed many of my friends' views about breast implants. After my internal stitches made their way out of my body (it took months, btw), and I healed from the silicone scar stripping infection, my body started to heal. But, that was a HUGE set back, taking months for the wounds to close and heal. As you can see, the scars are still quite prominent, but I am confident (now that all of the irritants are gone) they will completely fade over time. As far as my health is concerned, I have never felt better. My autoimmune issues have ALL disappeared! I have SO much energy ALL the time. It is crazy!! I feel like I had cancerous tumors removed! Having my implants removed have also effected my complexion. Next to the comment-" Wow, have you lost weight?" is...." Have you had cosmetic surgery on your face? " I think it even changed my skin tone!! In conclusion, if you are on the fence, my advice to you is....jump off!! You will not regret it! Even if you don't look as great as you were hoping. Chances are, you will FEEL so much better, you aren't going to care!!


I am trying to add photos but they are all showing up upside down. Not sure how to edit.
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Happy Birthday Little Ones!


Hi jenb40 , I to I'm looking for explant did you get a lift and do you recommend your surgeon what was you final cost? My implants are hard as a rock I can't take this pain and depression .only had these for 6months and already think it's the worse thing I done in my life I want them out but finding a dr. You can trust is so hard and expensive I'm still paying for my boob job so don't have a lot of money.
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Broke, you may get your insurance to cover the costs, especially if they are infected (encapsulated.. Hard as a rock).
Thank you for fast response ,do you recommend your dr.and how are your scares doing are they very visible.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chun, his staff and everyone at the surgery center was wonderful! Very professional, straightforward, and personable. I'm thrilled with my result and highly recommend Dr. Chun :)

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