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So, I have been waiting for this day for years. I...

So, I have been waiting for this day for years. I got my implants in November of 2006 when I was 20. I was about 125 lbs and 5'6" and a small C. Now I am about 150lbs, so im thinking I may be fuller. I have hated my implants since day one. When I met with my original surgeon, we agreed on a specific size. I was already a small C but I wanted to be a little "fuller", and I told him I wanted to be a small D, big C. Thats what we decided on. A week before my surgery, he called me and told me how i was going to regret my decision of not going larger and that in his expertise he has seen so many women regret it. I said ok, maybe a little bigger then. I walked out of my surgery and F!!!! The doctor then explained to me that they would settle. I was a E about 8 months after then finally settled to a big DD. Also, before I got my surgery my nipples were almost perfectly alighned after I got my implants, they became lopsided. Its the most imbarrasing thing in the world when you can tell your nipples are lopsided under your clothes. I have no idea what was going through my mind.

I hate my breasts. Over the years I begun to get back pain, I have painful stings in the sides of my breasts, I cannot lay on my stomach because it hurts... gosh I can go on and on. I have severe exhaustion. I have gotten all of my blood levels checked, glucose, iron.. even my thyroid. They cant find out what the heck is wrong. One day it clicked, its these darn parasites in my body.

My surgery is tomorrow and I cannot explain how excited I am to be relieved of this burden and to not be in pain anymore. I have been looking at pictures of other women on here after their explants and they look amazing. I cannot wait to have my small breasts back!


Best of luck on your explant. I can't wait to hear how you are doing post-op!
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I'm so glad you found this wonderful community and became a part of it! Thank you so much for sharing. You're a day post op now and I'm wondering how you're feeling. Please let us know when you get a chance.

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How I wish all the beautiful young/older women here would stop going under the knife... this forums just evidence the psychological turmoil that its created by vane wishes of altering what nature gave us. Good luck and hope this does not affect you psychologically as other women on this site.
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Day 1 Post-Op... I cried...tears of joy

Hey ladies! So day one I already feel like a new woman. I looked at my breasts today and cried. I cried tears of joy.

So to give you some info on how surgery day went:

My morning started hectic as I live about 2 hours from the PS. When I finally got down there I forgot to take my Valium I was prescribed and was already having anxiety, not because of the surgery but my rough start to the morning. When I arrived the ladies in the front were amazing they made me extremely comfortable and could tell I was a little on edge and allowed me to take another 5 mg of valium. They settled me down gave me some water and crackers and I instantly felt at ease again. I believe her name is Jaime, but she was amazing, she is so caring and calming. I got dressed down and waited for my surgeon. When Dr. Chong came in I was so happy again. Very wonderful to talk to and also had a very calming effect about her. She walked me through everything that was going to happen and assured me I would feel no pain.

I decided just to go under local anesthesia. They put a topical numbing cream on and waited for it to take effect. They brought me into the room where the procedure was going to take place and talked me through everything. I was very thankful for that. She asked if I would like some music on and I was extremely happy for the distraction. We decided on reggae, love Bob Marley! Once i was situated and warm. The gave me shots of the local anesthesia which I barely felt because of the numbing cream. Once the procedure started I could feel most of what was going on (no pain of course) but I could feel the pressures, tugging and pulling. It was ok though cause she was talking me through so I knew what was going on. She knew I was going through nursing school so she was kindly giving me the run down.

We started with my left breast becuase I was having most of the pain on the left side. After all was said and done I had 475 cc's in each breast!!!!! Holy cow!!! I thought It was in the 300 range. Can you imagine the weight I was carrying around. After she was done she bandaged me up in a bra and an ace bandage. I literally felt no pain and could sit up on my own. When I initially got them done 8 years ago, I couldnt even move.

After it was all over I felt like I could run a marathon, I was on cloud 9. My hubby took me to chesscake factory we went back to our hotel and I literally stared at myself in the mirror forever. I looked so much thinner overall and I was in love with my reflection again. I felt fine all night and then I started feeling some tenderness around 9ish and decided to take my pain medication for good measure. I was fine again till about 2:00 a.m. and needed another. I took one real quick and went back to bed. Around 4ish. I jumped up and had to run to the bathroom to vomit. My dumb but forgot to eat with my last pill and left me ill for the morning.

I went back to my PS for my post-op appointment and they were very concerend with how I was feeling and wanted to make sure I was happy and confortable. My incision area was hurting and we found out that the bra was pushing down hard on my incison so we adjusted it and it immediatly felt better. I am sore on my incision site but its not like Im not used to pain in my breasts so its tolerable. We unvield my boobies and I cant speak for anyone else, but when I stared at myself, I felt this release of stress. I love my thin saggy little pancake boobies. The weight is gone, I feel so much lighter and I fell already that the tension I was feeling in my back and sholders has dissapeared. I know some women hate that initial view, but for me it meant freedom!

I am lucky in the my husband has been so supportive, he told me right away that he thinks they are beautiful and he loves my new body, it literally looks like 10 pounds had disappeard off my frame over night. I cant wait for the weeks to come to see my transformation.


Happy for you and glad all is well. DId you have a capsulectomy ? Or did they just remove the implants and no scar tissue? Was curious as to why they let you have local anes. I have been told Im having general anes but have to have a capsulectomy as well
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I believe the reason I didnt have a capsulectomy was that I had an extremely thin capsule. My breast were still very soft and squishy, no hardening at all. Also, I had a saline implant. I believe with a silicone implant it is more invasive and requires general anesthesia and a capsulectomy. Those were the first things she asked me. Do you have silicone or saline? Also is there hardening around the implant?
Thank you for your comment. You are so sweet. I'm still very distressed at how much smaller I look after only 9 weeks. Wth! Ugh. You look beautiful! I'm so happy you're done with surgery and can focus on healing! I'm so glad this is over for you! I could barely stand 9 weeks with my implants... I couldn't imagine 7 years. You look fabulous!
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Morning of day 2, love my little bitties :)

So morning of day 2. I keep walking by the mirror to see how my huge melons are gone and I love it. My boobs are really itchy today, my friend said thats a good thing, any truth to that? I am also super constipated from the pain meds, i look 5 months prego, any suggestions on how I can relieve that? How long did everyone wear their really tight bra for? I feel like I'm super compressed, but thats how its supposed to be for a while right?

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Day 2 with clothes, cant shower till tomorrow.


You look great!! You have soo much boob!! I had 450cc for 3 months before I removed and I literally felt bed-ridden they were soo heavy, I can't imagine how you lugged those around for years, so I sympathize greatly!! It's crazy how your implants changed your nipple placement, I didn't even know they could do that?!! Your breasts are beautiful though, and asymmetry is very very natural and common :) Also sounds like you have a lovely hubs! Hope your still feeling awesome! Be soo happy you removed while you were still young!! You get to live the rest of your life natural and free!!
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Congratulations Crys!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us. It's so helpful to know what to expect when considering this type of surgery. You look beautiful and it sounds like your body is very grateful not to have those awful foreign objects anymore! I am also planning to have my under the muscle saline implants removed under local, without capsulectomy, so your story really helps me understand what to expect. Can I ask, how long are you advised to be out of work after this type of surgery? Also where did you buy your compression bra? Many thanks for sharing your story! Best of luck to you and those little boobies!! :)
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I was advised not to lift anything heavy (greater than a gallon of milk) for the first two weeks. I can already do house work like sweeping and cleaning and feel just fine already. My husband really wont allow me though because of the risk of a seroma (bledding). I tried moving some small things around today and now I feel a little sore. I do have a 4 year old so she told me no lifting him up or carrying him what so ever. She said to be extremly careful for the first 2 weeks and then use caution for about a month. Im going back to my normal routine on Monday, but am going to take it very slow. I tried going without my compression bra to air out for a minute today and it hurt so I immediatly put it back on. My husband already said he can notice a difference just between yesterday. The bra I got I ordered online from sports chalet, its was on sale for $29. It is called the nike women's pro bra zip front. Its very comfortable and squishes everything in very tightly. My PS said I would be wearing this 24-7, 7 days a week for the next few months for the results that I want. I want them to perk back upp as much as possible. I dont mind wearing it all the time, because im used to it and its more comfortable right now anyway. Let me know if you have any more questions :)

Day 3- Ouch... but i got to shower, yay!

Today I am feeling a little extra sore. I stopped taking my pain pills yesterday afternoon because I am crazy constipated. I feel like caving in today but Im just going to try and tough it out. My hubby has been so amazing and doing everything around the house so I don't have to move. He even helped me take a shower so I didnt have to move my breasts too much. Without my compression bra on I feel like my boobs are pancake batter in Saran Wrap, lol. I also replaced my steri-strips, I hated having to peel them off, ouch! Other than that I am still extemely happy my watermelons are gone, my back already thanks me. I feel like my boobs already look different from day 1. Now, I have to try and convince them to move a little north.


Happy for you!
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absolutely lovely results!
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Looks great your doing fantastic !! God Bless
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Finally got to sleep on my side!

Sooooo, there has been some progress, woo hoo! The first 4 days were the hardest for me. I was battling constipation and dealing with a lot of soreness around my incision site and some in my breasts. I had to start driving and was back to school on day 4 which sucked!! Day 5 I was soooooo sore and I know I overdid it. I barely wanted to move my arms. Day 7ish I started to notice some consistency changes in my breast tissue. They first were like pancake batter in Saran Wrap and now they are feeling just a tiny... and I mean a tiny bit firmer. Attempted to try and sleep on my side and my boobies informed me very quickly that wasn't going to happen, so sleeping on my back it is. I hate it!

Day 8 I tried attempting grocery shopping= fail! I was in pain from having to lug everything around the grocery store and up onto the counter. I finally asked for help and they put everything into my car for me. When I got home, I was like sh*t, how the hell am I getting all of this into the house? My chest muscles at this point were on fire and I could barley lift my arms without it intensifying. I stared into the back of my trunk for 5 minutes. Finally i caved in and called my mom and begged for help. She came to help me unload the car and realized my house was a disaster. Hubby had to go back to work just a couple days after my surgery and I have a 4 year old... can you imagine the disarray? I told her she could stay and help herself to anything in the house (she likes to come over and hang out to get away from her house, lol) and I was going to take a nap cause I didn't feel well. I awoke from my coma a few hours later and she had cleaned the entire house, did all my laundry, and prepared dinner. Yay for mommies!!!! Yes I know, I am 28 and I still call my mom, "mommie". That will NEVER change :)

Day 9, and 10 I just took it real easy after my superwoman attempt of grocery shopping ( hubby was home so he did everything).

Day 11: I cleaned the entire house and cooked for some guests for Labor Day and felt great! I though it was such a good day I decided to try and sleep on my side again....success!!!!! I have been going crazy sleeping on my back. Im still wearing my ace bandage around my sports bra, I cannot wait to take it off, I have been wearing it religiously just in case. I was told that after day 14 I will no longer need it and I can just go about wearing a sports bra. Im still a little nervous though cause I still have a good amount of breast tissue and when they begin to jiggle it kinds hurts so I like how the bandage keeps them from moving around so much, but the bandage itself is uncomfortable. Anyway, Im so excited for the progress :)


Woohoo awesome update! The jiggle.... yes that is not the best feeling lol.... I was also acting like superwomen, however the hubby took time off to keep my freaky control issues under control, lol only had to nag a few times for him to clean vacuum etc... he knows me to well ;) ... I am in a sports bra (tho I don't have as much breast tissue as you) and it feels great! I also started sleeping on my side yesterday =). wishing you continuous happy healing!!!! You look so gorgeous, so happy for you!
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Almost cried today and then something great happened...

So I am only 13 days post op. I have been really tired lately, I think it may be because I am not sleeping that great. I cannot get comfortable for the life of me. I am still incredibly sore. When does that go away? Any who...I was laying around being incredibly lazy and my husband asked me If i wanted to go into the pool. Hmmmmm..... I was like well I don't want my breasts wet, Im not sure how long I have to wait to go into the pool. He suggested that I just float around in the floaty. So I agreed. I got nervous, because I haven't had a chance to go bathing suit shopping. He was already in the pool and I was trying to go through my bathing suits to find the most supportive one. I put it on and stared at myself in the mirror. I wanted to cry. I looked completely flat and my suit just hung there. Not to mention I look sooooo bloated because Im having the most difficult time going to the bathroom. I stood in the bathroom trying to find every excuse to not go outside. I managed to put myself together and just went outside to the pool.

As soon as I was in view of my husband he looked at me and said "Damn, you look so amazing!". Instantly I wanted to cry, because it made me so happy. I don't think he realizes how much I needed those words at that exact moment. I think we forget that large breasts don't define who we are. We are beautiful just how God made us. I never want to let myself forget that moment.


I came across your photo's and I must say your results look wonderful. I am looking forwarding to getting mine out, hopefully soon. I had a consult with Dr. Chong and am still meeting with other Dr's to get additional opinions....but I definitely had a great feeling with Dr. Chong. Congrats on being on the other side to all of this.
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Crys you look amazing! What beautiful natural breasts you have!! I read through your story and loved it. Everything you have written will be so helpful for the ladies that are in the beginning stages. I swear, I never would have had the courage to explant without this site. I literally thought my breasts would be trashed and obscene! As for your question about pain, I do have regular little jabs, sharp pains, but they pass quickly. I walked very slowly as I don't want jiggling. I've done some house work but have also been advised by my doctor not to lift anything or vacuum, etc. Lol on grocery shopping. I did my first on Saturday and yes, loading and pushing the cart was hard. I had my 10yr old daughter and her friend put the groceries into the trunk and my husband emptied the car when we got home. I was loving the size of mine and I literally feel like I just shrunk a cup size yesterday! My bras are still fitting so it's probably in my head. After having huge boobs for so long I think we get used to that out of proportion look. And btw, my first surgeon encouraged me to go MUCH bigger than I wanted too. What is with these dudes????? When I think of how invasive implants are and what a trauma it is to the body I am not surprised that I still feel a bit tired and out of it and have some pain. But I agree, much better than post-implant! My first PS when I had 450cc had me so drugged up I was literally a zombie for days. I won't trash him by name but ladies, NEVER go to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon how has a television show!!!!!!! My second PS, Dr. Roudner is fantastic and I am so thankful a friend recommend him. Anyways, may you continue to heal well and be happy. I too feel so much thinner and lighter. What a joy! xx
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That is so precious. In regards to the bloating, you may want to look into coffee enemas. I started doing them right before surgery, and they make me feel so good, I'm never going to stop. There are many YouTube demos and recipes. That's how I found the one I use. It is the best liver detox you can do:)
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FML.... to say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

So, I have finally gotten around to taking my 2 week photos. After looking at them I couldnt help but notice they look and feel like they had gotten bigger (which is not what I wanted!) On day 11ish, they looked perfect, firm but not crazy big, and my nipples looked evened out. Today not the case. They look freaking huge and are still sagging like crazy, and my nips are cockeyed again.

I went to the store today and looked around at some bras but didnt find any that I liked so I didn't get any. I was curious though to find out what my new size was....but too lazy. I figured I would find out another day. Anyway after my pics, I looked through my old bras and just out of curiosity I wanted to see how much a difference I am. My first bra I tried on I nearly freaked fit?!?!?!? I read the tag and it said 34D (was a little too small for me pre explant). WTF?!?!? So I grabbed another bra, this tag said 34 DD, that fit too?!?!?!? I know that some women would be happy, but I AM NOT. I wanted to be smaller!!!! I was really looking forward to wearing smaller cuter bras and bathing suits. Im wondering, could I still be really swollen????????? I'm thinking that if maybe I loose some weight, they will shrink???? Augh...

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accidentally pressed submit..more photos


you look amazing!!! I have my consultation with her next Wednesday, im so excited, i love your results, did you ever have neck problems and now feel relieved?
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I had my surgery on Aug 15. I am still a bit swollen! Don't worry..lots of changes still coming. I am shocked at how much smaller I am now that two weeks ago. I'm like you..I want to be small. I have plenty of my own breast left but I am still sore and my Dr. said I am still swollen. Anyway, just wanted to pass that a long. Hope it helps and you are feeling better. Btw- I think you look great :)
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Your review has been helpful to me in making my decision to explant. I know that right now, you are fitting in your larger bras, but perhaps it is just the swelling and it will go down in time. For now, enjoy the natural gifts you have been given by God. BTW I think you look great. I have explant surgery in four days. I am so nervous, especially because I have not talked to my husband about it. I should probably add that I haven't seen him in months, his work keeps him away for months at a time. Well, wish me luck. I hope my results are as positive as yours.
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I woke up on my stomach today!

So this morning I wake up and I'm realizing something is way different. I move my face to glance around and it's in the pillow. I suddenly realize... Holy ish...I'm sleeping in my stomach!!! I very quickly freak out and flip over and inspect my boobs. Everything is fine! My husband is already awake for work so I run to him and scream "I slept on my stomach! I slept on my stomach!" This may not be surprising to most of you, but I haven't slept on my stomach in years!!!!!! Thank Goodness for being implant free!


LOL had to laugh cause I know exactly how you feel, havent slept on my stomach in over 30 years!!
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So glad ur feeling better. Happy Healing.
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1 month of being implant free

I didn't realize it was already a month since my surgery. Im feeling great! I get sore pains every now and then. I am able to go for walks, not to brisk though because I'll end up sore the next day. I cant want to go running again. I am now able to sleep and my sides and stomach without issues. I still fell pain if i pull on something with resistance or if I push something to heavy. I can definitely feel my pecs move. It is such a weird feeling. My boobs have been shedding like crazy the last two weeks. I wonder if its my body getting rid of extra skin or something, hopefully. Anyway, still happy with my decision to explant. Happy healing ladies!

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Forgive my spelling!

sorry for all the typos... geezzzz louise... i need to proof read before I submit, lol. Next time :)


Your very lucky to have a husband who loves YOU! (not your boobs) You look fabulous by the way!! If you ever start feeling bad about yourself, or how your real boobs look check out the website 007b. Breasts come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and guess what men love them all no matter what!
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I think you look fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I have a feeling my results will be similar to yours in that I wont be tiny after removal. Its really hard to imagine what mine will look like after because I had a mastopexy when I had my original BA so I'm really not sure what to expect. In any event I'm getting them removed and I'm not planning on having another lift so I'm hoping for the best. Thanks again for all the has helped me so much a and giving me the confidence to share my story. I will be adding some pics to my profile soon.
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Glad to hear your doing well and happy!! Im just about 1 month and other than the shedding we seem to be in sync!! Happy Healing :) God Bless
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Orange County Plastic Surgeon

So far my experience has been amazing. They have been very informative and very pleasant to work with. Dr. Chong has a very calming voice and makes you feel so comfortable.

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