I have been back and forth on a breast aug for...

I have been back and forth on a breast aug for years now and I have finally decided to go for it! I reasearched doctors from Beverly Hills to San Diego for 2.5 months and I can't even tell you how many pairs of boobs I have seen online! Hundreds I am sure... Anyway, I and finally decided on a doctor who I felt had a good grasp on the size, shape and slope that I am looking to achieve. Bonus: He was right in my backyard! Hello convenience! I scheduled my consult for July 30th and booked my surgery date (September 25th) shortly thereafter!

I had my pre-op August 21st and before I talk cc's let me tell you a little bit about me. I am 30 years old, no kids, 5'7 127, with measurements of 31-25-36.5. I am looking to balance out my pear shape and get some of that sexy clevage that us ladies covet!

Upon my pre-op, I choose the Mentor smooth silicone 350's implants, however now I am considering 375. I have a few small white strech marks on breasts from a vertical growth spurt in highshool. I fear going any larger will make the current ones worse and/or i'll get new ones. I am also going periareola/submuscular per my doc's recommendation. I am hoping that doesn't change the shape of my nipples much! :-/

So that's pretty my it for now. I basically have the next month to prep the house, cook several feezable meals (since my bf can barely boil water) and start collecting recovery items (zip up sports bras, bed tray, movies, etc.) oh, and read as many other realself postings as I can! Getting excited!! Details to come...

Post-Op Ladies: how long before you were back to...

Post-Op Ladies: how long before you were back to being a functioning human (able to drive, do light house work, etc.) I am planning on returning to work on day 6, but I am wondering if I am underestimating the recovery period?

Well, I am at the two week mark! Although I am...

Well, I am at the two week mark! Although I am excited, I did something last night that has replaced some of my excitement, with an overwhelming amount of uncertainty and fear. During my evening routine of browsing realself ratings/experiences, I became curious as to what implants look like 12+ years down the road. So I headed down the list to the "Breast Implant Revision" page. Ok. Not bad. People generally wind up with a nice result in the revision stage. Then I thought: what happens if you hate them, they rupture or you just want them out? I left boobie-heaven and took a frightening detour to the "Breast Implant Removal" link. I shouldn’t have gone there. I now wish I hadn’t. My sincerest apologies if I offend anyone, but I have to admit that seeing some of the before and after pics really freaked me out. And it began to sink in. In two weeks, I will either have breast implants for the rest of my life, or wind up with what happens if they are removed. I mean (sigh!) having small boobs is one thing, but the thought of them being small, deflated, AND scarred from surgery has really put a damper on my enthusiasm.

Keep posting your positive expereinces ladies! I need to go back to Boobieland (the happiest place on earth) and stay there!

I think I might drop in at my PS's office today...

I think I might drop in at my PS's office today and try on the the 350 and 375 sizers one more time.... ;-)

This a super a lame question, but did anyone wear...

This a super a lame question, but did anyone wear any makeup during surgery? A dab of blush or swipe of mascara perhaps??

Showed up this morning at 7 am for surgery at 8. ...

Showed up this morning at 7 am for surgery at 8. Everything right on time and was a really positive experience. Doc showed up, drew on me with a sharpie we talked size (350-375) looked over my pictures and then off i went to the OR. Once inside they moved me to the surgical table and the anethesia doctor was in there setting things up. He told me that he was going to give me something to relax and that i should feel it in a minute. Oh yeah! I remember i said "wow, this stuff is awesome" and then the next thing i know i wake up and am being wheeled into the recovery room. The nurses were super nice and were asking me how i felt, it was was cold, nauseous, in pain, etc. I was actually none of those things! I felt really good actually! My mouth was dry so they brought me ice chips and then with in 20 mins i was getting dressed and boarding a wheelchair. Went home, texted with friends and family, watched an awesome line up of day time television (maury, dr phil, court tv) haha! Ate some some lunch, took a vicodin an watched more tv. Finally forced myself to nap at about 6 pm and woke at 830. Pain scaleis went fromto about athe 3 to about a 5 upon wake up. My boyfriend made me dinner, with vicodin for dessert and now im just hanging out watching more tv. Will probably take some thing to sleep in a couple hours. Post op appt tomorrow at 12:45!

Sorry for the typos, im using my phone because its...

Sorry for the typos, im using my phone because its lighter than my laptop.

I just got back from my post-op appointment and...

I just got back from my post-op appointment and got to see my new boobs for th first time. And WOW!!! I was so surprised - they look AMAZING! I am so so pleased with the look so far! No bruising, they are placed perfectly and somehow my surgeon even got my nipples (which pre-operatively pointed slightly pointed outwards) to face forward! They are the perfect size and shape and I couldn't be more happy!!!! I'll post pictures soon!! YEY!!!!

Had to do the massages today and man THAT was NOT...

Had to do the massages today and man THAT was NOT fun. My boyfriend recorded it with his ipad while the nurse went through each one of them with me. My boyfriends face during the video was a look of terror/shock as the nurse pressed them up and down shifting the implant around. I successfully didn't cry, but it really hurt! :-( Not looking forward to that tonight. sigh...

Still feeling good! This recovery has been much...

Still feeling good! This recovery has been much easier than I expected! I did my massages earlier and even wrapped my bandages myself! I am being careful not to lift anything heavier than a pillow, can of soup, bowl, things like that.

Ok (TMI alert) I am really wishing I could drink some draino! Today I have had 3 cups of coffee, a mild laxative, 6 fiber supplements, a fiber one granola bar and NOTHING has happened. Sigh!!!! I don't feel uncomfortable, but I am grossed out that I have 3.5 days worth of meals just hanging out. ick. What's a girl to do???

I am going off my pain pills today! Wish me luck!

I am going off my pain pills today! Wish me luck!

Today is day 5. I thought I was offically off my...

Today is day 5. I thought I was offically off my pain meds yesterday but today I've had to hit the bottle twice. :-( Taking it easy today and catching up with my Netflix account. Nap time!

It's day 12 and I'm trying to post a new photo. I...

It's day 12 and I'm trying to post a new photo. I was even going out on a limb and posting a "sans clothing" one, but the site isn't letting me for some reason. Maybe it's too large of a file. I'll try to size it down....

Ah ha! Yep, despite the crappy resolution on my...

Ah ha! Yep, despite the crappy resolution on my phone, the photo was too large. I guess it has to be under 2MB's...

Hi girls! Many of you are commenting on my...

Hi girls! Many of you are commenting on my unusually swift “dropping” progress (as seen in my Day 12 photo) so I thought I would take a moment to tell you about the program. My doctor had me doing the (push up, then down, then to the side) exercises the very next day after surgery. Yes, it was painful, but hey, so is a Brazilian bikini wax and I’ve had my fair share of those - so I’m the name of beauty, I bit the bullet and suffered through it.

Now looking back, I really do think that helped get them on their way. They were actually starting to drop by day 4. They also never put me in the "post-surgery snap-front bra" strangely. My PS's nurse showed it to me, but I went home in a thick ace bandage and that’s what I’ve been wearing for the past 2 weeks. I wear it most of the day, every day, and at night when I sleep. I am hoping to get the go-ahead to throw it away on Wednesday; because it’s supremely tough to fit under work clothes and this weird “senator’s-wife” look is really beginning to cramp my style! Haha! I post more on Wednesday as it will be my 3rd post-op appointment.

I guess the massage techniques really vary from...

I guess the massage techniques really vary from doctor to doctor. Here is a description of mine: Using the opposite hand for each breast (one at a time) I place my right hand on the bottom part of my left breast, I relax my pec muscle and have my other arm relaxed at my side. I press in and slightly up firmly until my I can almost feel my rib cage. This will send the implant up toward your collarbone. (Hold for 5 seconds.) Then I spread my fingers slightly, place them on the side of the breast and push lightly to the side in towards your relaxed dangling arm - you should feel a stretch in the cleavage area as you move the implant toward the center of your chest. (Hold for 5 seconds) Next I place my hand on the upper part of my breast (above the nipple, but below my collarbone and press down on my chest but also pull in an upward motion - you should feel a stretch at your breast fold (Hold for 5 seconds) Be careful with the last one if you have the breast fold incision. Don't stretch it too much or you might damage your incision. Repeat on the opposite breast with the opposite hand.

I had my 3rd post op appointment today and...

I had my 3rd post op appointment today and everything is going well! Got my steri-tape changed and got the go ahead to wear whatever feels comfortable during the day (they recommend braless for about another week or 2) but if I feel like I have to wear something at work, I'm allowed to. They want me to sleep in the thick ace bandage strap at night to encourage them to soften even more. I also got the go-ahead to resume light exercises (no jogging or jumping jacks, pull-ups or push-ups obviously) but walking, squats, lunges, leg lifts and sit-ups are fair game!) Whoo hoo!

So happy that I am out of the scary hematoma stage! I was freaked out about that because I have a bit of a blood-pressure issue (surpisingly) and it can go from high to really high in a matter of seconds! My left boob is a little numb still but the doctor said that is normal and the feeling should come back in another week or 2.

It's been just over a month now and I am shocked...

It's been just over a month now and I am shocked how happy I am with my new figure! Yes, I still have those moments where I think I MAYBE should have gone a little bigger, but I have to remind myself that I wasn't looking to have boobs that would be the first thing people notice when they see at me. I would rather it not be obvious and people have to go a little bit of wondering. Like Blake Lively for instance - I can't tell if that girl has had a modest job or if they are all natural. In a sports bra, I can get some decent cleavage but when I'm wearing a low cut top and they aren't compressed, it's a much more subtle effect (See Blake’s picture in my photo reel for reference.)

Anyway, I’ve never been so excited for Halloween parties! Not that I was ever insecure about my cup size (last year, I went as the Black Swan in an unpadded feathered leotard) However this year, I’m really excited to showcase some curves and cleavage for the first time in my life! My mummy costume is inspired by my now-abundant selection of ace bandage wraps! HAHA!!! Anyone else excited to finally incorporate your recently acquired assets into your costume??!

I had my 4th post op appointment this morning, and...

I had my 4th post op appointment this morning, and everything is going well. My doctor gave me a new massage to incorporate into my usual routine (which I've been doing about 4x a day) It's a wierd one and I'm not even completely clear on what it's supposed to do, but I think it's to help the semi-circle scar on periareola incisions to soften up. The new massage involves placing my right hand on my hip and pushing in (which will flex your pec muscle) while using the left hand to pinch on the outer edge of the nipple of the breast with the flexed muscle. (In this case my right breast) Hold for 5 full seconds and then switch.

I also got the go-ahead to being workouting out again, as long as the girls are well supported and they don't bounce more than a few centimeters up and down. I forgot to ask about upper body weight training though. I can also wear underwire bras as much as I like now. I was wearing them about 2 days a week, a sports bra 1-2 days a week and going braless the rest of the time. I went to VS last weekend and I'm fitting 32 D in most of their lacy unpadded bras and a 32DD in the demi T-shirt type bras. I never in my life thought I would say this, but I hated every padded bra I tried on! They (so far) don't like being in a pushed up position - which is fine, because I a nice full shape in the lacy unpadded bras.

Even though I am still unable to sleep comfortably on my stomach, my body pillow has been a saving grace and has allowed me to sleep on my side since 1 week post op. So I HIGHLY recommend it if you are a chronic stomach snoozer. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the whole expereince, and knowing what I know now, I would do it all over again!

It's wierd but I've noticed when I am a little...

It's wierd but I've noticed when I am a little chilly, my breasts feel colder (to the touch) than the rest of my body. Strange.

Hi everyone! Meant to post new photos this past...

Hi everyone! Meant to post new photos this past weekend but I had a terrible incident to deal with. One (or both) of my cats attacked my sister’s small pom while we were out running errands and severely injured him. They’ve co-existed fine in the past, so I haven’t a clue what happened! SIGH!! I know this isn’t a support group for tragic events thing, but I’m feeling emotionally and financially drained. $2,300 in vet bills (for emergency eye surgery and treatment of puncture wounds on his neck) and he still has follow- up appointments for the next 3 weeks! #&$%!!!!

Well I’m at the 2 month mark. Yesterday was...

Well I’m at the 2 month mark. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and the perfect opportunity to go for my first walk/semi jog. There were a lot of people out and I pretty much spent the whole time trying to "read" the faces of people I passed on the boardwalk. I was wearing a supportive sports bra so that they didn't bounce around too much (per my doctors orders) thankfully, I didn't notice any odd stares or looks that read "check out that girls fake rack." Sooo...i dare say that MAYBE they look home grown? I guess I'll have to go jogging with a friend for a final ruling... I know I shouldn't really care what people think but my goal was to go big enough to have a nice full bust, but not so big that it's obvious that I bought them... I was talking with a friend in the Private Message area and we both admitted that we've previously stereotyped women with BA's... usually in a somewhat negative manner. :-/ I've realized that that the majority of women (especially those on Realself) are none of the things I typically associated with women who have boob jobs. However, the sad fact remains; the general public still tends to hold that stigma, and I just don’t want it to be so easy to put me in a box and label it.

It's been 9 weeks and I've pretty much forgotten...

It's been 9 weeks and I've pretty much forgotten what it was like to be flat! The only new revelations I have to report this week are that I have started to notice that when I bend over while standing, it feels different now. They drop forward and I can feel their weight. It doesn't hurt, it's just weird almost "tug" feeling. Anyone else experience that change?

Just over 3 months now and I honestly don't...

Just over 3 months now and I honestly don't remember what life was like before boobs! I'm now sleeping any way I want and have no physical limitations - I keep telling myself I am going to resume a workout regimen tomorrow but I haven't taken my gym membership off hold just yet... it's hard to get back into the swing of things. :-? Anyway...there's not a whole lot to say these days. They continue to soften and settle everyday and I love love love them!

Shows like The Bachelor, mess with my head. iI...

Shows like The Bachelor, mess with my head. iI often see women with MUCH bigger breasts and wonder if I should have gone larger.... :-(

I had to delete a few photos as my reel was...

I had to delete a few photos as my reel was getting too long. Nothing new to report really... I'm doing the massages once a day in the AM and life is completely back to normal! So so happy to sleep on my stomach again! YEY!

It's been 4 months (and four days to be exact) and...

It's been 4 months (and four days to be exact) and even though I was cleared for all cardio and strength training exercise at the 3 month mark, last night was the first time I did a few modified aka "girly"push ups since having an A cup. Anyway...so, I don't know what I thought would happen but I can't say I'm thrilled with what they look like when when I go into a push up! Because they are beneath my chest muscles, when flexed, they spread (awkwardly) apart!!! YIKES! Has anyone else experienced this??? Does it get better or (best case) go away in time? Or am I now now destined to wear t-shirts to group fitness classes?

I have had some relationship turmoil lately and...

I have had some relationship turmoil lately and have lost about 5 lbs as a result. (Evidently, this makes a big difference in my boob to body ratio.) I was out with some friends drowning my sorrows in Miller Lite and talking to a couple people about what we were like in high school well over a decade ago. I made the comment that I was painfully shy and then found out at a graduation party that many people perceived me as a stuck up bitch. My feelings were really hurt, so when I went off to college several hours from my home, I decided to reinvent myself and be an outgoing person. Just then (mind you I am not wearing anything revealing) my friend’s jerk of a guy friend leans over and says: “So, were your fake boobs apart of that reinvention?” I instantly felt that old wave of panic I used to feel in public settings as a teenager. But then, all of a sudden, the confident 31 year old me kicked in, I cocked my head to the side, took sip of my beer, looked him straight in the eye and said: “Nope. Those came much later, but thanks for noticing – they’re pretty fantastic.” And then I showed him my back. Boo-yah!

Had another visit today with my surgeon. ...

Had another visit today with my surgeon. Everything is great and my next visit is in 6 months which will just about put me at my 1 year anniversary. Nothing else to report! I am still reeeeeally happy with them, yet i'm uncomfortable showing them off. I'm so body shy! Sigh!!! However, I do feel much sexier and more powerful just knowing they're under there. Sorta like walking around with a secret weapon in your pocket. ;-)

I'll take more photos here pretty soon. My doctor said I am at 95% of how they will end up looking.

It's spring time! Which means time to bikini...

It's spring time! Which means time to bikini shop! Most of my tops still fit me alright, but new boobs deserve new suits right? Haven't found the perfect one yet, but I'll post a photo when I do!

I'm also offically back at the gym - which has been interesting. I took a dance class since pounding away on a tredmill is still difficult. While in the class, the presence of all the full length mirrors with lots of other people was a little awkward. Before, I would consider my body an "athletic build" and since I'm naturally body shy (in public) this new "sensual" shape is a teensy bit embarassing for me. I am probably overreacting and people aren't having the response that I think they are having... hopefully?

I think I will eventutally "own" these new curves, but it's just going to take more time. :-/

I've been bikini shopping for about a month now...

I've been bikini shopping for about a month now and I can't get over how many "padded push-up bra like" swimsuit tops I've seen!!! What the hell?!?! Years and years of desperately adding up to 4 of those stupid triangle liners in my triangle bikini tops and NOW the built in push up suits are in fashion and flood the racks! I was skimming the racks while humming good ol' Alanis Morrissette circa '95: "now isn't that ironic...dontcha think?" It's a booooob job one seeeason to late...haha! Oh well, I happen to like triangle tops now. :-)

8 months post op - the "girls" go on their 1st vacation!

Just got back from vacation in Cancun last weekend and man does having boobs make life so much more fun! I am finally not shy about them and even put up bikini photos on my facebook page! I was a little insecure about it because I have a lot of "before" photos up there and I didnt want it to be obvious, but oh well, I love them so, up the pics went! :) We met some people while we were there and after a few nights of drinking with them, one of the girls (a couple of margaritas in) leans over and whispers to me, "I'm sorry, I HAVE to ask: are your boobs real or fake?" I laughed and said "umm I've had some help...but I am happy that you had to ask!" And she responded, "wow, they really look amazing!" Yey!!! :-) I couldn't be more happy!

8 months **New Pics**

Just realized that besides the super close up incision shots, I haven't had any unclothed pics for a while, so I thought I would add some. :)

Rounding 9 months!

Still so happy I did this!!!

10 months and still super happy!

Whoops, I just realized that my July 15 posting was actually at 10 months. Crazy how time has flown by!! It took nearly 6 months but, I'm now completely comfortable wearing clothing (out of the house) that allows to see the light of day. I actaully wore a sundress the other day that showcased some clev,and was picked up on twice in 1 hour worth of errands. Oh men and their compulsive obsession with breasts! Buuut....not gonna lie, it was kinda fun. ;-)

Had my first massage...

I was a little concerned that laying on my stomach on a massage table would be difficult, but i am happy to report that it actaully felt fine! I can't believe I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary! Sheesh! Seems like just yesterday I was in an ace bandage having to massage 8-10 times a day!
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Online/ Liked his profile of work. Super nice guy, great staff and I basically felt i could trust him with my ta-tas ;-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I love your profile and all your pics!! So helpful for me because I feel we may have a similar build. I can't get mine done till this winter on account of my breasts needing to settle from breastfeeding but I'm getting so impatient! I hope mine look like yours!
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A bit off topic, but I'd really like to know what are your recommendations on having such flat and lean stomach, what do you do to stay fit? Your figure is fantastic!
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We have similar stats and pre-sizes. Just got 505cc subfascial silicone gels. Yours look great! Since you had so much less cc's added, I'll be curious to compare the size difference. I hope mine aren't too big! I told the P.S. that I liked the 425 sizers and came out with these babies. Kinda freaking me out!
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I have similar stats and I'm also looking at a 375 cc. I am shooting for a C/D, but not larger than a D. Your story was very helpful!!
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You're boobs and body look absolutely perfect!!
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It's crazy you are over a year now? i've been following your story for awhile now then lol. I Actually just had my first massage too and I was almost completely fine, I hope you are doing well!!
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you look fantastic and I cant believe how natural they look! Im curious your opinion, Have you noticed any increase or decrease in nipple or breast sensitivity? ( say if someone like your BF squeezes or touches them..lol) Ive read some go either way (more or less..) Also, do the implants cause you to have permanently hard nipples now? it seems to be another ;side effect'..and I don't know how I would like that lol!!!
  • Reply
Hi fpd, no changes on the sensitivity, but yes, will probably have "hard" nipples more often than not. Pasties work if you are wearing anything tight without a bra.
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Wait , so how many Cc's did u go? What bra size are u ?
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Hi History, Sorry, I haven't been on in a while! I went 375 cc's moderate plus profile.
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I understand. Answer when u can. How often are u massaging now?
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Massaging only about once every few a weeks, just to make sure they stay loose.
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I love your results!! Looks so natural!! Actually, sometimes I think implants look better than nat boobs. Lol :)
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Holy canoli your boobs are hot. I just got 350cc mentor unders. They're high and ugly currently. Hope eventually they turn out like yours!! I think I'd wear that black strapless dress every day if I was you LOL.
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Awww thanks girl. They will settle and look fabulous eventually. Are you doing the exercises yet?
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Not yet. Feel like my dr is kind of lacking in terms of giving me advice and instructions. Post op appointment is tomorrow and i plan on askin him about all that good stuff. When did you start?
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Hey! I want to ask you a question. I've had 2 consultations so far with 2 diff docs. The first one had me try on sizers and the nurse and I came to the conclusion that 400-450 looked the best, but the doc was very persistent in that the sizers and the actual implant don't match in size, so he recommended 300cc. The second doctor actual had one of those 3d imagery machines and I was able to see what I would look like with bigger boobs. Started at 375 and went up to 400-450 and decided the 400 and 450 looked the best. I have one more consultation on Monday with another doctor but so far I'm kinda confused on size. I know that two people can get the same amount of cc and end up with diff cup sizes but I'm just a little nervous that 450 will look fake, especially since you have 375 and look very proportionate. (I'm 5'6 132# btw). What's your opinion?
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Hi Desi! just came across your comment :-) I actually got 421cc! I'm also 5'6 and weigh about 114lbs. I started off with 34A and now I'm a 34D-DD, might want to check my pictures out to get an idea. :-)
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Hi D073, There isn't a huge difference between 375 and 400 so if you think you like the 400 look a little better, go with that one. Are you going silicone or saline? The silicone tend to look a bit smaller because they warm and mold to your body differently. CC's can also be increased if you go with a high profile (an good option if you have a narrow chest width) But if you doing a moderate profile like mine, I'd say you'll probably be really happy with 400. I am very happy with my size because they are versatile. I can make them look conservative one minute and Fredricks of Hollywood the next. ;) Good luck!!!
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Hey Lisa!! I'm a week and 2 days post op!! I started doing the breast massages at 6 days but I'm still unhappy with the progress. They still look like I'm wearing a pushup bra, and I still feel tight and pressure when I push them together... I was wondering how long did it take for your to start looking pretty? And can you tell me how you were instructed to do your messages? I decided with 400cc in the left and got 425cc in the right per nurses guidance. Left is dropping faster than the rt and not as swollen so that kind of sucks but if I experience any type of pain it's in the left... Also on the left breast on the side of the implant that is cleavage it has an impression (it's not round, almost looks like someone is pushing on a small part of it very lightly) do you think that could be the beginning of cc?
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You look wonderful.
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Sorry if I missed the info., but what profile do you have?
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Hi, you look fabulous! We have similar stats, hoping for about the same result!
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We are almost exactly the same height/weight/size, and I've been trying to figure out what will look best on my frame. So thank you for all the amazing photos - I think what you selected is perfect!
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Are you still massaging?
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