48 & decided it's time - Newport Beach, CA

Just starting my journey. First consult will be on...

Just starting my journey. First consult will be on 8/4. Lots of questions and concerns. Reading posts but would like to learn more from others my age. 48 w/ 3 kids - 21, 17 & 10. All breastfed. I'm flat & barrel-chested, meaning big ribcage. I weigh 138 lbs. & in moderately good shape. No thyroid!!!

Questions piling up

I'm still a few weeks out from first consult and compiling questions. Maybe the RS community can help? I'm wondering if I develop medical issues related to the BA surgery, would that be covered by medical insurance? Second, does anyone have advice on how to talk to the kids about BA? My boys are 17 & 10 and I'm unsure how to approach the subject with them. Thanks for your help

Great news today!

Saw my endocrinologist today. For the first time in 18 months my thyroid levels are NORMAL; I've lost 6 lbs since March; I'm feeling fantastic and she said there's no medical reason I can't get breast augmentation. I am so relieved ... and happy!

Waiting to kiss the padding goodbye!

Lingerie, here I come! My husband is going to think he's died and gone to heaven

13 doctors responded - very helpful!

I posted these pics to see if I need a lift along with implants and all 13 said no or very likely not. I hope the consensus is right! Hooray!

3 days to consults

Finally just a few days out from 1st consults on 8/4 and 8/6. Can't wait to get educated and hear suggestions for my body size and shape. 137 lbs today; hope to be 135 by Monday. Want to choose a PS and have surgery sometime in early Sept. so I'm ready for some holiday glamour!!

Wish boobs

As I selected these photos over the last few weeks and now look at them all together, they all look pretty similar, so ... I think I know what I want??

1st consult tomorrow; hope I ask the right Qs!

Anxious and excited. One thing this whole journey has given me is a better perspective on my body TODAY. I hadn't really LOOKED at myself in a long time because I've gotten older and things gave ... changed. But all the discussion and images on this site help me realize how unique all our bodies are, and that lots of women are similar to me in shape and size. No one is perfect. We're all just looking for something that makes us happy and comfortable with the image we project. I love my legs and my eyes; I dislike my chest. I'm ready to change that. Here's a pic of me now, and what I hope to look like in a couple months. Wish me luck tomorrow! Xo

One consult down; two to go

Met with a wonderful PS today. She answered all my Qs - most before I asked. She and her nurse spent total 1.5 hours with me. Absolutely no rush or hard sell. I went in thinking teardrop shaped Sientra but when I tried them on I preferred the textured Mentor. Her recommendation was 350 mod+ profile under muscle. What do u think?

My fortune

Tonight I took my son out for Chinese and this was MY fortune - I almost died. Check it out! :)

Fortune cookie says ...

Check out my fortune with tonight's dinner ...

Consult #2 8/6 @ 10a

Meeting with a male PS in Irvine. I chose him from Real Self based on his reviews and the way he answers posted questions. I'm a little anxious about seeing a male for this procedure but I'm sure he'll be great. Update tomorrow.

Consult #2 complete

Now I'm in a pickle! I really liked this male PS too. The office experience was better today, but only because the woman helping me with sizing was my age, had implants, we had lots in common etc. The other gal was 20 something. Sweet but we didn't relate. Again we landed on 350 silicone unders. Now the Q is smooth or textured - any thoughts ladies? He says smooth is the standard in the US and I would do very well with those, but textured stays in place better over time. That seems important as we age, right?? Here are my ghastly 3D images. Not for shape but volume I guess. And one other difference - he can take me as early as 2 weeks! Yikes! And cost differential was only $100, but I'd get a RealSelf discount. :))))

Help me decide?

325s vs 350s. Which size is right for me? Which one looks most natural? Know I am going silicone under muscle, so apparently will lose small amount of volume. Would love opinions!! Thanks RealSelfers :))

Decision made; surgery booked

After reading, visiting, thinking, talking and praying I've decided to go with Dr. Andrew Smith in Irvine. He put me totally at ease and answered all my Qs. I like that he's involved in many types of reconstructive surgery - not just elective - and travels the globe to offer his expertise. Also, UCLA forever! Katrina and the office staff are just great. Very flexible with my schedule, helped me set up mammo and all the rest. Mammo 8/22; pre op 8/27; surgery 9/4, God willing! Continuing to consider size. Don't have to decide until pre-op. Bought a hoodie today for post-op comfort. 23 days 'til Stella gets her groove back!! :)

My excitement is short-lived

BA surgery postponed. My youngest got hurt last night at football and will be having wrist surgery tomorrow. Now I'll have 2 injured football players at home to care for. I'll reschedule for later in Sept or Oct when things settle down. Feeling overwhelmed right now. Funny, when I posted yesterday somewhere deep inside I knew it wasn't going to happen that fast. Wasn't meant to be. Thx for the support! Sigh ...

Take two! Hoping to reschedule surgery

Knee & wrist surgeries completed successfully. Mom's boys are on the mend, so going to try it again. Mammogram on 8/22, then heading back to Dr. Smith's office to try on sizers. Feeling very unsure of size choice as I've seen women my height / weight getting anywhere from 275s to 500+ ... and they all look great. Plan to spend more time this go 'round with the sizers. Purchased several (cheap) 38C sports bras tonight (my wish size), and some comfy lounging clothes too. Fingers crossed I get there this time!!

Selfies can be deceiving

I tried tonight to take some "before" shots prior to Friday appt, but they are somewhat deceiving. I kind of look booby in the full body shot, but I'm not. You can see I have a "boyish, sturdy build" - wow, how flattering ... not! Can't wait to look more feminine!

Surgery scheduled! It's official.

Surgery scheduled 9/18 @ 11a. Deposit paid. Pre-op Wed 9/3. It's happening!! Have "date night" with my daughter (age 21) and sis-in-law tomorrow night and will share the news. Hope THAT goes well. Had my mammogram today and breast ultrasound. No concerns that I know of; they said ultrasound is standard protocol now. Results on Monday. Was told I still have very dense breast tissue at 48, which hopefully means it will help support the implant well?? Know I want mod+ textured Mentors under the muscle. But size?? Oy! Tried on 325, 350 and 375 again. I need opinions. Help!!!! Thx RealSelfers

Another couple of boxes checked!

Got a call from radiologist today with the "ok" on the mammogram. A couple of benign cysts detected, which is very typical for me. They will repeat in 6 months to compare baselines. I was happy when I realized she knew I was pre-op but didn't know for what. When I told her breast aug with Dr Smith she told me she'd known him for years and what wonderful work he does. Patients always very happy, great bedside manner, etc. Despite the cysts, which come and go, she said there's no reason not to move forward. Check! Also ... told my grown daughter and sister in law over the wknd. Both very supportive and said, "Why not?" I asked my husband to tell my 17 year old son, just because it would be obvious and awkward when I come home from surgery. He apparently said, "Thanks for telling me, and now I don't ever want to talk about Mom's boobs again." :)

Bought and paid for!

Had my pre-op today. Came away feeling so happy and confident in my choice of doctor! He and his staff are wonderful. I filled out all the final paperwork, paid the balance, took the dreaded "before" shots, then met with Dr. Smith at length to discuss surgery, sizing, my expectations, recovery, etc. I asked his opinion on my 350 decision. He said with Sientra textured (not Mentor as I originally thought) it's actually 355, then the next step up is 388 (I believe). He said I could easily support the larger size and if I will allow him to make that choice, he'll decide during surgery. I think I'm OK with that? We discussed my mammo results and he assured me that after BA the pics are just as good and easy to read, they just take them differently (no compression). So, the countdown is on! In 15 days I'll be the new & improved me. Feels like Christmastime! Super excited, can't wait!

BA postponed ... again.

Hi y'all. BA surgery postponed again. My poor, sweet son is in the hospital with a serious post-op infection. He can't win! My BA was supposed to be next Thur., but timing is all wrong. He's improving but 1) he'll need my undivided attention to get well and back to school, and 2) I want BA to be a positive experience for me, not a rush to get it done when I can't focus on healing. So, it's on to October. Waiting to hear from office manager on available dates. If I was superstitious I'd think maybe it's not meant to be? Luckily, I'm not!! :)

Let's hope 3rd time's a charm

Rescheduled for 10/16, a month from next Tues. Please God in the meantime I can get my son well and back to school. He came home with a pic line and will get IV antibiotics every day for the next 40 days. He needed 2 surgeries to remove the infection. Please keep us in your prayers!
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Yay! Hope time flies for ya!
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So excited for you. Trying to get on the books and having trouble finding the time in the work schedule...ahhhhhh. Can't wait to hear how things go.
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Good luck on your pre op apt! I tried 350 cc and 400 cc when I saw my ps...I showed him pics of what I wanted and did not want ppl to know I got a BA. Based on my bwd he picked 365 cc...but the day of surgery he re measured me...I had lost almost 10 lbs from the time he had seen me and suggested 370 cc...not a huge difference he explained in the terms I could understand ..lol...and I told him I trusted his knowledge and experience ...I'm only on post op day 7...still swollen and tight and they're high...so we will see how it works out when they settle...good luck!
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Thanks! Ready to get it over with. And congrats!! You look fantastic. I too have been losing weight -10 lbs since March- and am worried about gaining after surgery. I walk 5 miles a day religiously, and weights 2-3 times a week, so I'll be anxious to get back to it quickly. How long did your PS say to wait? Mine said "generally" 4 weeks no exercise (or sex) after BA. My understanding is it's about not elevating your heart rate to avoid bleeding. :(
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Light walks after week 2. Light exercise after week 6. And back to normal after week 8. BUT others here are incredibly worried to hurt the girls and I can see myself waiting 4 weeks before I can do any light running. And the implants weigh too...weight u need to add to your body going forward.
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My surgeon released me to resume running at 3 weeks but told me to wear 2 sports bras. I decided to start walking instead at 4 weeks (today) and at 5 weeks I'll resume my normal runs. I'm so afraid I'll mess the girls up so I'm going to give myself a little more time to heal.
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Hey FireWife! How's it going? So what do you think 5 weeks out? How do thru look/feel? Happy? Undecided? Thoughts? Any regrets?
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They, not thru!
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I love them more every single day. They are getting softer and I think they are the perfect size. I tried on real bras this weekend and can't wait to purchase one in about 3-4 more weeks. My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago!! I am so much more confident now! I'm excited for you!!! It'll be here before you know it.
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I am happy for you and your girls. I do not want to confuse you anymore but just to let you know I'm 50 small frame 5'4 before implants 97 lbs. I have 300cc and now that I have gotten use to them wish I would have gone a little bigger. But, these do look more natural and fit my body. I have notice most of my regular shirts I wear to work it is not noticeable. l do not think any of my customers have noticed. You might want to try on other shirts too. Hope everything goes smooth for you and I Wish you peace of mind on your decision. Let us know how your doing.
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Thanks ClippinChick! Last night I finally read something that made sense about sizing. A doctor posted that for women in the 32-34 range, every 100 CC is about a cup size bigger. For women in the 36-38 range, every 200 CC is about a cup size. So for me at small 38B, 350s should be about 1.75 cups larger = full C or small D. I hope that pans out!!
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You are doing your homework and what you do helps others..Thanks
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Excited for you! Love your son's comment. We have never had so much discussion in the family (I have 2 girls) about my boobs as after my surgery. All is going well 2 weeks past. You will do great!
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Glad to hear things are going well for u! Love hearing the positive stories. Happy healing!
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Congrats on all the great news! And I laughed out loud to your sons response lol my son is 4.5 and my daughter is 3 so it's going to be a little tricky since my husband and I give them age appropriate answers. My daughter is extremely observant and nothing slips by her. When I switched around the pillows on our sofa she said, Why does this look different? lol So I know she'll ask about my chest and I'm still trying to think of something lol
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Yah, I was thinking I'll color my hair and whiten my teeth at the same time to REALLY throw everyone off!! Then when someone says What's different? I can just smile & toss my hair :)
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lol! Good idea! I know celebrities do that after getting work done on their face, they switch up their hair and when someone comments on how different they look they blame it on the hair.
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Lol your sons response is so funny! And typical :) both of my (boys 13 and 20) pretty much said the same thing. Must be super awkward for them ...
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I think I would recommend you get 375-400cc. Might sound but they they truly look so much smaller when they are compressed under the muscle. Remember you loose about 50cc under muscle. Best wishes!!!
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Thank u for your opinion. Nice to hear from those who been there! I can't believe it but I am considering the larger size.
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Congrats on starting the process back up again. And its great to hear your children's surgeries went well! Good luck and keep us posted!
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Thx mom of two!
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Good luck with everything! Hope the kiddos will be on the road to recovery soon :) regarding your size question, how tall are you?
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