48 & decided it's time - Newport Beach, CA

Just starting my journey. First consult will be on...

Just starting my journey. First consult will be on 8/4. Lots of questions and concerns. Reading posts but would like to learn more from others my age. 48 w/ 3 kids - 21, 17 & 10. All breastfed. I'm flat & barrel-chested, meaning big ribcage. I weigh 138 lbs. & in moderately good shape. No thyroid!!!
Glad you found us, you sure came to the right place! Check out this forum where where you will meet others planning their surgery as well, it's full of support :)
Here are some links that will help you prepare: 
Breast Augmentation Video Section 
Best of luck and be sure to keep us posted!

This site is very helpful, but the consult with the plastic surgeon will make things a lot easier for you. I have multiple friends and family members that have have breast augmentations done and we all had different docs, different implants, different recovery instructions, etc. We all had great results. The biggest thing I took from it is find a doc that you trust and let him/ her help you through it. There is a lot more science behind it than you realize from reading the posts. I didn't know anything about saline or gel or cc's. I told the doc the look I wanted and he did all of the calculations to help me figure out what I should do. He also told me the pros and cons of each and let me make the decision.
Thank u!

Questions piling up

I'm still a few weeks out from first consult and compiling questions. Maybe the RS community can help? I'm wondering if I develop medical issues related to the BA surgery, would that be covered by medical insurance? Second, does anyone have advice on how to talk to the kids about BA? My boys are 17 & 10 and I'm unsure how to approach the subject with them. Thanks for your help
I don't have an answer for the medical related issues being covered by insurance. As far as telling the children ... The only one I was really concerned about is my youngest son ... he's almost 12. The other children are 25, 24 and 21 so I don't feel the need to really explain it to them and for the most part they all know this is something I've been wanting before they were even born ... their births just made me want/need it even more! My 12 year old? I sat him down and explained to him what my plan is and why. He's not into girls yet so he really wasn't too interested in the topic at all. I mainly told him since he will be here with me during recovery and I'm sure I'll be needing him to help out a little bit more. I gotta tell you that I'm just so lucky that he's a great kid and very responsible for his age. I've been a single parent for most of my life and feel that we all have very open and honest relationships (though different with each child). Oh and I've been wearing rice sizers around the house (can you say awkward? lol) and to break the ice I asked him what he thought. Basically he just tells me that it's for me and whatever I want. Most importantly I didn't want for him to come home from school one day and be like BAM ... mommy got boobies! I also wanted to prepare him to know that I will most likely be in quite a bit of pain for the 1st few days; not feeling well and probably not myself. My bff with be taking care of me for a few days so hopefully I can get the BA done on a Friday so she only has to take 1 day off of work or work from home/ Dr. office etc. Hope this helps :)
Hi SWFL, I'm anxious to put all the Q&A behind me and just talk to a PS. Tired of looking at breasts too! I have 3 consults in Aug. I plan to have the surgery - if I decide to do it - in Sept. I have only told my husband and best friend. When I decide to act I'll tell my 21 year old. She doesn't live at home anymore and I think she'll say "Hey, I want BA, too!" All the women in my family are "under endowed" sadly. But I will encourage her to wait post-kiss. I keep wondering, "Can I really pull this off?" Big boobs require a certain mindset, I think. I'm proud of my brains too! But I know I'll feel sexier and look better. 50 is baring down on me - I want to retire, travel and look my best. It's my time now! Best of luck to you!!
Post-kids, I meant!! :))))

Great news today!

Saw my endocrinologist today. For the first time in 18 months my thyroid levels are NORMAL; I've lost 6 lbs since March; I'm feeling fantastic and she said there's no medical reason I can't get breast augmentation. I am so relieved ... and happy!
Great news with the endocrinologist. Looking forward to hearing about your consults. Is this major surgery? LOL.

Waiting to kiss the padding goodbye!

Lingerie, here I come! My husband is going to think he's died and gone to heaven
So happy for you with the thyroid levels being normal. YAY!!!

13 doctors responded - very helpful!

I posted these pics to see if I need a lift along with implants and all 13 said no or very likely not. I hope the consensus is right! Hooray!
Great news about your thyroid test results. Glad to see you're really utilizing RealSelf...asking doctors questions and all! Did 3 women at your dinner party really have implants? That's a lot, no? You're probably tired of researching, but here is a list of helpful questions to ask during your doctor consult. Let us know when you get your surgery date scheduled!
Thank u so much for the list of questions - big help. I just confirmed 2 of 3 appt by email so it's official. Can't wait to really get things underway next week and so pleased to have this mammoth support group behind me. Until next week ...
Yes, please do keep us posted! Also, I realize you're not the big "five o" yet, but thought you might enjoy this forum of women who are 50 years and older, all of whom have gotten breast implants. They're a fun and supportive  group of women!

3 days to consults

Finally just a few days out from 1st consults on 8/4 and 8/6. Can't wait to get educated and hear suggestions for my body size and shape. 137 lbs today; hope to be 135 by Monday. Want to choose a PS and have surgery sometime in early Sept. so I'm ready for some holiday glamour!!

Wish boobs

As I selected these photos over the last few weeks and now look at them all together, they all look pretty similar, so ... I think I know what I want??
Hey OC and congratulations on your thyroid levels. That's more important than anything. This is a very exciting time and I know you have a lot of questions. Sound like you are getting some great advice. I'm glad you're here.
Me too - thanks!
That sounds awesome....was at spectrum with a couple of girlfriends last night and all I did was look at boobs

1st consult tomorrow; hope I ask the right Qs!

Anxious and excited. One thing this whole journey has given me is a better perspective on my body TODAY. I hadn't really LOOKED at myself in a long time because I've gotten older and things gave ... changed. But all the discussion and images on this site help me realize how unique all our bodies are, and that lots of women are similar to me in shape and size. No one is perfect. We're all just looking for something that makes us happy and comfortable with the image we project. I love my legs and my eyes; I dislike my chest. I'm ready to change that. Here's a pic of me now, and what I hope to look like in a couple months. Wish me luck tomorrow! Xo
How did your consult go today?

One consult down; two to go

Met with a wonderful PS today. She answered all my Qs - most before I asked. She and her nurse spent total 1.5 hours with me. Absolutely no rush or hard sell. I went in thinking teardrop shaped Sientra but when I tried them on I preferred the textured Mentor. Her recommendation was 350 mod+ profile under muscle. What do u think?
Great! I just posted. And this is uncanny but took my son to Chinese food after his phys therapy and this was my fortune - no lie: "Be adventuresome. Try a new look." It's meant to be !! :)

My fortune

Tonight I took my son out for Chinese and this was MY fortune - I almost died. Check it out! :)

Fortune cookie says ...

Check out my fortune with tonight's dinner ...
The fortune cookie seals the deal! Love the size, it looks great.

Consult #2 8/6 @ 10a

Meeting with a male PS in Irvine. I chose him from Real Self based on his reviews and the way he answers posted questions. I'm a little anxious about seeing a male for this procedure but I'm sure he'll be great. Update tomorrow.
Looking forward to hearing your update on consult 2. I'm shooting for end of September early October.
Hey midlife! How's it going? Have you decided who and what size/type/placement?

Consult #2 complete

Now I'm in a pickle! I really liked this male PS too. The office experience was better today, but only because the woman helping me with sizing was my age, had implants, we had lots in common etc. The other gal was 20 something. Sweet but we didn't relate. Again we landed on 350 silicone unders. Now the Q is smooth or textured - any thoughts ladies? He says smooth is the standard in the US and I would do very well with those, but textured stays in place better over time. That seems important as we age, right?? Here are my ghastly 3D images. Not for shape but volume I guess. And one other difference - he can take me as early as 2 weeks! Yikes! And cost differential was only $100, but I'd get a RealSelf discount. :))))
Wow! Just think that in 2 weeks you could have your new girls!! How exciting! I think the 350's look great on you. Can't wait to follow your journey!!
Thanks FireWife! Hope you are comfortable and enjoying your new accessories!? Do you love them?? I think I've chosen my PS. Now just trying to find a week in my work schedule to take off. PS said if I have the surgery on a Thurs I'd be back to work on Monday. But from what I've read on RealSelf, that seems aggressive. Do you agree? I'm thinking a week off at a minimum?
I believe it's doable. Tomorrow is my 4th day post op and I'm feeling really well. Depending on your job that is. I haven't had pain meds since the day after my surgery. The tightness is still there but nothing like it was those first 2 days. I am loving my girls. I've always been flat chested so it is amazing to look in the mirror and actually see something there! I'm so excited for you. Go with your gut on a PS.

Help me decide?

325s vs 350s. Which size is right for me? Which one looks most natural? Know I am going silicone under muscle, so apparently will lose small amount of volume. Would love opinions!! Thanks RealSelfers :))
(Sorry - posted my response in the wrong spot.) Both look great on you. Think about bathing suits too. Do you want to have more/less to show? I'm having the same debate with 275 and 300. Surgery tomorrow. I think I will go with 300 but we'll see. Good luck!
Go with the bigger :). The difference is really minimal.
Both look great on you. Think about bathing suits too. Do you want to have more/less to show? I'm having the same debate with 275 and 300. Surgery tomorrow. I think I will go with 300 but we'll see. Good luck!

Decision made; surgery booked

After reading, visiting, thinking, talking and praying I've decided to go with Dr. Andrew Smith in Irvine. He put me totally at ease and answered all my Qs. I like that he's involved in many types of reconstructive surgery - not just elective - and travels the globe to offer his expertise. Also, UCLA forever! Katrina and the office staff are just great. Very flexible with my schedule, helped me set up mammo and all the rest. Mammo 8/22; pre op 8/27; surgery 9/4, God willing! Continuing to consider size. Don't have to decide until pre-op. Bought a hoodie today for post-op comfort. 23 days 'til Stella gets her groove back!! :)
So excited for you! I'll let you know how my recovery goes. Just took a Percocet and muscle relaxer and antibiotic. I am feeling pain free except if I need to scootch around in bed ... Can't use my arms to lift myself. But I'm hoping because these aren't too big, my recovery will be easier. Glad to know you have made plans. :)
So excited to read your post! I can't wait to see how it goes!
Thanks! It seems to all be happening so fast, but I'm thinking ... why wait? I want this, and Lord knows I'm not getting any younger!

My excitement is short-lived

BA surgery postponed. My youngest got hurt last night at football and will be having wrist surgery tomorrow. Now I'll have 2 injured football players at home to care for. I'll reschedule for later in Sept or Oct when things settle down. Feeling overwhelmed right now. Funny, when I posted yesterday somewhere deep inside I knew it wasn't going to happen that fast. Wasn't meant to be. Thx for the support! Sigh ...
Have you picked a new date yet??
If the stars align I'm hoping it will be Sept 18. I've taken a lot of time off work recently with the kids surgeries so I need to make sure work is "managed." This is a busy time of year for us.
Can I ask u another question? Do you feel different emotionally? I mean now that you have this "asset" people notice. Is it a different mindset for u? No one really ever mentions that part of it.

Take two! Hoping to reschedule surgery

Knee & wrist surgeries completed successfully. Mom's boys are on the mend, so going to try it again. Mammogram on 8/22, then heading back to Dr. Smith's office to try on sizers. Feeling very unsure of size choice as I've seen women my height / weight getting anywhere from 275s to 500+ ... and they all look great. Plan to spend more time this go 'round with the sizers. Purchased several (cheap) 38C sports bras tonight (my wish size), and some comfy lounging clothes too. Fingers crossed I get there this time!!
Congrats on starting the process back up again. And its great to hear your children's surgeries went well! Good luck and keep us posted!
Thx mom of two!
Good luck with everything! Hope the kiddos will be on the road to recovery soon :) regarding your size question, how tall are you?

Selfies can be deceiving

I tried tonight to take some "before" shots prior to Friday appt, but they are somewhat deceiving. I kind of look booby in the full body shot, but I'm not. You can see I have a "boyish, sturdy build" - wow, how flattering ... not! Can't wait to look more feminine!

Surgery scheduled! It's official.

Surgery scheduled 9/18 @ 11a. Deposit paid. Pre-op Wed 9/3. It's happening!! Have "date night" with my daughter (age 21) and sis-in-law tomorrow night and will share the news. Hope THAT goes well. Had my mammogram today and breast ultrasound. No concerns that I know of; they said ultrasound is standard protocol now. Results on Monday. Was told I still have very dense breast tissue at 48, which hopefully means it will help support the implant well?? Know I want mod+ textured Mentors under the muscle. But size?? Oy! Tried on 325, 350 and 375 again. I need opinions. Help!!!! Thx RealSelfers
I think I would recommend you get 375-400cc. Might sound but they they truly look so much smaller when they are compressed under the muscle. Remember you loose about 50cc under muscle. Best wishes!!!
Thank u for your opinion. Nice to hear from those who been there! I can't believe it but I am considering the larger size.

Another couple of boxes checked!

Got a call from radiologist today with the "ok" on the mammogram. A couple of benign cysts detected, which is very typical for me. They will repeat in 6 months to compare baselines. I was happy when I realized she knew I was pre-op but didn't know for what. When I told her breast aug with Dr Smith she told me she'd known him for years and what wonderful work he does. Patients always very happy, great bedside manner, etc. Despite the cysts, which come and go, she said there's no reason not to move forward. Check! Also ... told my grown daughter and sister in law over the wknd. Both very supportive and said, "Why not?" I asked my husband to tell my 17 year old son, just because it would be obvious and awkward when I come home from surgery. He apparently said, "Thanks for telling me, and now I don't ever want to talk about Mom's boobs again." :)
Good luck on your pre op apt! I tried 350 cc and 400 cc when I saw my ps...I showed him pics of what I wanted and did not want ppl to know I got a BA. Based on my bwd he picked 365 cc...but the day of surgery he re measured me...I had lost almost 10 lbs from the time he had seen me and suggested 370 cc...not a huge difference he explained in the terms I could understand ..lol...and I told him I trusted his knowledge and experience ...I'm only on post op day 7...still swollen and tight and they're high...so we will see how it works out when they settle...good luck!
Thanks! Ready to get it over with. And congrats!! You look fantastic. I too have been losing weight -10 lbs since March- and am worried about gaining after surgery. I walk 5 miles a day religiously, and weights 2-3 times a week, so I'll be anxious to get back to it quickly. How long did your PS say to wait? Mine said "generally" 4 weeks no exercise (or sex) after BA. My understanding is it's about not elevating your heart rate to avoid bleeding. :(
Light walks after week 2. Light exercise after week 6. And back to normal after week 8. BUT others here are incredibly worried to hurt the girls and I can see myself waiting 4 weeks before I can do any light running. And the implants weigh too...weight u need to add to your body going forward.

Bought and paid for!

Had my pre-op today. Came away feeling so happy and confident in my choice of doctor! He and his staff are wonderful. I filled out all the final paperwork, paid the balance, took the dreaded "before" shots, then met with Dr. Smith at length to discuss surgery, sizing, my expectations, recovery, etc. I asked his opinion on my 350 decision. He said with Sientra textured (not Mentor as I originally thought) it's actually 355, then the next step up is 388 (I believe). He said I could easily support the larger size and if I will allow him to make that choice, he'll decide during surgery. I think I'm OK with that? We discussed my mammo results and he assured me that after BA the pics are just as good and easy to read, they just take them differently (no compression). So, the countdown is on! In 15 days I'll be the new & improved me. Feels like Christmastime! Super excited, can't wait!
Yay! Hope time flies for ya!
So excited for you. Trying to get on the books and having trouble finding the time in the work schedule...ahhhhhh. Can't wait to hear how things go.

BA postponed ... again.

Hi y'all. BA surgery postponed again. My poor, sweet son is in the hospital with a serious post-op infection. He can't win! My BA was supposed to be next Thur., but timing is all wrong. He's improving but 1) he'll need my undivided attention to get well and back to school, and 2) I want BA to be a positive experience for me, not a rush to get it done when I can't focus on healing. So, it's on to October. Waiting to hear from office manager on available dates. If I was superstitious I'd think maybe it's not meant to be? Luckily, I'm not!! :)

Let's hope 3rd time's a charm

Rescheduled for 10/16, a month from next Tues. Please God in the meantime I can get my son well and back to school. He came home with a pic line and will get IV antibiotics every day for the next 40 days. He needed 2 surgeries to remove the infection. Please keep us in your prayers!

Counting down to boobs by Halloween!

Life is getting back to normal in my house. BA is less than 4 weeks away. Feels like I've been waiting forever! Can't stop looking at all the great results on RealSelf. Thank u to all u ladies who are willing to share your pics and stories. Starting to collect what I need - filled my Rx for antibiotics and pain reliever, plus got the antibacterial soap for night before and day of surgery. Ordered sleeping wedge on Amazon and purchased a couple soft sports bras. Recently had some friends pop in while we were enjoying the pool. They've never seen me in a bikini and I was so embarrassed - they now know I look like a 14 year old boy in a swimsuit - no waist and no boobs! We are traveling together in the spring - boy will they be surprised! :) Need to come up with a sexy Halloween costume now. Woot! Woot!
That wedge you ordered will make it a lot easier and more comfortable too. Your the the only one besides me that has mentioned the wedge. I had a comfy neck pillow too. It was hard to get myself in my sleeping spot without using my elbows. Wish you the best. Oh and if you can get pop tops on meds the child proof were hard for me to open. I know your excited! Wish you the best.
Thanks ClippinChick! Your posts have helped me a lot along the way. Hope u r doing well!
I am doing fine thanks

9 days and counting

At least that's what it says on my "backwards countdown calendar." Still vacillating on size (350 vs 325) but hoping Dr. Smith will make the final decision for me based on my objectives. I have put a few things together for the big day, but not much: comfy pillow, Hibiclens for night b4 and day of, then the two Rx (hydrocodone for pain and cephalexin antibiotic). I realize my biggest fear is this: I know they'll look great eventually in the buff, but I'm worried about the practicality of dressing them in everyday clothes. I mean I do not work in a t-shirt & tank top environment! My Fortune 30 company will not appreciate cleavage from here to next week! I guess it's a leap of faith? I really want to do it for a variety of reasons; I just pray it's not an unmanageable mistake in the end. Cheers!

Photos not posting

Will try again later. Last round of befores to upload but keep getting an error message
Augh! I know, I know. I'm 99% sure it'll be 350. I mean I have next to nothing now, so anything we be a vast improvement! Thanks for the encouragement!!
And don't forget that once they put them under you lose size. I'm telling you, it's true what they say. I love how my breasts came out but I would have gone up to 450-470.
Your would look great between 400-450. Believe me it's not that big. You can dress them up or down. When you wear clothing you could hardly notice the implants unless you want to be noticed.

Spending the day with the boys from Jersey

Tomorrow hubby and I Te heading into Los Angeles to see Jersey Boys as a late 25th anniversary date. I'm wearing a cute LBD, but sure wish I had the boobs to put in it! By this time, in 5 days, I will. Can't wait, super excited!
Good luck tomorrow! I hope that all boys are refraining from any football today...even in the house! I thought of you last week when my 14 year old came home from football practice with his thumb twice the normal size. Ugh! ;) Can't wait to see your results!
Best Wishes! :)
Just read your review. Wow, you've had quite a journey getting here. Keeping my fingers crossed nothing gets in your way this time. I can relate, I have a teenage son. He's been mature and supportive in his own way but doesn't 'want to talk about it', lol. Can't wait to see you results! Good luck!!

Tomorrow is the big day!

I cannot believe it's here. It's been a long journey since I found y'all in July. After three reschedules, I'll finally be on the table at 10a tomorrow for the new & improved me. I've been a donkey on the edge lately - my life turned upside down! - but my husband helped me to realize there's never a good time or an easy time. I just need to go for it because it's what I want. And Katrina from Dr. Smiths office called today and put me 100% at ease. Said I'll be surprised at how good I'll feel afterward. It's all I needed. My mind and body are right. I'm ready. See you on the other side!
No more boob dreams after tonight. Wishing you luck
Best wishes tomorrow! You'll do great! Update us when you can!
Will do - thank u!

On the other side

Hi all. Quick update. I'm home resting, but "comfortably" would be an overstatement. Ouch!! Started off kind of dicey when 2 nurses could not get an IV started after 3 tries - both hands and one arm. Learned they prefer the hand cuz the arm IV can get in the way of surgery prep. But the anesthesiologist was able to do it easily and like everyone else says, I drifted off to sleep and woke up with breasts! Very sore! Feels like two boulders. The pain is high up on the chest and radiates into the armpit. Hard to lift my arms. Sleeping a lot. Back to doc tomorrow and will update with the specifics. Thanks for all the well wishes :)
Hope you're feeling ok. You'll be amazed by end of first week how good you feel. I felt pretty bad this time last week too, but I'm like a different person now, a week post op. Sending you well wishes x
Thank u! I sure hope so. In the waiting room right now for first post/op. Hoping for a good unveiling :)) Keep well!

Post op day 2 update

Here's the final stats:
-5'5", 132 lbs, age 48
-Sientra textured, mod profile
-Ended up with 355 cc left / 325 cc right, under muscle
Put me in a strap today to help push them down into pocket. Said to wear as much as I can tolerate. Still very sore but maybe a little less than yesterday? Doctor Smith said the surgery was "uneventful" and everything looks perfect. Hard to tell because they are so high and swollen, but I think my worries about them being too big we're unfounded. I think I'm going to be very happy.
So excited it finally happened for you!!! I know you are going to absolutely love them!!! Congrats!
Thanks FireWife! Your pics and journey really inspired me along the way. Appreciate you sharing!
Happy Boob day to you! You will not regret it. (thought this look like a head, neck with boobs......O-3 haha

Day 2 post op update

Let's see ... Sleeping pretty well with the help of painkillers. Definitely still high and tight feeling - exactly like when your milk comes in but without the relief or nursing! Pain in the center of my back sort of comes and goes. Ivan wear the strap for a couple hours at a time then need some relief. BUT I think they r going to be really pretty eventually and I'm very happy with the size.

Day 3 - very happy!

Promise I will not keep posting pics every day cuz the changes are subtle and enoughs enough, right? I switched to extra strength Tylenol today as I need to be clear-headed for work tomorrow. Went for a morning drive and swept the kitchen. That proved to be enough activity for one morning. Back to doctor on Friday so we'll see if I get to start massaging. Still very firm but I'm extremely pleased so far. My husbands eyes pop out of his head every time he sees them. :)
Keep posting the pictures, I can see the changes and you look hot.

Day 5 and I can't help myself ...

I'm not getting much feedback from the community (thank u, midlife!), but I can't help myself from posting. I'm so happy with the results and feeling better each day. I finally feel like a sexy woman!
You look great!!! Congratulations!!!!
Thank u
PS Still too early to see a drop. You will notice a big change within 2 months. They will look bigger and more natural. (Not that they don't already look natural.) I didn't understand what fluffing meant until I went through it.

Major bruise improvement and ...

Big difference in bruising from day 1 to day 6. Stitches removed on Friday and hopefully out of the surgi-bra. // On zulily.com today there are very affordable pasties and strapless bras galore under Fashion Fix-it Solutions. Going back to work today and needed the bra petals FOR SURE!
All looks good and you are healing nicely. Happy continued healing.
Wow, briuses are healing nicely. Looking great! Good luck at work, don't over do it :)
Andrew Smith MD

Dr. Smith and his staff were amazing. They worked with me through several unavoidable reschedules without any pressure. Dr. Smith took his time answering my questions and offered his expertise when I questioned my decisions about implant size and type. Katrina coordinates the office visits and all the details. She reached out several times to me on a personal level to make sure I was feeling good about all the details. My experience was nothing but positive and my results to date are beautiful. I'd highly recommend Dr Smith and his staff to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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