Botox to Forehead, Crowsfeet and Glabella! LOVE IT..and I Don't Look Like a Robot! - Newport Beach, CA

Because I am the patient coordinator in her...

Because I am the patient coordinator in her office, I get to see her do Botox almost everyday.

After pondering botox for years and hearing the pros and cons, I finally opted to do it. I'm only 27, but with years in the sun and tanning beds, I've started to notice lines on my forehead. So I went for it and had botox to my forehead. I loved the results, however, when I had limited mobility to my forehead muscles, but full range of movement to the muscle in between my eyebrows, I always felt I went back and had the glabella done, and I love it. The last time I had my botox done Dr. Bandy said, do you want to do your eyebrows, you will love it. Because I trust her I let her do it. I can't believe the difference. MAN O MAN, thats my all time favorite spot now. It lifted my eyebrows to a more refreshed look. No I don't look like I'm constantly surprised, I just look refreshed. All in all, I think if botox is done correctly and in moderation it is an amazing product! I would never trust any medspa or groupon special to do it though because I have seen way too many people that look frozen. I am so happy and will be a botox patient for life!!

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Because I am the patient coordinator in her office, I get to see her do Botox almost everyday. Have trusted her with several procedures before.....when I was contemplating Botox she was the only one I would have gone too. It took me quite a while before I decided to dive in to the botox pool, but I'm so glad that I did and I love the outcome!

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"All in all, I think if botox is done correctly and in moderation it is an amazing product!" Great point - the skill of the injector has so much to do with the results. So glad you are loving the way yours turned out. :)

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Yes love it! In fact, I'm due for another round. I might wait a week or two so that I can be fresh when I go to South Dakota for Thanksgiving. :)
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Ah, good thinking to time it out like that! Keep us posted on how your next round goes. I'll be interested to hear if its pretty much exactly the same as before or if it seems different at all.

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Well I've had botox about 3 times now, so this will be my 4th treatment. Each time I notice that its lasted a little longer than the last. I'm about 4 months out now. I get a little spoiled though with working for my plastic surgeon, because even if my last round hasn't yet worn off, I find myself in the chair getting little touch ups. So its hard for me to notice any changes or differences in timing or results. Like I said, I am completely spoiled. I know. :)
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You are spoiled!! Or perhaps I should just say fortunate so as to not let my bit of jealousy slip out. ;)

That is great that you are noticing it last longer. I've had it done 3 times as well but it still moves through my system super quick...hoping I experience it lasting longer after another treatment or two.

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I hope so too. Do you trust your injecting doctor? Because botox comes in the form of a gas and then saline is mixed to form the injectable version of Botox, I've heard that some surgeons add too much saline and give it a watered down version. A lot of patients will get a good result for a short time and they notice that it wears off soon. Maybe try switching doctors and see if that helps? Also, I wouldn't recommend going to anyone other than a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist for injections. Med-Spas and "groupon" type places are trying to get as many people through the door as possible and I truly don't think that they have their patient/customers best interest at heart. Maybe try switching who is injecting your botox? Botox through a PS or a derm might be more expensive, but I bet its because they aren't watering down their product. Give it a try. ;) Hope it all works out okay for you. And anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to contact me.
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I completely agree with what you said, and have only gone to board certified derms and PS's offices. I have been to 3 different offices, and definitely trust that they were giving me the best mix possible. I truly think it just goes through some people's systems faster, and I happen to be one of them. Waap, waap. ;)

Oh, and just a little side note so we don't cause confusion for others who might be reading this I'm pretty sure Botox comes in a powder form before its mixed with saline, not gas, but is barely visible. For anyone interested you can click here to see a Q&A that describes what it looks like. :)

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